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We disclaim that we may make money if you purchase an item from this page. We offer all these products as tried and truly worth it. We use them all on this website. Some free products may lead to the purchase of another item.

Miappmaker Android Icon
Mobile App Maker

Build your own mobile app Design, build and publishing tools. Create for the App Store, Google Play or Progressive Web App. All in one tool includes dozens of pagetypes and functionality.

Website design and build packages
Website Packages

Website builder with all the tools. Get email accounts, blog, forms, ecommerce, newsletter, modern responsive templates and more.

Business listing tool checks your online presence
Business Listing Tool

Is your business listed in all the local search engines, apps, maps and websites? Manage your Google Business, FaceBook, Yelp and 60+ listings in one tool.

Most Popular Website Tools

3d Ecover Creator Pro
3d Ecover Creator Pro

Create stunning 3d ecovers, boxes, discs, pamphlets. Learn how to be a 3d graphic artist making your own marketing images. Includes training video.

Flyout Menu Left Website Navigation System
Flyout Menu Left

Flyout Menu Left is a CSS driven flyout menu that can be adapted to match the look and feel of your website. Dynamic menu supports images, scripts and extra content. Do it yourself or have BWT build one for you.

Easy Blogs + Tutorial
Easy Blogs Tutorial and Software

Learn all about creating your own dedicated blog. Master e-course for adding Easy Blogs. "blog launch platform." Create 100 blog/websites.

Password swap tool
Password Swap Tool

Create a simple membership website. Login swaps in members only content.

Popup Generator
Unstoppable Popup Generator

Unblockable popup generator create you own pop ups. Click to Test

Stop Right Click Theft
Stop Right Click Theft. Software & Tutorial

Stop would be thieves from stealing your content.

Inside Best Website Tools Store

Business Listing Tool

Business listing  tool and Tutorial Is your business listed EVERYWHERE?How well is your business listed on the Internet? Use this tool to find and organize all your online business listings from Apple to Google Maps to Yelp. Now you can optimize your listings and moderate all your customer reviews in one place, BLT!

Simple to use tool returns every listing on the Internet. Powered by Yext.

More Info

Whats Included

  1. List your products and services
  2. Manage comments and user posts
  3. Get notifications of customer reviews
  4. Add a caledar widget to your listings
  5. Organize and populate local search engines
Search engines like Google prefer businesses that have good reviews. Indicators from other sources can improve your organic ranking in your local niche. Sources like Google Business, FaceBook and Yelp all deliver local listings for Internet and mobile users. BLT organizes and submits business listings to dozens of local search listers. Managing them all can be quite the chore.

Do it yourself or BLT services can do it for you.

Simply type in your business name, address and phone number. Then click 'Scan' it takes a minute to search the Imternet then displays your business listing results. Read more About Business Listing Tool


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Disc Drives

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial

Easy Blogs Software and Tutorial
Only $167.95 $99.95 $29.95


We accept  these credit cards and PayPal

Blog launch platform includes software and tutorial for up to 200 blog/websites. Create Websites, blogs, feeds, articles and posts then publish everywhere. Includes 236 page start up guide and tutorial. Learn how to build and publish a full blown blog with archives and category pages to keep all your posts. Use a template or upload your own. Works on all operating systems. Learn more...

More Info

Blog Launch Platform

Easy Blogs page type selector

Easyblogs software and tutorialsEasyBlogs is an HTML editor that can build up to 200 different blog/websites. EB genertes an rss.xml file that can be used for syndication to feeds world wide.

Includes Content and Template builder/editors. .xml file builder and content management tools. Create responsive mobile friendly websites for your business.

EasyBlogs tutorial (AKA SBI-Rss-Tutorial) is a 236 page guide to everythong Easy Blogs. Learn how to set up, confige, edit and publish your blog(s). Includes special articles detailing all aspects of blogging not just the technical side. Read more about Easy Blogs Software & Tutorials

3d Ecover Creator Pro

Graphic art generator toolRight now you can get 3d Ecover Creator Pro for
$67  $47  $37  $27  17
Just $9.97!

