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BWT blog is the place to keep up with new developments in website and mobile apps design. BWT proudly presents website tools, tips, tricks and techniques for design and build.

Blog posts and article teasers are included in this section. Each entry is categorized and added to the Archives. If you know what you are looking for use the search box on the right to find it. Otherwise continue reading.

Mobile Image Gallery How To Add A Mosaic To Your App Tutorial

Looking for infomation about a mobile image gallery for your app? This mobile app builder has several image page types. This tutorial teaches you how to use the "Mosaic" mobile image gallery page type.

Mosaic Page Type Selector

Easily create a mobile image gallery with this slick online tool inside Miappmaker mobile app builder. The image gallery (Mosaic) page shows thumbnails of your larger images in a grid. Each grid space is clickable. Clicking a thumbnail reveals a new fullscreen image with title and caption. Edit and configure the gallery quickly without using any code or programming, all that is done for you.

The results you get may be spectacular if you follow the tips and tricks listed in this titorial. Check it out...

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SucculentID Mobile App Re-Launch Update

SucculentID mobile app is being updated. Lots of new plant profiless, categories and information have been added to the app. Image quality is being upgraded as well. Check out the video guide built into the app. New plant profile pages include Aloe, Kalanchoe and Senicio species.

The update is not ready for prime time yet. BUT, several updates are live. If you already have the app you may have noticed more content and new images have been added to most pages. For instance much larger pics. With screensizes increasing all the time it is necessary to accomadate those. Example 12.4 inch iPad Pro is a large almost desktop size screen. Get the app...

Cover pic 3
Assoerted succulents

For the technically inclined the app has more 'Categories' which are button meus, made with bootstrap technology. Larger images were programmed to be more responsive to screensize. And we added shopping for succulents from Amazon on the bottom of the plant profiles. More detail and clarification has been added to the 'User Manual.'

You might want to get this app now it's free. Upgrades will magically appear when the update is released. Left to do before re-relase are finalize new plant reports, debug and submit to the app stores. Learn more about the SucculentID Mobile App....

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Lazy Loading Added To Website Tools Store

Do you like fast loading web pages? We do! We recently added 'lazy loading' images to the Website Tools Store. Here's whats up. Everybody hates to wait on a page to load on the Internet. But when we shop we want to see nice big pictures.

The problem is you can't have both, until now. Turns out we only need to load images into a webpage IF it is to be displayed on the screen. So why not wait until the user gets there to load up the images? That is exactly what the new 'lazy loading' script does.

With 'lazy loading' the webpage starts up lickity split (really fast) and can be viewed right away. While unseen images are delayed until that portion of the page is displayed. This is important on really big pages with lots of pictures. Like the 'Website Tools Store' on this website. You can see the effect on this page.

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Mobile App Maker Updated To iOS SDK 12.1

Mobile App BuilderHi all just found out Apple is requiring all new apps and existing app updates will be required to use SDK 12.1 starting in March 2019. Apple wants all apps to take advantage of iPhone Xs Max or new 12.9" iPad Pro.

If you have an app with Miappmaker we will update the app for you. We will be contacting you to let you know of these updates.

Looking to build a new app. MaM is the place. We use the latest technology to build iOS and Android apps. Don't get left behind. All new iPhones are coming with the latest version of iOS SDK. Apple is encouraging all iPhone users to update to their latest operating system.

The Mobile App Maker is an editor / simulator interactive development platform to design, build and publish mobile apps. Do it yourself or have Mam do it for you. Learn more...

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