Local Business Website Tools

Local business website tools
Is your local business right for the internet? You might think that the web, more specifically your own website, offers few opportunities for businesses with a customer base clustered in a small geographic area. After all, the Web is "world wide"... a "global medium." And you would have been correct, up until recently.

Are Customers Finding Your Local Business First?

They would if your business had a website. Sure, some potential clients still use the Yellow Pages™ and other business directories. BUT, more and more your customers are using Google and other Internet search engines. It's easy and fast to do a search, find and buy, all from the comfort of home. Online shopping is now the number one way that consumers shop for goods and services.

By Now, Your Customer is On Someone Else's Website

Despite the overwhelming advantages of a website, most small businesses only have one Yellow Pages™ ad, and  do not have a Website. (Or if they do, their sites are dying from a lack of traffic and results.) That is all about to change. Enter Site Build It! the online business builder with teeth. All these folks can't be wrong!

Yes... If your local business is primarily driven by local clientele, the Yellow Pages is a still a good way to be found. But your competition is catching on to the Internet as a powerful marketing tool. Now you can. learn how;

  • To grow and expand their local business.
  • To steal your customers away from you.
  • To add revenue streams that are otherwise not possible.
  • To generate greater wealth and stability.
  • To go regional, national and even global.

Typically most small businesses lose 20% of their clientele each year. These customers are increasingly harder and harder to replace. Especially if your business is local or your location is not quite ideal. Yet those very same customers still live close by. You just need to let them know how to find your business.

More and more people are doing an Internet search for goods and services. Even traditional local businesses like pizzerias and dentists are turning to the web to grow their local clientele.

Right Now, Your Customer is Shopping Online

Local chef expands her catering service through her own website.
Now, more than ever people use the Internet to find what they want. When that next customer goes searching for your product or service, are they going to find you? They would if you had an online presence. Think of it, you can pre-sell your customers before they even leave home. With all the competition out there will your local business survive?

Your Customers are leaving the yellow pages for Google and other Internet search engines. It is fast and easy to do a search for let's say: "Auto Parts in Detroit." If it can't be found quickly, they can widen their Internet search to "Auto Parts in Michigan."

Think of the Possibilities with Your Own Website.

With your own website you can create or deepen relationships with your customers, build trust, even run specials or offer coupons, like this one.

Get Site Build It! here.

No doubt about it owning and operating a website can be a lot of work. Or it can be a lot simpler with Site Build It! The benefits far outweigh the consequences of not having a website. Without a web presence you have to rely on traditional advertising methods to grow your local business. That can become very expensive and time consuming as well as ineffective. Ouch!!!

Your Advertising Dollars Should Always Be Well Spent.

Site Build It - unfair advantage.
A single newspaper ad can cost between $25 and $2500 and then only run for 7 days. A website runs 24/7/365 and can operate for as little as a dollar a day.

A website also offers an opportunity to create multiple streams of income that traditional advertising just can't do. Never spend money on advertising again. Instead, make your website pay you to advertise. Yup...It's true, you can do that!

With your own website you can advertise globally (as well as locally) to people who are looking specifically for your goods and services. Not only can you reach millions of people, you can do it for free through Internet searches. To top that off your own website can help you grow your local business exponentially. Imagine a marketing tool that attracts pre-sold, ready to buy, qualified customers 24/7/365, year after year. You can't do that with a newspaper ad.

Your Customer Just Made an Online Purchase On Somebody Else's Website.

Potential customers are seeking the kind of information that you are already an expert at. Online shoppers right now could be down the street at your competitors local business. With your own website those online shoppers could be your customers. Without a website... well, good luck.

Review Site Build It! eCommere for the rest of us!

Only Site Build It! delivers total website building, hosting and marketing tools all in one package. Specially formulated for the small business owner. Over 30 tools, support and tutorials all tied together to help you build a professional, popular and profitable local business website. Site Build It! Over-Delivers with the right price. Are you ready to start putting your business on the Internet map?

SBI - the complete website builder with all the tools.
Yes...I'm ready to Start, what do I do next?

Get Site Build It!

Order Site Build It! Risk free trial

Satisfaction guaranteed with our 30 day money back, risk free trial. 100% the real thing, I promise!

No... I'm Not Ready, I need Help!

Do you need a website but don't have the time to build it yourself? Best Website Tools website packages may be just what you are looking for. We specialize in local and home based business websites. Our professionally built websites get free traffic from Internet searches. Here's what you get:

BWT Website Packages In A Nutshell

BWT Website Packages
  • All the Website Tools
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Support Forums
  • 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked!
  • Web 3.0 Pages
  • Web Hosting
  • Online Forms
  • Newsletter Ezine
  • RSS/Blog It! Feeds
  • Social Media
  • Search engine optimization and submission
  • BWT Website packages - include home page, contact us, privacy policies, about me, Sitemap, blog page and (optional) newsletter ezine pages. Plus additional product and sales pages in any combination depending on the package.

    Here's how to get started? We need a little information from you to determine which website package is right for you. Simply fill in the form below. I promise to only use your information to respond to this request.

    Local Business Masters CourseSite Build It Info

    Local Business Master Course. Yours free, fill in the form below. Ebook is on the next page.

    Packed with valuable information to get your local business online.

    Differentiate yourself from the competition.

    Learn how to dominate the search engines in your local region. Use this form to ask for specific information on how Site Build It! can expand your local customer base.

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    You Just Lost Another Customer to Online Internet Search

    SBI - the complete website builder with all the tools.
    Don't delay any longer, other local business websites are already way ahead of you. Are you ready to start competing?

    Yes...I'm ready, what do I do next?

    Get Site Build It!

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