Software and tutorial to create 3d eCovers, Boxes, pamphlet covers, CDs and more. Give your products a professional look. 3d graphic boxes improve sales by showing a virtual container that looks great.

More Info
Includes training video with step by step instructions. Never pay a graphic artist again for 3d ecovers. Give your digital products that professional look with an ecover.

3d Ecover Crreator Pro is stand alone software that works with your artwork to generate graphics in .jpg, .png and .bmp formats. Read more about 3d Ecover Creator Pro

Flyout Menu Left

Flyout Menu Left - software and tutorial Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial Only $15.00

Please select only one

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial only ($15.00 USD)
Custom menu - up to 25 buttons ($25.00 USD)
Custom Menu - 25 to 50 buttons ($35.00 USD)
Custom Menu - Over 50 buttons ($50.00 USD)

Software and tutorial to create flyout navigation menu.

More Info
FML includes tutorial and code to build a flyout menu structure. A simple change allows the menu to flyout to the right.

6 different styles of menu allow you to match the look and feel of your website. Options for having BWT do the work are included. Let BWT build a custom menu for you. Simply plug it in. Read more

Graphical Opt-In Boxes

Graphic art generator toolRight now you can get Grsphical Opt-In Boxes for
Just $9.97!

Graphical Opt-In boxes demand attention and look great. Entice your visitors to sign up for your neswletter or to contact you.

More Info

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Website Tips Newsletter

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Graphical Opt-In Boxes make your sign up forms stand out. Make sure your visitors see you opt-in forms.

Great looking graphics attract attention and entice people to use them. A professional graphic gives people a sense of high quality.

Multiple templates included in red, green, blue, orange, grey and white. Multiple sizes avalable for Newsletter sign-up, special reports and generic opt in forms.

A simple form rarely will get filled in but a great looking form is fun to use. Add these graphical opt-in boxes to your site and watch your sign-ups grow. Read more...

Mobile App Builder

Mobile App Building toolCreate your own mobile app or hire BWT to do it for you. Interactive simulator / editor allows you to visualize your creation as you work. Dozens of pre-formatted pages cover everything an app can do. From ecommerse to native apps to maps to custom pages, MAB has it all.

Templates include 'Business' 'Blank' '4 tab' Bar & Restaurant' jQuery' and many more. Mix an match pagestypes to create your own custom mobile or responsive web app.

Hire BWt to help you build your app. Get your app into the App Store, Google Play or add a responsive web app to your website. Our engineers and support team guide you through the process from conception to publication.

To get started visit the builder, select a template, customize it for your business, then make the app go live.

More Info
Splash Page
Home Screen
App Plans
Tools page
Scanners page
LiftOff Energy Drink
Shopping Cart page
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Mobile App Builder Plans


Pagetypes include: (12) Letter, (33) Menu, (19) HTML, (41) Native Functions,(5) Geo-location, (12) Image, (5) Social Media, (5) Rss Blog, (6) Scanner, (5) eBook reader/editor, (5) Game, (2) Custom Code.

Mobile App Icons Sets

Mobile App Icons Sets

$19.97 Our Price $9.97

Looking for icon templates?

Mobile App Icons Sets templates for creating multiple similar icon sets in graphic freeware. Includes these sizes: 1024px. 512px.180px, 144px, 114px, 96px, 72px, 57px, 48px and 36px SQ. Plus this tutorial in a pdf document. The 1024px size has 3 backgrounds, red, green and blue. Use this templafe to build you own icon sets. For use with

More Info
Mobile App Icons SetsDo you need icons for your next project? These templates come in all the sizes the app stores want. The large 1024px icon template has 3 colored backgrounds, red, green and blue. Also included is the tutorial for making your own icon sets. Read more

Password Swap Tool ( Membership Software)

Password Swap toolPassword Swap Tool

$39.97 Our Price $19.93

Password Swap Tool for a simple memmbership website.

Do you have members only content that you want people to login to see? Passwap Tool creates a membershgip style website. Add this script to you page and have your members sign in to see your content.

