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Website Tips blog is the place to keep up with new developments in website design and Internet Marketing. BWT proudly presents website tools, tips, software tutorials, tricks and more.

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How HumanBot Improves Website Performance 2024-02-20

A HumanBot can improve overall user experiences, save time and provide convenience on many different online platforms.

Key Features of HumanBots

  • Natural Language Understanding: HumanBot comprehends and interprets user messages, allowing for fluid and intuitive conversations.
  • Instant Responses: With its AI-powered backend, HumanBot provides real-time answers, eliminating the need for users to wait for human assistance.
  • Personalization: HumanBot learns from each user interaction, tailoring its responses and recommendations to match individual preferences and requirements.
  • Multi-Platform Availability: Interact with HumanBot seamlessly across various platforms, including websites, messaging apps, and social media platforms.
  • 24/7 Availability: HumanBot is accessible round the clock, ensuring users can engage and receive assistance whenever they need it.
  • Smart Context able to learn and improve over time. The more its used, the smarter it gets.
  • Keyword Triggers create interactive conversations based on keywords.
  • Live Chat Sequence convert chat to a real human - you. When you are available you can chat live with your visitors.
  • Blackout Mode grey out other areas of webpage. Useful for when a required action is needed before the user can procede. Or hide competitors links on your site. Or running quizzes, contests and surveys.

HumanBot AI Powered Chats Examples
Click Button To Preview Chat

Ready to get your own AI Chatbot or HumanBot? Follow the instructions list below to find out how easy it is to setup a HumanBot personal assistant on your website...

How to select a HumanBot/HumanPal. Start with looking at yourself. A HumanBot will be a representative for your business. That spokesperson can be as much like you, or not at all like you. Your spokesperson should represent the type of business you are in.

People who identify with your spokesperson are the people who will be influenced the most. Consider age and gender. For instance young people are more attractive, but less trustworthy than older spokespersons.

Your choice of HumanPal should be apparent, but if it is not, I recommend selecting a young female. Because they are perceived as more appealing than their male counterparts.

Next thing to consider after gender is ethnicity. We offer many types of spokespeople. If your audience is in a specific location select a spokesperson that is from that area. You have over 30 human avatars to choose from.

HumanBot Avatars
Thirdly you want to consider your audience. Ask your self what does your business offer that your audience will look for. For instance if you are in the medical, nutrition or health care industry a doctor or nurse avatar would be appropriate. If you are in sales a business woman or businessman would be best.

If you still have trouble deciding contact BWT Videos and ask for a recommendation. Click the image to see all of our HumanBots.

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Am I The Only One Still Using Easy Blogs? 2024-02-10

Long story short... EasyBlogs (EB) is still a viable website building platform. I use it everyday along with Solo Build It (SBI) to build this website. I even sell it. But haven't had a support request in over 5 years. So, what to do? Keep flogging a dead horse or expand to new horizons?

Over the years I have upgraded all my computer equipment and operating systems over and over. But the one software application that passed through all those iterations is Easy Blogs.

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial
Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website Step by step instructions to create up to 100 blog/websites. Includes 326 page ebook.
AKA SBI RSS Tutorial
Only $167.95 $99.95 $29.95

We accept  these credit cards and PayPal

Customer Service - No matter what time of day I'm here for you. Unlike other design firms I work all the time, days, nights, weekends and holidays. I'm just a phone call or email away. Get free advice  for 30 days forever. Learn more...

Easy Blogs arrived on the scene in 2004 as a blogging platform and was upgraded significantly until 2008. At which time the developer stopped supporting it. Then, I bought the rights to re-sell the software. So long as I also took over support for it.

Now, years later I still am using the software to build my website with. (And I think I may the only one left in the world to do so.) I continue using EB because it is a self powered content genterating tool. I don't need no AI chatbot to help me out, thank you very much. I already do that! But, wait a minute. What if... things change?

Another software application I have used consistently since 2006 is Solo Build It, or SBI! SBI came on the scene in 2003 and has been continuously updated ever since. The latest upgrade is called TAI, a ChatGPT-4, AI powered content generator. With a prompt generator, a boxchain editor, and a freestyle AI chatbot. The new TAI module includes step by step tutorials to obtain the ultimate website content generation. Think of the possibilities.

Solo Build It!

I kid you, not! SBI + TAI = OMG, an easy to use all powerful website/blogging combination that gets results. Especially for the small business owner like me. You can make blogs, post to your own web friendly pages and publish everywhere, all in one place, from home or abroad.

About SBI. It is called Solo Build It (SBI) to signify the type of entrepreneur it is best suited for. SBI has all the online business building tools you could ever want for a low, low annual cost.


And EB is a one time purchase. EB works by parsing the SBI template into manageable sections in a HTML interactive development editor or HTML editor. This allows for users to focus on content generation while the template takes care of all the styling, code generation and publishing duties.

And now it looks like TAI can do that too. Did they steal my idea? Did they take my content creation system and make it available to everyone? Find out for yourself. Learn more about SBI - Solo Build It! Business building tools...

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Why Video Templates Save Time And Effort 2024-02-01

A Camtasia video editing template project features custom 10 second transitions for use between segments in video tutorial(s). Includes animated motion graphics, titles, subtitles, music background and special effects. Also included are placeholders for future content. Making this package a plug and play template.

Project Managers Template

The transitions are all custom made and grouped for easy duplication. This client wanted a Camtasia based video template for re-use on future projects. There are 5 basic screnes to this video. Which are Intro, transition 1, transition 2, Title Card and Outro. Interspersed are content placeholders designed to adjust to fit whatever length it is replaced with. Transitions are packaged and grouped for quick duplication. This makes the template versatile for any length video.

