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December 2023

How to select the proper frames per second in your video camera -

Bmdpcc 4k cinema camera
Choosing the right frames per second setting for your video creation is not always as straightforward as it may seem. It comes down to understanding your camera, the nature of your surroundings and what look and feel you want to create. This can help you to plan, shoot, edit, color correct, render and distribute your video creation.

If you are shooting a short film or a cinematic epic where you want to convey the proper look and feel, 24 fps would be ideal due to its slightly choppy motion that is synonymous with the movie industry. But the camera settings need careful attention to avoid overexposure and excessive motion blur.

In the case of corporate videos, tutorials or interviews where the action is minimal and you want a clean, smooth footage, then 30 frames per second is your best bet. It gives an authentic, as-seen-in-real-life perception to your audience.

Videographers have a lot in their toolbag when it comes to creating the perfect shot. Perhaps, one of the most critical aspects is understanding the frames per second (fps) settings available on the camera. The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (Bmdpcc 4k) provides a significant number of frames per second settings ideal for a myriad of filming scenarios. In this article we'll explore the most common settings and how they relate to color grading the video footage.

October 2023

Computer Problems How to Solve Them -

Computer getting sickWhat you should do if you have computer problems. The following article is about how I solved a computer meltdown.

You sit down at your computer to get in a day's work. All your equipment powers up just fine then suddenly the power goes out and your equipment shuts down. This isn't supposed to happen because you have a backup power supply, but it didn't kick in.

A few days later your computer gets extremely slow and is getting slower by the minute. Uh oh you think, time for maintainence. Here are 10 tips you can do to solve your computer problems before it crashes.

HumanPal Spokesperson Videos -

Thomas Formal Spokesperson
The combined features of swift turnaround times, low costs, and captivating video storytelling make an animated spokesperson a fantastic asset to any small business. It lets you tap into the power of sophisticated technology in an easily manageable way, elevating your marketing efforts.

Learn how a HumanPal spokesperson video can boost your video marketing effectiveness to new heights. See why an engaging and insightful spokesperson can deliver your brand's messages with emotion and clarity.

In summary, the future of small businesses lies in harnessing the power of technology. An animated spokesperson video provides a promising and exhilarating avenue. Utilize the robust technology of HumanPal avatars for a dynamic, engaging, and effective marketing experience.

September 2023

3d Avatars How To Choose A Spokesperson -

3d Avatars should be matched to the audience they are intended for. Try to visualize the people that you want to view your message or brand. Some of the avatars can be logo mapped to enhance brand awareness.

Consider such demographics as gender, age, education, fitness, ethnicity and location. Try to identify with the audience's persona. Then choose the best avatar. Make a note of their name so you can ask for it.

Many 3d Avatars have changable attribute options like, with or without beard, hair length, glasses, accessories and colors. Avatars are savable. Once we develop an avatar it can be saved and re-used again. You can devlop a personality and it will be unique, life like and all yours. You can create a personality or a whole cast of 3d avatars.

Sarah Casual Animated Spokesperson Animated Spokesperson Videos Animated Spokesperson Videos

See the complete 3d Avatars family on the next page. Learn how to choose which avatar is right for your brand, business, product, service or tutorial...

June 2023

HumanBot An Artificial Intelligence Powered Chatbot -

Welcome to the future of automated conversations with HumanBot, an advanced chatbot that utilizes artificial intelligence to engage with users, provide instant responses, and deliver personalized experiences in a conversational manner.

How does HumanBot work?

HumanBot Blake
HumanBot leverages the latest advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand user queries, analyze context, and generate appropriate responses. By continuously learning from interactions, HumanBot becomes smarter over time, adapting to users' needs and delivering increasingly accurate and relevant information.

This intelligent assistant leverages the power of deep learning algorithms to continuously improve its performance, providing you with a seamless and intuitive experience.

May 2023

ChatGPT's Impact on Developers and AI -

Exploring Perspectives and Possibilities

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI,com (CGPT) was launched in November 2022. And since then, it made huge waves across a variety of industries. At its heart, ChatGPT is a large language model, a technology that harnesses the power of large data sets to produce human-like conversations.

A lot has been said about it. Some have praised it for its ability to increase productivity at work, while others voiced out their concerns about its capability to demolish multiple industries, resulting in millions of job losses.

In this article, we will cover what ChatGPT is and its impact on developers and artificial intelligence (AI).

March 2023

Innovative and Creative Web Design Techniques: Breaking the Rules -

Creative web design is an important part of building a successful website. It can help make your website stand out from the competition and attract more visitors. But, with the copious amounts of web templates available today, many websites end up looking the same and can become forgettable! So, to break away from the crowd, web developers need to be innovative and creative when designing a website.

Breaking the rules is one way to get creative with your web design. This means that instead of applying tried and tested techniques, web designers should be open to experimenting and exploring new ideas! Continue reading to learn more about how to go against the norm and make your website stand out with creative web design...

February 2023

Conception Date Calculator From Baby Due Date Day And Time -

Conception Date Calculator home page
Want to know when your baby is due? Conception Date Calculator App calculates conception date based on baby's due date or birthday. Enter day, month, year for any baby or person.

Want to know when someone was conceived? Enter any birthday up to 100 years ago. Want to know when to have a baby? Enter desired future due date up to 3 years in advance. Then plan a conception event.

Based onNaegeles's rule which is widely accepted as very accurate. Calculations are done using mathematical algorithm that works on any device. Easy to use date pickers allow you to input your info in 3 quick taps. Results show last period and estimated conception date. Find out when your baby was conceived...

Try out the Conception Calendar Calculator also in the app. Enter the baby's birth or due date, the calculator automatically displays a calendar with 9 months previous. Use this app to quickly see what month, day, and year when conception probably occurred.

January 2023

Unique Brand Discover the Best Way To Build Your Brand In 2023 -

Creating a unique brand is essential to your brand's success in the ever-changing business world. And with consumers having more access to information than ever, your business needs to stand out from the competition and connect with its customers personally.

Building A Brand

Yes, branding is a challenging task, but the good news is that creating a unique brand can be done so much easier than ever before with the right guidance. In this article, we'll show you the strategies that helped us brand several companies, run countless business naming contests and provide exceptional services to over a million customers.

We'll be looking at the following:

  • Why your business needs a unique brand in 2023
  • Five steps to take to create a unique brand for yourself.
    • Get unique branding ideas that align with your business' strengths and passions.
    • Carry out research on your competitors.
    • Compile all your branding elements into a brand book.
    • Apply branding strategy across your business.
    • Create a solid and unique website.
  • A great brand name is the icing on the cake.

November 2022

Leads Gorilla Pro Upgrade Lead Generation Tool Software -

Lead Generation SoftwareAre you looking for new clients for your busines? Leads Gorilla may be just the ticket. This online lead generation software finds businesses that are listed on Google and FaceBook.

For the small business owner that could be a life saver. Easily find and contact other local businesses that need your product or service. Leads Gorilla the ultimate lead generation tool.

Is your business struggling after the lockdown? This low cost tool could be the answer to your prayers. Works anywhere in the world.

Leads Gorilla ultimate lead generation tool

Simply type in your keyword and select a location, then click "Search." The software scours Google and FaceBook for businesses that match your keyword and returns a list of 40 local businesses at a time. With this information you can contact them with our unique system. Create email campaigns without having to hire anyone or pay a service to do it for you.

Features And Benefits Of Leads Gorilla Software

  • Find Local Businesses worldwide.
  • Searches On Google And FaceBook.
  • Generates up to 40 leads at a time.
  • Campaign Manager organizes your leads.
  • 3 step client closing system.
  • Generates SEO report for websites.
  • Generates Google MyBusiness reports.
  • Generates FaceBook Reports.
  • Citations Module manages all online listings.
  • Email templates for many niches.
  • Contact and manage client marketing.

October 2022

Video Editing By BWT Videos -

Do you want some video editing done? BWT Videos uses Camtasia Studio 2022 on a very poerful computer network. Packed with features Camtasia Studio can make your video come to life. Take a look at what we did with this single image...

Camtasia Studio 2022 Certification

Wondering why you would want BWT Videos to do your video editing? I have 15 years experience as a video engineer, a mass communications education, high-end software and powerful equipment. I have created all types ofvideo productions including:

  • Animation
  • eLearning
  • Explainer
  • Feature Film
  • Greenscreen
  • Intro/Outro
  • Screen Capture
  • Slide Show
  • Tutorial
  • Typography
  • Video Conversion
  • Whiteboard

BWT-Videos specializes in low budget, high quality productions. We have extensive video editing capabilities, a video studio, an editing suite and fast turnaround. We can handle large file sizes. ceate content and manage projects.

We take a lot of pride in our work, and take the time to get it right the first time. Because we love making videos. For your benefit we have made it easy to get your next video made. Here are the packages we offer.

Video Editing In A Nutshell

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.

Basic- up to 2 minutes. Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for vacation slide shows and social sharing.
Standard- up to 5 minutes. Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for eLearning and YouTube.
Premium- up to 10 minutes Basic editing (cuts & dissolves), basic sound mixing. Great for unboxing and product demos.
Custom- project based estimates for custom length or advanced editing. Contact me for details.

We work closely together with you to get the best possible video. Many options available. Click button below for a free consultation,..

May 2022

Why Being GDPR Compliant is Important For Your Business -

As companies become increasingly conscious of the significance of cyber security, it goes without saying that they must take precautions to secure consumer and employee data. Ensuring that your organization is GDPR-compliant can give your business peace of mind, knowing that it is proactive in data protection and keeping customer information safe.

What Is the GDPR?

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is a new data protection policy that offers customers greater control over their data. The EU created the GDPR to protect EU citizens from privacy and data breaches when their information is stored or processed in other countries.

The law also requires organizations to be accountable for any personal data they collect or hold by establishing clear guidelines on how businesses can use it and what steps to be taken when it is breached.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Be GDPR-Compliant? There are several reasons why you should make your organization GDPR-compliant, including: Read the rest of this article...

April 2022

Teaching Kids Coding Can Help The Future Of The Workforce -

BWT File structure
As the world relies more on technology, coding can be a valuable skill to have. The digital revolution has brought about major changes in our lives and future generations can benefit from having skills that help them cope with these changes. As such, there are many benefits of teaching kids how to code at a young age.

Children who learn basic programming at an early age can achieve better opportunities later in life when they enter the workforce or college. Here are some of the reasons why learning to code can be beneficial for kids:

It teaches problem-solving

Learning how to code helps children develop critical thinking skills and analyze problems. This is essential as people need to think through different scenarios and work out solutions before taking action. For example, when trying to figure out what's wrong with a code, it's important to carefully analyze each part of it first.

This develops their logical reasoning skills which will help them solve any problem they encounter throughout their lifetime.

BWT Videos Animation Creation Service -

BWT Videos is a small video production house located in southeastern Michigan. Owned and operated by Best Website Tools, LLC. We specialize in 3d animated spokesperson videos. Great for corporate, educational, explainer, marketing or tutorial videos. A small business by Tim Koen. That's me. Your Go To Guy for spokesperson animation creations.

Are you looking for a video production service? At BWT Videos we use many high end software applications including Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects, Doodle Maker, Avatar Builder and some exclusive artificial intelligence software applications. We have years of experience designing, creating and producing custom animated explainer videos. Check it out

Explainer Videos Explained

Explainer videos tell a story, describe a task or explain a process. Explainers can take many forms but basically all are animated videos. Explainer videos that use animation include. Continue reading to find out...

March 2022

Complimentary Color Chart RGB To Hex Code Conversion -

Color Conversion Chart
Think You know your colors? Do you know which colors compliment each other? This chart is organized to help you find complimentary color combinations and their codes.

Do you know what machine language you should use in your graphic designing? Use this color chart to mix, match and compliment colors.

Sneaky website tips; Use a color picker tool to select the color you want for your own digital artwork. Sneak the code or RGB value and into your own artwork. We'll show you how in the next lesson...

Complimentary Colors Chart Sample

RGB 190-190-190
RGB 255-255-0
RGB 0-255-255
RGB 0-255-0

RGB 255-153-0
RGB 204-153-0
RGB 153-153-0
RGB 102-153-0
RGB 51-153-0
RGB 255-153-51
RGB 204-153-51
RGB 51-153-51
RGB 51-153-102
See more...

Complimentary color chart for webmasters and graphic designers. The best thing about using RGB (as opposed to hexcode) is the ability to show gradients. A problem arises when you want to choose a color but don't know its RGB or hexcode value. This chart shows a comparison of similar colors, their RGB values and corresponding hexcodes. Graphic artists can use this info to identify specific colors and and see complimentary colors.

February 2022

Leave Management System Can Help Your Company Grow Here's How -

A Leave management system can help your company grow in many ways. It helps you to keep track of your employees' leave (time) and also allows you to monitor their absence from work. With an effective leave management system, you can easily keep an eye on the working hours of your staff as well as the time they spend outside the office. As such, your company can have better control over its resources and can be an effective leader in the market.

Office workers cheering
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Helps You Save Time and Money

An effective leave management system will automatically generate reports based on the data you entered, saving your precious time. It also ensures that the information stored about the employees' leaves is accurate and reliable.

These systems are also stored securely so that no unauthorized person has access to it. When you have to manually enter the details of each leave, there is always a chance of errors being made. If this happens, then it may take longer than expected to rectify them. A perfect leave management software saves both time and money for your company. Continue reading to find out how...

Guest post by Regi Publico

January 2022

Animated Spokesperson Videos For Video Marketing, Social, Educational, Corporate Branding -

An Animated spokesperson is great for a wide variety of business, brand, marketing, product, service or educational videos. At BWT Videos we mastered artificial intelligence to create a huge cast of animated video presenters. Choose an avatar from young, old, male, female or kid characters. Over 40 diifferent avatars available.

Who could benefit from animated spokesperson videos? All these people!