More Info
Password Swap Tool is a one of a kind membership type program. One time fee for the tool. You can charge a fee for members to join or not. You can password protect anything. A successfull login changes selected areas on your web-pages. Works great for hiding members only content. You control which members see your content. Read more

Popup Generator

Popup generator toolUnblockable Popup Generator

$34.95 Our Price $14.95

Simple To Use Popup Generator Makes Creating Pop-ups So Easy anyone Can Do It. Check It Out!

More Info
Popup Generator easily creates popups with multiple options and closing codes. Makes your visitors take action. Unblockable popups demand action. Great for newsletter signups or promote your favorite products. Create popups in 3 minutes, software and tutorial. Read more

Computer Repair Software

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

Flyout Menu Left - software and tutorial

Stop Right Click Theft

Stop Right Click Theft- Software and Tutorial Only $9.97

$29.97 Our Price $9.97

Software and tutorial to protect your content from would be thieves. Bonus materials include reflections tool.

More Info
SRCT is a script that overrides the right mouse button function. Instead of a popout menu the user gets a popup that you create. Useful for encouraging people to buy your product. Read more

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

USB Drives (UPS)

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

Web Audio Plus Sound Made Easy

Web Audio Plus

WAP Intro

Only $39.95 $19.95 $9.97


We accept  these credit cards and PayPal

Software and tutorial to add audio to your website. Generates HTML code to add sound to your website. Learn how...

More Info About Web Audio Plus

3 Reasons

WAP uses your computer and a microphone or mp3 or .wav file to generate HTML code that can be placed in a website.

Ideal for spoken instructions, giving directions, selling a product or reciting prose. No monthly fees. Multiple button styles and colors to match any theme or layout. Read more about Web Audio Plus

Flyout Menu Left - software and tutorial

Website Builder

Solo Build It- Software and Tutorial Only $299.97/yr

Solo Build It software and tutorial for building an online business. More the just a website builder SBI includes ALL THE TOOLS.

Includes 10 Day Action Guide (ecourse), e-mail accts., newsletter tools, form builder, image gallery, traffic stats, mobile ready responsive designs, 24/7 support, 100's of tutorials and more.

More Info
Solo Build It is more than just a website builder. With 81 different tools and modules you learn how to build a successful online business.

Online Buainess Builder SBI!

Read more
Accordion Boxes Made Easy - software and tutorial

Accordion Boxes Made Easy

Software and Tutorial

Only $9.97!
Click Here To Order

Accordion boxes are animated elements that show/hide content panels. Make your long web pages shorter, more interesting and fun to use. Incudes software and tutorial to add accordion boxes to your webspages. Capture visitors attention and stop the quick scanners from getting bored and leaving your page too soon.

More Info
This jQuery javascript can be used on any element including text, images and buttons. Can be used to set up an eCommerce store, Create chapters in a list or break up content into sections. Great for making long pages shorter.

Read more

Image Gallery Tutorial

Image Gallery Tutorial

Image Gallery Tutorial
$9.97 Our Price FREE

If a picture is worth a thousand words then an image gallery is worth 50,000. Nothing conveys an idea like an image. But sometimes only one image is not enough. Sometimes a whole gallery is needed. Learn how to add an image gallery to your website with this tutorial. Detailed instructions show how to add the viewer and all the components to make it work. Show off your artwork without using up a lot of space.

More Info and demo of Image Gallery.

Click Image to Open Viewer.

This is a jQuery javascript based tool. For best results use with Solo Build It! website building platform. However it should work with any system. BWT is dedicated to helping you succeed. If you need help getting this to work on your site please contact us for more imformation.

Local Business Masters Ecourse

Local Business Masters Course

Local Business Masters Course
$29.97 Our Price FREE

Local business Internet search is heating up. With the recent overcrowding of the Internet Google has put more emphasis on local businesses than ever before. In days past marketers wanted to have a global reach. That meant global competition as well. Now, an Internet searcher is presented with local business first, over the worlds top search engine result. That means reaching out to YOUR local market.

