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BWT Videos is a video production and animation house located in southeastern Michigan. Owned by Best Website Tools, LLC. We specialize in animated spokesperson videos. Great for corporate, educational, explainer, marketing, social media or tutorial videos. A small business by Tim Koen. That's me. Your Go To Guy for animated spokesperson video creations.

Are you looking for a video editing service? At BWT Videos we use many high end software applications including Camtasia Studio ®, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, HumanPal, Avatar Builder and some exclusive software applications. We have years of experience designing, creating and producing custom animated videos. Check it out...

Expert Video Animation Creation In 2024

AI Animation Camtasia Mockup thumbnail Camtasia Animation thumbnail

Expert video creation takes planning, discipline and the right tools. Creativity can be hard without the proper tools and techniques. In my book it isn't enough to have many years of experience. You also need a thurough understanding of both the equipment and the processes it works by. And you only get that from an expert.

At BWT Videos I am an expert with degrees in CADD, broadcast electronics and mass communications. I have mastered the art of video creation with Camtasia Studio, IMO. I can make many types of video. Specializing in short, Full HD quality explainer videos for website, social media and corporate presentation.

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Why Business and corporate explainer videos are so important
Click on thumbnails to play video examples

Spokesperson Promo Small Biz Videos Promo Alice Intro Promo Sarah Casual HumanPal Online learning

Do you want to attract more customers? Business videos are the most cost effective way of getting your message out in a friendly, effective manner. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly. Between broadcast, social media and website distribution a video can go everywhere. No other marketing method can grab the attention get customers to buy like an engaging, well made video. Does your business need an engaging well made video?

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Human and Animated Spokespersons

How to select a spokesperson. First think about your audience. Who are the people you want to make friends with or influence? Then think about the type of person those people would like. Thirdly think about where those people live. You are looking for a spokesperson those people can identify with. Easy, right?

3d Animated Avatar Spokesperson Profile Shots
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Select Your Spokesperson

Aaron thumbnail Aditi thumbnail Aisha thumbnail Albert thumbnail Alice thumbnail Amelia thumbnail Billy thumbnail Brianna thumbnail Carlos thumbnail Cindy thumbnail Charles thumbnail Dash thumbnail Dorothy thumbnail DeShawn thumbnail Emily thumbnail Gus thumbnail Hiro thumbnail Hunter thumbnail Jada thumbnail James thumbnail Javier thumbnail Jenna thumbnail Jordan thumbnail Kami thumbnail Kayla thumbnail Keisha thumbnail Laura thumbnail Max thumbnail Michael thumbnail Miya thumbnail Naomi thumbnail Nancy thumbnail Natalie 2 thumbnail Natalie thumbnail Riku thumbnail Ruby thumbnail Sarah (Doctor) thumbnail Tasha thumbnail Tim thumbnail Tyrone thumbnail Zane thumbnail

HumanPal Animated Spokespersons
Click thumbnails to view sample video

Aaron thumbnail Amanda Casual thumbnail Chris thumbnail Dr. Caihong thumbnail Dr. Janet thumbnail James Casual thumbnail Kate thumbnail Nathan Medical thumbnail Sarah thumbnail Dr. Thomas thumbnail

Animated Spokesperson Videos

Kate Avatar
Are You looking for a human spokesperson? Look no further, HumanPals are here. These artificially intelligent human spokespersons just need a script or voice over file to present your next video. Perfect for explainer or product review videos. Life size and lifelike human spokesperson are combined with artificial inteligence to bring you low cost, high quality video productions.

HumanPals can speak in over 60 languages and accents. Here at BWT Videos we have all the best voice over tools and apps available. Just send us a script or get one of our packages and let us write a script for you. We have years of experience, give us a try.

Laura Avatar
BWT Videos is an expert at choosing the best spokesperson presenter for a video. If you would like us to pick one for you, select "Choose for me" in the application process. We can work with you to get the perfect spokesperson.

BWT Videos has over 40 different avatars to choose from. And over 50 voices for the narration. We can speak and translate into over 60 languages. Just send us your script. Or, have us write one for you. We have 100's of scripts to start with or we can write a script from scratch if you like. Do you need a script made?

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BWT Videos Services
Gigs On

Tim Koen
How to order a video. We use to handle video creation services. Because Fiverr is an international corporation that is a freelance platform for digital artists. For a small fee all technical and financial dealings are done in one place. This is advantagous for both of us. For you it means security and guarantees to complete the work or get your money back. For me it means simplification of the process.

To order a video select a gig and click on the link. You will be directed to the website. Before you order anything we work with you on customizing your order. Drop me a message to get started with your free consultation...

