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About Tim Koen and Best Website Tools, LLC. (BWT) Tim was born in 1956, grew up in Detroit, Mi. He has 3 college degrees and 30 years of experience. Some career accomplishments include webmaster, video engineer, Sr. film colorist, animator, web developer, project manager, electrical design engineer, Sr. Consultant (herbal nutrition) and go-kart racing champion.

After Wayne State University in 1980 Tim started his professional career as a video enginer ultimately reaching the position of Senior Film Colorist. He then returned to college for a degree in Computer Aided Design and Drafting. He worked as an electrical design engineer for 20 years. In 1999 Tim became an electrical project manager and worked in the 'Automotive Plant' engineering field until 2014. When he put his full time efforts into building his own business.

Tim is the owner and chief executive officer of Best Website Tools, LLC a small business. He is a chief webmaster, video developer and President. Tim now uses his skills and abilities to create, edit and produce videos for the Internet.

BWT Videos Presents

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BWT Videos offers basic, advanced and custom video editing. Whether you are looking for simply cutting some vacation footage together or need broadcast quality animation we can edit it for you. For a free consultation, click the link below...

Some of Tim's accomplishments include:

  • Television fame and recognition with 20 minutes worth of Super Bowl TV commercial air time (1988-1989) in his work as a Sr. Film Colorist. Estimated 1 day revenue generation for that day was over $25 million. At that time all high end TV commercials were originally shot on 35mm motion picture film. Which was then transfered to video for post production and editing. Tim's film transfers resulted in 20 minutes of air time during THE Super Bowl. Tim has high tech equipment operating skills.
  • Electrical Design Engineer (ABB Inc.) - Tim design engineered the automotive paint shop electrical systems for the Hummer2 Vehicle Assembly Plant (General Motors) in Fort Wayne, Ind. Estimated value: $200 million. Tim managed, oversaw or created designs for over 80 electrical systems from lighting to power distribution to industrial and instrumentation systems. His project management skills resulted in a $2million budget savings. Read project management skills.
  • Senior Consultant - Herbalife Independent Distributor. When he needed to lose 50 pounds and increase health Tim turned to Herbalife weight loss system. Becoming a registered distributor allowed Tim to get his health and fitness in great shape. Tim went on to become a Senior Consultant with Herbalife.
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  • AutoCAD Expert - computer aided design and drafting plus computer programming skills. While working as an electrical designer with a large automotive supplier Tim and his team were tasked with creating electrical designs and drawings for (2) auto body robot assisted assembly lines. This took 3 months and 1000's of man-hours to complete. When finished the customer (Chrysler Corp.) tasked Tim and his team to duplicate all drawings for a different plant, and get it done in a week.

    An estimated 40,000+ edits would be needed to accomplish this task, AND there had to be no mistakes. Tim's solution was an automated computer program that identified all the changes, did all the edits and made prints. The drawing package of 1300 drawings was duplicated, corrected, edited, printed, checked and presented to the customer in 7 days.

    Tim hand coded a program from scratch that opened each drawing, inspected it for errors, edited the changes, made a print, closed the drawing, and proceeded to the next drawing. It took Tim 1 day of coding and 2 days of running the program operation to complete. Estimated over 40,000 edits occurred with 99.99% accuracy. Problem solving and excellent computer programming skills.

  • Go-kart racer with many victories and top 5 finishes. Tim is a partner in TeamKoen Racing with brother Terry Koen. This year (2018) Tim finished first, second or third in 10 of 10 races he started. Tim's mechanical enginerring skills allowed him to capture 1st place in his class championship with A.K.R.A. (American Kart Racing Association).

    In 2022 Tim won 7 races, including 2 Formula 100 races at Daytona International Speedway. Tim is Dart Kart Club (racing club) Formula 100 Champion for 2022.

About Best Website Tools

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We create videos for business, brand, product or service, including explainer, corporate, marketing, training, tutorials, animation and motion graphics.

About www.best-website-tools.com (BWT) was started in 2007. In the beginning BWT was a hobby website. Slowly growing from a simple blog into a large website full of tools and tutorials. In 2018 Tim formed the company "Best Website Tools, LLC" to expand the business.

The Google map on the right is just one example of the neat tricks BWT incorporates into the website. As a website developer BWT is built in house and is constantly updated. Find out more about us. Get business hours, maps, directions and more on our Google myBusiness Website.

In 2015 Tim started building mobile apps. He created the website and mobile app builder 'miappmaker.com' (MAM) to pursue this part of his business. In 2018 BWT assumed management of Miappmaker.com and moved the tools and support to BWT. In 2019 the mobile app business was abandoned due to unfair business practices by The Apple App Store. The business failed because Apple unapproved all my apps "to clean up their messy" App Store. In truth they stopped supporting apps not made on Apple platform. My apps were all PC developed. so they couldn't be p[ublished on The Apple App Sore anymore.