  • Video Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Afilliate Marketers
  • Teachers and Students
  • Social Media Users
  • Explainer Video Makers
  • Internet Advertisers
  • Communications Experts

Check out these really cool animated spokesperson videos. See if one is right for you...

Slack Project Management Application Software Explained -

Slack project management software
Photo by: Mikhail Nilov
Slack project management has taken the lead in offering business communication, especially as a lot of industries are adopting remote or flexible working arrangements. By functioning as an online office where members can chat, collaborate, and transfer files between each other. Its power and versatility have allowed businesses to function almost as efficiently, even while being confined to cyberspace.

Recording more than 12 million daily users is enough to show that this platform has what it takes to keep your business up and running. To better appreciate its capabilities, here's how you can use Slack project management software.

Allow communication between teams

The primary purpose of Slack is to create a platform for communicating. Your entire organization can be recreated within an entire workspace, which itself is composed of multiple channels each channel corresponding to what you might visualize as a chat room. This way, you can create an entire communication system on a single platform.

December 2021

Icon Buttons Improve Click Through Rate And Lower Bounce Rate Tutorial -

Icon buttons improve click through rate
Icon buttons can improve click through rate and lower bounce rate, because...

People love icons. They draw emotion. So, wouldn't you like to know how to buttonize that energy?

Empowering icons with text links can be a crowd pleaser for users and webmasters alike. Big ass icon buttons satisfy both the publisher and the buyer. They are happy!

Here's how to make your own icon buttons, that get the click!

October 2021

Whiteboard Videos For Explainer, Corporate And Video Marketing -

How to improve video productionCurious about whiteboard videos? Whiteboards are a style of video that shows static images, symbols or icons being drawn onto a canvas. Sometimes accompanied by narration. Whiteboards flow through a sequence of scenes in a storylike fashion. Can be used for corporate, explainer and marketing. Similar to whiteboard are blackboard, glassboard and greenscreen videos.

At BWT Videos we go a step further. We have a over 200k clips, icons, images, symbols and characters. We specialize in animated video production. Check out our video creation service...

BWT Videos Whiteboard Service

Whiteboarder Box Cover
Whiteboard videos creation can be a very intense process, if you don't have the right tools. There are a lot of apps and tools one can get to make whiteboard videos.The right tools are important. We have tools.

How to get animated whiteboard videos. Contact BWT Videos with your concept, business, product, service or brand and we create a video for you. If you have a script or storyboard, great, we will need that. If not, we work with you to make one. Learn more....

August 2021

WAHM It Work at Home Mom Software And Tutorial -

You are a loving, caring, nurturing, stay at home Mom. Who wants to contribute finacially to the household income but need to be at home to do it.

WAHM-IT Masters course shows you how to build a home based business based on what YOU know and love. Everyone has a talent or passion for something. Why not turn that knowledge into a business you run at your convenience.

Learn from four case studies of successfull Wahms who built their businesses around thing they love to do. Just like they are doing, you too can create an information-rich Website that is based on something you know and love. No technical knowledge or prior experience is necessary. You too can build a real, long-term home based business on the Net.

WAHM It!, The Masters Course
This course is timeless. The lessons you learn are tried and proven. You learn how to build and organize an online business. What tools and techniques that bring in visitors and customers. How to do it right the first time. And importantly you learn how to succeed at your own business. The wahm it masters course is free, The information inside is priceless. Check it out...

June 2021

Keyword and Description Meta Tags Tutorial -

computer with idea light bulb
Keyword and description meta tags can improve search engine rankings.

Tips and techniques to write the perfect meta tags for a webpage. This article discusses the proper way to design your keyword and description meta tags.

Tip #1 you must use your primary keyword in 3 places, the title, the file name and in your meta description tag. Your primary keyword needs to be near the front of each of these locations. Too far back and the search engines might overlook this important information.

Tip #2 use your primary keyword as the first word in keyword meta tag. Read on to find out website tips to write meta tags.

May 2021

SBI Website Builder Single Best Investment Ever Made -

Solo Build It
SBI website builder Single Best Investment ever made. Sometimes an event changes your life forever. One such event for me was 9/11/2001. On that day the world changed and so did my life. Within months I had become a victim of corporate downsizing, and career interruption. Resulting in decisions that still affect me today.

Do What You Know Not What You Think

Solo Build It Website Tools
One day I was an electrical engineer secure in my career path, and the next day I was on a path I never intended to be on. It became apparent to me over time that I could no longer rely on big business to build a career.

Enter Solo Build It or SBI. I had deveolped several technical skills involving electrical engineering, digital tools and the Internet. I thought I should pursue engineering but found out what was more valuable was knowing how to use the tools.So, I began learning more about website builder tools

I discovered Solo Build It one day in my quest to learn more about digital Internet tools. I was enthralled by the amout of knowledge this platform offered. I subscribed in June of 2006 and am still using this platform today.

As the world changed so did the advantage of digital Internt tools. Knowing how to use Internet tools are far more useful (and easier) than learning electrical engineering.

Are you about to retire? Or thinking of a job change? Looking for a suplemental income? Look no further. Read this next article about SBI website builder tools...

January 2021

3d Animated Avatars A Family Of Spokesperson Presenters -

3d Animated Avatars a cast of characters with text to speech engine that translates in 26 languages. Discover a new way to do video marketing. Imagine the perfect spokes person for your business, product or service. Create an animated 3d avatar today. Check out this promo style video I made for my business.

Inside 3d Animated Avatars

3d Animated Avatars could be your solution for many tasks. How would you like a personal assistant spokes person that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? That is exactly what you get with BWT animated avatar family. Now you can use cutting edge technology to promote your product or service quickly and easily.

Build your own 3d avatar tailored to your design. We can create that special 3d avatar just for your niche, business, product or service. Change outfits, colors and hairstyle to convey mood, age and choose between voices and language.

Thats right folks our 3d avatars can translate between about 26 different languages and dialects. As a matter of fact our 3d avatars can say just about anything. Simply type in your text, then click "auto-translate" button and voila multi-national world class translation in up to 26 languages.

Our team has assembled many templatized promotional videos for the following niches. These 3d animated avatars are the culmination of years of development. We thought you would like to see a list some of the niches we included in our template library. Check out this impressive list.

December 2020

Video App Suite Business Box Complete Software And Tutorial Kit -

Video App Suite LogosAre you interested in making money online? Like, who isn't especially now. When I first stumbled upon Video App Suite (VAS) I wanted to keep it a big secret all to myself. Well, someone let the cat out of the bag. Now you too can get this suite of agency level video creation apps.

Here's how it works. You get the VAS collection of 8 apps complete with sales pages, backend office, affiliate links and support. Set up your own video marketing agency. Get clients to purchase your video creation services.

SBI - Solo Build It Online Business Building Tools & Tutorials -

Solo Build It box cover
Get your website going in the right direction from step one to advanced web-mastering. With SBI you have tracking tools that show you search engine results, daily stats and popularity rankings. Visit the forums where SBIers help each other. Solo Build It! even collects and evaluates all the latest internet buzz for you. It's part of staying on top of it all. Lots of info and very little noise. It's a dirty job, but we do it so Solo Build It! owners don't have to. All put together just for you. Learn more at the SiteSell Blog.

Build a profitable, long term, successful online website business in budget and on time. It all goes back to the "it" in Solo Build It. See for yourself, compare feature by feature then dollar by dollar. The following is an image of the Site Builder tool. Easy to master drag and drop editor takes all the technical stuff out of the equation.

SBI website builder

Get 33% discount limited time offer. Click button below to learn more about SBI - Solo Build It! Business building tools...

Online Success With Solo Build It! Business Building Tools -

The definitive video guide to online successFinding online success in any business just got a whole lot easier with Solo Build It!. Traditional business marketing techniques are too hard to do. In modern business old school methods just don't have a high return on investment. Your own website can push your business success to astronomical heights. Mine does!

The definitive video guide to online success. See how Solo Build It! can work for your online success. Learn all about online success with over 80+ tools and 24/7 support.

SBI Online Success Features And Benefits

  • Solo Build It is the ONLY All in One website builder to research, create and publish an online business,
  • A-Z Action Guide tutorials guide you through, how to build a business properly.
  • Website Builder allow you to create mobile ready, responsive design, loaded with functions and usability websites
  • Over 80+ Tools Cover all aspects of design and build to succeed.
  • 24/7 Support call or email anytime. Fast response team is ready to assist.
  • Huge Community of fellow users to interact with for general questions.
  • Get Solo Build It today...

November 2020

Video Dashboard - Unified Social Media Video Creation App -

Video Dashboard - a social media video creation app with social trends search engine. Use it to search, create, edit, render and publish to over 11 social media channels all in one unified app. Featuring state of the art social media optimized video templates. See whats trending right now and post a video to multiple social media channels in minutes. Check it out...
Video Dashboard logo

Graphics Empire A Collection Of Digital Artwork For Digital Marketers -

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.Graphics Empire graphic art collection for digital marketers, webmasters and video creators. Spice up your digital marketing with graphic artwork. Make a lasting impression with badges, boxes, bullets, buttons, icons and skins in your webpages, advertisements, social media and blog posts.

Download Graphics Empire Here

Marketing not working? Website looking bland? Competitors outperforming your advertising campaigns? Want to have more fun? And spend less money?

Answer yes to any of these questions and you may need some help from graphic art. Or maybe you pay for a professional digital marketing company. If so, you might be interested in a Do-It-Yourself solution. Checkout this overview video of what's inside Graphics Empige Digital Art Collection...

Who Could Benefit From Graphics Empire

  • Graphic Artists
  • Webmasters
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Players
  • Video Creators
  • Media Influencers
  • Advertisers
  • Digital Marketers
  • HTML & CSS3 Coders

Decorate your website, campaign or advertisement within minutes. You get high quality images developed by professional designers. Royalty free images can be used anywhere, on websites, in videos or on social media. No photoshop or design skills required just copy and paste and your all set.

Learn button below.

October 2020

Infinitunes Background Music Generator Cloud Based App -

Video Creation AppAre you looking for the perfect background music for your video creations? If so look no further. We have THE solution for you. Infinitunes is the culmination of years of technological advancements. With this tool you can create virtually and type of original background music score. Here's why this is important. We all know that sound makes the video better.

First there were silent movies, then came the talkies and what followed was called the sound revolution. In the beginning silent movies were sometimes accompanied by an orchestra. Audio recording machines changed the film and video business forever. Music accompanyment moved from the theater to the sound stage. All through this progression background music accompanyment was a must for every successful film.

Smartphone singing and dancingThe digital age brought about the invention of the music synthesizer. And with it came the digital recorder. These two inventions brought about a new era in film and video making. Now a single person can create all the sound needed for what used to take an orchestra of musicians to do. But still the problem of cost exists. Paying for an orchestra or a digital sound studio is prohibitive for the average video producer.

Infinitunes solves all these problems with an all in one low cost app. Infinitunes is a well thought out comprehensive background music generator for the average video producer. Now anyone can get that perfect background music acconpanyment without paying for the orchestra.

What if you could simply select a mood, genre or theme for your video's background music and get the perfect original sound track? Wouldn't that be awesome? Now you can with Infinitunes. Heres how it works...

September 2020

Doodle Videos Cloud Based Video Creation App -

Video Creation AppDid you miss out on the Doodle Maker launch? Now you can get lifetime access through Best Website Tools. We got together with the creators and purchased 50 licenses (valued at $497.00 USD each). This hot new app is all the rage in the video marketing community. Check out this sample video...

Start from scratch or begin with a template. Powerful video editor allows you to create unique one of a kind videos in the mp4 format. Render in 720 or 1080p. The cloud based app saves time and space on your computer. No need to download software or render on your computer. All aspects of video creation are done on the cloud. We spend thousands of dollars every month reserving space on the cloud so you don't have too. Get this soon before we run out of licenses

June 2020

Animated Ecovers Get Attention For Your Product Or Service -

Animated ecovers could boost sales of your product or service. Introducing Animated Ecovers a great way to excite visitors about your product or service. Now you can combine a 3d ecover with animation an create a visual stimulus to promote your product or service.

BWT combines 3d ecovers with 3d animated avatars and video animation techniques to make ecovers pop. Now your ecover can literally make a statement.

Here is how it works: First select an ecover type, i.e. book, box, disc or combination. Next select a background, Next input your title. Then we colaborate on the animated avatar. BWT will contact you to finalize the voice over content and cover artwork.

Animated Ecovers can only be found here. Get in on this great deal before the introductory pricing expires. We know these are well worth the price and will increase the price soon.

Popup Generator Website Tool with Closing codes -

Popup Generator
Have you ever wanted to use the power of popups? This tool is for you!

Popup Geneartor is one of my favorite cool website tools. Popups demand action, there is no getting around them. They force your visitor to take action. Now you can create popups in about 3 minutes, (with experience).

Popups are an excellent way to inform your visitors of special offers, discounts or upcoming events. Popups can be used for many different purposes. Like newsletter signups, discount codes or special offers.

May 2020

The Video App Store Online Video Creation Tools, Apps & Services -

Video App Store IconAre you looking for an online video service for your business? If so look no further The Video App Store has video creation apps for commercial and personal use.

Do you need a services for creating, editing and managing your videos? we have you covered. Check out our collection of video solutions. We cover 100s of niches for businesses of all kinds. Or use our video building service to get a custom video for your business. Or make your own and keep the app.

Are you looking for a video creation service? We love making videos and playing with the software. We're experienced with custom video production, post production, editing, management and distribution.

Need advice on selecting professional video services? Get answers from our professionals...

April 2020

Affiliate Masters Course 10 Days to Affiliate Marketing -

Affiliate Master Course - Free 10 day marketing e-course
An affiliate business is one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet in ecommerce. You send visitors (i.e., potential customers) to a merchant's Web site that you are representing. If they buy or complete a required action (for example; fill in a form, purchase a product or hire a service), the merchant pays you a commission. Simple, right?

