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Lets Get Social is a professional training course for the fastest growing job in America, Social Media Manager. As the social media market grows and grows ever more everyday many businesses see the need to have there social media accounts managed professionally.

Let's Get Social

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the three top social networks. Many businesses have started, conduct or are thinking of going to social media marketing as a free tool to market their products and services.

As a result the need to manage these accounts has become a real sore spot for some businesses. Many people and businesses just don't do it well enough to justify all the time it takes. It is more cost effective for businesses to hire a professional to do this time consuming task.

And is why social media manager is the fastest growing job opportunity in America. This is where Lets Get Social, Professional Managers Course' comes in. A multipart training course laid out by successful social media manager Kate Buck Jr.

Lets Get Social Media Management Course Modules and Documents

Course includes 6 training modules, logos, and all important documents that you can use to conduct your own business.

Training Modules

  1. Introduction - A brief overview of what a social media manager does, how much you can expect to earn, and how to get started.
  2. Branding Yourself - methods and techniques used to stand out from the crowd. Setting up your website and social media profiles
  3. Service Offerings - Packaging your products and services. Ways to bundle your services, what features you should include, how much to charge, and "a la carte" services you can offer.
  4. Doing the Work - step-by-step walkthrough explaining exactly what you need to do to maintain your clients accounts.
  5. Finding Clients - how to find new clients and the best way to follow up with new clients. Learn the best techniques to market your business to get potential clients to come to you.
  6. Nuts and Bolts - Everything you need to know about invoicing, billing, client contracts, payment, tracking, and reporting.

Lets Get Social Documents You Get in Lets Get Social

  • Basic Client Checklist.xls
  • Menu of Services.doc
  • Client Info Sheet.doc
  • Example Invoice.xls
  • Sample Monthly Report.xls
  • Sample New Client Agreement.doc

The great thing about this training is that you can use it many different ways. You could use it to manage your own accounts to grow your own business. You could use the training to find a full-time job working for a major company. You could use this training to start your own solcial media management business and work from home. You could use the course to train others to be professional social media marketers.

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