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Accordion Boxes Show - Hide Content Making Web Pages User Friendly And Fun To Use

Smartphone banner Smartphone banner Are you a webmaster? Did you make a great website page? You're hoping for big results but it isn't happening. The problem is your page is too long and/or boring. Visitors lose interest quickly because it's hard to read. Accordion Boxes solve this problem. With a little code you can make your pages more interesting, organize your content better and please your visitors. Make users curious, give them a sense of control and fun. Check it out.

Accordion boxes can be used in many ways. Like this link you can use the software on any type of element, i.e. text, images, buttons, etc.
jQuery is a computer language utilizing javascript. It simplifies the programming so developers can control page layout better.
Accordion boxes are virtual panels that expand and collapse to show/hide content. Great for content management.
Computer cartoon with pointerGet creative with the presentation of your content.

Accordion boxes can be styled into many shapes and sizes, are mobile responsive and look good on all devices. Users can quickly scan topics for what they are interested in. Can be used for menus, libraries, tables of contents, catalogs and more. They can be styled as buttons, text links, header titles and icons or images. Learn how...

Made Easy Kit
Made Easy Kit includes software and tutorial ebook, javascript and CSS code files, source code chunks, examples with explanations, tips and tricks. Plus product support. No other package gives you this much all in one place.

Start making your webpages more user friendly with jQuery Accordion Boxes Made Easy Kit...

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Enterprise 2 Mobile App Plan Available Now

Smartphone sayying Enterprise = 2 apps
Have you thought about getting 2 apps that are alike but work for both Android and Apple devices? Android and iOS apps are not the same. Different programming is required for each platform. This forces you to develop very similar 2 apps, one for each platform.

Miappmaker's plans have included a (1) and a (3) app package in the past. Recently we added a 2 app package. We call this package the "Enterprise' plan.

Enterprise Plan = 2 Apps

Statistics show that the most popular mobile devices are Google Android and Apple iOS. Between these 2 platforms an app(s) covers over 90% of the world. If you want an app that reaches around the world to the users you actually need 2 of them, one for each platform.

platform selection menu
Miappmaker's new "Enterprise" plan does the job. Here is a scenario: You want an app that works on all the most popular devices, i.e. smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad then you need a 2 app package. Get "Enterprise" one app for iOS and one for Android.

Google Android automatically works on both smartphones and tablets. While iOS (Apple) can create apps for either iPhone or iPad separately. Except an iPhone app (iOS) can also be made into a 'universal' app. Meaning a 'universal' app can work on both iPhone and iPad.

Solution: create a universal iOS app (iPhone and iPad). This covers 2 mobile device types but what about the Android device types? No problem with our unique duplication feature. You can simply copy one platform (iOS) to the other (Android). Make a few changes and you're done. Check it out...

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Plant ID And Report Now Live In SucculentID Mobile App

Succulent Plant Report pageSucculentID Mobile App just got juicier. We added the "Plant ID & Report" service. Supplies personal reports from your pictures. Send us an image of your plant and we can identify it for you. This mobile app tries to identify the most common succulent plants world wide. However, with 10,000s of species that is impossible. So, we let you ask for a personal report. Where we identify the plant for you and you get our report.

But Wait, we can ID any picture of a succulent plant, Our "Certified Horticulturist " is an identification expert with over 20 years eperience. Our mobile app connects you with an expert. Your report includes care and instructions for feeding and watering of your plant.

Here's how it works: Snap a picture or select from your image library...fill in your name and email submit. We receive the request, identify the plant and send you a report. The Plant report tells you about your plant and how to care for it. You learn about sun, soil, watering, pruning and propagation. We tell you how big and how old your plant can get.

First get the app. Then Locate "Plant ID And Report" button. Our horticulturist is on the clock so we got to pay her. Just $1.99. Information is priceless. Hint: she's really friendly and will gladly assist you. Here's how....

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Sales Tax Calculator Mobile App For Consumer And Business Transactions

How much should you pay for sales tax? Sales Tax Calculator solves for tax based on percentage of purchase price. Learn how much you should pay for your next purchase! Results returned include purchase price and tax rate determined with mathematics. Never again over-pay more than is required by law. Learn the local and state tax rate before you purchase.

Tax Rate Chart shows current rates published by state and local communities. Learn about the mathematical equations used to determine what sales taxes you should pay. Find out how long you have to work to pay sales tax. "Real Work Hours" calculator shows results determined by your wage input.