And just how does a local business reach his/her local market? Well, there are many methods to choose from. All of them are discussed in this comprehensive Masters Course. See how other small business owners found their local clientele.

More Info
Local Business Map

Table Of Contents

  1. Introbuction
  2. Knowledge Is Power
  3. Services You Can Offer
  4. Connecting With Clients
  5. Case Studies
  6. Recap And Final Words

Read Now For Free

Who Is This eBook For

  • Small business owners
  • Specialty boutiques
  • Lawyers, doctors, engineers and other professionals
  • Online marketers
  • Multilevel marketing leads

Click Here To download

Mobile app tutorial

Mobile App Tutorial

How to make a mobile app


Learn about mobile apps. What they are, how to use them and more.

More Info
Mobile app tutorial for beginners covers all aspects of mobile app making. From what an app really is to getting started on your own app. Learn about different types of apps and what you need to know to publish an app on the app stores. Read more about mobile app tutorial
Age Calculator Mobile App

Age Calculator Mobile App

Free and Ad-Free Versions

Exactly how old are you? Use The Age Calculator App to find out. Age Calc will determine exactly how old someone or something is right down to the last second. Date anyone or anything with this cool tool.

Results returned include years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Also returns number of days until the next birthday and the day of the week that birthday falls on.

Get Age Calculator App In the App Store and Google Play

Get it fast with a QR code scanner. Or get it from your favorite app store. Click or tap on the buttons below.

Age Calc For iPhone

Age Calc For Android

Ad-Free Versions

More Info

Plan upcoming birthday or anniversary events. Use this calculator to see how many days you have until the next birthday. Learn more at Age Calculator App.

Age Calculator Mobile App

Christmas Cards Mobile App

Free and Ad-Free Versions

Send greetings and gift cards Use The Christmas Cards App toshare a little Christmas spirit. Beautifully designed greeting cards allow you to send messages or gift cards for friends and family

Are you still sending out greeting cards the old fashioned way? Sending out cards through the mail and spending a small fortune on cards and postage. Now you can eliminate the cost, save the money and quickly share your holiday spirit.

Get it in The App Store And Google Play

Christmas Cards App
For iPhone and iPad

Get Christmas Cards on the App Store.

Christmas Cards App
For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Christmas Card App on Google Play.

More Info

8 Greeting Cards

This app features 8 beautiful greeting cards. Each card allows you to customize your greeting for individual sharing. Speaking of sharing the app utilizes your native smartphone apps to share. You can send greetings from email, bluetooth and social media.

Send greetings or Amazon gift cards Learn more at Christmas Cards Mobile App.

Conception Date Calculator Mobile App

Only $0.99 In The App Stores

Conception Date Calculator Mobile AppWant to know when someone else was conceived? Enter any birthday up to 99 years ago. Want to know when a future baby can (or might be) conceived? Enter expected due date up to 3 years in the future.

Help and Instruction pages explain in detail how the app works. There is lots more you can do with this app, like share it with friends and followers, give feedback or as a conversation starter..

Conception Date Calculator uses baby's due date to calculate from. Do you want to plan a baby in the near future. Start by estimating a date 9 months previous to expected due date. Refine your estimate by adding or subtracing the number of days needed to reach your ideal due date.

Conc Date Calc for iPhone

Conception date calculator for iOS

Conc Date Calc for Android

Conception date calculator for Android
More Info

Based on Naegeles's rule which is widely accepted as very accurate. Calculations are done using mathematical algorithm that works on any device. Easy to use date pickers allow you to input your info in 3 quick taps. Results show last period and estimated conception date. Find out when your baby was conceived...

Drive Time Calculator Road Trip Mobile App

Only $2.99 In The App Stores

Drive Time Calculator Mobile AppHave you ever gotten lost? Wish you had an app for that? Drive Time Calculator mobile app reports everything you need to know about your next road trip. Estimate travel time based on distance, speed and departure time. Enter actual locations or known distances. Get a map with preferred route highlighted and turn by turn directions if desired.

