Better Than Blogging SBI C2 Content Submission Challenge

Better than blogging
C 2.0 is better than blogging Blogging can do so many things it is hard to imagine what could be better. Blogs have so many things going for them, that many websites are only blogs. It seems that the only way to improve on that would be to go beyond the blog. Now, you tell me!

Do you have a great blogging solution? Let us know just start typing in the window below and open the submission editor. Include images, text, links and contact info if you like. Your submission is a great way to get some free traffic. We will post it on the website ASAP...

Better Than Blogging

Do you have a technique that's better than blogging? Or a blog that's better than Content 2.0? Or a blogging strategy that works? Why not let everyone know what works for you. Your turn...

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Buttons Icons And Four Word Letters 
Looking for a graphic solution? Try this; big ass buttons, itty bitty icons and four letter words. Combine these ingredients for improved click through …

Blog comments vs SBI C20 pages 
Blog comments vs SBI C20 pages. Before I had an SBI site, I started a blog about homeschooling. Boy! Was it hard work. I had to post very regularly …

SBI 2.0 Page Dominates Not rated yet
My SBI 2.0 page dominates it's niche, and has really helped my website. As a successful weight loser, I know a lot about herbal nutrition and have helped …

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Is Content 2.0 Better Than Blogging?

Content 2.0
Enter SBI Content 2.0 a content creation application that increases the value of your visitors experience. With SBI C2 your visitors get a chance to add their voice, make comments and keep tabs on their submissions. Much like a blog and a social network combined, SBI 2.0 really engages your visitors.

SBI C2 is "Content 2.0" with more horsepower" It's like a combination of twitter, FaceBook, Wikipedia, and Flickr, except your submission is permenant. It won't be overwritten, archived or deleted without your permission. And you can do much more than just upload photos. Take the best of Web 2.0, eliminate the worst, and you have Content 2.0.

Your visitors create valuable content for you, quality-controlled by you! Each submission gets a webpage of it's own. Complete with commenting and email notification. Learn more about SBI C2...

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