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Video Creation Tips

Animated Avatar Presenters With Dynamic Captions -

It's official. I love Dynamic Captions in Camtasia 2024. So easy to use. Just drag and drop an element to your timeline and voila dynamic captions (subtitles) are generated for you. Check out how cool the subtiles in this video are...

Animated Avatar Presenters w/ Dynamic Captions

Website tips for this post are;

Camtasia Dynamic Caption Styles
I used Camtasia 2024 to add the dynamic captions. I made this video to promote a service I offer. I thought it could benefit from an update, and I wanted to see how well the software did.

It is a fairly large file (6gb) so it took about 5 minutes to process. I was thinking of abandoning the process but it finished up and the captions were there. I noticed it processed every bit of audio underneath the caption track, not just the voice over track I was after.

Camtasia Dynamic Caption Variable
I am happy to report Camtasia did a great job filtering out music and special effects. However dynamic captions did try to interpret the footsteps and door closing sounds at the end. So, apparently some sounds in nature might be misinterpreted as words. Which means you will definitely want to double check your captions for accuracy and edit where needed.

What really impressed me are all the editable parameters. I was fooled by the seemingly small number of style options until I went to edit them. But everything is adjustable. From font to size to stroke to background to transitions to timing and easing. And, you can create and save custom styles.

One more notable improvement in Camtasia 2024 is the addition of "Stroke." Or for the non-techies outlines of lettering. Long missing from Camtasia is the ability to add an outline to letters. Now it is available.

Interested in getting dynamic captions for your video? Contact me at...

5C of Videography Concepts Explained -

5c of videography concepts explained
Understanding the 5c of videography is key to creating quality video productions. In this article we will explore each one and offer some tips on how to apply them.

Familiarity with these concepts can improve the quality of your next video. The 5c of videography are color, contrast, clarity, composition and continuity. Briefly they are;

  • Color - plays a huge role in video. Color can set the tone, evoke emotion, define elements and impact perception. Color saturation, hue and dynamic range are aspects of a video that can be controlled.
  • Contrast - impacts the visual quality of a production. Defined as the difference between black and white or shadows and highlights.
  • Clarity both audio and video clarity contribute to the overall quality of a video composition. Paying attention to both of these can greatly improve quality.
  • Composition - is the deliberate arrangements of audio and video elements within a frame. Like a composer conducting an orchestra, video can be orchestrated as well.
  • Continuity - is the consistency of video and audio elements from scene to scene and to create a seemless flow throughout the video. Continuity is the glue that holds a video production together.

Continue reading for more in depth discussion and learn how to apply these concepts...

Color Slice Tool In DaVinci Resolve Studio 19 -

Released in early May DaVinci Resolve Studio 19 is now available. And with it several new and exciting features. Including: Davinci Resolve Neural Engine upgraded with AI tools. Color Slice tool on the color page, and Intellitrack AI can now track, follow and pan audio. My favorite is the Color Slice palette...

Color Slice Tool In DaVinci Resolve Studio 19

Video Express An AI Powered Video Generator Defies Imagination

How to select the proper frames per second in your video camera -

Slate with frames per second on it.
Choosing the right frames per second setting for your video creation is not always as straightforward as it may seem. It comes down to understanding your camera, the nature of your surroundings and what look and feel you want to create. This can help you to plan, shoot, edit, color correct, render and distribute your video creation.

If you are shooting a short film or a cinematic epic where you want to convey the proper look and feel, 24 fps would be ideal due to its slightly choppy motion that is synonymous with the movie industry. But the camera settings need careful attention to avoid overexposure and excessive motion blur.

In the case of corporate videos, tutorials or interviews where the action is minimal and you want a clean, smooth footage, then 30 frames per second is your best bet. It gives an authentic, as-seen-in-real-life perception to your audience.

Videographers have a lot in their toolbag when it comes to creating the perfect shot. Perhaps, one of the most critical aspects is understanding the frames per second (fps) settings available on the camera. The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (Bmdpcc 4k) provides a significant number of frames per second settings ideal for a myriad of filming scenarios. In this article we'll explore the most common settings and how they relate to color grading the video footage.

HumanPal Spokesperson Videos -

Thomas Formal Spokesperson
The combined features of swift turnaround times, low costs, and captivating video storytelling make an animated spokesperson a fantastic asset to any small business. It lets you tap into the power of sophisticated technology in an easily manageable way, elevating your marketing efforts.

Learn how a HumanPal spokesperson video can boost your video marketing effectiveness to new heights. See why an engaging and insightful spokesperson can deliver your brand's messages with emotion and clarity.

In summary, the future of small businesses lies in harnessing the power of technology. An animated spokesperson video provides a promising and exhilarating avenue. Utilize the robust technology of HumanPal avatars for a dynamic, engaging, and effective marketing experience.

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