Answers the questions: Are we there yet? How long till we get there? How far is it from here? Can you drive faster? How do we to get there? When do we leave? How much is fuel going to cost? How long can we stop for?

Easy to use. Select your settings, Imperial or Metric units, Standard or Military time. Enter a starting and destination address and tap "Get Distance" button. Calculator returns info on the same screen.

Use the "Distance Calculator" to get more information about mileage and date/time estimate (with time zone adjustments). Enter a distance in miles or kilometers into the distance field average miles per hour you expect to be travelling at, and the estimated time of departure and tap on "Calculate Drive Time."

Drive Time Calculator
For iPhone and iPad

Get Drive Time Calculator on App Store.

Drive Time Calculator
For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Drive Time Calculator on Google Play.
More Info
Lost? Never be so again with Drive Time Calculator. DTC mobile app reports everything you need to know about your next road trip. Estimate travel time based on distance, speed and departure time. Plan in stops and stop duration times. Enter starting and destination locations or a known distance. Get a map with preferred route highlighted and turn by turn directions.

Drive Time Calculator home screen

Drive Time Trip Report shows your information calculated from entries you supplied and then displayed on a printer friendly page. Stores up to 10 starting and destination addresses on your mobile device for easy retrieval. Very handy feature saves time.

How to use Drive Time Calc Enter starting and destination locations. Tap "Get Distance" button. Options include Map, Directions, Speed, Gas, Stops, Time and Get Report. Tap "Calculate Drive Time." Review report and update if necessary. See the included users manual for detailed instructions.

Mobile Utility App Tools For Everyday Life

Free In The App Stores

Mobile UtilityAppMobile Utility App tools for everyday use. Do you need an app for that? This app does a lot of things to help with what people do all the time. Quick access to your favorite functions. Get to your phone, text, maps, email and scanners quickly.

An app that improves daily life and is easy to use? Do you use your smartphone to get to things done? Ever get tired of searching all over your device to do simple things? This app can help you out. Find all your favorite tools all in one app.

With this app you can open it up and get to your favorite tools quickly. The app has everything you need all in one place. This app solves problems. We've organized the most popular native functions in one place. So you don't habe to search all over to get to the stuff you use a lot. Check it out...

Utility Mobile App
For iPhone & iPad

QR code for MiAppMaker Utility App

Utility Mobile App icon
iPhone App Store icon
Utility App for iPhone

Utility Mobile App
For Android

More Info
MiAppMaker Mobile Utility App for mobile devices brings you a lot of functions all together in one place. We put together an app that can be used for everyday life.

Utility App includes tools such as phone, map, scanners, social media and more. Connect with anybody or anything anytime.

We have figured how to keep you from getting lost by including Maps and Location finder. With these tools you can get to where you need to go and find gas and food along the way.

Sales Tax Calculator Mobile App

How much should you pay? Sales tax calculator calculates tax according to U.S. state tax rates. Find out how much you should pay on your next purchase. Can be used by businesses and individuals to charge customers fair market taxes for goods and services. This is no ordinary calculator. STC shows you the math and explains how we arrived at the tax rate.

No matter whether you are a business selling products or an individual concerned about over-paying, STC is a great tool. You get accurate mathematic explanation on how we arrived at the tax rate.

Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to pay for sales tax? Use the optional "Hourly Wage" caclulator to find out. STC will tell you how long you have to work to pay off the tax. This is always important for making large purchases.

Check it out...

SalesTaxCalc1 App
For iPhone and iPad

Get Sales Tax Calculator on the App Store.

SalesTaxCalc2 App
For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Sales Tax Calculator App on Google Play.
More Info
How much should you pay for sales tax? Sales Tax Calculator solves for tax based on percentage of purchase price. Learn how much you should pay for your next purchase! Results returned include purchase price and tax rate determined with mathematics. Never again over-pay more than is required by law. Learn the local and state tax rate before you purchase.

Tax Rate Chart shows current rates published by state and local communities. Learn about the mathematical equations used to determine what sales taxes you should pay. Find out how long you have to work to pay sales tax. "Real Work Hours" calculator shows results determined by your wage input.

