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Responsive designsBuilding a website properly takes planning, practice and patience to get it right. When done right a website is popular, successful and profitable. Gone are the days when any old website will do. You need a modern platform of tools all working together.

Your website reflects on your personality. If you really want to succeed online you need easy to use, low cost, best of breed applications. In this section we discuss tools, software and turoials in the category design and build for the Internet.

When your design and development efforts are finely tuned your website building will be better, faster and smarter. In this section BWT will present tips, techniques and methods used to correctly design, develop and build a website.

Website Design Software & Tutorials

How to select the proper frames per second in your video camera -

Bmdpcc 4k cinema camera
Choosing the right frames per second setting for your video creation is not always as straightforward as it may seem. It comes down to understanding your camera, the nature of your surroundings and what look and feel you want to create. This can help you to plan, shoot, edit, color correct, render and distribute your video creation.

If you are shooting a short film or a cinematic epic where you want to convey the proper look and feel, 24 fps would be ideal due to its slightly choppy motion that is synonymous with the movie industry. But the camera settings need careful attention to avoid overexposure and excessive motion blur.

In the case of corporate videos, tutorials or interviews where the action is minimal and you want a clean, smooth footage, then 30 frames per second is your best bet. It gives an authentic, as-seen-in-real-life perception to your audience.

Videographers have a lot in their toolbag when it comes to creating the perfect shot. Perhaps, one of the most critical aspects is understanding the frames per second (fps) settings available on the camera. The BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (Bmdpcc 4k) provides a significant number of frames per second settings ideal for a myriad of filming scenarios. In this article we'll explore the most common settings and how they relate to color grading the video footage.

Computer Problems How to Solve Them -

Computer getting sickWhat you should do if you have computer problems. The following article is about how I solved a computer meltdown.

You sit down at your computer to get in a day's work. All your equipment powers up just fine then suddenly the power goes out and your equipment shuts down. This isn't supposed to happen because you have a backup power supply, but it didn't kick in.

A few days later your computer gets extremely slow and is getting slower by the minute. Uh oh you think, time for maintainence. Here are 10 tips you can do to solve your computer problems before it crashes.

ChatGPT's Impact on Developers and AI -

Exploring Perspectives and Possibilities

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI,com (CGPT) was launched in November 2022. And since then, it made huge waves across a variety of industries. At its heart, ChatGPT is a large language model, a technology that harnesses the power of large data sets to produce human-like conversations.

A lot has been said about it. Some have praised it for its ability to increase productivity at work, while others voiced out their concerns about its capability to demolish multiple industries, resulting in millions of job losses.

In this article, we will cover what ChatGPT is and its impact on developers and artificial intelligence (AI).

What's New At BWT

Innovative and Creative Web Design Techniques: Breaking the Rules -

Creative web design is an important part of building a successful website. It can help make your website stand out from the competition and attract more visitors. But, with the copious amounts of web templates available today, many websites end up looking the same and can become forgettable! So, to break away from the crowd, web developers need to be innovative and creative when designing a website.

Breaking the rules is one way to get creative with your web design. This means that instead of applying tried and tested techniques, web designers should be open to experimenting and exploring new ideas! Continue reading to learn more about how to go against the norm and make your website stand out with creative web design...

BWT Videos Animation Creation Service -

BWT Videos is a small video production house located in southeastern Michigan. Owned and operated by Best Website Tools, LLC. We specialize in 3d animated spokesperson videos. Great for corporate, educational, explainer, marketing or tutorial videos. A small business by Tim Koen. That's me. Your Go To Guy for spokesperson animation creations.

Are you looking for a video production service? At BWT Videos we use many high end software applications including Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects, Doodle Maker, Avatar Builder and some exclusive artificial intelligence software applications. We have years of experience designing, creating and producing custom animated explainer videos. Check it out

Explainer Videos Explained

Explainer videos tell a story, describe a task or explain a process. Explainers can take many forms but basically all are animated videos. Explainer videos that use animation include. Continue reading to find out...

Complimentary Color Chart RGB To Hex Code Conversion -

Color Conversion Chart
Think You know your colors? Do you know which colors compliment each other? This chart is organized to help you find complimentary color combinations and their codes.

Do you know what machine language you should use in your graphic designing? Use this color chart to mix, match and compliment colors.

Sneaky website tips; Use a color picker tool to select the color you want for your own digital artwork. Sneak the code or RGB value and into your own artwork. We'll show you how in the next lesson...

Complimentary Colors Chart Sample



RGB 190-190-190


RGB 255-255-0


RGB 0-255-255


RGB 0-255-0

RGB 255-153-0
RGB 204-153-0
RGB 153-153-0
RGB 102-153-0
RGB 51-153-0
RGB 255-153-51
RGB 204-153-51
RGB 51-153-51
RGB 51-153-102
See more...

Complimentary color chart for webmasters and graphic designers. The best thing about using RGB (as opposed to hexcode) is the ability to show gradients. A problem arises when you want to choose a color but don't know its RGB or hexcode value. This chart shows a comparison of similar colors, their RGB values and corresponding hexcodes. Graphic artists can use this info to identify specific colors and and see complimentary colors.

Icon Buttons Improve Click Through Rate And Lower Bounce Rate Tutorial -

Icon buttons improve click through rate
Icon buttons can improve click through rate and lower bounce rate, because...

People love icons. They draw emotion. So, wouldn't you like to know how to buttonize that energy?

Empowering icons with text links can be a crowd pleaser for users and webmasters alike. Big ass icon buttons satisfy both the publisher and the buyer. They are happy!

Here's how to make your own icon buttons, that get the click!

Keyword and Description Meta Tags Tutorial -

computer with idea light bulb
Keyword and description meta tags can improve search engine rankings.

Tips and techniques to write the perfect meta tags for a webpage. This article discusses the proper way to design your keyword and description meta tags.

Tip #1 you must use your primary keyword in 3 places, the title, the file name and in your meta description tag. Your primary keyword needs to be near the front of each of these locations. Too far back and the search engines might overlook this important information.