Webstite Tips:
  1. All videos have 3 basic parts Intro, body and outro. Even major feature films are set up this way. In between transitions are called a "segue." Pronounced [seg-way].
  2. Video templates save time and effort in post production. Creating engaging videos is accomplished in this phase of the process. Templates can be re-used and become part of the production planning process. That means...
  3. Segments of a template can be planned, grouped together and duplicated to expand, enhance or otherwise modify with ease any video production.

Need help creating a video project? I can help that. I have 20 years experience creating video and a University education. See our video editing service for more details...

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Why You Need A HumanBot Explained By A HumanBot 2024-01-22

Amanda Chef HumanPal
Me: "Hello HumantBot. This is Tim. Anybody home?" I asked.
HumanBot: "Hello Tim how can I help you today?" It replied.
Me: "Why do I need a HumanBot" I asked.
HumanBot:" A HumanBot can be beneficial for many reasons. It can provide quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, enhance the user experience within applications, offer customer support or entertainment.

A HumanBot can assist with online shopping, help with travel planning, provide tutoring assistance and recommend educational resources, It can offer Human Resources related assistance within organizations, assist with banking and financial inquiries, provide personalized health and wellness recommendations.

A HumanBot can improve overall user experiences, save time and provide convenience on many different online platforms." It replied.

I have been tuning up on HumanPals and HumanBots these past few days. So, I asked my HumanBot "why do I need a HumanBot?" The HumanBot's response (above) is a conglomeration of words gleaned from this website and other sources. That means I have already used these words and are probably mine to begin with. I can legitimately say I trained my HumanBot to say that. How cool is that? Learn more here...

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Introducing Keisha Formal - Animated Spokesperson 2024-01-15

Hello, my name is Keisha Formal. I am an AI powered video spokesperson. An AI animated avatar, with poly-glotability (able to converse in many languages). I am animated through artificial intelligence and some slick video editing by Tim Koen. Choose me as your animated video spokesperson.

BWT Videos has many animated avatars to choose from. We are in the process of creating a portfolio of everyone. Avatars are great for vertical videos, so we made this video in that style.

Animated avatars make for great spokespersons. Can be used for all kinds of video productions. We have used them as teachers in tutorial videos. Used them as spokespersons for branding, explainers, tutorial and marketing videos.

Animated avatars can be used in social media ads as well. We currently are offering spokespersons for videos on the....

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Website Tools Store Update 2024-01-10

OH Boy! The nerve...errrg, I hate when that happens. Turns out Amazon Associates melted down my membership account. And for no good reason that I can tell. Except for the fact I haven't made any significant input lately. Still, it is not my fault they depricated all my ads and links back in July. It wasn't me that stopped sending them visitors. It was there old code that stopped working.

But Hey! That is alright. When I contacted support they said many old accounts were deleted due to lack of upkeep, mine included. But I was happy to start over, if I liked. My task for the next few days will be to go through the Website Tools Store and clean up all that old depricated code.

So I strarted a brand new Amazon Associates account and am beginning again to promote the products I feel are worth while. Here's my first upgrade, Audio Equipment and BMD PCC 4k Cameras...

Audio Equipment

Sound Studio

Amazon's audio equipment category is packed with everything you might want from a sound studio gear to podcast kits to audio connectors and cables. It's all on Amazon...

Blackmagic Design Cinema Video Cameras

BMD Pocket Cinema Camera 4k
Blackmagic cinema cameras are better than other video cameras because they have professional filmmaking features allowing you to create the same "look" as Hollywood feature films. The combination of high dynamic range, great low light performance and Blackmagic RAW (video codec) gives you feature film images with precise skin tones and gorgeous organic colors.

Blackmagic Raw comes with Davinci Resolve which allows you to color correct, white balance and style any image. Experience non-linear color correction. Which means camera settings can be changed after the video has been shot. Match exposure and ISO settings from scene to scene. Great for b-roll color grading.

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. See Amazon Associates Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy at Amazon

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It's An "OHHH My Booty" Christmas Vacation 2024-01-07

For Christmas this year we went to the Smokey Mountains and stayed in a cabin AirB&B. Meanwhile back in the editing suite BWT Videos got some new equipment to go along with the holidays. A new super video editing computer with a 4tb SSD, 64gb of RAM and 20gb of GRAM or graphics only dedicated RAM. We also upgraded to DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4. (DaVinci is a color correction video software applictaion.)

To gather footage to start up the new gear I went to Gatlinburg, TN., a well known tourist area in the Smokey Mountains, for a Christmas vacation. The ensuing video is more an experiment than a polished work. It took a lot of work and I made a lot of mistakes. But, I had a lot of fun and learned several things. Which I will share after the video...

OHH My Booty Christmas Vacation

GorillaPod - mini octopus tripod
Website tips for this post are;

  1. When filming at a location, use a tripod, if you have one. Many shots in this video would have been much more stable if the camera had been mounted on a sturdy tripod. For this shoot I used the GorillaPod instead. Which was my intention all along. The small octopus style tripod is wonderful tool for quick lifestyle shooting. But like any tool it has to be used properly.

    Using a Gorilla Pod is an excellent choice for those close up, spur of the moment, action shots. But the table I had the camera on rocked with every elbow, knee, jostle and scream for joy. But, I chose the table top tripod for ease of use and close proximity to the action. I was trying to capture lifetime moments that you can't always plan for, let alone setup a full-size tripod, so the GorillaPod made sense. Which brings me to tip #2.

  2. Use a stabilizer on your lens, if you have one. Okay, my camera has an O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) switch, but I never turned it on. Had I recognized the instability of my tabletop I would have turned it on.
  3. Take a break from the computer for a spell and get out of town. It is good to take a break from using the computer all the time and a family vacation is just the thing to bring joy to the heart. It works for me.

Highly recommended by Best Website Tools, LLC. Check it out...

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