Career Achievements

Past Job Experience

  • Sr. Electrical Design Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Sr. Film Colorist
  • Sr. Video Engineer
  • Controls Cngineer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Video Editor
  • Webmaster
  • Race Team Crew Chief

Certificates & Licenses

  • FCC First Class Radio Telephone License (USA)
  • Adobe After Effects Fundamentals (fiverr.com)
  • Camtasia 2022 Voyager Level Certified (TechSmith Inc.)
  • Online Marketing Fundamentals (fiverr.com)
  • Boiler & Furnace Control (Honeywell)

Website Designer Award 2017
Website Designer Award 2016

Tim is an expert. With many years experience and 2 engineering degrees. Tim has worked for over 30 years in engineering and creative positions and has many accommplishments. Here is a list of some of Tim's milestones.
  1. (1974) Graduated Cass Technical High School in Detroit, MI. USA. with a diploma in 'Electronics." Cass Tech at the time was one of the nations top rated high schools for college prep in the USA.
  2. (1976-1981) Attended Wayne State University - Mass Communications degree program. Specializing in Radio, Film and Television. Tim won one of two Internships offered at The Center For Instructional Technology. Where he worked for 3 years.
  3. (1979) graduated Spec Howard School of Broadcast Arts. Graduated top of Class in Broadcast Electronics curriculum. Received diploma in Broadcast Electronics.
  4. (1979) Earned "First Class RadioTelepone License" by "Federal Communications Commission" in Washington, D.C. Also called 'the ticket' it is a professional engineering license issued to broadcast engineers. This is an 8 hour test required by broadcast engineers to operate high power transmitters. This license was required by the FCC for radio and television broadcasters.
  5. (1980-1992) Sr. Video Engineer specializing in video production and post production. Tim was Sr. Video Engineer (Producers Color Service, FilmCraft Video Inc.) for 8 years. before deciding to switch careers.
  6. (1985-1992) Sr. Film Colorist. Working with professional film and video equipment like DaVinci Resolve, Sunburst color correcter, Sony video recorders, Cintel & Bosch telecines, Panasonic cameras and more. Tim transfered motion picture film to video with color and time base correction.
  7. (1992-1994) Attended ITT Technical Institute in the Computer-Aided-Desgn-Drafting program. Tim graduated with highest honors and top of his class. Receiving a diploma in CADD Technology.
  8. (1994-2014) Electrical Design Engineer. Tim worked for various companies (ABB Inc, Comau, Design Systems Inc, Teak Industries) in the automotive industry. As a Detroit native more and better opportunities existed in the automotive industry compared to film and television. Many global, regional and local industry giants are based here (Ford, GM, Chrysler). Automotive engineering was my career, because it was readily available. Where as the film and television production industry shrank significantly.
  9. (2002) Tim began webmastering as a second income. Early endevours resulted in learning all about online marketing and building websites that work. Advancing home computer technology gave everyone an opportunity to beome an small business owner. Tim learned about coding for the Internet in his spare time.
  10. (2006-2015) Herbal-Nutrition-Solutions.com (HNS) online ecommerce business. Tim's first web based business in partnership with Herbalife Inc. As an Independent Distributor Tim was allowed to market his own business with Herbalife supplying the product and knowledge base. Tim attained the level of Senior Consultant in the Herbalife organization.

    Unfortunately in 2015 Herbalife restricted the sale of their products online. Herbalife decides that all distributors must use their in-house website, and cannot have their own website anymore. HNS was forced off the Internet by new Herbalife restrictions. Tim learned ecommerce online business building skills.

  11. (2007-Present) Best-Website-Tools.com online business launches. Tim's second web based business is continuously updated where he brings you the best website tools, tips, software and tutorials. Free consultations, inquire below.
  12. (2015-2018) Miappmaker.com mobile app maker business. Tim was the owner and development engineer. Tim created mobile apps for calculators, knowledge and utility based apps for various businesses. All Tim's apps were successfully accepted by Apple App Store and Google Play app store. Miappmaker.com was consolidated into Best-Website-Tools.com in late 2018.
  13. (2018) Best Website Tools, LLC company is formed. BWT absorbs Miappmaker.com. BWT begins to grow as a website and mobile app building company. But, later abandoned mobile app making due to rule changes in The App Store in 2019.
  14. (2020) BWT Videos is created. Tim reboots his video production career. BWT Videos aquires software and equipment to create videos. Equipment includes a digital video camera, studio lighting, backgrounds and sound recording gear. Software includes Camtasia Studio, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and several cloud based video creation licenses.
  15. (2021) Animated spokesperson videos launches. A video production and editing business featuring animated spokesperson videos. Artificial intelligence meets animation with launch of animated and human animated avatars with text to speech lipsync. BWT Videos has become an expert in this area of video creation and has sold many videos.
  16. (2022-present) A.I. Animation Creator. Tim launches into A.I. animated video production. Tim aquires A.I. powered animation tools to create videos with. Tim learns and masters "Animated Spokesperson" video production.

About Me And Go-Kart Racing

Best Car Ever

Trophies From Daytona International Speedway
Sticker From Daytona Formula 100 trophy
Tim is passionate about winning go-kart races. Being the first to see the checkered flag in an important race is Tim's idea of a good day. To do that requires excelllent mechanical and driving skills. But most of all it requires being on the grid and prepared to take the green flag. Getting there is the hardest part of any race.

Go-kart racing is a sport Tim has been participating in since 1982. Tim has many local & regional champoinships and has finished in the top 5 in many national champoinship races. Tim has sat on the pole of 7 Daytona World Championship race and won 2 or finished second 8 times.

You might be wondering why is this mentioned on the about me page for an online business. It goes to show what kind of passion Tim brings to everything he does. It shows commitment, teammanship, perserverance, determination and humilty (you can't win them all). Trying to win is important to Tim. Being a member of a successful team brings leadership and teammanship to other endevours.

Use the "Contact" link below to contact Tim. Or, use the "chatbot" (lower right corner, bouncing icon) to learn more about Tim Koen or BWT Videos. Find out if we are we right for your business, brand, product or service.


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