Bonus... learn how long you need work to pay off the tax with the optional Real Hourly Wage calculator.

For businesses and individuals. Do you sell a product? Do you know how much tax to charge in another state? Use the State tax rate chart to find out. Need to figure out how much to budget for sales tax? Go to...

SID home page

SucculentID Mobile App To Identify Your Plant

Free In The App Stores

Do you know your succlulent plants? Got one that you don't know the name of? Find out how to identify and care for your succulent plants with this mobile app.

This way cool app contains the most popular succulent plants, includes clinical and common names, images, care and tips. Presented by a certified horticulturist each plant profile contains information about sun, soil, watering, pruning, potting and propagating. Find your plant quickly with the identification guide or image gallery.

Don't see your plant in the app? Try the "Plant ID And Report" service. We will be glad to identify your plant or point you to the information you need. Simply send us an image of the plant.

Check it out...

For iPhone and iPad

SucculentID on the App Store.

For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Succulent ID App on Google Play.
More Info
Succulent ID home page
SucculentID Mobile App is the life's work of a certified horticulturist who got tired of answering the same questions over and over. This app is the culmination of years of love and care for succulent plants. Includes her training tips, tools and techniques to become a succesful grower.

Find out what plants you have and learn how to care for them. Learn out about sun, soil, water, planting, pruning, potting and propagating your plants. Included in the 'Plant Care Handbook' are detailed tutorials.

Because there are literally thousands of species and varieties this succulentid mobile app includes the most common plants. Also included is a feedback form where you can snap a pic of your plant and have us ID it for you.

SucculentID Mobile App categorizes plant species to make it easy to see what diferent types there are. Including flat and round leaf, flowering and pointy leaf, even poisonuos plants.

Authored by a certified horticulturist.

TriAng Calc home page

Triangle Calculator Mobile App

Only $0.99 In The App Stores

What's your triangle, Equilateral, Isosceles or Scalene? Triangle Calculator App solves for all parameters including sides, angles, lengths, height, vertices, area and perimeter. Then this app draws the triangle for you and shows you the math. Triangle Calc solves for every aspect of any triangle. equilateral, isosceles and scalene Great for engineers, students, carpenters, handymen, homeowners, landscapers and math enthusiasts.

Have you ever wondered how to find the exact length of a side or angle of a trinagle? This calculator solves for sides, angles, area, vertexes, height, radius, medians, inscribed and circumscribed circles.

Here is how it works. You input 3 known values, set your read outs, and hit the "Calculate" button, thats it. The embedded algorithm uses your inputs to return a list of results. It even creates a drawing of your triangle, (how cool is that? ) Check it out...

Triangle Calc for iPhone

Get it on iTunes

Triangle Calc for Android

Get it on Google Play
More Info
What's your triangleTriangle Calculator app for iPhone and Android. Solves for sides, angles, coordinates, vertexes, height, preimeter, inscribed and circumscribed cirlces.

Here is how it works. You input 3 known values, then set your read outs, and hit the "Calculate" button, thats it. The embedded algorithm uses your inputs to return a list of results. It even draws a picture of your triangle, (how cool is that?)

Check out the user manual to learn how to use the app. Detailed explaination of what parameters are can be found in the "Glossary of Terms".

Math and parameters shown. We show you the math behind the equations and list each parameter. Ideal for draftsman and engineers. Also great for students and teachers.

Business listing management - software and tutorial

Business Listing Management

Business listing Software and Tutorial Only $75.97/yr

Is your business listed properly in ALL the local search engines? Did you know there are about 70 different local business listing services? Ranging from Amazon Alexa to Google My Business to and every thing in between. Being in them all ensures your business is found by local searchers. Managing them all is time consuming and tedious, until now!

You could visit each site individually and submit your business over and over and over again. Or, use our service to submit to them all, in one fell swoop. The benefit is one localized management tool controls ALL your listings, reviews and comments in one place. See what people are saying about your business and respond appropriately. Don't let one bad review spoil your rankings. Don't miss a customer who is searching for your business.

