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How much should you pay? Sales tax calculator calculates tax according to U.S. state tax rates. Find out how much you should pay on your next purchase. Can be used by businesses and individuals to charge customers fair market taxes for goods and services. This is no ordinary calculator. STC shows you the math and explains how we arrived at the tax rate. Get it Now!

No matter whether you are a business selling products or an individual concerned about over-paying, STC is a great tool. You get accurate mathematic explanation on how we arrived at the tax rate.

Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to pay for sales tax? Use the optional "Hourly Wage" caclulator to find out. STC will tell you how long you have to work to pay off the tax. This is always important for making large purchases.

Sales Tax Calculator Special Features

Sales Tax Calc is a well thought out pocket calculating tool that you can trust. Everybody hates sales tax, it is like an unnecessaary evil that we all pay for. If you understand it equal parties can agree on how much you should pay before you get ripped off?

Tool tips and large custom keypads make it easy. Get results measured out to 4 decimal places. Learn how to calculate rates to the nth degree with the "User Manual."

Are you a comparison shopper? Use STC to record your choices. We Included a "Notes" page so you can record your ideas. Take notes on your purchase items then decide later all on your smartphone or tablet. Use this app to assist in online shopping or at the store. Mobile service providers can tabulate total costs for goods and services without having an Internet connection.

Share this app. Use the "Share" page to tell your frinds about this app. Why not be a friend and help your people save money?

Large purchases can be a nightmare. Keep track of sales tax with this calculator. Don't let yourself be overcharged. Use STC to calculate sales tax for you. Use the "Sales Tax Chart" to see what percentage is fair in other states. For instance California and New York Charge around 10% while Michigan charges 6% and most states charge around 8%.

We over thought this calculator. We tried to include eveything about calculating sales tax then incuded it in this app. If we missed something please use the "feedback" form to let us know.

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