SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager

The SBI Easy Blog template packager is where you create and modify templates. Each template has 6 sub-sections for the different types of pages you can create. The templates in this Tutorial are configured to plug right into your SBI website.
SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager

Each sub-template has 6 sub-sections to control different areas of the webpage. The editor also has 95 pre-programmed commands that you can use to program with. Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it really isn't. Once you see how it all ties together you'll be creating your own fancy designs in a short time.

SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager

Directions on using the template packager come in the SBI Rss Tutorial. You learn basic and advanced editing techniques and tips to help you along. There are also help files in the Easy Blogs software itself that show what each command or variable is for.

The sbi easyblogs template packager breaks the Html page into several slices. There are sections for the start of the page and the end of the page. There are also sections for when the content is a single entry (such as an article page), and sections for the start of a series of entries, for each entry, and for the end of the series where multiple entries would occur (such as all Blog entries for an entire month).

Go through the slices and inset variables and functions as needed. For most templates, you will only need to do the default template. For extreme flexibility you can create separate templates for your home page, Section Index pages, Section Entry pages, Article pages, and Static pages.

Use and operation of the easy blogs template packager is in the help files in the software. However BWT has writen and published many 'how to' articles that can be found at SBI Rss Articles

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