Tip #2 use your primary keyword as the first word in keyword meta tag. Read on to find out website tips to write meta tags.

SBI Website Builder Single Best Investment Ever Made -

Solo Build It
SBI website builder Single Best Investment ever made. Sometimes an event changes your life forever. One such event for me was 9/11/2001. On that day the world changed and so did my life. Within months I had become a victim of corporate downsizing, and career interruption. Resulting in decisions that still affect me today.

Do What You Know Not What You Think

Solo Build It Website Tools
One day I was an electrical engineer secure in my career path, and the next day I was on a path I never intended to be on. It became apparent to me over time that I could no longer rely on big business to build a career.

Enter Solo Build It or SBI. I had deveolped several technical skills involving electrical engineering, digital tools and the Internet. I thought I should pursue engineering but found out what was more valuable was knowing how to use the tools.So, I began learning more about website builder tools

I discovered Solo Build It one day in my quest to learn more about digital Internet tools. I was enthralled by the amout of knowledge this platform offered. I subscribed in June of 2006 and am still using this platform today.

As the world changed so did the advantage of digital Internt tools. Knowing how to use Internet tools are far more useful (and easier) than learning electrical engineering.

Are you about to retire? Or thinking of a job change? Looking for a suplemental income? Look no further. Read this next article about SBI website builder tools...

3d Animated Avatars A Family Of Spokesperson Presenters -

3d Animated Avatars a cast of characters with text to speech engine that translates in 26 languages. Discover a new way to do video marketing. Imagine the perfect spokes person for your business, product or service. Create an animated 3d avatar today. Check out this promo style video I made for my business.

Inside 3d Animated Avatars

3d Animated Avatars could be your solution for many tasks. How would you like a personal assistant spokes person that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? That is exactly what you get with BWT animated avatar family. Now you can use cutting edge technology to promote your product or service quickly and easily.

Build your own 3d avatar tailored to your design. We can create that special 3d avatar just for your niche, business, product or service. Change outfits, colors and hairstyle to convey mood, age and choose between voices and language.

Thats right folks our 3d avatars can translate between about 26 different languages and dialects. As a matter of fact our 3d avatars can say just about anything. Simply type in your text, then click "auto-translate" button and voila multi-national world class translation in up to 26 languages.

Our team has assembled many templatized promotional videos for the following niches. These 3d animated avatars are the culmination of years of development. We thought you would like to see a list some of the niches we included in our template library. Check out this impressive list.

How To Add A Pinterest Board To Your Website

SBI - Solo Build It Online Business Building Tools & Tutorials -

Solo Build It box cover
Get your website going in the right direction from step one to advanced web-mastering. With SBI you have tracking tools that show you search engine results, daily stats and popularity rankings. Visit the forums where SBIers help each other. Solo Build It! even collects and evaluates all the latest internet buzz for you. It's part of staying on top of it all. Lots of info and very little noise. It's a dirty job, but we do it so Solo Build It! owners don't have to. All put together just for you. Learn more at the SiteSell Blog.

Build a profitable, long term, successful online website business in budget and on time. It all goes back to the "it" in Solo Build It. See for yourself, compare feature by feature then dollar by dollar. The following is an image of the Site Builder tool. Easy to master drag and drop editor takes all the technical stuff out of the equation.

SBI website builder

Get 33% discount limited time offer. Click button below to learn more about SBI - Solo Build It! Business building tools...

Graphics Empire A Collection Of Digital Artwork For Digital Marketers -

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.Graphics Empire graphic art collection for digital marketers, webmasters and video creators. Spice up your digital marketing with graphic artwork. Make a lasting impression with badges, boxes, bullets, buttons, icons and skins in your webpages, advertisements, social media and blog posts.

Download Graphics Empire Here

Marketing not working? Website looking bland? Competitors outperforming your advertising campaigns? Want to have more fun? And spend less money?

Answer yes to any of these questions and you may need some help from graphic art. Or maybe you pay for a professional digital marketing company. If so, you might be interested in a Do-It-Yourself solution. Checkout this overview video of what's inside Graphics Empige Digital Art Collection...

Who Could Benefit From Graphics Empire

  • Graphic Artists
  • Webmasters
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Players
  • Video Creators
  • Media Influencers
  • Advertisers
  • Digital Marketers
  • HTML & CSS3 Coders

Decorate your website, campaign or advertisement within minutes. You get high quality images developed by professional designers. Royalty free images can be used anywhere, on websites, in videos or on social media. No photoshop or design skills required just copy and paste and your all set.

Learn button below.

Doodle Videos Cloud Based Video Creation App -

Video Creation AppDid you miss out on the Doodle Maker launch? Now you can get lifetime access through Best Website Tools. We got together with the creators and purchased 50 licenses (valued at $497.00 USD each). This hot new app is all the rage in the video marketing community. Check out this sample video...

Start from scratch or begin with a template. Powerful video editor allows you to create unique one of a kind videos in the mp4 format. Render in 720 or 1080p. The cloud based app saves time and space on your computer. No need to download software or render on your computer. All aspects of video creation are done on the cloud. We spend thousands of dollars every month reserving space on the cloud so you don't have too. Get this soon before we run out of licenses

Animated Ecovers Get Attention For Your Product Or Service -

Animated ecovers could boost sales of your product or service. Introducing Animated Ecovers a great way to excite visitors about your product or service. Now you can combine a 3d ecover with animation an create a visual stimulus to promote your product or service.

BWT combines 3d ecovers with 3d animated avatars and video animation techniques to make ecovers pop. Now your ecover can literally make a statement.

Here is how it works: First select an ecover type, i.e. book, box, disc or combination. Next select a background, Next input your title. Then we colaborate on the animated avatar. BWT will contact you to finalize the voice over content and cover artwork.

Animated Ecovers can only be found here. Get in on this great deal before the introductory pricing expires. We know these are well worth the price and will increase the price soon.

Popup Generator Website Tool with Closing codes -

Popup Generator
Have you ever wanted to use the power of popups? This tool is for you!