Explainer Videos Explained

Explainer videos tell a story, describe a task or explain a process. Explainers can take many forms but basically all are animated videos. Types of animated explainer videos include:

  • 2D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Are typically flat images that are animated through computer software applications like Camtasia Studio, Adobe Premier, Adobe Affter Effects or DaVinci Resolve and many other online applications as well.
  • 3D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Utilize motion to bring characters, objects and backgrounds to life. More complicated than 2d animation, 3d animation changes perspective along the Z axis as well as the X and Y axis'. Whereas 2d only utilizes the X and Y axis.
  • Motion Graphics Explainer Videos
  • Are primarily animated text videos but can also include animated objects, that communicate a message to the viewer. We use them for educational, corporate and video marketing purposes. Typically created as very short clips that are added to other videos.
  • Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos
  • A style of animation that shows objects being drawn on the screen. A combination of symbols, text, images and objects are drawn on a whiteboard background as if in a classroom or boardroom.
  • Live Action Explainer Videos
  • Contains live video footage (not motion graphics, 2d or 3d animation) are usually made from stock footage and images. With narrative, sound effects and graphics added can be used for educational, corporate and video marketing.
  • Screencast Explainer Video
  • Captures a computer screen's activities to walk viewers through a product or service. Used to explain a computer operation such as a digital application's usage. Can be used to promote digital products and services.

Nancy, The Crack Doctor
Explainer videos can be made quickly and cheaply or can be very expensive and resource consuming. For example a 2d animated explainer is much less costly than a live action explainer because of the low overhead cost of production.

A 3d animated explainer video can be Disney quality and Disney expensive. Whereas a Whiteboard animation can be done in an small editing suite using computer generated graphics, icons, text and doodles.

Screencast videos require software to capture and edit the screen content to create animated explainer videos. Do you need something explained?

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Custom Animated Spokesperson Videos
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Computer Repair Promo Golf Instructions Promo CPA Promo Video Markeing Campaign Info Form thumbnail Home Appraisal Promo

Avatar Tim
Custom animated videos can be many different types of video. They can be live action, animated typography, character animation, motion graphics, 2d, 3d animations, doodle and whiteboard videos. At BWT Videos creating custom animated spokesperson videos is our specialty.

Animated spokesperson videos are typically a short presentation that conveys or illustrates a concept, idea or a solution to a problem. Typically animated spokesperson videos are less than 2 minutes and used for social media, video marketing and website building.

Animated spokesperson videos are a fantastic way for conveying your idea in a fun and memorable way. You can tell a story, plant an idea, get subscriptions or promote a product or service. Do you need a low cost solution to promote your product or service?

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Computer Animation Presentation
Click on Thumbnails To Play Video

Computer Man Animation Swiss Alps Animation Presentation Name Drop Animation Catalog Flip Animation BWT Videos Animations

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Gus, The Genius
Animation creations are a process. You start with an idea, then develop a script and storyboard that brings your idea to life. Basically developing a video takes 3 steps which are pre, actual and post production.

Pre-production is creating a script, narration and shot sequence or storyboard. Video production is the creation or collection of elements needed to be included in the video. Post production is the assembly or editing of the all elements into the final video.

Animation is just one type of video creation. There are many types of video animation which are.

  • 2D animated videos
  • Character images, icons, text and backgrounds are all flat or two dimentional or 2d. 2d animation is created by layering the elements and changing the location and scale of the element over time.
  • 3D animated videos.
  • Characters and object change size, location and perspective over time. Characters, objects and backgrounds are manipulated in 3 dimensions. Requires high-end technology.
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Simply put means graphics that move. These include animated logos, text, titles, infographics and presentations. Also includes computer generated images (CGI) and live action animation.

  • Animated typography videos
  • Animated text or motion typography. A message is delivered in a story like fashion using animated text, objects and elements.
  • Stop-motion animation videos (including cutout animation and claymation)
  • Also known as time lapse photography. Are created by taking snapshots and stringing them together. Parts of the scene are moved between each snapshot to imply motion. An example of stop motion are Mr. Potato Head commercials.
  • Whiteboard animated videos
  • Characters, icons, symbols and images are drawn on the white background in succession to tell a story, describe a product or promote a service.

Try BWT Videos for your next project. We specialize in low cost, high quality, animated spokesperson videos. Is an animated spokesperson perfect for your brand, business, product or service?

