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More Cool Tools 2 build your website can help you reach your customers more effectively. In online business, credibility is the key to getting your visitors to buy.

When you add credibility to your website, your customers can connect with you on a more personal level and overcome one of the biggest barriers to buying online, trust.

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3d Ecover Creator Pro - Graphic Editor

3d Ecover Creator Pro software makes creating 3D ebooks, software boxes, DVD's, & CD's amazingly simple. The best part is it's compatible with any type of image.

The truth is, nobody wants to buy trash! That is exactly what is in the visitors mind when they see your precious e-product, but it doesn't have a professional eCover representing your fabulous product.

You just might have the best product in the world, and know it But, if your presentation looks bad, then your product may be perceived as bad too, right? It's simple in-built psychological association that people have. Check out this must have cool tools.

100% GuaranteeRight now you can get 3d Ecover Creator Pro for
Just $9.97!

P.S. Training video included with download.

P.S.S.You can relax knowing that your download is protected by our
30 day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, just let us know and we'll refund your download, no questions asked.

Graphical Opt-In Box Collection

Opt in forms
A few moments or so from now, you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before.

Have you noticed recently how all of the most successful sites and lead capture pages feature prominent, highly graphical opt-in boxes?

The reason for this is simple - it gets attention!

The fastest way to increase your response is to attract more attention to what you want the visitor to do.

People are skimmers, if you don't draw their eyes to what you want them to do, they just might pass it over altogether!

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Graphical Opt In Boxes - Classy and elegant lead capture templates.

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Flyout Menu Left Software And Tutorial

CSS flyout menus

Flyout Menu Left (FML) is a software and tutorial package to add a collapsible flyout menu. FML is programmed to flyout to the left but one simple change and it flies out to the right. Here is what you get.

Chapter 1: How to Use FML
Chapter 2: The Bulleted List
Chapter 3: CSS Styles
Chapter 4: How to Make FML Work
Chapter 5: Advanced Techniques
Appendix A: Customer support

Each CSS style is covered so you know what happens and how to customize it to your own website navigation. You also learn about the bulleted list structure and how it integrates. But more importantly you learn how to add your own links.

Get a custom build menu by Best Website Tools. Send us your links and BWT will build and test the menu for you. Instruction included in the thank you page.

Get Flyout Menu Left Custom Built Menu

Flyout Menu Left sample
Please select only one if you make a mistake you can remove it on the check out page.

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial only ($15.00 USD)
Custom menu by BWT - up to 25 buttons ($40.00 USD)
Custom Menu by BWT - 25 to 50 buttons ($55.00 USD)
Custom Menu by BWT - Over 50 buttons ($70.00 USD)

Learn more about Flyout Menu Left software and tutorial.

More Cool Tools 2 Build A Website

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