Popup Geneartor is one of my favorite cool website tools. Popups demand action, there is no getting around them. They force your visitor to take action. Now you can create popups in about 3 minutes, (with experience).

Popups are an excellent way to inform your visitors of special offers, discounts or upcoming events. Popups can be used for many different purposes. Like newsletter signups, discount codes or special offers.

The Video App Store Online Video Creation Tools, Apps & Services -

Video App Store IconAre you looking for an online video service for your business? If so look no further The Video App Store has video creation apps for commercial and personal use.

Do you need a services for creating, editing and managing your videos? we have you covered. Check out our collection of video solutions. We cover 100s of niches for businesses of all kinds. Or use our video building service to get a custom video for your business. Or make your own and keep the app.

Are you looking for a video creation service? We love making videos and playing with the software. We're experienced with custom video production, post production, editing, management and distribution.

Need advice on selecting professional video services? Get answers from our professionals...

Video Dash Cloud Based Video Creation App -

BWT Video Dash Video Creation App BannerOne thing I think is cool is being able to find that perfect video. Introducing BWT Video Dash. We've gone all out creating this all inclusive video creation app. We thought why not put all our video templates in one place? This collection includes over 642 video templates and counting.

Easy to use app features pre-made templates, fast online rendering and shareable content. Simply select a video template, customize it to your liking and download it or share it on social media. 3 in 1 app will edit, render and publish your artwork

We have included samples for the following niches:

  • Business Lending
  • Car Dealer
  • Catering
  • Child Care
  • Chiropractor
  • CPA
  • Dance Classes
  • Dentist
  • Dent Repair
  • Dog Training
  • Electrician
  • Equipment Rental
  • Financial Planner
  • Florist
  • Funeral Services
  • Golf Instruction
  • Gym
  • Hair Restoration
  • Hair Salon
  • HVAC
  • Insurance Agent
  • Jeweler
  • Kitchen Bath Remodeling
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Lasik
  • Locksmith
  • Mechanic
  • Mortgage Company
  • Moving Company
  • Nanny
  • Optometrist
  • Orthodontist
  • Painter
  • Paving Company
  • Pawn Shop
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Sitting
  • Photography
  • Physical Therapist
  • Plumber
  • Pool Installation
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Senior Care Facility

Graphical Opt In Boxes Improve Your Email List Building Results -

Opt in forms
Graphical Opt In Box Collection attracts visitors to your sign up forms. How would you like a simple graphihical box that can enhance your newsletter or lead gen form? Would you spend a few bucks today and 15 minutes for a lifetime of customers. Of course you would! A few moments or so from now you could be building your opt-in list faster and more effectively than ever before.

Here's how; grab these cool opt in boxes and surround your lead generation or newsletter form and post it. Grab attention by snazzing up your forms. The collection includes 15 different forms in red, green, blue and orange. Includes all the graphics and source code.

Attract more leads to your list. Plug in the fastest and easiest website upgrade ever. Perfect for any website. Adding your autoresponder or list building service code to these "ready to go" graphical boxes will take you just moments yet the results will benefit you forever!

List building is the "Holy Grail" of Internet marketing. If you really expect to attract new leads you must impress your website and social media users. This quick and simple solution could boost your list building results fast. Check it out...

Health Care Videos -

Health Care Videos  boxHealth Care Videos App Create Unlimited Number of Videos. Easy to use yet sophisticated enough for the professional video editor. Select a starter template in your niche. Add your own images, text and select background music. Upload your own audio track to personally brand your business. Cloud based app means unlimited data storage and super fast rendering.

Custom Video FX Cloud Based Video Editor -

Custom Video FX boxWith Custom Video FX you can create stunning video clips. Add logos, calls to action and lower thirds to your social media or website videos. Convert widescreen to square video format. Stop paying expensive marketing agencies when you can do it yourself.

Do you have videos that could use some added action? Custom Video FX can be used to combine intros and outros with existing clips, change speed and tempo. Ideal for spicing up existing videos. Crop, resize, change aspect ratio for various social media platforms. Improve your videos. Get Custom Video FX today!!!

Overlay editor in Custom Video FX

Kinetic Text Videos Dynamic Animated Text App -

Kinetic Text Videos App boxKinetic Text Videos Cloud Based App to create dynamic animated text videos. Ideal for explainer, product introduction or business advertising.

Quickly create eye catching text animations designed to attract, excite and delight viewers. Unlimited data storage and rendering on the cloud saves you time and computer power. Easy to use yet sophisticated application software only requires a one time license key for unlimited access.

Real Estate Videos App Video Creation Tool For Agents -

Realtor Video Maker AppAre you looking to create your own real estate videos quickly and cheaply? Real Estate Videos app is for you. Create all sizes from 16:9 widescreen to square to mobile ready formats. Impress your clients with a cool video branded with your business logo on it.

Get Real Estate Videos Here

Take some photos of your property. Select a starter template. Input your text descriptions. Animated text fields delight visitors. Add your logo. Brand your video and include contact info. Render and download or share on social media.

Square Video Builder Cloud Based Video Creation App -

Square Video Builder AppEasy to use. Lightning fast. Square videos are perfect for social media channels like FaceBook And InstaGram. Claim more virtual real estate with square videos. Proven to convert 80% better than ordinary video marketing. Try this app today before the ultra-low introductory price is history.

Whiteboarder Video App Cloud Based Video Creation App -

Whiteboarder video appWhiteboarder Video App low cost, cloud based video creation app. One time fee for access forever. No recurring fees, No designer fees. Nothing to download.

Make whiteboard videos for explainer, tutorial or story videos. Easy to use simply pick a stater template, configure it to your specifications and save project. What could be easier? Get...

Whiteboarder Video App

Chiropractor Chat Bot Or Video Lead Capture Marketing System -

Chiropractor Chat Bot Agent Here. Get pain free today
Chiropractor chat bot or video can initiate client interaction the first moment a new patient enters your website. Simply add one line of code and your website becomes a lead capture magnet. The interactive chat bot gets visitors contacting you. A video quickly explains your service.