Bonus... learn how long you need work to pay off the tax with the optional Real Hourly Wage calculator.

For businesses and individuals. Do you sell a product? Do you know how much tax to charge in another state? Use the State tax rate chart to find out. Need to figure out how much to budget for sales tax? Go to...

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Easy Blogs Software Tutorial Learn How To Set Up And Configure Easy Blogs

Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website
Easy Blogs software and tutorial teaches you how to start a new blog in Easy Blogs. Learn about creating a blog and how to build a website. EB website builder generates all the pages, navigation, categories, archives and a .xml file. Here's how it works. There are 4 main areas of the software, the Blog Entry Editor and The Template Package Editor, Options and Publish.

This step by step tutorial guides you through setup and configuration of the EasyBlogs software. Get your blog up and running in about an hour. Includes tips and advice on when and how to build a blogging platform.

Easy Blogs is a website/blogging platform. You can build a complete website or add a blog to your existing website. Content and layout are separated into individual editors. You can use any template or one of the supplied templates. Change templates with ease. Software compiles the entire blog/website with one click. Check it out...

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Happy Thanksgiving Best Website Tools Black Friday Sale

We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy your day.

Computer weighing a turkey.

Driving somewhere? Take advantage of our Black Friday Sale on Drive Time Calculator. Plan your road trips and get there safely and on time. For this week end only we have reduced the price 66%. Now only $0.99 (Normally $2.99).

This mobile app gives you everything you need to know about your road trip before you leave home. You get driving directions, maps, route plan, ETA, distance, speed, planned stops, fuel costs and a trip report. Get all this information before you leave for your destination. Have it at your fingertips while on the road. Interactive starting and destination locations can be used to adjust your route plan if needed.

If you do get lost simply drag the starting destination icon to your current location. The app re-calculates and updates the trip report. Use the speed calculator to adjust expected ETA and distance. Use the gas calculator see how much gas you need to buy. This is a very useful tool for the driver who knows where she is going. Get it in the App Stores...

Drive Time Calculator
For iPhone and iPad

Get Drive Time Calculator on App Store.

Drive Time Calculator
For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Drive Time Calculator on Google Play.

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Mobile App Builder Tutorial How To Build A Mobile App

Mobile App Builder
Learn how to use the mobile app builder Tutorial teaches you how to configure, design and edit pages for your first app. Learn all about selecting a starter template and how to set it up. This document guides you through the steps required to configure a mobile app.

Tips and advice for cofiguring navigation, icons, device display, splash page and more. Learn how to set colors for text and background. Start with registering and set up a free account. Then select an app that suits your needs. We show you step by step what to do.

Includes detailed step by step instructions with illistrations. We offer templates for all walks of life from Auto Dealer to Utility company to restaurant to business owner. Check it out...

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Mobile App Graphics How To Make Icons For The App Stores Tutorial

Smartphone with message board
Mobile App Graphics tutorial for creating images and icons for the mobile app stores.

This tutorial teaches you what image sizes, the formats you need and examples to look at. Learn what application icons are and which ones you need in your mobile app. We go over the graphics, icons and feature images you need to publish in the app stores.

Learn why it is really important to get your images right and more tips in mobile app graphics creation.

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Mobile App Editor Updates In Miappmaker Mobile App Builder

Looking for an easy to use mobile app editor? Miappmaker editing tool just got even easier to use. The development team has separated the tool interfaces from the simulator. Adding elements to your app is simplfied. Now you place your cursor where you want your new element and click on the desired element. Presto the new element is placed in the page and the modifying tools are displayed.

Mobile app editor screen

This sophisticated mobile app editor is well organized. Layout and design (content) elements are separated in their own toolboxes. The back and forward icons move forward or backwards through the edit list. Making it easy to undo or redo your edits.

Are you a coder? The 'Full HTML" button brings up a source code editor. Very usefull if you want to add a something special like a cool plugin. The code editor accepts HTML, CSS and javascript source code. It is not very high end but gets the job done. The "Edit style.css" link opens the stylesheet editor.

"Layout Elements" toolbox contains icons corresponding to page layout, like images, button, list and menu items can be added or modified. The "Design Toolbox" contains tools that add or modify the content in the page. It includes many special tools you can use to add things like maps, PayPal buttons, email, phone numbers, videos, forms, voice and more.

These updates make building a mobile app real easy AND the source code is done for you. Learn more....

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