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Have you decided to start your own website design business? But are not sure where to begin. While most large businesses have been on the web for many years, many small businesses are just beginning their online presence. This is where you come in and offer your expertise and services. You wonder if there is room for one more web building business. The answer is a resounding yes.

3 good reasons to read this ebook.

1. Applies to most small business startups.
2. Contains pre-made documents.
3. Project management training.

Inside Website Design Business

This easy reading 178 page e-book explains a-z what you need to know about starting and owning a website design business. Included is everything you need to get started from developing your own website to dealing with clients and setting schedules. It's all there, have a look at this:

Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1 - You Can Do This
    • Chapter 2 - Making It Official
    • Chapter 3 - Writing Your Business Plan
    • Chapter 4 - Funding Your Business
    • Chapter 5 - Setting Up Your Office
    • Chapter 6 - Understanding Your Market
    • Chapter 7 - Setting Your Rates
    • Chapter 8 - Attracting Clients
    • Chapter 9 - Additional Services
    • Chapter 10 - Your Project Notebook
    • Chapter 11 - Managing The Job
    • Chapter 12 - Managing The Design
    • Chapter 13 - Essential Resources
    • Chapter 14 - Subcontracting
    • Chapter 15 - Dealing With Clients
    • Chapter 16 - Getting Paid
    • Chapter 17 - Developing Your Own Site
    • Chapter 18 - Developing Your Portfolio
    • Chapter 19 - Webmaster Resources
    • Website Design Business Plan
    • Website Design Proposal
    • Website Design Contract
    • Contract Amendment
    • Mini-Contract
    • Subcontract Agreement
    • Invoice
    • Website Summary Sheet
    • Time Sheet
    • Storyboard Template
    • Website Design Worksheet

Key Benefits:

  • Find out what office tools are essential and which are not.
  • Learn who your target market is and how to market to them effectively.
  • Identify your market segment and set your rates and advertising accordingly.
  • Learn to focus your services around the clients needs and set your rates accordingly.
  • Learn how to create a steady income without pricing yourself out of the market.
  • Learn the #1 secret of effective marketing.
  • Learn the most effective ways to promote your design business.
  • Find out what additional skills you may have and how to promote them and generate additional income.
  • Learn the 17 steps to managing the business side of a website design business - from the client's request for quote to website delivery and follow up.
  • Find out what the most important questions to ask a new client and how move the design process move along without any problems.
  • Learn the 9 steps that you should use when designing a website, and why you shouldn't skip any of them.
  • Learn how to save money by using subcontractors while expanding your services at the same time.
  • Learn to how identify the different types of clients and work with them effectively.
  • Learn about the most common problems you will encounter as a professional designer and how to deal with them effectively.
  • Includes tips to get your portfolio off to a good start for developing your website business.
  • Get a complete Website Design Contract - worth well over $1,000.

Start your own website business and work at home.

What You Get

Package Includes...

Start Your Own Home Based Website Design Business (PDF format. 178 pages)

Electronic versions of the tools you need to make your website business successful.
(Forms, contracts and documents in .doc & .txt formats)

  • Website Design Business Plan
  • Website Proposal
  • Website Contract
  • Contract Amendment Letter
  • Mini-Contract
  • Subcontract Agreement
  • Invoice
  • Website Summary Sheet
  • Time Sheet
  • Storyboard Template
  • Website Design Worksheet


What You Need To Know - Before - You Hire a Website DesignerYour Free Report - What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer

You Also Get My Personal MONEY BACK GUARANTEE... If you aren't totally delighted with your order, let me know within eight weeks and I will personally refund your entire payment. Free Bonus eBook

All files have been scanned by Norton AntiVirus® and are guaranteed virus free.

Start Your Own Home Based Website Design Business and What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Website Designer e-books are available in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to read these e-books. Get Acrobat Reader for free by visiting Acrobat Reader

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