Chiropractor chat bot engages visitors and captures their information online. Get a quick and simple way to get more clients for a chiropratical business.

Get A Custom Chiropractor Chat Bot Or Video Today

Get This Video For Your Business

Looking to enhance your chiropractor or physical therapy business? A Chiropractor chat bot agent and video can help. When it comes to pain relief just a little outside encouragement is all it takes. That is what a chat bot agent can do for your business. Find and engage new patients the instant they land on your website. Cick the button below.

Video Story Maker FaceBook Instagram Stories Video Builder App -

Video Story Maker Video Creation AppVideo Story Maker video creation app. Video stories support the use of real-time marketing, which is used to reach your target audience at the right time.

Posting live during an event or sale can encourage more people to attend, and can also help those who aren’t there to experience it feel connected to your business. Check out this cloud based app and save big time by making unlimited videos yourself.

Video Services Quick Clips Updated

Logo Mockup Video Creation App Make Animated Logo Videos

Logo Mockup Video Creation App Improves Brand awareness -

Logo Mockup Video Creation App

Logo Mockup video creation app

Logo Mockup video creation app. Create stunning logo animations to grab attention and introduce your brand.

Slide Machine Video SlideShow Creation App

Slide Mchine Slideshow Video Creation App -

Slide Machine Video Creation AppSlide Machine video creation app is cloud based. Easily create video slideshow for your website or marketing campaign. Cloud based app is lightning fast. Store you data in the cloud while you edit then render your video on the cloud.

FB Cover Pro Video Creation App Cloud Based Video Editing Tool -

FB Cover Pro FaceBook Cover Video Creation App

FB Cover Pro Video Creation App

With FB Cover Pro you can create stunning FaceBook Cover video clips. Stop paying expensivemarketing agencies when you can do it yourself. Easily create your own FB Video Covers with just a few clicks.

Showcase Your Products And Services The Moment Your Visitors Land On Your Page. Create More Engaging Interactions And Generate A Positive Experience In Your Audience. Tell The Story Of Your Brand With These Short 20 – 90 Second Videos. Login From Anywhere… Create – Edit - Use.

Introducing Intro Outro Expert Video Creation App

Intro Outro Expert Video Creation App -

Intro Outro Expert Video AppWith Intro Outro Expert you can create stunning intro and outro video clips. Stop paying expensive video creators when you can do it yourself. Easily create your own with just a few clicks. Check out this cool cloud based app...

Stop Chasing Expensive Designers And Video Creators

100% Cloud-Based. Nothing To Install. Ever!

No Previous Experience Needed

No Coding Or Designing Skills Required

Included Online Data Storage and Rendering

BWT Video Services -

Are you looking for fast, reliable video services. BWT Video Services grand opening coming soon. Videos have become the life blood of many small businesses. Successful marketing now-a-days revolves around videos. A 60 second video has more attraction power than a full size newspaper layout costs much less and raeaches more people. A video clip has the potential to reach millions of people in a very short time.

The problem with video is it seems expensive. It takes years of experience, a strong education and a lot of money to properly produce a high quality video. Fortunately, technology advances rapidly. Now it is possible for the novice to make a decent video. But do you want an ameteur producing videos for your business? Probably not!

Introducing BWT Video Services

Producer: BWT Video Services.

Director: Timothy Koen

Title: BWT Video Services 3.

Tim has over 15 years experience in the video production business at the highest levels. He has 4 years of Radio, TV and Film education from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Tim completed his college internship at The Center For Instructional Technology. Tim worked in the studio, control room and engineering sections. Then moving on to Producers Color Service Video Division. Where Tim spent 10 years. Tim then moved to FilmCraft Video as Senior Film Colorist. Where Tim designed and built a then modern film to video transfer suite. Tim's clients included GM, Ford, Pepsi, and more.

Tim's experience includes positions as Sr. video enginer and Senior Film Colorist. Before continuing his career as an electrical design engineer.

BWT Video Services Logo

BWT Video Services is now open for business. Consultations are free and can be scheduled during regular business hours.

Motion Text Animator Video Application Tool Create Kinetic Text In Motion Videos

Motion Text Animator Dynamic Text Video Application Tool And Tutorial - motion text animator

Map Test 1 To Show Mobile Responsive Google Map

Structured Data Markup Helper Tool To Get Into Google 3-pack Local Business Search Results -

Structured data markup helper tool by Google is the right tool for preparing your website to show in the Google 3-pack.

Google 3 pack with rich snippets

Read this tutorial on how the SDMT (Structured Data Markup Tool) works. Get step by step instructions on how to add srtuctured data to your EasyBlog website. Packed with rfree information about this powerful SEO tools that is free to use. Get a leg up on your competition in the search engines. Possibly generate more business for virtually no cost. Simply update your website with a few lines of code to get you into the vaunted Google 3-Pack on Google.

Map Test 1 -

How do you get there from here? Goggle maps has the answer. What if you had a map to show where your business location is? Wouldn't that help improve your business? Best Website Tools can put your business on the map with our business listing service. Here's a sample of the map we can make for you.

Get Website Tips Our Monthly Newsletter -

Get Website Tips NewsletterWebsite Tips Newsletter sign-up. Get important information about news, tips, special events, discounts and more. This monthly email features the latest tools, tips, tricks, tips and articles you may be interested in.

Get Website Tips delevered to your email. When you sign up you get notified about new tools, discounts and special events. We are always looking for the best information to design, build or publish mobile apps, website creation and of course best website tool. It is simple just enter your name and email address. We will send you a confirmation email just to make sure your really want the newsletter.

Affiliate Masters Course

The Affiliate Masters ebook
185KB - Windows and Mac Os

Bonus #1 yours free with your sign up confirmation. This ebook features in depth information on how to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Includes Do's and Dont's for the beginner or advanced marketer.

Bonus #2 - Free Chat Bot for a limited time get a chat bot for your newsletter sign up page. You get a generic chat bot where we insert you newsletter title and URL to your sign up page.