Contact us today for a free quote.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos
Click on Thumbnails To See Video Examples

Whiteboarder Video App Whiteboarder Story 2 Stroke Engine Whoopass BWT Video Agency Whiteboard BWT Video Services Whiteboard

Whoopass Bottle
Whiteboard videos are a great way to engage your audience. The viewer is focused on the drawings being created. You can literally lead a prospective customer through a series of screens leading to a great result.

At BWT Videos we a combination of software applications including Doodle Maker ™, After Effects, and other digital animation applications to develop whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard videos are a popular low cost video creation process that can be done quickly. BWT Videos has or has access to millions of graphic symbols, icons and stock footage. We have animated buttons, graphic art, and graphic design capabilities. Got an idea for a whiteboard video?

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Live Action Explainer Videos
Click on Thumbnails To See Video Examples

Pet Groomming Service Promo Shoe Insoles Promo Florist Promo Sidewalk Closed Kitchen Remodeling Promo thumbnail Veterinarian Promo thumbnail

Avatar DeShawn
Live action explainer videos can have actual live action video footage or can be made from stock video footage as well as on-demand video. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Can be used for describing a product or service, solve a problem, or for cusomer testamonials.

Live action means the video includes people or animals that act. Different types of live action videos include scripted narration, interview style, case studies, product demonstrations and live educational tutorials.

Live action explainer videos can be very expensive if you have to pay for actors, studio time, post-production editing and overhead costs. Or, live action explainer videos can be created by using stock footage. BWT Videos has a huge library of stock video footage and access to many free online stock footage suppliers.

Live action testimonial videos are very effective because people trust other people's recommendations when deciding to purchase or connect with a product or service.

Explainer videos can be very engaging when video is combined with a strong narration, animation and sound tracks. Does your idea need explaination?

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Screen Capture Videos Explained
Click on Thumbnails To See Video

Video Dashboard Explained SBI Header Logo Demo Infinitunes Demo

Screen Capture Video Screenshot
Screen capture videos are just as the name implies. A computer screen is the canvas for this type of animation. A screen capture video typically is used to explain a function, website or application usage on a computer. Special recording software is required

BWT Videos uses Techsmith's Camtasia Studio and SnagIt for these types of videos. Castasia is especially designed just for screen capture video creation.

Screen recordings are a great way to demonstate to the viewer. Some popular uses include tutorials, how-to videos, training or teaching, and coaching. Can also be used to describe how a computer application works.

Some cool features of screen capture videos are animated cursor effects, keyboard input information can be displayed and highlighted areas of the screen for clarification. With a good voice over and well written script this type of video animation is very effective. Does your digital application need some help?

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Animated Spokesperson Videos
Explainers, Tutorials, Marketing

3d Animated spokesperson explainer videos could be the answer to your video marketing campaign, corporate communications, training or educational platform or small business website content source. Nothing gets your message across, and says professionalism like a video. Here is what BWT Videos can do for you...

Here's How To Order A Video

We can create a high quality 3d animated spokesperson video for your brand, business, product or service. Great for explainer, marketing, product or service promotion. Voice over can be translated into over 30 languages. Animated spokesperson presenters can be saved and named. We work closely with you to get the perfect video.

Animated Spokesperson Video Services

Avatar Tim
Basic $30, 3 day delivery, 1 revision

15 seconds or up to 50 words
Basic script, basic branding
Full HD, (1080p), .mp4 file
1920x1080px thumbnail image.
Background images, custom outfit.
Add logo, voice narration.

You get:

  • 15 second Animated spokesperson video
  • Copyright and royalty free background content
  • Branding with your logo and business info
  • 1 revision
  • Script writing
  • Basic soundtrack
  • Basic Video editing
  • Overlay animated text (Tilte, Slogan, Text)
  • Spectacular animation
  • Multiple avatars
  • Special effects
  • All content files

Basic Video - $30.00

Accepted Credit Cards
use code "BWT10off" for 10% Discount

Wait before you click the buy now button.

Contact us first for a free consult. Use the form below to get in touch. We can discuss your project before you commit to anything.

Animated Spokesperson Video Services

Avatar Tim
Standard $50, 4 day delivery, 2 revisions

30 seconds or up to 75 words
Standard script, basic branding
Full HD, (1080p), .mp4 file
1920x1080px thumbnail image.
Background images, custom outfit.
Add logo, voice narration.

You get:

  • 30 second Animated spokesperson video
  • Copyright and royalty free background content
  • Branding with your logo and business info
  • 2 revisions
  • Script writing
  • Basic soundtrack
  • Basic Video editing
  • Overlay animated text (Tilte, Slogan, Text)
  • Spectacular animation
  • Multiple avatars
  • Special effects
  • All content files

Standard Video - $50.00

Accepted Credit Cards
use code "BWT10off" for 10% Discount

Wait before you click the buy now button.