That, in essence, is the beauty of the affiliate concept. You can be up and building a business in record time, at minimal risk. Top-notch merchants supply everything (i.e., excellent products, ordering, credit card processing, and delivery). All you need to do is to put yourself in the path between customers and quality merchants... and earn a commission for your efforts. So what's the best way to put yourself on that critical pathway?

The Affiliate Masters Course offers the total solution. It will help you build a website that will pull in targeted traffic (in a way that the Search Engines love!) and that your visitors will find beneficial due to its solid-gold content.

March 2020

Todays Holiday Social Media Calendar Video Creation App -

Did you know everyday is a holiday? Some days are celebrated nationally and some are specific to a sector of society. Either way we got you covered. With "Todays Holiday" video creator you too can celebrate everyday with a new and unique video. This best website tool can create, render and distribute a celebration video for everyday of the year.

Todays Holiday examples

"This app is soooOOOooo cool" and "I love, love, love this" and "I use it everyday" are some early comments my followers have mentioned. For a low $10 cost you can build an enticing holiday video everyday of the year. As far as social media advertising goes this is a great deal. You got to check this out...

February 2020

Video Dash Cloud Based Video Creation App -

BWT Video Dash Video Creation App BannerOne thing I think is cool is being able to find that perfect video. Introducing BWT Video Dash. We've gone all out creating this all inclusive video creation app. We thought why not put all our video templates in one place? This collection includes over 642 video templates and counting.

Easy to use app features pre-made templates, fast online rendering and shareable content. Simply select a video template, customize it to your liking and download it or share it on social media. 3 in 1 app will edit, render and publish your artwork

We have included samples for the following niches:

  • Business Lending
  • Car Dealer
  • Catering
  • Child Care
  • Chiropractor
  • CPA
  • Dance Classes
  • Dentist
  • Dent Repair
  • Dog Training
  • Electrician
  • Equipment Rental
  • Financial Planner
  • Florist
  • Funeral Services
  • Golf Instruction
  • Gym
  • Hair Restoration
  • Hair Salon
  • HVAC
  • Insurance Agent
  • Jeweler
  • Kitchen Bath Remodeling
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Lasik
  • Locksmith
  • Mechanic
  • Mortgage Company
  • Moving Company
  • Nanny
  • Optometrist
  • Orthodontist
  • Painter
  • Paving Company
  • Pawn Shop
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Sitting
  • Photography
  • Physical Therapist
  • Plumber
  • Pool Installation
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Senior Care Facility

Health Care Affiliate Program & How To Use The Marketing Material -

Health Care Videos  boxDescription Health Care Videos App Create Unlimited Number of Videos in your health care niche. Easy to use yet sophisticated enough for the professional video editor. Select a starter template, Add your own images, text and select background music. Upload your own audio track to personalize your video. Cloud based app means unlimited data storage and super fast rendering with HD quality. Excellent for social media marketing.

Affiliate marketers page introduces you to the Health Care Videos Affiliate program. Learn about selling the product and what's in it for you. Find out how can earn 50% commission from sales you make. Here are the details.

Graphical Opt In Boxes Improve Your Email List Building Results -

Opt in forms
Graphical Opt In Box Collection attracts visitors to your sign up forms. How would you like a simple graphihical box that can enhance your newsletter or lead gen form? Would you spend a few bucks today and 15 minutes for a lifetime of customers. Of course you would! A few moments or so from now you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before.

Here's how; grab these cool opt in boxes and surround your lead generation or newsletter form and post it. Grab attention by snazzing up your forms. The collection includes 15 different forms in red, green, blue and orange. Includes all the graphics and source code.

Attract more leads to your list. Plug in the fastest and easiest website upgrade ever. Perfect for any website. Adding your autoresponder or list building service code to these "ready to go" graphical boxes will take you just moments yet the results will benefit you forever!

List building is the "Holy Grail" of Internet marketing. If you really expect to attract new leads you must impress your website and social media users. This quick and simple solution could boost your list building results fast. Check it out...

December 2019

Affiliate Disclaimer -

The information contained on website (the "Service") is for general information purposes only. Best Website Tools, LLC assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents on the Service.

And so forth and so on. Click the link below to view the complete disclaimer.

November 2019

Ideal Weight Calculator -

Ideal Weight CalculatorWant to know what your ideal weight is? Ideal Weight Calculator calculates what you should weigh according to your current size and shape. Video tutorial teaches you how to get the most out of this calculator. Results shown include your current BMI, your ideal weight and how much weight you are different from your ideal weight.

Uses current weight, height, gender and frame size to determine your body mass index. Your BMI number is used to determine the amount of daily protein required to start burning fat and lose weight. Learn about weight loss programs and time it takes to reach your ideal weight.

Easy to use mobile friendly user interface. Stand alone app can be saved to your smartphone for quick access. Can be used to help determine weight loss programs. Get it free...

October 2019

Chiropractor Chat Bot Or Video Lead Capture Marketing System -

Chiropractor Chat Bot Agent Here. Get pain free today
Chiropractor chat bot or video can initiate client interaction the first moment a new patient enters your website. Simply add one line of code and your website becomes a lead capture magnet. The interactive chat bot gets visitors contacting you. A video quickly explains your service.

Chiropractor chat bot engages visitors and captures their information online. Get a quick and simple way to get more clients for a chiropratical business.

Get A Custom Chiropractor Chat Bot Or Video Today

Get This Video For Your Business

Looking to enhance your chiropractor or physical therapy business? A Chiropractor chat bot agent and video can help. When it comes to pain relief just a little outside encouragement is all it takes. That is what a chat bot agent can do for your business. Find and engage new patients the instant they land on your website. Cick the button below.

September 2019

Book Appointment With BWT Support -

Best Website Tips Blog for all the latest informationBook Appointment With BWT Support. Get a free consultation at your preferred time. Get our 100% compllete attention for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. To book an appointment with BWT Support. Fill in the form and select a preferred time then submit. It is that easy

August 2019

BWT Video Services -

Are you looking for fast, reliable video services. BWT Video Services grand opening coming soon. Videos have become the life blood of many small businesses. Successful marketing now-a-days revolves around videos. A 60 second video has more attraction power than a full size newspaper layout costs much less and raeaches more people. A video clip has the potential to reach millions of people in a very short time.

The problem with video is it seems expensive. It takes years of experience, a strong education and a lot of money to properly produce a high quality video. Fortunately, technology advances rapidly. Now it is possible for the novice to make a decent video. But do you want an ameteur producing videos for your business? Probably not!

Introducing BWT Video Services

Producer: BWT Video Services.
Director: Timothy Koen
Title: BWT Video Services 3.

Tim has over 15 years experience in the video production business at the highest levels. He has 4 years of Radio, TV and Film education from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Tim completed his college internship at The Center For Instructional Technology. Tim worked in the studio, control room and engineering sections. Then moving on to Producers Color Service Video Division. Where Tim spent 10 years. Tim then moved to FilmCraft Video as Senior Film Colorist. Where Tim designed and built a then modern film to video transfer suite. Tim's clients included GM, Ford, Pepsi, and more.

Tim's experience includes positions as Sr. video enginer and Senior Film Colorist. Before continuing his career as an electrical design engineer.

BWT Video Services Logo

BWT Video Services is now open for business. Consultations are free and can be scheduled during regular business hours.

July 2019

SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager How To Use Tutorial -

EasyBlogs template packager is the place to create and modify a template.

SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager

Each sub-template has 6 sub-sections to control different areas of the webpage. The editor also has 95 pre-programmed commands that you can use to program with. Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it really isn't. Once you see how it all ties together you'll be creating your own fancy designs in a short time.

EasyBlogs Template File Manager Tutorial

Open - opens an existing blog. When clicked on this button opens a file manager dialog in the proper directory. All blogs end in the extenstion '.zdb'.

Save - saves your template. Use this button whenever you make any changes to your template. the easyblogs template packager will prompt you to save if you forget to save your changes. If you do not save your work it will be lost if you exit without saving.

Saveas - allows you to create a new SBI easyblogs template from an existing blog. This can be very useful if you are creating mini-websites that are all published under one domain name. Saving as a new template requires that you change the file name to something new.

Preview - generates a new browser window with the easyblogs template in it.

Structured Data Markup Helper Tool To Get Into Google 3-pack Local Business Search Results -

Structured data markup helper tool by Google is the right tool for preparing your website to show in the Google 3-pack.

Google 3 pack with rich snippets

Read this tutorial on how the SDMT (Structured Data Markup Tool) works. Get step by step instructions on how to add srtuctured data to your EasyBlog website. Packed with rfree information about this powerful SEO tools that is free to use. Get a leg up on your competition in the search engines. Possibly generate more business for virtually no cost. Simply update your website with a few lines of code to get you into the vaunted Google 3-Pack on Google.

June 2019

Gym Chat Bot Agent Engage And Delight Visitors On A Gym Business Website. -

Gym Chat Bot Agent Here. Get A Life Okay.
Looking to promote your gym business? A gym chat bot agent can help. When it comes to getting in shape just a little outside encouragement is all it takes. That is what a chat bot agent can do for your business. First our agent describes the features and benefits of your gym then asks for contact information. Followed by instructions on getting to your gym.

Looking to promote your gym business? A chat bot agent can help. When it comes to getting in shape just a little outside encouragement is all it takes. Add this video and chat bot agent to your website. Instruct new users on how to join your gym. Contact us to find out how to get this unique marketing tool.


Add This Gym Chat Bot Agent Or Video To Your Business Website

April 2019

Chat Bot Agents - AI Powered Chat Conversational Tools -

Super Jack chat bot agent
Julia chat bot agent
Chat bot agents use conversational marketing to engage users, generate leads and boost sales. Combine a talking 3d avatar or spokes person with artificial intelligence, text to speech and a chat box and you have a great website tool to grow your business. Think about it. If you could start a conversation with your visitors wouldn't it be easy to convince them that you have exactly what they are looking for.

Introducing "Chat Bot Agents" by BWT. This service allows you to put a chat bot and spokes person or 3d avatar on your website. Better than any other type of marketing a chat bot helps users identify with your business. Like Amazon Alexa this technology is smart and continues to get smarter. Now the average small business can out perform its competition with chat bot agents.

SucculentID Mobile App Identify Your Plants -

Succulent ID mobile app
SucculentID Mobile App is the life's work of certified horticulturist Jacki Cammidge, who got tired of answering the same questions over and over. This app is the culmination of years of love and care for succulent plants. Includes all the most popular species from around the world.

Find out what plants you have and learn how to care for them. Learn about sun, soil, water, planting, pruning, potting and propagating of your plants. Included in the 'Plant Care Handbook' are detailed tutorials. Get detailed information about species, clinical and common names and history of the plant.

Because there are literally thousands of species and varieties this succulentid mobile app describes the most common plants (over 75). Also included is a plant ID and Report function where you can snap a pic of your plant and have us ID it for you. Get a personal plant report for your succulent plant.

Update April 2019 - added 9 new plant profiles and 2 new categories (Android only). Improved quality of all images. Uploaded larger, clearer, sized to fit plant profile images for bigger screensizes. Included a lot more content and Amazon shopping. Get it today!!!

Cover pic 3
Assoerted succulents

March 2019

Get Website Tips Our Monthly Newsletter -

Get Website Tips NewsletterWebsite Tips Newsletter sign-up. Get important information about news, tips, special events, discounts and more. This monthly email features the latest tools, tips, tricks, tips and articles you may be interested in.

Get Website Tips delevered to your email. When you sign up you get notified about new tools, discounts and special events. We are always looking for the best information to design, build or publish mobile apps, website creation and of course best website tool. It is simple just enter your name and email address. We will send you a confirmation email just to make sure your really want the newsletter.

Affiliate Masters Course

The Affiliate Masters ebook
185KB - Windows and Mac Os

Bonus #1 yours free with your sign up confirmation. This ebook features in depth information on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Includes Do's and Dont's for the beginner or advanced marketer.

Bonus #2 - Free Chat Bot for a limited time get a chat bot for your newsletter sign up page. You get a generic chat bot where we insert you newsletter title and URL to your sign up page.

February 2019

Mobile Image Gallery How To Add A Mosaic To Your App Tutorial -

Looking for infomation about a mobile image gallery for your app? This mobile app builder has several image page types. This tutorial teaches you how to use the "Mosaic" mobile image gallery page type.

Mosaic Page Type Selector

Easily create a mobile image gallery with this slick online tool inside Miappmaker mobile app builder. The image gallery (Mosaic) page shows thumbnails of your larger images in a grid. Each grid space is clickable. Clicking a thumbnail reveals a new fullscreen image with title and caption. Edit and configure the gallery quickly without using any code or programming, all that is done for you.

The results you get may be spectacular if you follow the tips and tricks listed in this titorial. Check it out...

December 2018

SBI Tools Build A Successful Online Website Business Get All The Tools You Will Ever Need -

Solo Build It
SBI tools are world class best of breed online business building suite.

Tools include software and tutorials you need to build an online business. You don't start with the learning to build a website. You learn what makes a website work. Then you learn how to do it correctly.

Most new websites fail because the webmaster didn't know about building a busines. When you understand what your visitors are looking for you can plan to attract them and give them what they want. Learn about SBI tools that gets traffic.

SBI Tools have everything you need from designing layouts to creating navigation menus to building traffic to monetization. This article goes over the features and advantages of building an online website business. We illustrate the major tool suites available in SBI. Learn more here...

November 2018

Sales Tax Calculator Mobile App For Consumer And Business Transactions What You Should Pay? -

Sales Tax Calculator spash page
How much should you pay for sales tax? Sales Tax Calculator solves for tax based on percentage of purchase price. Learn how much you should pay for your next purchase! Results returned include purchase price and tax rate determined with mathematics. Never again over-pay more than is required by law. Learn the local and state tax rate before you purchase.