New Years Resolution Year End Cleaning Website Tips For Every Webmaster

SBI Tools Build A Successful Online Website Business Get All The Tools You Will Ever Need -

Solo Build It
SBI tools are world class best of breed online business building suite.

Tools include software and tutorials you need to build an online business. You don't start with the learning to build a website. You learn what makes a website work. Then you learn how to do it correctly.

Most new websites fail because the webmaster didn't know about building a busines. When you understand what your visitors are looking for you can plan to attract them and give them what they want. Learn about SBI tools that gets traffic.

SBI Tools have everything you need from designing layouts to creating navigation menus to building traffic to monetization. This article goes over the features and advantages of building an online website business. We illustrate the major tool suites available in SBI. Learn more here...

Accordion Boxes Made Easy Software And Tutorial Kit Show / Hide Content To Make Web Pages Easier To Read -

Smartphone with banner

You just made a great webapge that just seems way to long? You liked what you wrote but it takes forever to read it all. You know many visitors will skim your page before they read it all. Capture attension and shorten content by hiding the less important parts. Use subheadings to organize content in to sections. Make an e-Store or create chapters like an ebook and more.

Accordion Boxes Software and Tutorial show/hide content and make long webpages shorter. Allow the user to control how much content is shown at any time. You can have an eye-catching title and hide the lengthy paragraphs inside. Then repeat the process to create a more pleasent user experience.

More Info Click to open!
Can be used on any text, image or button and is mobile responsive. All components are included in the kit. Check it out!

Website Packages for eCommerce Online Business -

Online Busines Website Packages
Website packages include more than just building a website. A website must perform as well. Surprisingly website performance doesn't go to the best looking, it goes to the best functioning.

At Best Website Tools we build websites that work. Before we get to the packages let's look at what makes a website work. First it's all about the big picture. A website must over deliver, it must have more information, more appeal and great graphics. A website is only a small part of an online business.

Get a website that does it all from ecommerce to social media to building traffic. Built by Best Website Tools.

SBI BOGO Is Back - Back To School Labor Day Special

Image Gallery Tutorial For Solo Build It -

Here is an image gallery javascript tool. Image galleries are a good way to show off a product, place or system. If a picture is wirth 1000 words and image galler of 10 pictures are worth 10,000 words. Right? Imagine if you will your desire to explain something that is too beautiful for words or too complicated to describe in less than 10,000words. An image gallery is what you need.

little red trailer gallery

Click image to enlarge.

Easy to build gallery tool makes image galleries a breeze. Simply insert a responsive grid element, Fill in each block with an image, check the 'gallery' box and fill in a description. Tip: plan your gallery ahead of time. See the tutorial here.

Step 1: Create the images first. Keep in mind a gallery is a collection of images all relating to one theme, hope fully. See the tutorial.

Responsive Grid In BlockBuilder2

Template For Websites BB2 vs. EasyBlogs Transition Tips

BB2 Demo For Block Builder 2 by Solo Build It!

Graphical Opt-In Box Templates...Get Attention - Have you noticed recently how all of the most successful sites and lead capture pages feature prominent, highly graphical opt-in boxes?

The reason for this is simple - it gets attention!

The fastest way to increase your response is to attract more attention to what you want the visitor to do People are skimmers, if you don't draw their eyes to what you want them to do, they just might pass it over altogether!

Website Design Tools To Build An Online Business Not Just A Website -

computer muscle pose
Website design tools can make the difference between success and failure. Get the right tools and build an online business not just a website.

Learn about website building, blogging, online business setup and the basics of design layout.

BWT offers the tools we use to build this website. With over 10 years experience website tools have become a passion of ours. We use all these tools everyday, except for the beginners tutorial.

The best part is all these tools come with extensive knowledge and support. Check out my favorite.

Website Services for Online Business -

computer with mouse characitureWebsite services by Best Website Tools include free consultaion, website build and test.

Are you thinking of building a website for your business? Get all the tools all in one place at reasonable cost. At BWT we use Solo Build It! (SBI) to build all our websites. SBI includes the most comprehnsive collection of online business tools.

Get design, build, marketing, submission and search engine optimization. You could do all this yourself but why take several months to get started when a professional service like BWT can jump start your online presence right now. Check it out..

Site Build It! - Now Solo Build It! All The Tools For Online Business -

Use SBI to build your online business.Are you looking to start or expand your online business? Do you want all the right tools all in one place?

SBI AKA Site build It AKA Solo Build It (recently rebranded) is truly a one stop shop. Too many tools, website tips, tutorials and infomation to list here.

If you have brains and motivation you can learn all about online business in the Action Guide (comes with a subscription). Solo Build It can change your life. It did mine. Check it out!

Website Packages Should Have -

All Website packages - include required home page, contact us page, policies page, about me page, Sitemap, blog page and (optional) newsletter subscription pages. Plus tier 2 and tier 3 web pages in any combination depending on the selected package, and all that is listed below.

Password Swap Tool For Members Only Software & Tutorial -

Password swap is a javascript tool that allows you to create a membership website. Protect your private information by requiring a password to view it. You can use this tool for many functions. It works by changing out specified areas of your web page once a correct password is entered.

Do you want to start a membership website, collect leads, build an opt-in list, conduct private auctions, hold contests, or charge fees for your service? Then 'Password Swap' is the tool you need. Learn more about how this tool can help you.

Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website

Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website Software And Tutorial -

Stop Right Click Theft
Stop right click theft and convert a would be thief into a paying customer with SRCT. Consider what could happen. Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website software and tutorial can prevent content theft.

You know it happens... someone sees your artwork or unique content and wants to have it on their blog or website, without your permission. Then they simply right click the mouse button and copy and paste your content into their website. With SRCT software you can give them what you want them to see not what they expect....

What's Up? Best Website Tools Design Template Poll -

Content 2.0
What's Up? Maybe one of the most misinterpreted questions ever posed. In american slang it is used as a greeting or as a prompt for more information, not a literal question about the verticality of an object.

