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BWT blog is the place to keep up with new developments in website and mobile apps design. BWT proudly presents website tools, tips, tricks and techniques for design and build.

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New Video Apps Added To BWT Video Services

Looking for cloud based video creation apps? If so you've come to the right place. BWT Video Services offers 9 state of the art cloud based video creation apps. Three new video apps added to the collection include "Intro Outro Expert" "Kinetic Text Videos" and "Video Robot." Check it out...

Video Robot Cloud Based App

Video Robot Box

Video Editor App

Intro Outro Expert

Inro Outro Expert

Create Intros and Outros

Kinetic Text Videos

Kinetic Text Videos Box

Animated Dynamic Text

See the whole collection of video creation apps at....

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Aloe Vera Web App Test

Do you like web apps? We are currently working on a web app for Succulent identification. This web app may be available soon provided everything works. Unfortunately we had to close the mobile app but we might be able to republish it as a (mobile) web app.

Aloe Vera page is a content page associated with this app. The intention here is to see how these pages work on a mobile device. Vefore we proceed we first want to work out a plan of attack. Our first experiment is theis page.

For this page the experiment is to see (and correct if necessary) how it looks on a smartphone or tablet. If the idea is viable we will rebuild the mobile app as a web app. Give it a try...

Aloe Vera

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Creating A Video Step By Step With Video Robot

Are you a Video Robot editor? VR is an easy to use cloud based software designed for the non-technical video creator. You will be impressed with the number of features this app offers. As usual the best way to understand a piece of software is to view a training video of it's use. Here you Go...

Video Torboy Box CoverYou might ask yourself 'is this app worth it?' At $46.95 it can't possibly be as comprehensive as some of the higher cost applications available. And VR is not as comprehensive as some. It does not have a 10 hour online ecourse. It does not have high end graphic animation tools. VR does have over 200 animated templates that plug and play. VR does have whiteboard, dynamic text, greenscreen and blank canvas capabilities.

Video Robot is great for the beginner and less technically oriented. This app is a perfect place to start. You will be creating professional grade videos in minutes without having to study for hours to learn the software. VR includes 3d avatars, whiteboard animations, lower thirds, intros, outros and audio upload.

Video Robot features online tool usage. Which frees up your computer from having handle the large data processing video creation demands. For a one time fee you get unlimited access with unlimited data storage. In other words you can make as many videos as you want wherever you have an Internet connection. Get Video Robot Here...

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