Tax Rate Chart shows current rates published by state and local communities. Learn about the mathematical equations used to determine what sales taxes you should pay. Find out how long you have to work to pay sales tax. "Real Work Hours" calculator shows results determined by your wage input.

Bonus... learn how long you need work to pay off the tax with the optional Real Hourly Wage calculator.

For businesses and individuals. Do you sell a product? Do you know how much tax to charge in another state? Use the State tax rate chart to find out. Need to figure out how much to budget for sales tax? Go to...

Easy Blogs Software Tutorial Learn How To Set Up And Configure Easy Blogs -

Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website
Easy Blogs software and tutorial teaches you how to start a new blog in Easy Blogs. Learn about creating a blog and how to build a website. EB website builder generates all the pages, navigation, categories, archives and a .xml file. Here's how it works. There are 4 main areas of the software, the Blog Entry Editor and The Template Package Editor, Options and Publish.

This step by step tutorial guides you through setup and configuration of the EasyBlogs software. Get your blog up and running in about an hour. Includes tips and advice on when and how to build a blogging platform.

Easy Blogs is a website/blogging platform. You can build a complete website or add a blog to your existing website. Content and layout are separated into individual editors. You can use any template or one of the supplied templates. Change templates with ease. Software compiles the entire blog/website with one click. Check it out...

Mobile App Builder Tutorial How To Build A Mobile App -

Mobile App Builder
Learn how to use the mobile app builder Tutorial teaches you how to configure, design and edit pages for your first app. Learn all about selecting a starter template and how to set it up. This document guides you through the steps required to configure a mobile app.

Tips and advice for cofiguring navigation, icons, device display, splash page and more. Learn how to set colors for text and background. Start with registering and set up a free account. Then select an app that suits your needs. We show you step by step what to do.

Includes detailed step by step instructions with illistrations. We offer templates for all walks of life from Auto Dealer to Utility company to restaurant to business owner. Check it out...

Mobile App Graphics How To Make Icons For The App Stores Tutorial -

Smartphone with message board
Mobile App Graphics tutorial for creating images and icons for the mobile app stores.

This tutorial teaches you what image sizes, the formats you need and examples to look at. Learn what application icons are and which ones you need in your mobile app. We go over the graphics, icons and feature images you need to publish in the app stores.

Learn why it is really important to get your images right and more tips in mobile app graphics creation.

What Is Search Intent? How To Find What You Are Looking For On Google -

Google search intentWhat is Search intent? A good question. Search intent is simply what people are really looking for in a search engine result. There are three types of searches performed in Google Search. They are navigational, informational and transactional. Google doesn't always get it right.

Unless you accurately define your search query Google guesses at what they think you mean. Google has gotten really good at determining what your search intent is. But, if your search is too ambguous or too broad Google has to decide for you. That is when you can get various unintended results. See how we break down the keyword 'Home Improvement.'

Find out how to get the most out of Google search. Here are some website tips to help you find what You are looking for and Not what Google thinks you want to see.

Mobile App Publisher Learn How To Publish A Mobile App Tutorial -

Mobile App Dashboard with publisher button
Are you ready to publish a mobile app? Mobile App Publisher tutorial teaches you how to submit your mobile app to the App Stores using publishing tools.

Do you think you are ready to publish your app? Why not use the Miappmaker publishing tools. We make it easy by offering tools that don't require that you own a Mac and the software necessary. MAM can upload your app for you because we have all the tools. You only need to fill in the form.

Publishing an app is a many faceted process. You need to be ready with titles, descriptions, icons and screenshots. All these things should be done before you hit the publish button. This tutorial guides you through the process so you are ready to publish in the app stores.

Age Calculator App Exactly How Old You Are In Years Months Weeks Days Hours Minutes Seconds And Next Birthday -

Age Calculator App Splash Page
The Age Calculator calculates the age of anyone or anything from birthday to age date. Use the easy date pickers to select month and day of birthday. Enter the year for birthday on the popup keyboard. Use the same method to enter the age date or accept the pre-enterd current date.

Hit the "Calculate Age" button to return results in years, months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. Also returns the number of days until the next birthday.

Behind the scenes is a mathematical algorithm that utilizes the internal clock on your mobile device. Great little tool is a cool conversation starter. Impress your friends and family with your birthday knowledge. Can be used to help plan upcoming birthday events. The best age calculator in the app stores is free.

Age calc is so simple to use you won't need the user manual to operate it. But, we included one just the same. It is a good idea to give this a glance as it includes instructions for best uage. The best age calculator in the app stores is free. Check it out...

Restaurant Mobile App Features Menus Reservations Ordering -

Smartphone with serving tray
Does your food business need a mobile app? Restaurant Mobile App Template designed specifically for the restaurant and bar business. Utilize this template to give your customers a way to interact with your business while there, before they get there and after they leave.

This app features menus for appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts. It has a reservations page where customers can make plans to visit your establishment. Use the photo gallery to show off your establishment and dishes.

Designed for interacting with patrons of your restaurant or bar. They download the app and you reward their loyalty with a coupon.

See if this app is right for your business. Great start for all kinds of food related businesses. Check it out...

Christmas Cards App create and share greeting and gift cards -

Christmas Cards Page 1
Christmas Cards App gives you a way to easily share holiday spirit with an electronic greeting card.

Are you still sending out greeting cards the old fashioned way? Sending out cards through the mail and spending a small fortune on cards and postage. Now you can eliminate the cost, save the money and quickly share your holiday spirit.

16 Greeting & Gift Cards

This app features 8 beautifully designed Christmas cards. Each card allows you to customize your greeting for individual sharing. The app utilizes your native apps to share email, social, You send greetings from email, bluetooth and social media.

User manual, bonus toys, and a days left countdown timer help you make decisions for Christmas sharing.

Want to send a friend a message? Surprise them with a greeting card. Say "Merry Christmas" with feeling. Send it through email to start a conversation. Example message included in the user manual.

October 2018

Triangle Calculator App Solves For Sides, Angles, Height, Area, Perimeter Draws Results -

Calculator page one
What's your triangleTriangle Calculator app for iPhone and Android. Solves for sides, angles, coordinates, vertexes, height, preimeter, inscribed and circumscribed cirlces.

Here is how it works. You input 3 known values, then set your read outs, and hit the "Calculate" button, thats it. The embedded algorithm uses your inputs to return a list of results. It even draws a picture of your triangle, (how cool is that?)

Check out the user manual to learn how to use the app. Detailed explaination of what parameters are can be found in the "Glossary of Terms".

Math and parameters shown. We show you the math behind the equations and list each parameter. Ideal for draftsman and engineers. Also great for students and teachers.

Mobile App Features Now Showing At Miappmaker A Mobile App Maker Near You -

Features combo
Mobile app features for everyday applications from phone to email, text, calender, maps, social media to resaurant applications and more.

We offer over 100 different features in our library for your smartphone and tablet application.

Learn about how each mobile app feature works, like email and contact us forms to login pages for member only applications. You can select pre-made template pages or complete apps to add to your own mobile app.

How's that for a mouthfull?

Need a call to action button here...

Drive Time Calculator Road Trip App Get Distance Time ETA Map Route Fuel Reports -

Lost? Never be so again with Drive Time Calculator. DTC mobile app reports everything you need to know about your next road trip. Estimate travel time based on distance, speed and departure time. Plan in stops and stop duration times. Enter starting and destination locations or a known distance. Get a map with preferred route highlighted and turn by turn directions.

Drive Time Calculator home screen

Drive Time Calculator icon
Drive Time Trip Report shows your information calculated from entries you supplied and then displayed on a printer friendly page. Stores up to 10 starting and destination addresses on your mobile device for easy retrieval. Very handy feature saves time.

How to use Drive Time Calc Enter starting and destination locations. Tap "Get Distance" button. Options include Map, Directions, Speed, Gas, Stops, Time and Get Report. Tap "Calculate Drive Time." Review report and update if necessary. See the included users manual for detailed instructions.

Update:I made a wrong turn on my last road trip. I used this app to get found again. I was headed out of town and had my route all planned. I did not know that the Interstate exchange I needed was closed for an accident. When I got there I was shunted into a 10 mile detour. Using the Drive Time Calculator's interactive location feature I quickly moved my starting location to match my current postition. The app generated a new route plan and I was back on course. I actually got to where I was going on time thanks to this road trip app Now available in the App Stores. Learn more...

jQuery Mobile Template Create Your Own Mobile App Editor Instructions -

jQuery Mobile App Template Editor
Looking for a jQuery mobile template? Use the Miappmaker mobile app editor to build your own template. This template editor contains example pages for single and multipage designs. Built in design tools allow you to create your own layout. Includes nav menus, popups and icon buttons and page elements. Don't get stuck with someone else's design create your own unique design.

This jQuery Mobile app template editor uses HTML5, CSS and javascript and your input to compile and create a complete mobile app. This template includes many jQuery mobile examples and methods. No coding required, Simply drag and drop in the WYSIWYG visual editor. You don't need to know programming, that is all done in the editor. Learn More...

Mobile App Development Tools Concept Platform Build Publish And Marketing -

smartphone with sign mobile app development
Mobile App Development is a multistep process. Learn how to build, publish and market a mobile app. This tutorial goes over the different types of apps for smartphone and tablet. It covers app stores and developer accounts.

Simply put mobile app development comes down to this; idea, concept, build, publish and marketing. Mobile app development doesn't have to be expensive. Not anymore, now the average business owner can create their own apps. Using online tools like Miappmaker mobile app builder.

All you need is a plan. Use this guide to learn how to do your own mobile app development...

How To Choose A Mobile App Plan That Works For Your Business Tutorial -

App editor console
Need an app plan for that? Learn how to select which mobile app plan is right for you. In this article we discuss device platforms, operating systems and how to mix and match to get what you need. I have a system I use for selecting which plan I would use. I call it People/Platform/Projects.

First thing to consider are the people you think will be using your app. Would they be using a smartphone, computer, tablet or all three? Second thing you want to consider is which device platforms you will be using. smartphone, tablet and computer. Third you want to decide which operating system to use. They are Google Andriod, Apple and Amazon Kindle.

Second In this article we discuss the methods we use to make all these determinations to choose which app plan is right for you.

Mobile App Editor Applications Dashboard How To Build An App Tutorial -

Mobile app editor application dashboard tutorial teaches you how understand what each control in the mobile app editor does. Detailed instructions for every function are included.

Step 1. Sign up for a subscription to Miappmaker Mobile App Maker (MaM). Once inside it is nice to know what can be accomplished with the tools. There is a lot to know because all apps and their management are done on this dashboard.

My Applications page

Step 2. Build your own app. The dashboard appears after you selected a starter application, given it a name and are ready to configure your app. You are directed to the "My Applications" section of your account. This is where app management is performed. Several options are available. From there you are ready use the mobile app editor. Continue reading the tutorial to find out how to build your own mobile app...

Miappmaker Mobile App Builder Previewer Publisher Tools To Create Your Own App -

Splash Page
Succulentid Home Page
LiftOff page
Checkout page
Text page
Map page
Report page
Phone page
Contact us form
Do you need an app for that? Miappmaker Mobile App Builder Previewer Publisher tool. Step by step instructions guide you through the process of getting your app into the app stores.

Step 1. Select a starter application. Pick a template that is in your niche. We offer several templates for all markets. Note for best results begin with a 'blank' 4 tab template. From there you can input the pagetypes you really want. Every app must be unique and the best way to do that is assemble it from many pagetypes.

Step 2. Configure the app.Use the wysiwyg editor/simulator tool to tailor the app to your business. Your app needs your specific information to help guide users to the main purpose. That means business, name, location, map and directions, business hours, your products or services. Well, you get the idea.

Step 3. Preview the app. Get one of our free previewer apps to test your app. Some native function like the phone and maps only work on a mobile device. Check your layout, functionality and content before you submit it to the app stores.

Step 4. Publish and submit to the app stores tool. Follow the instructions in the guide and we will ensure your app gets submitted properly. Your app needs to be 'finished' to get accepted. Unlike a website where you can start and build as you go apps aren't like that. Your app gets a thorough inspection before we submit it. If you need to make improvements we let you know about it right away.

Miappmaker mobile app builder is a great website tool. All the tools you need to create and publish a professional, high value mobile app. Intended for small businesses who want a low cost alternative to the high priced designer who charges between $55 and $105/hr. Learn more...

Mobile Utility App Tools For Everyday Life -

MiAppMaker mobile utility app
MiAppMaker Mobile Utility App for mobile devices brings you a lot of functions all together in one place. We put together an app that can be used for everyday life.

Utility App includes tools such as phone, map, scanners, social media and more. Connect with anybody or anything anytime.

We have figured how to keep you from getting lost by including Maps and Location finder. With these tools you can get to where you need to go and find gas and food along the way.

September 2018

Mobile App Icons How To Create In Tutorial With Illustrations -

Miappmaker utility app icon
Mobile app icons are essential to every mobile app. They are required when an app is submitted to the app stores. Learn how to prepare and create your own icons in

Step by step instructions to create a rounded corner and beveled iedge con.

Icons are used to identify an app's purpose and is used as a launch mechanism on a mobile device. The app stores (Apple App Store Google Play and Amazon) require at least one 'Application" icon be submitted with each app. There are options to submit more various sizes of icons to fit various different devices. Follow on to learn how to prepare for future every type.

Don't pay big dollars to a graphic artist when you can save money by doing it yourself. is freeware and easy to use. No need for Adobe Photoshop with this awesome software. Find out how to create your own mobile app icons...

Mobile App Previewers Test Your App Before You Publish Tool -

Mobile App Previewer tools for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle. Easy to use app allows you to previewer your mobile app before publishing in iTunes or Google Play.