BWT is changing to a new website design template. To speed up the process we are using 'EasyBlogs" and Solo Build It' to generate a new design for the website. We would love to have your input.

Note: Your input is not shared with anyone and you will not receive any correspondence from this poll. See results of this poll on the next page.

What Do You Think About The New Template Design Poll

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

In the online world voice, tonality and inflection get lost in the ether. It's easy to lose the meaning of a question. Yet this question still conveys a call to action.

We used it here to demonstrate how to create a simple poll. In this case we used SBI's 'Form Build It' module. The poll sends information to BWT but nowhere else. You are not obligated to fill it in but we appreciate your input.

Form Build It is part of the Solo Build It suite of tools. For today's best website tips we recommend getting all your website tools from SBI! If you want to build a real online business you need a real set of tools. Try SBI!

Read Full Article

Archived Entries -

Archived Entries

The following posts pre-date the new design template

Website Accessibility Layout And Design Tips For Positive User Experience -

Website accessibility tips
Website accessibility is important for both webmasters and users. This article discusses several design and layout techniques you can use on your website.

Your website layout and design should consider accessibility features for the visually impaired and computer shy users. A good design has clarity and is easy to read.

For the webmaster; search engines rank pages according to many criteria including ease of use, layout and user experience. A poor user experience is detrimental to good search engine rankings.

Learn how to achieve a positive user experience through these website tips. Your users and the search engines will love you. Er, I mean your website.

Better Than Blogging SBI C2 Content Submission Challenge -

Content 2.0
What could be better than blogging? You tell me! You are invited to share your idea.

Introducing the Best Website Tips "Better Than Blogging Challenge." It is easy, Do you have a blog or a solution to blogging? We would like to know about it. You build a page on this website and promote your idea. Best Website Tools will then publish it to our network.

What is in it for you? Backlink juice and world wide web syndication on this blog. Free promotion for you and having fun.

BWT Search Page Search Engine Results -

Search Engine Results
Search Page shows the search engine DuckDuckGo results. BWT has changed website search engines from Google custom search box to ''s' widget for DuckDuckGo.

No ads, no tracking, no baloney. Do you know that other search engine? Did you know they track your browser settings, your behavior habits even keystrokes. Not this website. Kinda makes you wonder, what do they do with that information? Well they sell space on this website to insert ads.

We are now using DuckDuckGo as our primary search engine. DDG does not track your browser habits. DDG does not share your information. DDG does not show ads on this website

Website Services 2 Improve Your Online Business -

Smartphone sign website services 2
Website Services 2 is a list of design and build services we offer here at Best Website Tools. Everything you need to improve your online business.

Services include design and build of complete starter websites and upgrading existing websites. Included but not limited to design and build, navigation, catalog setup, graphic art, SEO & SEM and more.

Advice is free all other tasks may include a service fee. Request a consultion and let us know how we can improve your website.

Compare WordPress Easy Blogs and Site Build It -

SiteSell Hosting
Compare WordPress with the combination of Site Build It and EasyBlogs. See clear advantages and shortfalls of the different blogging platforms.

Albeit several years have past since this comparison was first compiled many results have changed and some have not.

Do you know how much technology can go into a blog? Read this report and find out. Over 60 features are compared.

Learn about WordPress, Site Build It and EasyBlogs software features.

Keyword and Description Meta Tags Tutorial

SBI Top Bar Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs - EasyBlogs box coverSBI Top Bar templates can match your SBI website. Do you have a website and a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Are you using a single column design on your website?

Use this custom top bar template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

SBI lookandfeel Template For Easy Blogs - SBI lookandfeel template for EasyBlogs utilize CSS/HTML5 technology. Pick a lookand feel template for your custom website design. Each template features a built in navigation structure and automatic archiving. Plug and play editor configures your template on the fly. (Read; easy)

Custom template top

EasyBlogs blog/website platform creates up to 200 feeds. Create multiple businesses from one platform. Select a mobile responsive template and design for the web.

Check out the SBI lookandfeel Templates...

SBI Default Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs -

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI default template for SBI Rss tutorial. Learn how easy EasyBlogs is to use, step by step graphics and illustrations about using the software.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Beige tones template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

Policies - Privacy policies for Best Website Tools. We regard your security while on this website our highest priority. Please read these terms and conditions about our privacy policies.

Categories Template Codes Set Up Categories Links In The EasyBlogs Template Menu -

EasyBlogs Box
categories template codes tutorial teaches you how to add a list of categories to your EasyBlogs navigation menu.

EasyBlogs categories are the coolest thing. In a 3 tier navigation menu category pages are tier 2. When you create a categoy in EB you can make a teaser describing what is in the category. The main 'category' page compiles all the category page teasers

In EB when you create a blog entry or article teaser you can select a category for them to reside in. When the blog or article teaser rolls off the bottom of the main blog page it is still in the category page that you selected.

Another great advantage of EasyBlogs categories is the automatic navigation. You don't have to manually fill in your category pages, it is done for you, when you click the 'generate pages' button. Check out how to add categories to your EasyBlog.

SBI Graphic Template 2 For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs -

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI graphic template 2 - select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your blog. These templates are modified from the original EasyBlog template.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Question man template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

Build Html Form Tutorial -

Build HTML Form Tutorial
Build Html Form is a comprehensive study of HTML coding. This 11 chapter ebook includes tips on layout, design, menus, styles and more.

You get detailed information for building websites with HTML. You learn about creating HTML forms, lists and tables.

You learn about comments, frames, images and meta tags. Find out where and when to use these features.

Get started coding your own website with this ebook tutorial.

Cool Tools 4 Building A Website And Online Business -

Cool tools 4 building trust and confidence.

Cool tools 4 is a collection of action tools that you can use to boost your audience participation with.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Visitors instantly get the feeling that you know what your doing by way of giving them actions to perform.

First impressions can determine whether a visitor will purchase from you or not. If they feel comfortable and you give them something to do your chance of making a sale or connection goes way up. Check it out.

