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Progressive Web Apps Are A Website Version Of A Mobile App

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Digestive Health page
Checkout page
Checkout page
Did you know we also make Progressive Web Apps (PWA) here at Best Website Tools? As the name suggests a PWA is meant to hosted on a website as opposed to being a straight up mobile applcation (MA).

There are several differences between PWAs and MAs. Mobile apps are highly complicated and subject to all kinds of restrictions. While PWAs aren't as incumbered they can be used on mobile devices.

Here is the concept. A PWA is just a small part of a bigger website. The keyword here is 'app.' Which means it has a function, variables and results. In other words it does something.

Mobile apps on the other hand have all kinds of other functionality (fluff). There is the whole connect to the world capability with a dozen communication tools. PWAs don't need any 'fluff' just action.

One drawback of PWAs is they require a domain or sub-domain name. That means hosting is important.

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But Boss It Wasn't My Fault I Didn't Do It! Please Don't Fire Me

Computer praying please don't fire me
We've all been there before. I made an oops and now I have to work on Saturday to fix it. What the boss doesn't know is that I get to blog about it. I'll pay for this one on Monday.

So here's the deal. A friend asked me why her website app wasn't mobile responsive. She tried everything but still the darn thing wouldn't resize on smaller screens.

Well the solution was simple. She forgot to change the header logo to be responsive as well. The problem wasn't the app at all. It was a giant header logo image that was holding the page size out.

While testing this friends app the boss discovered our header logo image wasn't working either. "Tim" the boss says "mmmm, why don't you go ahead and work the weekend?"

"Here's what I want you to do. First make a suitable logo for mobile devices and then add it to every page." Oh boy, say goodbye to couch potato head this weekend.

mobile header logo

This is the new header logo for Best website tools for mobile devices. It only shows up on devices that are smaller than 468px wide. That will include most smartphones.

Why is this important? You might wonder? Well, mobile friendliness is a prime factor in Google's ranking algorithm. Poor user experience on a mobile device will make the whole website less attractive to Google search engine.

To improve mobile friendliness a webpage needs to be mobile responsive. And a giant header logo will not do that. So for my penance, I have to give up Saturday afternoon and re-upload every page on the website with the new mobile logo header.

Sorry, no fancy link this time. Just the cool website tips. What's that I gotta spell it out? Okay, here's the tip: design your website to be mobile responsive otherwise users and Google might not like it.

"Tim" the boss said "mmmm, why don't you go ahead and get back to work."

Icon Buttons Improve Click Through Rate And Lower Bounce Rate Tutorial

Icon buttons improve click through rate
Icon buttons can improve click through rate and lower bounce rate, because...

People love icons. They draw emotion. So, wouldn't you like to know how to buttonize that energy?

Empowering icons with text links can be a crowd pleaser for users and webmasters alike. Big ass icon buttons satisfy both the publisher and the buyer. They are happy!

Here's how to make your own icon buttons, that get the click!

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Mobile Device Local Data Storage Restrictions And Permissions.

Data storage tips.
The question, "do these apps store data locally?" Referring to building mobile apps and using local data storage. The short answer is "yes, they do." The long answer is a bit more complicated.

Data storage is accomplished using a bit of javascript and html code. It is too technical to explain fully here. Essentially there are (2) types of data storage, "local" and "session" storage.

However there are restrictions for mobile apps to store data on a user's device. First a user must Agree to allow data storage on their device. Secondly there must be enough disc space to store the data. How much data? What type of data? The list goes on.

Actually there are a whole lot of restrictions and permissions required to access a devices storage compartment. See what they are in this article.

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SBI Tools Build a Traffic Generating Online Business

SBI tools are world class best of breed online business building suite.

Tools include software and tutorials you need to build an online business. You don't start with the learning to build a website. You learn what makes a website work. Then you learn how to do it correctly.

Most new websites fail because the webmaster didn't know about building traffic. When you understand what your visitors are looking for you can plan to attract them and give them what they want. Learn about SBI tools that gets traffic.

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