Make Your Price Sell Masters eCourse

Pricing Master Course
Dear Make Your Price Sell Masters Course Participant, Pricing is risky for any business, but it's even more so for the online small business owner. Your anxious-to-please competitor is only a click away...

Your prospective customer must feel that s/he will personally "profit" by buying your product -- that it's personally worth it -- before a credit card will come out of the wallet. "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" e-book will show you how to determine "the perfect price". the point where both you and your customers profit.

The "Perfect Price" is an important component of your future online success equation.

Great Product + Perfect Price + Right Process = Customer Satisfaction + Success

And that's why we are offering this Masters Course at no charge. It is our hope that you will see how Solo Build It!, our flagship business-building solution can help you easily achieve the "Right Process" component.

Site Build It! takes care of all the technology and complexity of Web site-building, hosting, marketing tasks (no HTML knowledge required!) so that you can concentrate on executing the process flawlessly.

Content --> Traffic --> PREsell --> Monetize

"Anyone can do it" with the right guidance and the right tools! Price your product for maximum profits. How do you know if you have chosen the perfect price for your product or service?

Making it on the Internet depends on getting the price right for you and your customers. You may not get a second chance if your price is totally off base the first time around. An anxious-to-please competitor is just a click away. Are you leaving money on the table? Or, even worse, is your price turning away potential customers?

How do you know if that new product or service that you are developing (or are planning to sell) has a reasonably-sized, interested target group? In other words, are there enough customers who will pay enough money?

  • If no, you'll never build a profitable income stream.
  • If yes, what's the perfect price that maximizes that stream?

Is your pricing is up-to-date, reflecting current marketing conditions? How do you know? Are you sure that you have the best price?

Make Your Price Sell Masters eCourse

Download your copy of MYPS Masters e-course - FREE
MYPS!Masters.pdf -- "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" will help you determine confidently a value for your product that maximizes profit for you and your customers -- in other words, the perfect price!

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"Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" e-book.

The course is written in an easy-to-understand style and the PDF format is very "eye-friendly." Basically, this e-book makes this Masters Course a straightforward case of reading, understanding, and doing. To get started, just DOUBLE-CLICK on the link above to open the file.

Great Product + Perfect Price + Right Process = Customer Satisfaction + Success

Achieve the first three components of this online success equation, and the other two will automatically fall into place. Your "Perfect Price" is close at hand. Go find it!

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