Cool Tools 3 for Your Website Design And Build -

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool Tools 3 add pizzazz to your website. A collection of actionable tools that enhance the performance of your website or online business.

When you add credibility to your website, you earn a sense of trust with your customers. Cool tools are a way to engage users to take action.

Cool tools make visitors take action. Once a user is clicking away they are more likely to purchase something from your website. Check it out.

SBI EasyBlog Templates Selection For SBI Rss Tutorial - EasyBlogs box coverSBI EasyBlog templates to can match your SBI website. Do you have a website nad a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Examples are included to show how well these two systems integrate.

Use this custom template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

Cool Tools 2 Build a Website -

This business needs listing treatment now.
In today's world your website needs to cater to mobile as well as desktop users. You need to accomadate and design for the mobile user as well as the large monitor users. Your layout and functionality make a difference in how your website is perceived.

Cool tools can help. Graphics and space usage are so much more important because mobile users are all thumbs and fingers. With poorly layed out pages you lose visitors because they don't like the way your website looks and feels.

Cool Tools 2 is a collection of software and tutorials to add functionality to your website. Make your website and business look and feel great. Build trust and confidence in your visitors.

Cool Tools for Your Website And Online Business Building -

This business needs listing treatment now.
Cool tools add pizzazz to any website. When your website visitor arrive they mostly just want information. They are immediately influenced by they way your website looks and works. If a visitor can't find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds they leave.

The way your website is presented makes a difference in whether a user trusts you enough to do business with you. Your job as a webmaster is ensure your website work properly. You can do this with the right tools. Checl out our collection of cool tools to build your website and online business.

3d Ecover Creator Pro Graphic Generator of 3d Boxes, Books, eCovers, Pamphlets, CD's - Ecover Creator BoxDo you want to create amazing 3d eCovers directly from your PC In under 3 minutes. With just a few mouse clicks, you can skyrocket your product sales by as much as 72%.

Quickly and easily create 14 different eCover styles on the fly. Ecovers include shadow and reflection effects. Import .psd, jpg, gif, bmp or .png images directly into the software.

Create amazing looking 3d eCovers with just a few mouse clicks. Save valuable time and money trying to learn other action scripts. Make your website look more professional and clean looking.

Website Package Terms & Conditions - Get a website package dealWebsite package terms and conditions. Learn what is included in a website business build. Includes research your market, create a complete website, all the tools you need, support and tutorials.

Find out about our website packages basic, advanced and ultimate. Includes world renown Solo Build It, best website host ever. You will be amazed with all the tools, tips, and support SBI offers.

Don't just build a website, build an online business. We show you how to grow your business as well as teach you how to update a website.

SBI Graphic Template 3 Designs For EasyBlogs - Van Gogh WindmillSBI graphic template 3 for EasyBlogs. Features 6 popular 2 column designs. Each one is 2 column, 100% width with a theme behind it. Navigation is build in.

  1. Rose and Heart - 2 column with 100% width with left column at 200px. Black lettering on white background and small text size. Very pretty.
  2. Stop Sign - has an image in the top left column a light green background and black text.
  3. Windmill - features artwork by Van Gogh with a light grey background. Has a very artistic feel.
  4. WaterSurf - template feature an image of a wind surfer on the ocean on a medium grey background.

Home Based Website Design Business Start-Up Tools and Documents -

Website design business graphic
You decided to start a website design business but need to know what all is involved. You will need certain legal documents for proposals, contracts, storyboards and schedules.

Wouldn't you agree knowing what a client needs before they ask is better than trying to figure it out as you go along? Start Your Own Website Design Business gives you everything you need from stting up your office, to getting work, to webmaster resources to getting paid.

The author goes into in depth detail in the 178 page ebook. Package includes the ebook, MS Word and .txt documents you can use in your business, bonus ebook for potential clients. Learn how to...

Article Template Modification For EasyBlogs to Add Meta Tags and RSS Auto Discovery -

Article template modification tutorial
Article Template Modification shows how to code the article template to include meta tags and Google AdSense. Plus add comments & RSS auto-discovery to your articles, too!

In this article we show you where to place source code in your HTML documents. The codes are supplied all you have to do is copy and paste them into your Easy Blogs template.

Meta tags let the search engines and blog aggregators understand a little bit about your webpage.Some even use these tags as a teaser to link to your page.

Flyout Menu Left CSS Website Navigation System

Flyout Menu Left - Software and Tutorial CSS based Website Navigation System - Flyout Menu LeftFlyout Menu Left is a CSS based menu navigation system that can be used for many applications. While its main intent is to give you a compact menu it can be used for applications like a mini product store.

FML uses CSS styling to hide or show different locations within (or not) your website. Because it collapses down to a small area you can add a lot of information in a small space.

FML is a cool tool that comes with 5 different setups which can be used to create your own unique menu system. Each setup can be modified to suit your website perfectly. Get FML today and reduce your menu system size while adding more content.

Worth mentioning is that FML is a dynamic menu that can include any type of content, such as: images, text blocks and special effect application. Flyout Menu Left CSS Website Navigation System

How to Find a Better Job - Is today first day of the rest of your life? It could be! It happened to me back in 2006. There I was stsanding outside the door of my previous employer thinking what do I do now? After being downsized one day I knew there had to be a better way to make a living. I hadn't even reached my car when I knew where to start. Here is what I did first thing when I got home.

Site Build It, Does It Again, Special Holiday Gift. -

Site Build It - all in one website building tools

Site Build It! the world famous website building tool has decided to offer their special holiday deal once again. After several missed holidays SBI has brought back the deal that has made them so popular among webmasters.

Yes, once again the holiday season brings out the best in people. Site Build It! with much regret decided to end it's holiday specials. Until now. Read more...

EasyBlogs CSS Template - EasyBlogs css templateThe new EasyBlogs CSS template is a 3 column css driven template, combined with Easy Blogs (software used to create this website). Here's how it works; all styling is done in the template and all content is entered in the "entry editor."