More Info About Business Listing Management Tool
Try the scanning tool for free. This cool tool searches the Internet for your business and return a listing of every web app, engine, map and directory it is in. Giving you an opportunity to review and analyze your current lising health.

Not listed everywhere? For $75.97/yr. you get to use ONE tool that can manage all your listings, reviews and comments. Every listing is organized, homogenized and managed in one place. First scan your business, then join our service to get the management tool.

Business Listing Tool
Business Listing Tool

Chat Bot Agents - software and tutorial

Chat Bot Agents

Software and Tutorial Only $299.97 One Time

Boost user engagement with a chat bot agent. Chat bot agents can; generate leads, set appointments, take orders, do customer support, solve problems and have conversations. Connect with your prospects and customers with a chat bot. Finally affordable chat bot agents for everybody. Now anyone can compete with the big companies. With your own chat bot agents you can attract local customers, solve their problem and give them the best solution quickly

Learn about Chat Bots. We tell you all about leveraging cutting edge technologies for your business. We have over 200 pre-written scripts, voice overs and chats. You see it's all bout interacting with you users on a concersational level. Your chat bot agent can start a conversation with your user. This can lead to longer on page time, increased interaction and lower bounce rates.

More Info About Chat Bot Agents
Select a chat bot agent from our library and customize it for your business only $299.97 USD. Or create a custom chat bot using artificial intelligence, 3d animation, text-to-speech, language translation and keyword focused responses for only $499.97 USD. Service and analytics packages start at $14.97/mo. Get all the data sent to your inbox.
Flyout Menu Left - software and tutorial

Custom Flyout Menu Design

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial Only $15.00

Please select only one

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial only ($15.00 USD)
Custom menu - up to 25 buttons ($25.00 USD)
Custom Menu - 25 to 50 buttons ($35.00 USD)
Custom Menu - Over 50 buttons ($50.00 USD)

More Info About Custom Flyout Menu Design Service
Seem like too much work? Let BWT do it for you. FML custom build is what you need. Here is how it works. After purchase you are given instructions on filling in the worksheet. That's it...we do the rest. You receive all the html code to make it work. All you have to do then is...copy and paste the code into your webpage. Or you can read the tutorial and build your own menu.

Flyout menu ststem is CSS driven list of links styled to your specificsations. All we meed is an example of your look and feel plus a list of links. Packages include 25, 50 and 50+ menu items. Learn more about Flyout Menu.

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Checkout page
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Miappmaker Mobile App Maker

Do You Need An App For That?

Miappmaker mobile app builder can do that. This easy 4 step system saves you time and money. No need to spend thousands when you can do it yourself. All the tools, tutorials and support you need to make and publish your own mobile app.

Miappmaker (MAM) is a mobile app building system located in southeast Michigan. Our app making solutions let you build, publish and configure your app(s).

All the tools, all in one place. From concept to completion, get it done, mobile app building system. Backed up by seasoned programmers, graphic experts and years of experience. MAM is for all your building, designing and mobile app publishing needs.

Publish in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle or on your own website. We build apps for all platforms including Android, iOS, Kindle and progressive web app.

Build your own or contract us The one time $100 fee sets up your account and verifies your payment process. This includes lifetime support but does not include design and build. For that we offer our services on a per project basis. Contact us for more info.

More Info
Step 1. Select a starter application. Pick a template that is in your niche. We offer several templates for all markets. Note for best results begin with a 'blank' 4 tab template. From there you can input the pagetypes you really want. Every app must be unique and the best way to do that is assemble it from many pagetypes.

Step 2. Configure the app.Use the wysiwyg editor/simulator tool to tailor the app to your business. Your app needs your specific information to help guide users to the main purpose. That means business, name, location, map and directions, business hours, your products or services. Well, you get the idea.

Step 3. Preview the app. Get one of our free previewer apps to test your app. Some native function like the phone and maps only work on a mobile device. Check your layout, functionality and content before you submit it to the app stores.

