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Learn Drop Shipping At SaleHoo Educate 2022-08-10

Hi all, for this video we talk about getting a dropshipping education. Do you want to learn the dropshipping trade? Looking to start an online store?

Fast track your success with ecommerce training by our experts. Learn how to accelerate your success, attain financial freedom, and get first class support. Take the training course. SaleHoo Educate is a collection of online courses & resources that will help you save time, make money, & scale your business faster.

Join Thousands of Students on the Path to Success With 13 Hours of On-demand Video Lessons. 30+ Bonus Educational Resources and hundreds of Hacks to Fast-track Your Success.

What you will learn is, how to do Drop shipping on Shopify, and Amazon Product launch. Get started today, click the link below...

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Get To Know Your Competition So You Can Out Do Them 2022-07-29

Every business marketing guru will tell you that to succeed you must know the competition. They will also say it is better to be their friend than their enemy. My competition is on the fiverr platform. But I am not sure who that really is. So, to understand a little better I am researching their offerings. Here is what my competitors are offering...

Animated Spokesperson Explainer Video Services On Fiverr

This is a fiverr gig widget. As an affiliate marketer as well as a video marketer it is beneficial for me to promote my competition as well as my own service. Suppose my competition gets a job order from this ad. Wouldn't that also reflect positively on my service as well? It should.

Website tips for this post are:
1. Affiliate marketing is a good way to promote yourself as well as possibly earning money.
2. BWT Videos offers animated spokesperson explainer videos on fiverr.
3. You can improve your business marketing by seeing what your competition is doing. With this knowledge you can learn what they are doing to succeed. Then you can try to do it better.

We recently updated our own gigs on fiverr. Changes include new lower pricing, updated videos and new gallery images.

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National Scotch Day Why We Celebrate It #Shorts Video 2022-07-28

Hi all, for this video I wanted to do a YouTube Short. YT Shorts are hot right now. This one features Charles an animated avatar.

Website tips for this post are:
1. In a YT #Shorts video, YouTube confiscates the lower portion of the screen to overlay the player controls and "Subscribe" button. I like to put my channel name and logo in here.
2. BWT Videos animated avatars use artificial intelligence to create life like voice overs. The text to speech engine is remarkably accurate in its reproduction of words.
3. #Shorts are designed to be viewed on a vertical smartphone. A 9:16 screen ratio is good for doing that. In other words set your screensize to 1080w x 1920h for best resutls. You can get your animated avatar #Shorts made here...

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Animated Spokesperson Videos - Directors Cut 2022-07-27

Hi all this video is a second cut for a promo I made for my fiverr gig. Notice this video neither has an intro nor an outro. After spending years making intros and outros for my videos this one doesn't get them. Tell you why after the video. Check it out...

Animated Spokesperson Videos - Directors Cut

Why I recut this video. It did not get the right message across the first time. Notice I added the flying buttons. I wanted to move your eyes around the screen to give a feeling of energy. Plus I wanted to direct your attention to my real message. Or rather the message I want my fiverr guests to see.

Website tips for this post are:
1. moving or flying text boxes add energy and attract attention of the viewer. Try not o over do this effect as it can get hoaky in a hurry.
2. Intros and outros do not work good on platforms that show your video in preview. Fiverr previews the video in their search engine. But only allows 75 seconds long. So an intro or outro eats into time available to get your message across. Check out my fiverr profile to see what I mean...

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How To Make An Animated Spokesperson Video 2022-07-20

Animated spokesperson video explains how to make an animated spokesperson video for explainer, tutorial, marketing or promotion. You get a high quality video in 1080p mp4 format. Check it out...

About Animated Spokesperson Videos

This video is a simplified version of the real process. But it lays out some basic priciples in professional video making. And that is you have to have a script to work from. I offer free script writing by the way.

This video was created in the brand new Camtasia Studio 2022 ®. Just released this June and sporting some mighty fine new features. Lots of new transitions and assets to choose from. It will take you a year to find them all. However, more animations are possible than ever before. Just rambling now so I'll let you get back to your business. But first check out the new products by TechSmith...

Camtasia, SnagIt by TechSmith

Camtasia Video Screen capture and edit software & tutorials.


Worlds # 1 video screen capture and editor. A favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. Easy to learn software and tutorials included.

SnagIt banner


Worlds #1 screen capture image and video software.

Highly sophisticated graphic editor software and tutorials included.

Techsmith education icon

Techsmith Education

Learn everything you need to know about Techsmith products. Professional presenter videos and tutorials teach everything from beginner to advanced video production and creating graphic art.

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Salma Spokesperson Short For YouTube 2022-07-13

Have you checked out YouTube's new "Shorts category? It is a new category designed to compete with TikTok. To get on this search engine your video needs to be 3 things.

1. Video length must be under 60 seconds. Could be several 10 and 15 second videos strung together.
2. Vertical or square. 1080px by 1920px will render as an Full HD video. And, 1080 square will also play. The videos are shown as a smartphone format so 9wx16h perfectly fills the screen.
3. You can add the tag #Shorts in the title and description. Which lets YouTube know your video is intended to be a short.

So here is my first video designed specifically for this #shorts category. It is only 17 seconds long. I am hoping that because it is short it will get a more complete plays. Which is a factor in search engine rankings.

I have posted several 620px square videos to YouTube that are listed as #Shorts and find they get a fair amount of play time. I really like this category for content creators. It means you can publish more often and get results quicker.

Look for BWT Videos to start offering #Shorts creation as a service. Contact me for more info.

Tim Koen

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Online Learning Where To Find Content Creators 2022-07-11

Hi all are you interested in online learning? Wondering where to find course content creators? Try fiverr the freelancer service platform. You can find content creators for just about anything imaginable. But first here is a little information about online learning...

Where to Find Online Course Content Creators

About Course Content Creation Video

How this video was made. I was going through one of my video creation apps, found this mockup template and thought, I should give it a try. It looks interesting and came with a script for online learning.

After reading the script I thought great, but, it could use some help? I mean it didn't even have a call to action at the end? What good is a script if it doesn't direct the viewer to take action? So, I updated the script and added that part.

Website tips for this post are:

  1. Always include a call to action in your scripts and at the end of a video.
  2. BWT Videos does free script writing, with a video creation order.
  3. Fiverr is a freelancer platform where you can find content creators for online learning courses...

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BWT YouTube Channel BWT review

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