Easy to use app displays all your pages in a simulated previewer you download to your smartphone or tablet.

Most of the previewers out there are for just one platform. Which is fine, most apps are designed for one platform. iOS for example has iPhone and iPad.

For android tablets and smartphones you use one previewer for both platforms. Kindle is yet another platform. That means you need a previewer for each platform.

Mobile App Tutorial For Beginners -

Smartphone pointing to tutorial
Mobile App Tutorial for Beginners answers the most frequently asked questions. What is a mobile app? Is a mobile app right for my business? How does one develop a mobile app? What different kinds of apps are there? What do I need to know before I publish? Where do I get a Mobile App Tutorial?

All these question and more are answered in this article. Do you have a question? Use the search box or email form included within.

We included a list of business types a mobile app can be used for.

Accordion Boxes Made Easy Software And Tutorial Kit Show / Hide Content To Make Web Pages Easier To Read -

Smartphone with banner

You just made a great webapge that just seems way to long? You liked what you wrote but it takes forever to read it all. You know many visitors will skim your page before they read it all. Capture attension and shorten content by hiding the less important parts. Use subheadings to organize content in to sections. Make an e-Store or create chapters like an ebook and more.

Accordion Boxes Software and Tutorial show/hide content and make long webpages shorter. Allow the user to control how much content is shown at any time. You can have an eye-catching title and hide the lengthy paragraphs inside. Then repeat the process to create a more pleasent user experience.

More Info Click to open!
Can be used on any text, image or button and is mobile responsive. All components are included in the kit. Check it out!

Website Packages for eCommerce Online Business -

Online Busines Website Packages
Website packages include more than just building a website. A website must perform as well. Surprisingly website performance doesn't go to the best looking, it goes to the best functioning.

At Best Website Tools we build websites that work. Before we get to the packages let's look at what makes a website work. First it's all about the big picture. A website must over deliver, it must have more information, more appeal and great graphics. A website is only a small part of an online business.

Get a website that does it all from ecommerce to social media to building traffic. Built by Best Website Tools.

August 2018

Website Tools Store Apps, Services, Software And Tutorials -

Best Website Tools Store
Best Website Tools Store. Launch a website or mobile app business with the right tools. Websites, mobile app, business startup and listing.

Our collection of website tools, tutorials and software. Learn how to build, design, market or publish your website or mobile app. These are the tools we use. We don't carry everything available because we only support tools and tutorials we use ourselves.

We don't crowd the website tools store with other peoples advertisements because we haven't vetted them and only promote the ones that we have vetted.

In operation for over 10 years we have a thorough knowledge of every tool we offer. Most tools come with free support. Some of the sevices we offer are design and build for a fee. For you this means reliability of product.

We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. We offer a secure environment so you can shop with knowledge that your personal information is safe and secure. Take A look...

Image Gallery Tutorial For Solo Build It -

Here is an image gallery javascript tool. Image galleries are a good way to show off a product, place or system. If a picture is wirth 1000 words and image galler of 10 pictures are worth 10,000 words. Right? Imagine if you will your desire to explain something that is too beautiful for words or too complicated to describe in less than 10,000words. An image gallery is what you need.

little red trailer gallery

Click image to enlarge.

Easy to build gallery tool makes image galleries a breeze. Simply insert a responsive grid element, Fill in each block with an image, check the 'gallery' box and fill in a description. Tip: plan your gallery ahead of time. See the tutorial here.

Step 1: Create the images first. Keep in mind a gallery is a collection of images all relating to one theme, hope fully. See the tutorial.

July 2018

Mobile App Maker Interactive Editor Simulator -

Mobile App Maker teaturesThe Mobile App Maker is an interactive editor/simulator development platform to design, build and publish mobile apps. Create apps for Amazon Kindle, the Apple App Store, Google Play and Progressive Web Apps (for websites). Easy to use visual editor follows a 5 step process. 1. Select a template. 2. Edit and configure the app. 3. Preview on your device. 4. Publish to the app stores or on your website. 5. Sign in and pay.

Step 1 Select a template. We offer several templates to choose from for just about every marketing niche. We also include "blank" templates to cover every custom application you might think of. We recommend starting with a blank template because Apple is very strict about accepting duplicate template designs. With a blank template you can add the pagetypes you need to achieve a truly custom unique mobile app.

Why Miappmaker? Because our low prices allow you to build your own mobile app. No need to pay expensive developers when you can do it yourself. Check it out...

June 2018

Online Presence What Does It Mean For Your Business -

Business is booming
Online presence can make or break your business. Getting all the right information listed in all the right places is important. With out great business listing management you could lose customers or worse not grow your business.

Did you know local search engine business listings are used 2 to 5 times more often than a website search to find a business? That means while having a great website is important, having it listed in all the local search engines is more important.

Having a strong online presence means having a strong local search engine listing, social media and reputation management. What if you could do that all in one tool? Wouldn't that save you a lot of time and aggravation?

Learn about how you can manage you business listings, manage your reputation and grow your business.

May 2018

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation What It Means For Users And Webmasters -

General Data Protection RegulationGDPR or General Data Protection Regulation. New regulations governing website usage of computer cookies now enforced in the European Union (EU).

Learn what GDPR means for users and webmasters. Basically the new regulations allow users to opt-in or out of the use of computer cookies on websites that they visit.

For users it means a more secure online environment. For webmasters it means a lot of work. For both it means a change in how the Internet is used.

As of 25May2018 all websites shown to EU residents must comply with these new regulations. Learn more at...

Website Design Tools To Build An Online Business Not Just A Website -

computer muscle pose
Website design tools can make the difference between success and failure. Get the right tools and build an online business not just a website.

Learn about website building, blogging, online business setup and the basics of design layout.

BWT offers the tools we use to build this website. With over 10 years experience website tools have become a passion of ours. We use all these tools everyday, except for the beginners tutorial.

The best part is all these tools come with extensive knowledge and support. Check out my favorite.

April 2018

Website Services for Online Business -

computer with mouse characitureWebsite services by Best Website Tools include free consultaion, website build and test.

Are you thinking of building a website for your business? Get all the tools all in one place at reasonable cost. At BWT we use Solo Build It! (SBI) to build all our websites. SBI includes the most comprehnsive collection of online business tools.

Get design, build, marketing, submission and search engine optimization. You could do all this yourself but why take several months to get started when a professional service like BWT can jump start your online presence right now. Check it out..

Site Build It! - Now Solo Build It! All The Tools For Online Business -

Use SBI to build your online business.Are you looking to start or expand your online business? Do you want all the right tools all in one place?

SBI AKA Site build It AKA Solo Build It (recently rebranded) is truly a one stop shop. Too many tools, website tips, tutorials and infomation to list here.

If you have brains and motivation you can learn all about online business in the Action Guide (comes with a subscription). Solo Build It can change your life. It did mine. Check it out!

Local Business Website Tools -

Local business website tools
Is your local business attracting the right customers to your website? Is your website competitive with other local businesses?

This article discusses how online local businesses can attract the right customers through organic search. Make sure those Internet surfers find your business before they go somewhere else.

Learn how to grow and expand your local business. How to steal your customers away from your competition. And how to add revenue streams that are otherwise not possible.

Social Media Services -

Smartphone holding social media icons
Social media services include set-up, management and monitoring of your social media accounts. Enhance your online business presence with up to date profiles, posts and status updates.

Are you too busy to spend the time it takes to create and build a social media network? Getting new customers is the best way to grow your business. Social media is an easy way to do that.

Services include creating or updating social media channels and social listing websites like Google Maps and Yelp. We monitor your reviews to maintain a positive attitude about your business.

Social Media Packages -

Social media packages box cover
Social Media Packages range from beginner to Gold monthly services. We got you covered. Every aspect of social media management is available. Includes free starter articles to multi-channel monthly maintainence programs.

We evaluate your current internet presence, create or update all your profiles and pages. Recommendations are based on completeness of your profiles. SMD searches the web to locate and evaluate all your business listings and reports your presence.

Grow your business with social media. Try Social Media Packages today.

SMD Client Info Request -

Client information form to establish communications with SMD. Just a few questions to get started on your social media management program.

Social Media Detroit Business Management System -

Trained social media managers.
Social media is so important to your business it can literally make or break your online presence. Social Media Detroit comes to Best Website Tools.

As part of the business upgrade BWT is absorbing Social Media Detroit. SMD manages your social media presence from Google Business to FaceBook to Yelp and all your channels and business listings. SMD searches the web for all your channels and user imput. Then we can manage your reviews and comments.

Does your business need an online presence? No time to manage all your social media. Let SMD help. Our professional management system can help. We know how to turn around a poor showing and get your business listed in all the social media search sites.

As part of the business upgrade social media maangement is being updated. We understand that most businesses are found on mobile devices. We specialize in connecting your business through mobile, website and social channels.

New category added "Social Media." Get recent tips, tools, tricks and techniques to improve your social media presence.

Password Swap Tool For Members Only Software & Tutorial -

Password swap is a javascript tool that allows you to create a membership website. Protect your private information by requiring a password to view it. You can use this tool for many functions. It works by changing out specified areas of your web page once a correct password is entered.

Do you want to start a membership website, collect leads, build an opt-in list, conduct private auctions, hold contests, or charge fees for your service? Then 'Password Swap' is the tool you need. Learn more about how this tool can help you.

SBI Rss Tutorial Blogging Masters Course And Easy Blogs Software -

Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website
SBI Rss Tutorial and EasyBlogs Software package are the perfect match for do it yourself blogging.

Learn how to create a content focused keyword rich blog that includes built in rss functionality. 'FTP' right into your website or use any syndication service available.

Includes step by step illustrated tutorials, 1, 2 and 3 column templates, PLUS the software.

Put an EasyBlog on your website and watch your visitor ratings soar. Here's how to join the blogosphere.

March 2018

Easy Blogs Page Uploading Tutorial What Pages Are Generated and When to Upload -

Easy Blogs pages uploading tutorial
The Easy Blogs page setup and configuring process is explained in this tutorial. Learn how to generate monthly archives, categories, blog entries and how to update your website.

We discuss how to set up and add blog posts articles and how they are archived. You learn about when, how and which pages to upload every time you update your blog.

After reading this tutorial you will understand how Easy Blogs works. From these website tips you will be able to create simple blogs or sophisticated websites like this one. See how...

Masters e Courses - Webmaster Tutorials For Online Business Entrepreneurs -

Online business Masters E Courses
Masters e Courses are intense learning experiences designed to get you the information needed to succeed at online business.

E Courses include EasyBlogs Tutorial, Affiliate, Net Writing, Pricing, Service Sellers, WAHM Masters and Webmaster Business e Courses.

Each e course thoroughly details it's niche and gives advice, website tips, tricks and step by step instructions.

Download for free and start learning how entrepreneurs succeed at online business.

Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips To Improve Visitor Traffic To Your Website -

Top 10 traffic tips for bloggers
Top ten blog traffic tips will help you get more traffic to your website. For a blog to be successful one must post frequently. Think of it as an online newspaper for small business. And like a newspaper it should contain sections with lots of content.

A good blog has around 4 to 6 main sections. We'll call these categories. Each category should define an area of expertise. For instance, Local, national and world news, with a sports and human interest sections.

A successful blogger posts everyday or at least 3 times per week. A well read blog has a means of syndication. Read the top 10 blogging tips to learn how to make your blog a big success. Get these blogging website tips and more.

February 2018

Archived Entries -

Archived Entries

The following items pre-date the new design template

Website Accessibility Layout And Design Tips For Positive User Experience -

Website accessibility tips
Website accessibility is important for both webmasters and users. This article discusses several design and layout techniques you can use on your website.

Your website layout and design should consider accessibility features for the visually impaired and computer shy users. A good design has clarity and is easy to read.

For the webmaster; search engines rank pages according to many criteria including ease of use, layout and user experience. A poor user experience is detrimental to good search engine rankings.

Learn how to achieve a positive user experience through these website tips. Your users and the search engines will love you. Er, I mean your website.

Affiliate Programs How To Monetize Them -

Computer spewing money like volcano
Affiliate Programs are an excellent business model for the individual entrepreneur. All you do is promote other people's products as an affiliate of their company. Sounds easy right?

It really isn't that easy because you need to put in the hard work to make it go. Before an affiliate company accepts you you must sign up and agree to the terms and services. Where upon said company may review your eligibility. If you pass their criteria you will get accepted

Then you can monetize your efforts and earn commissions. The problem is getting customers. You will want to have the right promotion in the right place at the right time.

To do that you want a website that gets lots of traffic. Note most affiliate programs come with marketing material. Your job is to get those marketing materials in front of your audience. Learn how to do that.

Better Than Blogging SBI C2 Content Submission Challenge -

Content 2.0
What could be better than blogging? You tell me! You are invited to share your idea.

Introducing the Best Website Tips "Better Than Blogging Challenge." It is easy, Do you have a blog or a solution to blogging? We would like to know about it. You build a page on this website and promote your idea. Best Website Tools will then publish it to our network.

What is in it for you? Backlink juice and world wide web syndication on this blog. Free promotion for you and having fun.

BWT Search Page Search Engine Results -

Search Engine Results
Search Page shows the search engine DuckDuckGo results. BWT has changed website search engines from Google custom search box to ''s' widget for DuckDuckGo.

No ads, no tracking, no baloney. Do you know that other search engine? Did you know they track your browser settings, your behavior habits even keystrokes. Not this website. Kinda makes you wonder, what do they do with that information? Well they sell space on this website to insert ads.

We are now using DuckDuckGo as our primary search engine. DDG does not track your browser habits. DDG does not share your information. DDG does not show ads on this website

Make Your Price Sell Masters eCourse -

Pricing Master Course
Make Your Price Sell eCourse is a fantastic guide on how to properly price your product. Excellent tutorial for business owners. Learn about online techniques you can use to get customers and get them in the ready to buy mood.

