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Site Build It! - SBI Tools are so much more than just a "web business tool." No other web business tool in the world, not Dreamweaver, not WordPress even comes close. SBI provides everything you need to build a profitable web business. An e-business with real equity (i.e., related businesses wish they owned your web business).

No need to spend thousands of dollars for additional website tools At SBI you get what every other hosting package or blogging system are missing.

Everything - All The Tools, All In One Place.

Site Build It! SBI Tools has it all. From researching raw, pre-site ideas to earning income from your site in five (or ten!) different ways, every tool, every strategy, every step is in SBI!. In short.

Comparing SBI! to any other "sitebuilder" like Dreamweaver or WordPress, is like comparing a fully tooled construction crew to a man with a hammer. As you will see, "everything" means "everything"

Perfect Preparation - SBI Tools

Search It!
Most websites fail to prepare adequately before creating the first web page, but you can use SBI tools to...
  1. Brainstorm what terms ("keywords") visitors search for in your field.
  2. Know the competition and how to beat it. Learn ahead of time what will attract visitors and give them the information they want.
  3. Plan how to monetize your website. The Web offers ways to monetize your business that you may not even know about. SBI Monetization HQ covers them all.

The C in C-T-P-M is where your business succeeds.

We all know that content is king. But that is just the beginning of the process. To succeed on the Web you need traffic. SBI is a traffic generating machine that works for your website.

Once you get traffic to your website your content pre-sells your monetization. Your Professionalism encourages trust and confidence in your visitors to buy from you.

  • C = Content
  • T = Traffic
  • P = Professionalism or Pre-Sell
  • M = Monetize

Getting "Content" right means focusing on it, not on the tools of the trade. SBI tools for building and managing websites allows you to do just that... focus on your Content, not on the technologies of putting it on the Web.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your Web business.

Make Your Site Sell No visitors = no business. Without SBI!, most small business sites fail to build their own free, targeted traffic. So they have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per month, for visitors (ex., by buying Google ads or paying high store rents, etc.).

Professionalism means complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? Because you "PREsell" by OVERdelivering what they seek... relevant, original, information. Then you can deepen your relationships. Deepening your "Brand of One" has never been easier with the following special, integrated modules.

  • Blog It! - a site blog that turns your whole site into an RSS feed. Blog your page descriptions at the click of a button or build your own blog posts.
  • E-zine newsletter publishing. Keep in touch with your customers by sending them your newsletter. Clue them into special deals, discounts or timely publications.
  • Form Build It! / Autoresponder. The ultimate in both data collection and delivery. Build surveys, polls and applications. Collect data, feedback, and leads.
  • Email / Webmail /Gmail. Have a professional email address with your domain name. Eg. Lets your visitors know they are dealing directly with your website and not just some email spammer.

Monetization The M in C T P M is where it all pays off

In one sense, every SBI tools module is a Monetization module. Brainstorm It! (telling you the most profitable keywords literally points you to "where the money is"), Search It! (among its 100+ searches are monetization ones -- ex., find affiliate programs in your niche) and Form Build It! (which visitors can use to contract your services) are just three examples.

Even perfect preparation, excellent process and all the tools can fail if you don't have a helping hand when you need one. Site Build It! offers much more than support and it does it with genuine care for your success.

What makes SBI! so much better than all the others? Better than blogging? Better than all small business hosting solutions? The answer is simple, but critically important and goes to the very core of SBI!'s existence.

Every module in SBI Tools focuses on enabling you to build your web business.

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