Step 4. Publish and submit to the app stores tool. Follow the instructions in the guide and we will ensure your app gets submitted properly. Your app needs to be 'finished' to get accepted. Unlike a website where you can start and build as you go apps aren't like that. Your app gets a thorough inspection before we submit it. If you need to make improvements we let you know about it right away.

Miappmaker mobile app builder is a great website tool. All the tools you need to create and publish a professional, high value mobile app. Intended for small businesses who want a low cost alternative to the high priced designer who charges between $55 and $105/hr. Learn more...

Video Services

Video Services

Software and Tutorial Only.

BWT Video Services creates explainer, whiteboard, business, intro/outro, marketing and animated videos. Hire us or purchase the tools. Try our "Quick Clips" library to make your own. Low cost video creation service. We work with you to produce, edit and syndicate your videos.

More Info About BWT Video Services
You have 3 options. Hire our team to produce, edit and publish your videos. Or you can purchase some of the tools we offer. Or you can use our online tools to produce your own videos.

Want help? Hire BWT Video Services. Priority support. Fast turnaround. Help with installation and hosting. Over 15 years experience. See examples on the next page.

Best Website Package Deals

Design And Build Service

Website Packages BoxGet a quality website with all the right pages. Skip the learning curve. From concept to completion, we do it all. See expandable boxes below for more information.
eCommerce Package sold separately
Basic - 10 pages ($650.00 USD)
Advanced website Package - 20 pages ($900.00 USD)
Ultimate Website Package - 30 pages ($1200.00 USD)
eCommerce Package ($200.00 USD)

Includes SBI! + Design & Build
(SBI subscription 1 year renewable)

More Info
Online Busines Website Packages
Website packages include more than just building a website. A website must perform as well. Surprisingly website performance doesn't go to the best looking, it goes to the best functioning.

At Best Website Tools we build websites that work. Before we get to the packages let's look at what makes a website work. First it's all about the big picture. A website must over deliver, it must have more information, more appeal and great graphics. A website is only a small part of an online business.

Get a website that does it all from ecommerce to social media to building traffic. Built by Best Website Tools.

Developed by: Timothy Koen. Experienced project manager with design and build experience. Tim has been designing and building websites for over 12 years.

Intro Eotro Expert ecover

Intro Outro Expert

Software and Tutorial Only $46.00 One Time-no recurring fees.

$96.00 Our Price $46.00

You will be able to create world class high quality intro and outro videos with this app. Spice up your presentation with an eye catching introduction. End your presentation with a powerfull call to action outro.

Cloud based app means unlimited video creation. No size restrictions and free app hosting. You can't go wrong with this tool. Excellent customer support makes this one a winner in my opinion.

More Info about Intro Outro Expert
Makes amazing intro or outro videos. Cloud based software means nothing to download. Super easy to use. Add your own text and images to personalize the video.

Want help? Hire BWT Video Services. Priority support. Fast turnaround. Help with installation and hosting. Over 15 years experience. See examples on the next page.

Motion Text Animator

Motion Text Animator

$96.00 Our Price $46.00

Animated text video editor creates amazing kinetic text videos that get your message across. These animated text videos are super cool. They grab the viewers attention and deliver a spectacular viewing experience. Can be used for product and service promotion, explainer videos, infographics and more.

Liven up your website, Facebook page and other social media platforms. Quickly and easily create stunning videos. Unlimited number of videos can be created.

More Info About Motion Text Animator
Makes amazing kinetic typography videos. Cloud based software means nothing to download. Super easy to use. Add your own text and images to personalize the video. $46.00 USD. Template based editor saves time and money. Why pay high prices when you can do it yourself?

Get Kinetic Text Video - text animation editor

Want help? Hire BWT Video Services. Priority support. Fast turnaround. Help with installation and hosting. Over 15 years experience. See examples on the next page.

Website tools for the rest of us. The only all in one website building suite that really does do everything for one low price. SBI has everything your online business will ever need, from website building to e-commerce with network marketing and tracking tools.

Ideal for big and small businesses even beginners. Turn your own business or passion into a solid money making online success. Site Build It!™ can make it happen for you. Visit Site Build It!

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