Contact us first for a free consult. Use the form below to get in touch. We can discuss your project before you commit to anything.

Animated Spokesperson Video Services

Avatar Tim
Premium $75, 5 day delivery, 3 revisions

60 seconds or up to 150 words
Premium script, premium branding
Full HD, (1080p), .mp4 file, source files
1920x1080px thumbnail image.
Background images, custom outfit.
Add logo, voice narration.

You get:

  • 60 second Animated spokesperson video
  • Copyright and royalty free background content
  • Branding with your logo and business info
  • 3 revisions
  • Script writing
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Custom Video editing
  • Overlay animated text (Tilte, Slogan, Text)
  • Spectacular animation
  • Multiple avatars
  • special effects
  • All content files

Premium Video - $75.00

Accepted Credit Cards
use code "BWT10off" for 10% Discount

Wait before you click the buy now button.

Contact us first for a free consult. Use the form below to get in touch. We can discuss your project before you commit to anything.

Animated Spokesperson Video Services

Avatar Tim
Custom $100, 7 day delivery, 5 revisions

60+ seconds or up to 250 words
Custom script, custom branding
Full HD, (1080p), .mp4 file, all source files
1920x1080px thumbnail image.
Background images, custom outfit.
Add logo, voice narration.

You get:

  • 60+ second Animated spokesperson video
  • Copyright and royalty free background content
  • Branding with your logo and business info
  • 3 revisions
  • Script writing
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Custom Video editing
  • Overlay animated text (Tilte, Slogan, Text)
  • Spectacular animation
  • Multiple avatars
  • Special effects
  • All content files

Custom Video - $100.00

Accepted Credit Cards
use code "BWT10off" for 10% Discount

Wait before you click the buy now button.

Contact us first for a free consult. Use the form below to get in touch. We can discuss your project before you commit to anything.

Delivered in Full HD, 1080p/MP4 use for YouTube, social media, website or online platform. You can specify format for delivery, (1080p, 16:9, 720p, 600px Square).

To choose a spokesperson, review "3D Family Of Avatars" document, then select an avatar on the thank you page. Or if you are undecided we can select for you.

Here Is How Video Making Works:

  • Contact BWT Videos and request a video
  • Consult on concept, idea and desired end result
  • Create narration and storyboard
  • Collect or create media elements
  • Video & Sound production
  • Assemble and Edit Video
  • Approve and pay
  • Delivery

I will ask you for

  • Logo and business info.
  • Content (if supplied).
  • VO script (if you have one).
  • Slogan, title and tagline.
  • Desired format, i.e. 1080p, FB Cover, Square, 16:9, etc.
  • Special requests

What Happens when you Order A Video

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe guarantee satisfaction. If you are not happy with your video we'll fix it for nothing. To help ensure that doesn't happen BWT Videos promises to do our best upfront. So you get the video you expected.

We set up an email communications with you and ask for specific details about your project. With this information we construct a personalized video just for your business, product or service. We may make sugestions to help improve your video project. If you have specific graphics or text you want included send them to us.

When complete you get a preview of the work to approve or make changes. Remember that a custom video includes extra work but is the best way to to make your video to stand out. You can't go wrong with BWT Videos. Order Now!

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Freelance Video Creation Services

Are you looking to have a video created? But don't know how it is done? All the steps of video creation are laid out for you in an easy to use interactive client oriented online application. You negotiate what you are looking for before committing to any projects. And you can always cancel before payment if you are not satisfied.

Fiverr and Upwork platforms offer a safe, secure and organized online system for purchasing a video creation. All aspects of the service, business correspondance and transactions are handled on those platforms.

Video Services On Fiverr

Video Services On Upwork

When you order through Fiverr or Upwork all information is safe and secure. It is our policy to provide you with the best customer support possible.

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BWT Videos Templates

Greenscreen Silence Video Template Only $5

This next tool is so simple it should be free. However there are many technical reasons it is not. As a senior video engineer I feel my knowledge is worth the price of admission. I put this video together because I got tired of recreating it over and over again. It is simply a greenscreen background with a perfectly silent audio track.

BWT VideosIf you are a video content creator this could be one of your favorite video clips of all time. We combined a pure green screen with a silent audio track and recorded a 2 minute segment. Simple yet who wants to recreate this video more than once. Not me, you?

Who can use this video and why? Any video content creator, influencer, social media user and video freelancer. Two great elements are in this clip. First a pure greenscreen 100% even throughout the frame. This allows perfect chromakeying and background removal. Second, it includes truly silent audio.