Get insider website tips, tricks and techniques to boost sales. This little gem is a must read for business owners that have products for sale.

Learn what works and how to find the ideal price. Here's the theory. Great Product + Perfect Price + Right Process = Customer Satisfaction + Success.

January 2018

Blog Marketing - Diamond in the Rough -

Blog marketing tips
Blog marketing is all about getting your blog in front of the most people. Learn how people find your blog and how to go get them.

Blogging can be a lot of fun if done well. In the beginning a blogger needs to bring fresh content often. Doing this and marketing your blog effectively can make the difference in success or not.

Find out where to list your blog. How to get your RSS/xml feed into various blog feeders. Check it out.

MLM Facts What Your Upline Won't Tell You -

MLM Secrets with Master Resale Rights - Get Started Today!
MLM facts you need to succeed at multi level marketing. Many truths are revealed that your upline didn't tell you about.

Learn why MLM is one of the most productive and destructive online business models ever used. When done correctly this is a very lucrative opportunity that can be done individually or as a large business.

Find out about website tips, truths about MLM and some lies that need explanation. MLM Secrets to success can help you to understand the business opportunity and what not to do. Check it out.

Website Services 2 Improve Your Online Business -

Smartphone sign website services 2
Website Services 2 is a list of design and build services we offer here at Best Website Tools. Everything you need to improve your online business.

Services include design and build of complete starter websites and upgrading existing websites. Included but not limited to design and build, navigation, catalog setup, graphic art, SEO & SEM and more.

Advice is free all other tasks may include a service fee. Request a consultion and let us know how we can improve your website.

Compare WordPress Easy Blogs and Site Build It -

SiteSell Hosting
Compare WordPress with the combination of Site Build It and EasyBlogs. See clear advantages and shortfalls of the different blogging platforms.

Albeit several years have past since this comparison was first compiled many results have changed and some have not.

Do you know how much technology can go into a blog? Read this report and find out. Over 60 features are compared.

Learn about WordPress, Site Build It and EasyBlogs software features.

10 Tips News Bloggers Need To Create And Post Fresh Content -

10 tips for news bloggers
News bloggers always need new content to post. Following are 10 tips for creating content quickly.

Have you ever been at a loss for words? You want to post about a subject but can't find the right content. Now you can learn how to generate fresh content from sources available to you right now.

Find out how you can to create several different content styles from writing articles to current news to polls and quizzes to idea generation.

Orange RSS Button How To Remove, Add or Modify Your EasyBlogs Pages -

Smartphone holding rss icons
How important is the orange rss button? Every blog I've seen has at least one. But how do you Make the RSS/BlogIt buttons work in EasyBlogs. Read on and find out.

This tutorial gives step by step instructions for adding RSS feeds to your EasyBlog. With rss feeds you can bring more traffic to your website.

Users these days love to share information they like. Having an orange RSS button on your website is important. Learn how to...

SBI Rss Articles For Easy Blogs Software and Tutorial -

SBI Rss Articles
SBI rss articles are packed with information about EasyBlogs setup.

More importantly you may find answers you are looking for that aren't fully explained in the SBI Rss Tutorial for one reason or another.

This page includes articles about procedures and give more detailed step by step instructions. This is additional information that didn't make it into the tutorial or added after it was written.

Articles Howto Add Articles To Your Website EasyBlogs Tutorial -

Articles Howto turorial for EasyBlogs
Articles howto tutorial for EasyBlogs teaches you how to setup and create articles. Learn about all the advantages of using artilces and article teasers for your EasyBlog.

Two things happen when you create an article. First the short description that you create is written into an html page that lists all your article pages. Second the short description is written into an .xml file for syndication.

In EB all you do is setup the template once then use the blog entry editor to add content.

Online eBooks eCourses and Tutorials For Webmasters -

Online Ebook collection
Online eBooks For Webmasters is a comprehensive collection for creaing, publishing and marketing online businesses. If you are just beginning to make your first website these guides will help.

Learn what makes an online business succeed. Ebooks include learning about making your website, words and knowledge sell.

This collection includes several online business solutions from niche websites to ebook marketing to Multi-level marketing to blogging tutorials to Webmastering.

Ebook Marketing Top Secrets Revealed Tutorial -

Ebook marketing secrets revealed tutorial
Ebook Marketing Top Secrets Revealed Tutorial covers all aspects of the ebook marketing niche. You learn gow top techniques used by experts.

Learn how to make profitable, popular ebooks about subjects you already know. Once you know these secrets you will be able create, promote and market your own ebooks with ease.

Are you interested in ebook writing, publishing and marketing? Without having to spend a lot of money and effort to get it done? Then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

SBI Top Bar Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs - EasyBlogs box coverSBI Top Bar templates can match your SBI website. Do you have a website and a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Are you using a single column design on your website?

Use this custom top bar template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

Affiliate Program 2 Cost Per Action Networks -

Computer with pointer saying cost per action networks
Affiliate program 2 create an excellent way to earn a living online.

As an affiliate marketer for other peoples products you earn commissions from sales that you refer. Sounds easy right. And it is. You just need a website to promote with.

Once you sign up for and get accepted by a CPA network you can copy and paste verticals (advertisements) on your website. On this page we'll explore some of those CPA networks.

Category Setup Tutorial For Easy Blogs Software -

Category setup tutorial for EasyBlogs
Category tutorial to set up and fill in categories on your EasyBlogs software.

Categories make a blog what it is. Along with archives, categories contain blog posts and article teasers from your entries. Each category page contains teasers and links to article pages.

Following is the definitive guide to adding and configuring categories for EasyBlogs. Great information for any blogger to consider even if you don't use EasyBlogs. Take a look...

Create Articles Howto In EasyBlogs That Are Search Engine Optimized and Ready For RSS Syndication -

Computer saying create artilce howto in EasyBlogs Software
Create articles howto tutorial teaches you how to use the EasyBlogs software to create full length, search engine optimized and ready for RSS syndication.

Part of the SBI Rss Tutorial this article shows step by step instructions. Everything you need to know to get your articles spread around the blogoshpere. Tips, techniques and tools are discussed.

Learn how syndicating your articles can drive traffic to your website and online business. Get more and better traffic through RSS. RSS readers are more likely to attract interested users than organic search because more information can be shared. Check out...

Web Hosts & Website Tools Tutorial -

Computer asking how to pick a web host
In your quest to find the right web hosts to expand, manage and upgrade your website, Did you consider additional benefits?

Picking the right host for your website can be essential to the growth and success of your online business. You want better service not cheap service. Some low cost hosting services do not offer all the tools you as a webmaster will need.

Learn about cPanel, Blog Installation and Web Stats...

SBI lookandfeel Template For Easy Blogs - SBI lookandfeel template for EasyBlogs utilize CSS/HTML5 technology. Pick a lookand feel template for your custom website design. Each template features a built in navigation structure and automatic archiving. Plug and play editor configures your template on the fly. (Read; easy)

Custom template top

EasyBlogs blog/website platform creates up to 200 feeds. Create multiple businesses from one platform. Select a mobile responsive template and design for the web.

Check out the SBI lookandfeel Templates...

Webmaster Business Masters eCourse -

Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course
Is a Webmaster business on your mind? Do you have a plan for success? Do you want one? This masters ecourse teaches everything you need to know to get started.

The Webmaster Business ecourse covers will help you establish your business and position yourself for success. Learn how to attarct clients deal with the documentation and help you market your business.

Sign up for a free copy.

SBI Default Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs -

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI default template for SBI Rss tutorial. Learn how easy EasyBlogs is to use, step by step graphics and illustrations about using the software.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Beige tones template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

December 2017

Ebook Writing Tools, Tips and Techniques - eBook Marketing Revealed - A marketing wizards top secret files revealedEbook writing can boost your sales. Learn how the pros do it in this ebook. Learn about key aspects of designing an ebook. Get information on creating a killer website to promote your ebook.

You get tips, tools and techniques for marketing and distributing your ebook. Learn how to set up your own affiliate program.

Do you know something about anything? Turn your knowledge into a revenue stream. Why not learn how to do ebook writing and cash in on your knowledge. Get...

SBI Affiliate Program 5 Pillar Club by SiteSell -

5P Affiliate Program
SBI Affiliate Program is one of the oldest and most respected in the world. Earn high commissions selling a great long lasting website building system.

SBI or Site Build It has longevity. BWT has been using it for over 10 years. Each year my affiliate manager receives a commission. You can to. We use SBI because of the all the tools all in one place business building platform.

Why is SBI the best affiliate program ever you may wonder? You can earn very nice recurring commisions on a great product. The included marketing material is world class. A whole division of the parent company supports this affiliate program.

You don't even have to own SBI to promote it. But I recommend that you get a copy for yourself. As with any product, "the more you know about it, the better you can promote it. Check it out.

Categories Template Codes Set Up Categories Links In The EasyBlogs Template Menu -

EasyBlogs Box
categories template codes tutorial teaches you how to add a list of categories to your EasyBlogs navigation menu.

EasyBlogs categories are the coolest thing. In a 3 tier navigation menu category pages are tier 2. When you create a categoy in EB you can make a teaser describing what is in the category. The main 'category' page compiles all the category page teasers

In EB when you create a blog entry or article teaser you can select a category for them to reside in. When the blog or article teaser rolls off the bottom of the main blog page it is still in the category page that you selected.

Another great advantage of EasyBlogs categories is the automatic navigation. You don't have to manually fill in your category pages, it is done for you, when you click the 'generate pages' button. Check out how to add categories to your EasyBlog.

SBI Graphic Template 2 For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs -

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI graphic template 2 - select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your blog. These templates are modified from the original EasyBlog template.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Question man template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

Build Html Form Tutorial -

Build HTML Form Tutorial
Build Html Form is a comprehensive study of HTML coding. This 11 chapter ebook includes tips on layout, design, menus, styles and more.

You get detailed information for building websites with HTML. You learn about creating HTML forms, lists and tables.

You learn about comments, frames, images and meta tags. Find out where and when to use these features.

Get started coding your own website with this ebook tutorial.

SBI Boxstyles Templates For EasyBlogs - EasyBlogs box coverSBI boxstyles templates for EasyBlogs draw a 'box' around the content sections. A graphic background allows the templates to The main content box is set to width="100%. It will expand and collapse to fit any screen.

They feature an 'Archive' menu list all the dates that entries are amde. I use monthly divisions for dating. So each month I have a new page and a reason to update every page. You can easily use your own background graphic if you don't like the supplied image.

MLM Secrets to Success Mini E-course -

Multi-Level Marketing Secrets Mini-ecourse
MLM Secrets to success a collection of tools and ebooks. Learn all about what it really takes to succeed at multi-level marketing.

MLM Secrets to Success mini e-course takes you through the steps necessary to succeed in multi-level marketing. Learn what the professionals are doing and why. Find out how to set up an MLM, build your downline fast and create multiple streams of income.

Traditional methods for multi-level marketing are just to hard to do. You spend 80% of your time locating and chasing leads. And you have to keep doing it over and over again just to keep a strong downline. Wouldn't it be a lot better to have an automated process that did all that for you?

MLM Secrets to Success shows you how to have people coming to you instead of you chasing them all the time.

Website Conversion Secrets Boost Your Click Through Rate -

Website conversion secrets boxcover
With Website Conversion Secrets YOU Can Increase Your Profits by 100%, 200% even more than 1287% without working any harder? Let me show you how.

Give me 7 minutes and I will reveal the 40 most common pitfalls well-meaning entrepreneurs like you fall into when trying to create a money-making site.

Learn about which website tips and tricks can change website visitors into paying customers. Find out what works and what to avoid doing. Turn your website into a powerhouse.

EasyBlogs Template System Tutorial -

EasyBlogs Template System Tutorial
The EasyBlogs Template System tutorial breaksdown the template editor detailing each area and section.

EasyBlogs is an ideal blog/website builder. It can create several pagetypes and an .xml file for feeding RSS. RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a network of blog, news and social media aggregators. By creating (1) .xml file you can potentially reach millions of people.

Understanding how the EasyBlogs Template System works gives you the power of creation. Convert your knowledge into a powerful news feed that can potentially reach millions of readers.

Refer to this tutorial when designing and building your EasyBlog. You will understand how to create your own template.

Options Settings In Easy Blogs How To Change Basic, Advanced, Template and RSS settings. -

EasyBlogs software and tutorial
Options settings from TUTORIAL II : Setting Up Your News Blog, you were shown how to set up certain options including setting up your EasyBlog:

To see the detailed explanations for these option panels, please revisit your SBI-RSS-Tutorial and go to TUTORIAL II : Setting Up Your News Blog.

  • Basic Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Custom Variables
  • Choose Template
  • RSS Options.
  • Publishing Options

Work at Home Mom Masters Course Start Your Own Online Business Tutorial. Learn how to start your own business. -

computer saying work from home mom
Are you a stay at home mom? Even if you aren't this tutorial will help you understand the benefits of working from home.

No technical knowledge or prior experience is necessary. You too can build a real, long-term home based business on the Net.

There is no other place that you would rather be than at home with your kids. But, you would also like to contribute financially to the family. WAHM Masters Course presents case studies, organization tips and how to guides.

They have taken the time to tell you everything, from reviewing all your options and organizing properly. They progress all the way to the final desired outcome. Get the nitty-gritty of how to actually build a substantial income online. WAHM-MC well explained case studies with illustrations. Yours free from Best Website Tips Blog.

My Work at Home Solution A Home Based Online Business Tutorial -

My work at home solution
Work at home solution is a tutorial teaching you how to select and start a home based business. No job is safe when you work for someone else. If you rely on going to work everyday then having your own successful business is the only guarantee you have against getting fired.

It doesn't matter who you are if you have valuable skills you should be your own boss. Otherwise your employment is in the hands of your boss. With your own business you are the boss.

Do you need a Work at home solution?

