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Website packages include more than just building a website. A website must perform as well. Surprisingly website performance doesn't go to the best looking, it goes to the best functioning.

At Best Website Tools we build websites that work. Before we get to the packages let's look at what makes a website work. First it's all about the big picture. A website must over deliver, it must have more information, more appeal and great graphics. A website is only a small part of an online business.

Get a website that does it all from ecommerce to social media to building traffic. Built by Best Website Tools.

Buncha SBIIn your website you will want to include as many business tools as you need. You can attract visitors and customers often with social media, blogging, newsletters, email addresses and search engine optimization.

Solo Build It! has all the tools all in one place making a complete content management system.

Easy to use development system gets turned over to you at the end of the project. You can further develop and promote your business your way. Instructions included. A win-win situation for you if you choose Best Website Tools to build your business.

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Create a complete website including Home page, navigation menu and required pages, based on the information and content gathered and supplied during research phase. Required pages include Index (home) page, Contact Us page, Policies page, About me page and sitemap page.

Build and Develop your website based on information gathered during design reviews, layout approval, project consultations and special requests.

Each package includes scheduling and design reviews, project specific consultations, website layout, basic design and build, search engine optimization, basic graphic design and some website maintenance.

All Website packages include template, home page, contact us page, privacy policies page, about me page, Sitemap, blog page and (optional) newsletter subscription pages. With at least (3) tier 2 and tier 3 web pages in any combination depending on the selected package. One year of hosting with Solo Build It! is included.

Inside Website Packages

Basic website package
1. Basic package includes: design and build 10 web pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, a site blog and newsletter and 3 customer requested pages. Includes Solo Build It tutorials. Basic navigation included (10 product limit).

Intended as a starter website for those who want to grow it on their own. An excellent choice for small businesses that want to save money and get started in the best solution.

computer saying advanced package
2. Advanced package includes: design and build 20 pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, and site blog and newsletter pages. Includes SBI & tutorials. Basic navigation included in template.

includes ecommerce setup using shopping cart. Free option available for PayPal only set up. Includes basic catalog page. (limit 10 products)

Custom navigation setup included.

computer saying ultimate package
3. Ultimate package includes: design and build 30 pages, web hosting for one year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, and site blog and newsletter pages. Includes SBI & tutorials. Custom navigation setup included. Includes ecommerce set up (10 product limit).
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Are you just looking for an ecommerce solution? Already own a website and want to add a store?

eCommerce upgrade: includes a custom online store for your site. This page contains a catalog of all your products or services. Use shopping cart with PayPal or your merchant account as a payment processor. Includes thank you pages if needed. 30 product limit but you can expand on your own. We'll show you how.

This option requires customer input. you will need to supply product item decriptions, prices and images for each product.

Mal's Shopping Cart Example

Easyblogs2 Software and tutorial

Easy Blogs Software and Tutorial.

Learn how to create up to 200 blog/websites. Each blog/website creates 6 types of pages plus a blog page and the rss.xml file. Each page type can have its own configuration and stylesheet. More Info

Only $167.95 $99.95 $29.95


Phase 1 (1 to 3 days)

  • Proposal review
  • Contract signing
  • Payment (1/2 of cost, minimum $300 whichever is highest)

Phase 2 (3 to 10 days)

  • Select Template
  • Development of navigation scheme (directory structure)
  • Finalization of site map
  • Design review and approval
  • Payment (1/2 of cost)

Phase 3 (5 to 10 days)

  • Submission of materials by client (text, photographs, advertising materials, etc.)
  • Incorporation of client's material into website
  • Create individual pages and navigation
  • Incorporate forms and software
  • Enter product images and descriptions
  • Optimize pages for search engine positioning
  • Client review and approval
  • Payment (any additional cost)

Phase 4 (3 to 5 days)

  • Register website with host and search engines
  • Transfer ownership of site to client
  • 30 days free support

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Developed by: Tim Koen. Experienced project manager with design and build experience. Tim has been designing and building websites for over 12 years .

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Website Packages BoxGet a quality website with all the right pages. Skip the learning curve. From concept to completion, we do it all. See expandable boxes below for more information.
eCommerce Package sold separately
Basic - 10 pages ($650.00 USD)
Advanced website Package - 20 pages ($900.00 USD)
Ultimate Website Package - 30 pages ($1200.00 USD)
eCommerce Package ($200.00 USD)

Includes SBI! + Design & Build
(SBI subscription 1 year renewable)

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Prepare yourself ahead of time. Read this guide before calling your website designer.Bonus: "What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Website Designer" An objective guide to choosing a website design company. Written for small business owners who need websites, but don't know where to start. It helps you ask the right questions, shows you what to look for in a designer's portfolio, explains the costs, and helps you select a designer. Yours free with request for consultation.

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