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What's your triangle, Equilateral, Isosceles or Scalene? Triangle Calculator App solves for all parameters including sides, angles, lengths, height, vertices, area and perimeter. Then this app draws the triangle for you and shows you the math. Triangle Calc solves for every aspect of any triangle. equilateral, isosceles and scalene Great for engineers, students, carpenters, handymen, homeowners, landscapers and math enthusiasts.


Have you ever wondered how to find the exact length of a side or angle of a trinagle? This calculator solves for sides, angles, area, vertexes, height, radius, medians, inscribed and circumscribed circles.

Here is how it works. You input 3 known values, set your read outs, and hit the "Calculate" button, thats it. The embedded algorithm uses your inputs to return a list of results. It even creates a drawing of your triangle, (how cool is that? ).

23 Triangle Calculation Parameters And All Equations Shown

To top that off there are approximately 23 individual parameters associated with triangles. You get them all with values out to 9 decimal places. This calculator does not round up any numbers like some others do. (even cooler).

Triangle Calculator App can be used in many professions and educational classroom settings. To list a few are: architecture, electrical, mechanical engineering, pipe fitting, carpentry, plumbing and civil engineering.

Glossary of terms included. Everything explained in laymans terms so you can understand it. Easily navigate to the glossary to get the meaning of all the results and parameters. No need to check several places to get to know all triangles.

User Manual included in the triangle calculator app. Step by step instructions show you how to use this app to get the most out of it.

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Math and parameters shown. We show you the math behind the equations and list each parameter. Ideal for draftsman and engineers. Also great for students and teachers.

This calculator tells you what kind of triangle you have whether it is isosceles, scalene, right triangle or a combination.

Good with math? and want to see the equations used. Triangle Calc shows you the equations with and without your inputs shown.

Extra features in the app include, our blog, notifications, share this app and feedback form.

Applications include building, designing, math, civil, electrical, mechanical and Industrial engineering. Great for builders, contractors, construction workers, plumbers and students.

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Side Side Side triangleExample usage story. A man wants to build some ramps to load and unload a tricycle into a carrier on his car. The height above ground is 24 inches. How long do the ramps need to be to have a 15 degree incline? From this we know 3 things the height above ground, the first angle is 15 deg. The second angle has to be 90 degrees. And one side is 24 inches.

In this case you could use the Angle Angle Side (AAS) method. Simply enter the info the supplied calculator entry fields. Speaking of which the displayed triangle shows which method you are using. If you don't get the expected results which are shown at the bottom of the page you can try alternate methods.

Lets say the ramps can be no longer than 6 feet long (72 inches). What incline angle results from a six foot long ramp that gets to a 24 inches height above ground? So we know 2 sides and one angle. In this case use the side, side, angle (SSA) methods. The app results are shown displaying all the equations with commentary, all 23 parameters and a drawing of the triangle. You'll have to get the app to see the actual results.

Tricycle ramps for car carrier

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