The mains.css file controls the look and feel of the template. This is where you set up your main table sections, background colors, font styles and other general settings. Also, you can set cell and font sizes for the different areas of the template. Every attribute gets it's own class and is easily modified. Read Full Article

SBI 2.0 and Other October Secrets

Design Templates Action Guide - Revealed

Sitesell Services Specialists Build Professional Websites for Small Business - SiteSell Services Builds Professional WebsitesAny web designer can build a nice-looking website. SiteSell Services (Pro) takes professional websites to the next level. These sites deliver free targeted traffic from the search engines to increase profit potential. Without the high cost and effort of traditional marketing.

As a businessperson, you hire specialists to do special jobs, right? Maybe you've considered a local webmaster, to build your website. But, many local webmasters don't know how to build a Website that gets traffic. Site-Serv Specialists do! With an all in one website building package called Site build It!

Most Webmasters merely "put up" a website to the Internet. They may be beautifully designed but most do not build traffic or get targeted visitors. Site-Serv provides turn-key websites that produce results. Our Specialists, use the proven Site Build It! system to build top-quality, high-traffic websites in an organized, professional mannerand at a reasonable price.

Nothing Beats Working From Home

Independence Day Celebration - July 6th marks the Independence Day Celebration for Site Build It! July 1 marks Canada's Independence day. July 4th marks the independence day for the U.S.A.

Site Build It! - Summer special

Site Build It has created personal and financial independence for thousands of people. Join the party, bring a friend and make your own declaration of independence.

Protect Your Website from Thieves That Help Themselves - Now you can protect your website by replacing the right mouse button menu with your own offer. Imagine having control over who gets to see your source code. Stop others from stealing your images and prevent copyright theft. Give these would be hackers what they deserve...your own custom popup window. Tell those thieves where to go...your special offer.

Stop Right Click Theft - Protect your Website

What Comes In Right Click Income

    This easy to edit Full Mini-site Template with Private Label Rights
  • Header and footer image in blank format (without text to edit in any image software like "GIMP" or
  • 5 Mini website templates...

Build A Website That Works, Site Build It! - Professional website by professional webmastersWow where shall I begin? Site Build It, isn't simply one thing. There are so many aspects it is better to call it a suite of online business tools. The best part about SBI is the Action Guide. The AG is a 10 day e-course that starts with the foundation of online business building and finishes with website monetization.

Business tools

What more can you ask for than a suite of 30+ modules to conduct online business. Obviously with that many tools I can't describe them all in this short post. Here a list of the most important ones.

SBI eLearning Online School for Internet Business -

Work from home on your schedule
SBI eLearning is an online school from SiteSell. Teaches you how to build an Internet business in 10 weeks (website and hosting included). SBI has put together everything you need to know to build an online business, into a virtual classroom.

Build the foundation of a real e-business with Solo Build It. Learn how to start and build a thriving online business. You will create a website that works regardless of technical knowledge and experience. Really!

SBI eLearning - Online School

Spend just 10 weeks with SBI eLearning, to smoothly and systematically get your own online business up and running on a solid foundation. Start as a student, graduate as an online entrepreneur! Read Full Article

Right Now your customer is doing an Internet Search.

Trick or Treat an SBI Halloween - A Monster of a deal. Our treat no tricks!Trick or treat, smell my feet, give something good to eat. SiteSell celebrates this holiday, It's an SBI Halloween. This little angel is a devil of a deal. Devilishly good double dipped website tricks and treats. Ooooh Scary!

This is a monster, that can't be beat with a broomstick. All mummy's and daddy's can now brew up your own magic potion. Dress up for a treat, no tricks here just a bag full of candy.

Brainstorm your own work at home solution -

SBI! The best work at home solution.
I made a list of criteria that would need to be met before I started my home based business. Main items on my list for my work at home solution are:

  1. Must be a home based business, that can be done online.
  2. Must have world wide appeal for products and services.
  3. The products should be consumable (and have a high profit margin).
  4. Must provide a service (To build relationships, and have repeat customers).
  5. The Products and services must be small in size so that I could stock a supply without having to give up my basement and have have low shipping costs.
  6. The products and services must benefit me as well as others.
  7. Must have a network marketing system that I can grow with (and build personal wealth).
  8. Most importantly is - I can not get fired, regardless of performance or corporate decision to put my name on a list.
  9. Must have a personal connection with (something I have passion for).
Read More

The Demon Tweak - SBI! The best work at home solution.Is Site Build It! (SBI) my perfect work at home solution. As with my decision to go with Herbalife as my home based business and my brand name 'Herbal Nutrition Solutions' I made a list of criteria that needed to be satisfied before I started to built my own website.

The Demon Tweak

The term "a demon tweak" comes from the sport of auto racing. It is that one change that proved to make a winner of the racecar. For example a new set of brake pads could improve stopping power thereby decreasing amount of time to stop the racecar. Which in turn results in more time accelerating and thus lower lap times. Thinking of it this way the demon tweak could be anything that makes a winner. Read more about SBI

Why do we hate PopUps?

Web Search Tool Search It! - Imagine having one web search tool that does everything. From brainstorming, competitive search, domain naming, image and videos to researching keywords and sites to the nth degree. The possibilities are endless. Some of the categories include "vital statistics" and "Indexed Pages". See how your site and the competition's website are doing. Now you can have a very thorough research tool that can be used over and over again FREE.

SearchIt! web search tool.

To get a feel for this terrific little search tool. Select your first "Search Category" as ---Brainstorming---. In the next window ---Search Type--- select "Google AdWords Keyword tool" In step 3 "Search Term" type in a keyword that you know. Skip step 4 and click on the "Search It!" button. Note do not hit "enter" on your keyboard. Follow the simple instructions  under the "Click Here for information About Search Type AFTER Completing Step 1 & 2" link and your there.

Work your way through Search It! at a leisurely pace so that you can see everything it can do. Take your time to read the all important help page. It contains invaluable information on how to get the most out of Search It!

There is so much to Search It!, it is best to read the tutorials as you go along. To learn more...

Start Your Own Home Based Website Design Business

Add Value to your website

Archive End -

End of Archives

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