The following article is one home based entrepreneurs story. Learn how Tim made his own business, brand and successful online business. He describes the steps he took to attain his perfect work at home solution.

Cool Tools 4 Building A Website And Online Business -

Cool tools 4 building trust and confidence.

Cool tools 4 is a collection of action tools that you can use to boost your audience participation with.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Visitors instantly get the feeling that you know what your doing by way of giving them actions to perform.

First impressions can determine whether a visitor will purchase from you or not. If they feel comfortable and you give them something to do your chance of making a sale or connection goes way up. Check it out.

Cool Tools 3 for Your Website Design And Build -

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool Tools 3 add pizzazz to your website. A collection of actionable tools that enhance the performance of your website or online business.

When you add credibility to your website, you earn a sense of trust with your customers. Cool tools are a way to engage users to take action.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Once a user is clicking away they are more likely to purchase something from your website. Check it out.

SBI EasyBlog Templates Selection For SBI Rss Tutorial - EasyBlogs box coverSBI EasyBlog templates to can match your SBI website. Do you have a website nad a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Examples are included to show how well these two systems integrate.

Use this custom template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

Cool Tools 2 Build a Website -

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In today's world your website needs to cater to mobile as well as desktop users. You need to accomadate and design for the mobile user as well as the large monitor users. Your layout and functionality make a difference in how your website is perceived.

Cool tools can help. Graphics and space usage are so much more important because mobile users are all thumbs and fingers. With poorly layed out pages you lose visitors because they don't like the way your website looks and feels.

Cool Tools 2 is a collection of software and tutorials to add functionality to your website. Make your website and business look and feel great. Build trust and confidence in your visitors.

November 2017

Cool Tools for Your Website And Online Business Building -

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool tools add pizzazz to any website. When your website visitor arrive they mostly just want information. They are immediately influenced by they way your website looks and works. If a visitor can't find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds they leave.

The way your website is presented makes a difference in whether a user trusts you enough to do business with you. Your job as a webmaster is ensure your website work properly. You can do this with the right tools. Checl out our collection of cool tools to build your website and online business.

SBI Graphic Template 1 For Easy Blogs - SBI Graphic template - select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your blog. These templates are modified from the original EasyBlog template.

Beer template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic in the template

Appendix Navigate Your Computer Find EasyBlogs Files -

Computer saying I found it finally
Part 1: Appendix navigate - one of the most useful things you can learn is how to know what is on your computer and how to find a file or folder that you need.

Many people know that they can do a search for a file or folder using the search function of Windows, but not everyone understands how to actually navigate to the particular file or folder

Once you learn how to navigate around your computer, you will be able to, not only locate files and folders, but you will be able to create new folders for better organization as well as move files into the new folders created to organize the files on your computer.

Custom Variables For EasyBlogs Add Custom Tags to Your Website or Blog Tutorial -

EasyBlogs box cover
Custom variables in EasyBlogs allows the webmaster to include custom tags in a website or webpage. This cool tool is great for inserting custom content. For instance AdSense advertisements or other partner advertisements.

EasyBlogs is a blog/website platform that can create up to 200 blogs and/or websites. Generate whole websites, mini-websites or blogs with this easy to use editor/compiler.

This tutorial teaches you all about inserting custom tags (AKA custom variables) into the Template Packager.

SBI Case Studies for Site Build It Online Business Websites -

Computer saying out the way coming through got a website here
Case studies by entrepreneurs who use Site Build It to build their online business. Meet several individual webmasters who have built successful websites.

Case studies are a proof of success. Testimonials by real people with great experience says more about a product than all the marketing in the world. See how all these happy entrepreneurs were able to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

This collection of testimonials are from all over of the world and all walks of life. Proof that Site Build It! Works.

Right Column Menu - Build a Flyout Navigation Menu for Your Website Software and Tutorial - Flyout Left Menu CoverRight Column Menu uses the Flyout Menu Left technology. Create a menu structure that fits well in a right column and expands to the left.

This well thought out system comes with everything you need to build your own menus. You get software and tutorials with examples and worksheets you need..

CSS driven menu system means fast action, clean operation and simple integration. Scalable and expandable design allows this system to be used many times on every page. Check it out.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - The 5 Cs of Quality +1 How To Evaluate Images -

Picture quality formula
We have all heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. So when it comes to getting your message across images should always reinforce what you are saying, not the other way around. When the image speaks for itself your message is much clearer. If the image speaks to loud your message may be lost.

Use the 5 C's to evaluate an image or graphic to get a balanced picture. Great images have all the 'C' qualities going for them. Poor pictures can be corrected if you understand what is right and what is not right about it.

When composing your art work ask your self this question "does it pass the 5 C's?" If you answer no to any of them you can correct the error before you broadcast it. When you can answer yes to all the questions you know you have a well balanced picture and worth a thousand words.

3d Ecover Creator Pro Graphic Generator of 3d Boxes, Books, eCovers, Pamphlets, CD's - Ecover Creator BoxDo you want to create amazing 3d eCovers directly from your PC In under 3 minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can skyrocket your product sales by as much as 72%.

Quickly and easily create 14 different eCover styles on the fly. Ecovers include shadow and reflection effects. Import .psd, jpg, gif, bmp or .png images directly into the software.

Create amazing looking 3d eCovers with just a few mouse clicks. Save valuable time and money trying to learn other action scripts. Make your website look more professional and clean looking.

Web Audio Plus Audio Made Easy Creates HTML Code For The Web - Web Audio PlusWeb Audio Plus is a software that records voice and music files and codes the HTML file for website integration. Simply record your audio or select a music file, pick a button style then copy and paste the code into your webpage. Create your own podcasts, audio book, directions to your business or favorite song.

What if you could talk to your visitors? What would you tell them? WAP can kick start sales and overcome rejection barriers. Add sound to your website and watch sales skyrocket. Get...

Website Package Terms & Conditions - Get a website package dealWebsite package terms and conditions. Learn what is included in a website business build. Includes research your market, create a complete website, all the tools you need, support and tutorials.

Find out about our website packages basic, advanced and ultimate. Includes world renown Solo Build It, best website host ever. You will be amazed with all the tools, tips, and support SBI offers.

Don't just build a website, build an online business. We show you how to grow your business as well as teach you how to update a website.

SBI Graphic Template 3 Designs For EasyBlogs - Van Gogh WindmillSBI graphic template 3 for EasyBlogs. Features 6 popular 2 column designs. Each one is 2 column, 100% width with a theme behind it. Navigation is build in.

  1. Rose and Heart - 2 column with 100% width with left column at 200px. Black lettering on white background and small text size. Very pretty.
  2. Stop Sign - has an image in the top left column a light green background and black text.
  3. Windmill - features artwork by Van Gogh with a light grey background. Has a very artistic feel.
  4. WaterSurf - template feature an image of a wind surfer on the ocean on a medium grey background.

Your First Sale In 72 Hours 5 Easy Steps to Home Based Business Success - Computer cartoon saying your first saleMake Your First Sale in 72 hours in 5 easy steps

Getting started in the first 72 hours of a new business can be easy when done properly. Follow these 5 easy steps to start your online business in the right direction. This proven method has helped thousands reach their potential as new business owners. Results may vary with individual time allotted.

Home based business guide to getting started. Learn the 5 step process to making that first sale.

October 2017

Home Based Website Design Business Start-Up Tools and Documents -

Website design business graphic
You decided to start a website design business but need to know what all is involved. You will need certain legal documents for proposals, contracts, storyboards and schedules.

Wouldn't you agree knowing what a client needs before they ask is better than trying to figure it out as you go along? Start Your Own Website Design Business gives you everything you need from stting up your office, to getting work, to webmaster resources to getting paid.

The author goes into in depth detail in the 178 page ebook. Package includes the ebook, MS Word and .txt documents you can use in your business, bonus ebook for potential clients. Learn how to...

SBI CSS Template 3 Column Easy Blogs -

EasyBlogs Box with Computer characitureGet a modern custom template that is mobile friendly with a responsive design. Learn how to make your won template for EasyBlogs. EB is a software that creates blog/websites with ease.

Check out all the cool designs you can accomplish with these css templates. These templates use bullet proof layouts that do not break under mobile device usage.

CSS = Cascading Style Sheets Yeah, I know. What does that mean. You can think of stylesheets as a layering of windows on a computer. But that name was already taken so they gave them a scientific name. Style sheets control the look and feel and layout of a website.

Stylesheets came about as a better way for the Internet browsers to display infomation. CSS stylesheets are ideal for mobile responsiveness. Control tags tell the content how to react to the device it is displayed on. Learn more about mobile responsive designs...

July 2017

Article Template Modification For EasyBlogs to Add Meta Tags and RSS Auto Discovery -

Article template modification tutorial
Article Template Modification shows how to code the article template to include meta tags and Google AdSense. Plus add comments & RSS auto-discovery to your articles, too!

In this article we show you where to place source code in your HTML documents. The codes are supplied all you have to do is copy and paste them into your Easy Blogs template.

Meta tags let the search engines and blog aggregators understand a little bit about your webpage.Some even use these tags as a teaser to link to your page.

May 2017

Article Meta Tags to Add Keyword And Description Meta tags To EasyBlogs -

Article meta tags EasyBlogs tutorial
Article meta tags is a tutorial that teaches you how to automatically populate Easy Blogs (EB) web page's keyword and description meta tags. When building your article pages you should also fill in these meta tags.

While Google search engine does not look at the 'keyword' meta tags any more other Internet software does. Google does look at the 'description' meta tag for information about the page. This tutorial replaces those tags in your template with tags that read the information you supply.

EB uses a C++ algorithm (or simply a small computer program) to generate these tags in HTML code. The information you include in the 'Blog Entry' editor is written into the web page when you hit save. Saving causes the page to be built with all the necessary HTML code.

This feature can be a real time saver. As optimizing these tags is extremely popular with webmasters, they get a lot of attention. Read the tutorial to update your EB template.

Solo Build It Review by a Real Person -

Shocked Computer
Recently I was asked for my Solo Build It review. A product I have been using for over 10 years. I was shocked. This company never asks for a review. They don't need to. It's loyal customers are always touting the virtues of using Solo Build It!. Me included, SBI is Great.

I recently became aware of a bait and switch make money quick marketing scheme that targeted SBI. Apparently this company is spewing out hundreds to thousands of fake product comparison reviews.

I couldn't help but think about all the advantages and assistance SBI has given me in my online business. I kept it short and sweet and tried to be honest. I have been with Solo Build It for over 10 years now. Find out why.

Google AdSense Revenue Exposed -

AdSense Revenue Exposed - learn how to cash in like the big boys
AdSense Revenue Exposed contains all the knowledge you need to cash in like the big boys. Learn how to optimze your income and comply with the terms of use policy.

Do you own a content website and want to earn income from it. Instead of making your own ads or searching the Internet for partners you could simply partner with Google and have them supply ads to your website.

Here's how it works: You place ads on your site and when a visitor clicks on them you make money. Advertisements are supplied by Google AdWords and their partners who pay for the ad space on your site. Google takes a portion and you get a portion of the proceeds and the advertisers gets your website visitors.

AdSense Revenue Exposed - learn how to cash in like the big boys
Earning revenue depends largely on how well Google likes your website. Thus the logic behind high income is optimizing your website for Google. This ebook guides you through everything you need to know to generate AdSense Revenue.

Hi all, this ebook was first published around 2011 and is still up to date. Whils AdSense has added many new ad types, i.e. responsive ads, the priciples are still the same.

September 2015

SaleHoo Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers Directory -

Computer with red tag says SaleHoo drop ship anything
SaleHoo is a team of clever individuals that stretches across the four corners of the earth. With staff in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, as well as our headquarters in New Zealand, we have a unique global perspective on a distinctly global industry.

Are you a marketer looking for a supplier. SaleHoo is the answer. Learn about drop shipping anything from anywhere. Covers many international suppliers.

Wholesale and dropship supplier directory

June 2012

Make Your eGoods Sell with Site Build It! - Make Your eGoods Sell You're smart, right? You know a lot about your special subject. Why not make it into a digital product? Then learn how to make your egoods sell.

In this article we discuss several methods to publish and sell egoods.

Do you have an idea that want to turn into a profitable eGood or digital product? Would you like to convert your knowledge into an eBook but don't know how? Are you an expert at something but need help promoting it online? Did you know selling your own product online can make you a lot of money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to read this article "Make Your eGoods Sell" I describe my journey from knowing absolutely nothing to building a self-sustaining, profit generating eBusiness.

You learn how to convert your expert knowledge into a profitable eBusiness with Site Build It! eBooks and software. Learn all about the tools available to create your own online eBusiness. Find out why Site Build It is one of the best website tools ever.

October 2011

Apple iPad Video Lessons, Tutorials, Instructions, Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Introducing iPad Video Lessons, Tutorial and Instructions. Did you just get a new iPad and wonder where the instructions are?

iPad Video Lessons, Tutorial, Tips, Tricks and Techniques.

By the end of the full Apple iPad course you will be using your computer like a second brain. You will find yourself usig you iPad to accomplish more and more tasks. At work or at home you will have the knowledge to be a competent, efficient and comfortable user. To learn more ...

February 2011

Article Marketing Business Tools All-In-One Software for Article Management -

Free Trial - Article marketing business tools.
Article marketing business tools have revolutionized the entrepreneurs brand awareness. Since the invention of the printing press distribution of information has remained the primary building tool for many businesses. In todays high tech world article marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your goods and services.

Learn how an article marketing business can boost your website traffic, get listed fast and build massive backlinks quickly. Article Marketing Business Tools is an All-In-One software to quickly create, spin, submit to and manage multiple article directories.

October 2010

Blog and Build - SBI Rss/Blog It! and Easy Blogs Website Build Comparison -

Easy Blogs - tutorial and software.
Answer: Blog and Build is the best way to build a website. The other day my friend asked me "when do you build an article page and when do you use SBI Rss/blog It!?"

