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3d Animated Avatars A Cast Of Characters Debut & Review

3d Animated Avatars a cast of characters with text to speech engine that translates in 26 languages. Discover a new way to do video marketing. Imagine the perfect spokes person for your business, product or service. Create an animated 3d avatar today. Check out this promo style video I made for my business.

Inside 3d Animated Avatars

3d Animated Avatars could be your solution for many tasks. How would you like a personal assistant spokes person that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? That is exactly what you get with BWT animated avatar family. Now you can use cutting edge technology to promote your product or service quickly and easily.

Build your own 3d avatar tailored to your design. We can create that special 3d avatar just for your niche, business, product or service. Change outfits, colors and hairstyle to convey mood, age and choose between voices and language.

Thats right folks our 3d avatars can translate between about 26 different languages and dialects. As a matter of fact our 3d avatars can say just about anything. Simply type in your text, then click "auto-translate" button and voila multi-national world class translation in up to 26 languages.

Our team has assembled many templatized promotional videos for the following niches. These 3d animated avatars are the culmination of years of development. We thought you would like to see a list some of the niches we included in our template library. Check out this impressive list.

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Kami Explains Website Services By BWT

Hi all, I would like to introduce "Kami" a virtual assistant I created with Avatar Builder. Kami is very intelligent Artificially that is. She speaks 26 languages and can translate between most of them. Kami is very stylish as well. She is a master of disguise and can change her appearance in a multitude of colors and combinations.

Kami is an actress, a spokesperson, a presenter and a friend. She can say anything you want as long as you put the words in her mouth. Like I did in the following video...

How To Get Your Own Artificially Intelligent Avatar Spokesperson

Okay this is a no-brainer. Get your own account with Avatar Builder. This cloud based video creation tool features 3d avatars combined with lip sync text to speech engine that translates in 26 languages. You can literally build your own lifelike 3d spokesperson that can say just about anything.

Here are your options. 1. Get Avatar Builder or 2. Contact BWT Website Services. With option #1 you get to do all the creative work yourself. That can take a long time to learn the software let alone get results in a timely fashion. With option #2 you get the work done for you. BWT offers a way to short cut the process and get a 3d avatar spokesperson of your own. Contact BWT Video Services... Click link below... .

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Graphics Empire Vs. Avatar Builder

Hi all, we thought it woulld be cool to combine Graphics Empire with an 3d avatar from Avatar Builder. This video is what we came up with. What do you think?

Inside Graphics Empire Digital Art Collection

  • Compilation Preview
  • Module 1 - High Impact Headlines
  • Module 2 - Sexy Feature Boxes
  • Module 3 - Customizable Sales Funnel Diagrams
  • Module 4 - Fast Action Bonus Boxes
  • Module 5 - Pricing Table Moolahs
  • Module 6 -Testimonial Boxes
  • Module 7 - Irresistible Trial Statements
  • Module 8 - One-Time Offer Headline Stoppers
  • Module 9 - Order Steps Explainio
  • Module 10 - Tick Tock Countdown Timers
  • Module 11 - Compelling Call to Actions
  • Module 12 - Iron Clad Guarantee Seals
  • Module 13 - Special Badges
  • Module 14 - Arrows, Bullets, Checkmarks
  • Module 15 - Social Media Icons
  • Module 16 - Moody Background Textures
  • Module 17 - Sales Video Skin
  • Module 18 - Trendy Mobile Squeeze Pages
  • Module 19 - Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Module 20 - Banner Ads

Learn button below.

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3d Ecover Creator Pro Application Demonstration Video

A little demonstration of 3d Ecover Creator Pro. This video is a quick walk through of the app. Learn how to make a 3d ecover in under 2 minutes. Take a look...

Inside 3d Ecover Creator Pro Application

  • Easily find the 3D cover for your product or service.
  • Adjust the width and height for your eCover.
  • Adjust the shadow, reflection and highlights for your cover.
  • Import custom graphics or choose from the color palette.
  • Create a transparent background and flip the box horizontally.
  • Easily export and save your eCover project to it's own folder.

It's simple really...this ecover software will save you time and make creating ecovers for your products quick and easy.

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BWT Promo Built By Avatar Builder Cloud Based Video Creation App

Avatar Builder can transform any text or content into 3d animated avatar videos in any language. This high tech cloud based video creation app has a coolness factor of 10+. I kid you not, too many features explain here. That's why the creators included tons of video tutorials to get you up and running lickity split. Check out this video made with Avatar Builder...

Inside 3D Avatar Builder Video App

Avatar Builder 3d BoxIncorporates 3d animated avatar technology with text-to-speech (TTS) engine and machine learning. Creates lip synced scenes automatically. Scene builder function gives you complete control of video elements. Including text parameters, programmable scene transitions and size and location of the avatar.

Works like Doodle Maker with Video Robot and TTS Builder combined. Customizable avatars allows you to create unique avatars. 3d scalable and logo mapping animates your logo (optional). Amazon cloud based app "Startup Migrate" program. High end server technology. Customizable avatars hair, clothes, facial hair, lips, fingernails. High end Amazon servers for very fast 3d animation rendering. Unlimited video renders.

More than 1000 templates. Award winning Text to speech with language translation. Does captioning. Open canvas video builder. Millions of copyright free video, music and images assets. Add watermarks. Dynamic scene transitions and video backgrounds.

Benefits & Features Of Avatar Builder

  • Commercial license included.
  • Access to JumpStory, Pixabay, other libraries
  • Priority updates with upgrade
  • Speech to text transcriptions
  • Custom avatars save & reuse feature
  • Useful for corporate branding.
  • 150,000 scripts from the hottest niches
  • Become An Expert in any niche
  • Backed by 26 years of experience.
  • Check Out Avatar Builder Here
  • Click button below...

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