SBI Website Builder Single Best Investment Ever Made

SBI Website Builder Tools
SBI Website Builder tools changed my life. Every once in a while an event happens that is a life changing. Something unexpected affects your life. Like meeting your future spouse or hitting the lottery or losing your job.

Unexpected Events Can Change Your Life

The Event that changed my life was 9/11/2001. Which resulted in job loss, and career change. Which prompted me to look for a better way to make a living. I was working as an electrical engineer for a large multinational corporation.

Such chaos ensued as to affect the world in ways that caused a chain reaction in the company I worked for. The large corporate entity that employed me decided to 'downsize.' Within months of the event 1000's of folks became job loss victims, me included.

What looked like a lifelong career suddenly became an ongoing piece meal job search. Competition for engineering jobs was so high that companies resorted to contracting to help keep most of the work force employed sometimes. For several years I bounced from job to job as a contract electrical engineer.

Do What You Know Not What You Think

Computers Internet communication
One day the idea that I should be working for myself and not some big company that used the power of hiring and firing with such practiced regularity that it was painful. I should be my own boss. That would solve all the problems this engineer had.

An Engineer's greatest asset is problem solving. Did you know most engineering is a re-use of existing knowledge. Rarely is something totally new ever invented. One such invention is The Internet.

As an engineer I learned how to use computers, develop communication skills, and use digital tools to communicate ideas for engineering projects. The Internet became the widely used medium for communications be it engineering, entertainment or education.

I learned that the Internet was the medium that I could apply my engineering skills too. If I applied what I know with the tools I know I could become my own boss. That would obfuscate the idea that I had to rely on big business for employment.

And so began my adventure with Internet tools as a way to make a living. With the skills I had, and a passion for success, I started to learn new tools and new computer skills. And that is how I came upon SBI Website Builder tools. I did what I know, not what I thought I should do. I used my skills to learn website building.

Single Best Investment Ever Made

One day, when in Internet learning mode I stumbled across "Solo Build It." SBI is a platform of online business building tools that offers education on how to create a successful online business. As well as a website building platform.

Here is a group of tools organized to help anyone succeed on the Internet. Skills or not, anyone can learn from this platform on how to do the Internet. I can (and will) go on an on about all the skills, tools and best practices that Solo Build It offers.

Let's just say SBI is the single best investment I have ever made. Do you want to learn how I did it? Are you interested in trying SBI? Click button to visit SBI.

SBI Website Builder Tools Explained

Site Build It!
SBI Tools has it all. From researching raw, pre-site ideas to earning income from your site in five (or ten!) different ways, every tool, every strategy, every step is in SBI!. In short.

Comparing SBI! to any other "sitebuilder" like Dreamweaver or WordPress, is like comparing a fully tooled construction crew to a man with a hammer. As you will see, "everything" means " everything"

Just getting started? SBI website builder has a tool called "Master Keyword List" or MKL. Use this tool to identify the best page names for your niche. It's easy, type your primary keyword into the "Brainstormer" tool and it returns your ML. This website tools information can be used to identify supply, demand and profitability. It does search engine optimization research for you. All you need to do is create pages with the best keywords.

Online Business Builder SBI!

Perfect Preparation - SBI Tools

Most websites fail to prepare adequately before creating the first web page, but you can use SBI tools to;
  • Brainstorm what keywords visitors search for in your field.
  • Know the competition and how to beat it. Learn ahead of time what will attract visitors and give them the information they want.
  • Plan how to monetize your website. The Web offers ways to monetize your business that you may not even know about. SBI Monetization HQ covers them all.
  • Create social media presence to engage with new customers
  • Learn about organic search engine optimization to get free traffic
  • All the website building tools you will ever need to change your life

SBI is more than just a website builder it is an online success platform. With over 60 modules every aspect of online business building is covered. You get all the tools plus all the education to become successful. I know I tried it., and still use it 15 years later. Give SBI a look see...

My favorite aspect of SBI is they won't fire me if their bottom line changes. I get to be the boss. So, if you are looking for a new way of living and you have some knowledge, try SBI. It is my single best investment ever made. It can be yours too. Click the button to find out how...

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