Silence is difficult to achieve in a world filled wilth sound. You need too supress all sound and record it digitally. Then it is best to pass the recording through an electronic filter to remove any inherent noise. As they say Silence is golden. Use this video as a base for other video creations. You get 2 minutes of greenscreen silence in a video template. Size: 1920x1080p, format: .mp4, length: 2 minutes. Get it here...

Greenscreen Silence Video Template

Video Creation Template

$17.00 Our Price $5.00
Accepted Credit Cards

30 day money back guarantee30 day money back guarantee

Quick Clips Video Templates

Social Calendar Video Creator App
Looking to do it yourself, right now? This section is for you. Over 900 combined video templates ready for your customization. Use the search box to locate the perfect video for you. Simply select, personalize and render all on the cloud.

Are you looking to create a quick video right now, without all the hassle of hiring a professional video creator? Want to do it yourself? Then quick clips is for you. We have over 600 templates ready to go. Low cost, easy to customize, ready made templates. You get...

  • Intros
  • Outros
  • FB Covers
  • Live Mockups
  • Slide Shows
  • Story Maker
  • Whiteboards
  • Video Ads
  • Real Estate
  • Animated Typography
  • Local Videos
  • Health Care
  • Video FX
  • Logos

Create Video Clips Quickly

YouTube Video Shorts

Have you checked out YouTube's new "Shorts" category? It is a new category designed to compete with TikTok. To get on this search engine your video needs to be 3 things.

1. Video length must be under 60 seconds. Could be several 10 and 15 second videos strung together. Or a 15 second ad. Or a 30 second tutorial.
2. Vertical or square. 1080px by 1920px will render as a Full HD video. And, 1080px square will also play. The videos are shown in a smartphone format so 9wx16h completely fills the screen.
3. You can add the tag #Shorts in the title and description. Which lets YouTube know your video is intended to be a short.

Youtube shorts are ideal for the content creator who wants to publish quickly. Great for that quick marketing tidbit or trending event. Contact us to learn more about making a video short for your business, brand, product or service.

Are you looking to get your #shorts published? I mean get a video made in the YouTube #shorts format? (Not that other connotation.) At BWT Videos we templatized the formatting. We put all the elements together in way YouTube likes to get them. Can also be used on other platforms.

BWT Videos can quickly make high quality, low cost video shorts. As you can see from the examples above we know what we're doing when it comes to the structure and flow of a short video. The rules are different for this type of video creation. Aspect ratios and location are more restricted.

Fortunately, I'm a professional draftsman as well as a video creator. And we have a huge library of media elements to create with. We can do animation, motion graphics, special effects, audio post and more. So, contact us today for a free consultation. We know how to get our #shorts on. I mean make YouTube #Shorts style videos

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About BWT Videos

I, Tim Koen, have performed as a Sr. Video Engineer, electrical design engineer and Sr. Film Colorist. I spent part of my career in video production and part in electrical engineering. I am retired now and have the opportunity to build my own business. Which is a video production house.

When I started my career video creation was very expensive and highly technical. You needed a $1,000,000 worth of equipment and a 4 year college degree to create a video. Only large companies could afford to make professional videos, because they cost so much.

That was the 1980's. Over time, the cost and complexity of video creation has come down to a desktop level. Now a days just about anyone with a computer can create, produce, edit and distribute a video. You don't need much more than a smartphone, social media and an internet connection.

To get the best quality video for the best price you want a seasoned professional with years of experience and a great computer. BWT Videos has all that. We are a small video production business with high tech equipment and software. We offer low cost, high quality animated spokesperson videos. Maybe one is right for your business, brand, product or service. We create explainer, educational and promotional animated spokesperson videos. Consultations are always free, contact us for a quote today.

Tims Qualifications

Tim's qualifications range from video engineer to Sr. Film Colorist and everything in between. Tim's career has spanned several decades. His accomplishments are many but that is not what is important. What is important is; Tim has a lifetime of project engineering experience. Learn more about Tim, watch this video...

Contact me for a free consultation.

Get A Free Quote

Use this form to contact us. Feel free to itemize the form, or not, All questions and support will be handled in a timely fashion. You will get an autoresponder to the email address you entered. If you don't see an email from "" look for it in your spam folder.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Bwt Videos is part of Best Website Tools, LLC. Articles of Incorporation in Oakland county, Michigan on April 6, 2018. In business since then. In business tomorrow.

Timothy Koen
Owner of Best Website Tools, LLC. Home of BWT Videos.

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