Answer: "both, but to do it right you need more than just SBI and Rss/Blog It! You need Easy Blogs too. Use Easy Blogs to blog and build your websites. Use Rss/Blog It! to 'site blog' or 'syndicate' your new content."

Following is a comparison between Site Build It!'s SBI Rss/Blog It! feature and building a full blown blog/website with Easy Blogs software.

July 2010

Lets Get Social Professional Social Media Manager Business -

Lets Get Social
Lets Get Social is a training course for the fastest growing job in America, Social Media Manager. As the social media market grows and grows ever more everyday, many businesses see the need to have their social media accounts managed professionally.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three top social networks. Many businesses have started, conducted or are thinking about going to social media marketing as a free tool to market their products and services.

As a result the need to manage these accounts has become a real sore spot for some. Many people and businesses just don't get it well enough to justify all the time it takes. This is why social media manager is the fastest growing job opportunity in America. Learn how to become a social media manager.

June 2010

Buy Anything Wholesale Buyers Guide and Drop Shipping Tutorial -

Buy AnyThing Wholesale - buyers guide and turorial
Buy anything wholesale. Find a wholesale supplier for any product you want in just a few minutes... and pay up to 80% below wholesale prices!

I'm about to teach you exactly where and how to find real wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, and drop-shippers for any product you want in just a few minutes and pay up to 80% below wholesale.

If it is sold in stores it can be bought from a wholesale supplier. This means that what ever it is you are looking for, you can find a wholesale supplier for it. You just need to know where to look.

March 2010

EasyBlogs CSS Template - EasyBlogs css templateThe new EasyBlogs CSS template is a 3 column css driven template, combined with Easy Blogs (software used to create this website). Here's how it works; all styling is done in the template and all content is entered in the "entry editor."

The mains.css file controls the look and feel of the template. This is where you set up your main table sections, background colors, font styles and other general settings. Also, you can set cell and font sizes for the different areas of the template. Every attribute gets it's own class and is easily modified. Read Full Article

Affiliate Marketing Business Tutorial for Commissions, Income, Traffic -

Computer with pointer
In affiliate marketing, there are a few things that you will need. First, you will need to find a service or product to promote. Next, you will need to advertise it somewhere, some how, some way. Third you need a blueprint to build your online affiliate marketing business.

Secret Affiliate Income was a tutorial teaching you how to earn massive commisions from other merchants products. A step by step guide from a master affiliate marketer. Sorry Secret Affiliate Income is no longer available. However we continued the short tutorial in this article. Read Full Article

January 2010

Drop Shipping Pros and Cons Explainer -

Wholesale Directory and Wholesale Suppliers
Drop shipping pros and cons can help decide it this business model is right for you. Drop shipping can be an excellent way to earn extra income or even replace your day job. The online shopping industry increased 28% over the few last years due in part to increrased security and reliability. More and more people are trusting online sellers and enjoying the convenience of shopping from home.

Drop shipping is a very popular option with sellers because it takes a lot of the grunt work out of selling on eBay. However, there are some major downsides to drop shipping - especially for new sellers. Here's a list of the drop shipping pros and cons so that you can make the right decision for your business.

December 2009

Market Health Affiliate Program Has Top Resources For Marketers - By and large, the top resources for affiliate marketers aren't so different than the resources for standard businesses. Of course, affiliate marketers have some unique concerns: payment scale, new affiliate opportunities, where to place links, etc. Affiliate marketers are the most successful when they don't think of their sites as "dummy" sites, but full-fledged business opportunities.

The key to any online or Internet marketing business is driving traffic to your website. This traffic needs to be monitored to determine where the site has been most effective. Remember, anything can be improved. Even if you're very satisfied with the amount of Internet traffic you're getting, there are still thousands of web surfers out there who have never heard of your website. Improved content, site functionality, and useful affiliates can all drive repeat traffic to your website.

August 2009

Meta Title Tag for Search Engine Page Rankings - The meta title tag is the first thing people see when they land on your page. If the title grabs their attention they get interested and read more. Your job is to answer the question "What are they looking for?" When you can answer that your page will get more clicks and rank higher in the SEs.

Following are tips you can use to optimize the title tag for higher search engine rankings.

The meta title tag does two things and needs to do both well. Otherwise the SEs might come up with their own version or not list your page at all. The "meta title tag" contains the words that the search engines use to display your page and put the link on. Second the title tag is what the searcher reads first in the search engine results pages (serp). You need to satisfy both the SEs and the searchers to get your page listed and/or boost your rankings.

Tip #1 - Do not use more than 10 words in your title.

July 2009

Sitesell Services Specialists Build Professional Websites for Small Business - SiteSell Services Builds Professional WebsitesAny web designer can build a nice-looking website. SiteSell Services (Pro) takes professional websites to the next level. These sites deliver free targeted traffic from the search engines to increase profit potential. Without the high cost and effort of traditional marketing.

As a businessperson, you hire specialists to do special jobs, right? Maybe you've considered a local webmaster, to build your website. But, many local webmasters don't know how to build a Website that gets traffic. Site-Serv Specialists do! With an all in one website building package called Site build It!

Most Webmasters merely "put up" a website to the Internet. They may be beautifully designed but most do not build traffic or get targeted visitors. Site-Serv provides turn-key websites that produce results. Our Specialists, use the proven Site Build It! system to build top-quality, high-traffic websites in an organized, professional mannerand at a reasonable price.

June 2009

Independence Day Celebration - July 6th marks the Independence Day Celebration for Site Build It! July 1 marks Canada's Independence day. July 4th marks the independence day for the U.S.A.

Site Build It! - Summer special

Site Build It has created personal and financial independence for thousands of people. Join the party, bring a friend and make your own declaration of independence.

March 2009

Attraction Marketing Special Report -

The Marketing  Manifesto
Just got through reading Ann Sieg's new eBook the "Attraction Marketers Manifesto." Ann really gets it right in this ebook. She reveals her personal experiences and techniques used to achieve phenominal results in network marketing. Then she explains how to duplicate attraction marketing on the Internet.

The "Attraction Marketers Manifesto" goes through what the future of the network marketer will be. This ebook delivers attraction marketing tips and techniques that were developed offline and then brought online. No where else on the Internet can you get this kind of quality information for free.

The Interview

Ann gets together with Mike Klingler to discuss the Professional Renegade Marketer. A new step by step training program that teaches you online lead generation for your business. Read Full Article

February 2009

SBI eLearning Online School for Internet Business -

Work from home on your schedule
SBI eLearning is an online school from SiteSell. Teaches you how to build an Internet business in 10 weeks (website and hosting included). SBI has put together everything you need to know to build an online business, into a virtual classroom.

Build the foundation of a real e-business with Solo Build It. Learn how to start and build a thriving online business. You will create a website that works regardless of technical knowledge and experience. Really!

SBI eLearning - Online School

Spend just 10 weeks with SBI eLearning, to smoothly and systematically get your own online business up and running on a solid foundation. Start as a student, graduate as an online entrepreneur! Read Full Article

SBI Valentine - Love is in the Air - Love is in the air, it's an SBI Valentine. Give your loved one what they really want, a future. Does your valentine have a passion? Why not let them express it with their own website. Site Build It's $100 special is on. Buy one SBI at regular price and get a second one for only $100. Get one for yourself and give the second one to your Valentine.

I Love SBI!

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Better than roses, better than diamonds, better than gold, Site Build It! (SBI) keeps on giving back. What is better than expressing your love for someone? Allowing them to express their love for what their passionate about (and make money doing it). Read Full Article

January 2009

Blog Website Platform Tutorial - Herbal Fat Burners Blog Website PlatformI used a blog website platform, Easy Blogs and Site Build It! (SBI) to build "Herbal Fat Burners." A week ago I developed the website concept "Herbal Fat Burners." The concept is a niche site for well, herbal fat burners. It is to include 5 product pages and 5 articles. Plus the required pages like Home, Contact us, Policies and a blog entry page. It also must include search engine optimization and logical navigation.

This project took 7 days to go from concept to completion. Site navigation was the easy part. Creating the new content was the biggest (and most fun) part. Figuring out the SEO was the hardest (and least fun) part. Nevertheless, 7 days is pretty good considering I started from scratch. Here are the steps I used: Read Full Article

Analyze It! - Recommendations for Search Engine Optimization - All the website building tools all in one placeWith Analyze It! - your website has an unfair advantage. Ever wonder how some websites consistently outrank most others in the search engines? I use to, until I started using this tool! I thought that a webmaster needed many years of experience, read several books, a degree in Internet marketing, a magic wand and a pinch of bat's wing to get their pages to rank well in the search engines.

Wouldn't it be better to just have the right tool that analyzes your page for search engine optimization? There is an SEO tool called "Analyze It!" (AI). AI takes all the magic out of optimizing webpages for high search engine rankings. All you need to do is hit the button and it either passes or gives recommendations for changes to your page.

Analyze It! reports on each page's on-page criteria. Think about this as giving the engines enough information for them to "understand" what your page is about...Read Full Article

November 2008

Writing For Readers Top 10 Tips - Top 10 tips to optimize your writing for readers. While SEO is important to get your pages distributed it isn't as important as having good copy. If your copy isn't up to snuff then your reader will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for. Write for your readers first, then for search engine optimization. Proof reading tips to improve your articles, here's what to look for...

October 2008

Website Exercise - Article Publishing - Computer cartoon saying website exerciseI was just thinking (uh-oh look out) that website exercise is like any good muscle building program. WOW, what a concept. If you work your website it will build strength. As with any living thing you need to keep the fat off and exercise the muscles to stay healthy.

So how does that relate to a website. Hmmm, let me think. Muscles build strength for the body and articles are like strength for a website. But muscles need attention and need to be exercised reularly. But how do you do website exercise?

Good question, with lots of good answers. Warm up with a stretching routine, run for a mile, build strength, then take a warm shower. Huh?...Read Full Article

August 2008

What Prospects Want -

The Renegade Network Marketer
What prospects really want by: Ann Sieg, "The Renegade Network Marketer" sent this marketing lesson to me, (because I joined her system). Ann has quietly been bulding MLM businesses for years and has become a phenom in the industry. I hoped that her teachings would help me to grow my own business. So far, so good.

Typically her words are right on point but this particular lesson really hits home with me. Oh my, now I have to update a lot of webpages to incorporate these ideas. Here is Ann's lesson.

May 2008

Article Writing Directory Submission and Search Engine Optimization - Article writing - speeds up the submission processArticle writing for the "how to" genre. First present a problem and then provide the solution. A good article solves a problem by example and offers tips and techniques to follow to reach the solution. The problem is having 45000+ competitors and out ranking them in the search engines.

The solution is a well optimized webpage that provides a solution to a problem and is marketed properly. Mini-course teaches how to do article writing for directory and search engine submission.

April 2008

MLM_Secrets to Success -

MLM Secrets to Success
MLM Secrets shows you why traditional methods for multi-level marketing are just to hard to do. You spend 80% of your time locating and chasing leads. And you have to keep doing it over and over again just to keep a strong downline.

Wouldn't be a lot better to have an automated process that did all that for you? MLM Secrets to Success shows you how to have people coming to you instead of you chasing them all the time.

With an internet based system you can be collecting your own leads 24/7 and never pay a dime for them. Learn how to create an effective lead capture page and back that up with an auto-responder system and put it all on auto-pilot. Even at 3 in the morning you could be collecting leads for your business. Multi-Level Marketing Secrets to success shows you how to succeed.

March 2008

Blogging Tips To Build A Following -

Real life blogger reveals the obvious.
Blogging is one of the best ways to start an internet business because it is so easy to get going.

However, that does not mean that it is easy to make money from your blog. Don't start a blog and expect to see money rolling in immediately. Blogging is an activity that will take time to build up to a profit level.

It's a good thing to start while you are working on other internet opportunities to let it build to a profitability level. With time and attention, your blog (or blogs) will grow into a business of their own.

  • When you are blogging for profit, you will want to pay close attention to how you present yourself in your blog.
  • First, pay close attention to the format of your blog.
  • Also, take careful consideration when choosing your blog's background and font color.

BlogIt -vs- On Site Blog - BlogIt -vs- On Site Blogs: two blogging platforms that evolved along side each other. Some insight on the evolution of blogging over the past few years. Here is an article that compares two styles of blogging. Each style represents a different approach to successful blogging.

Our easy-to-use blogging software creates not only ONE page on your site (which is all BlogIt! does) but more than one page and these pages will build your website over time. How many pages depends on the settings of your blog (which, by the way, you can change any time in the options of the blog software).

Just one post creates 3 HTML pages:
1.) Your blog home page
2.) An page that lists the archived pages (archive.html)
3.) And a page that will the store entries either by month, week or daily.

January 2008

Web Search Tool Search It! - Imagine having one web search tool that does everything. From brainstorming, competitive search, domain naming, image and videos to researching keywords and sites to the nth degree. The possibilities are endless. Some of the categories include "vital statistics" and "Indexed Pages". See how your site and the competition's website are doing. Now you can have a very thorough research tool that can be used over and over again FREE.

SearchIt! web search tool.

To get a feel for this terrific little search tool. Select your first "Search Category" as ---Brainstorming---. In the next window ---Search Type--- select "Google AdWords Keyword tool" In step 3 "Search Term" type in a keyword that you know. Skip step 4 and click on the "Search It!" button. Note do not hit "enter" on your keyboard. Follow the simple instructions  under the "Click Here for information About Search Type AFTER Completing Step 1 & 2" link and your there.

Work your way through Search It! at a leisurely pace so that you can see everything it can do. Take your time to read the all important help page. It contains invaluable information on how to get the most out of Search It!

There is so much to Search It!, it is best to read the tutorials as you go along. To learn more...

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