Ideal Weight Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator calculates what you should weigh compared with your current size and shape. A web app that can be used stand alone on any device. Information supplied includes how much weight you need to lose or gain to reach your ideal weight. Learn about your BMI and how much protein it takes to burn fat as fuel. Check out this training video...

The Story Behind Ideal Weight Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator is a long time project. About 15 years ago I was fat, I mean really fat. At 50+ pounds overweight I was not competing in my sport well enough to win. It was time for a lifestyle change. I decided to lose the extra weight and get back to health.

Then I discovered Herbalife and began a weight loss journey. Soon I was losing 3-5 pounds a week. In only 6 months I was a changed person. I lost those 50 extra pounds and looked great. Then I lost my job.

Remember when GM went bankrupt and had to ask the government for a bailout? Even though I was looking good I could not find a job anywhere. (I live in Detroit) Times were indeed very tough.

I became an Independent Herbalife Distributor to help earn some extra money. At the time the Internet was wide open and anyone could start an online business selling Herbalife products. So, I did that, until Herbalife banned that business model. During that time I began developing a weight loss calculator.

I researched what would be my ideal weight and how to reach that goal. Turns out there is a formula that calculates a person's body mass index (BMI). BMI tells you how much weight is fat or water build up and not normal growth. I created a formula that calculates ideal weight based on person's height, weight, gender, frame size and BMI.

Armed with this information I was able to plan a weight loss program from the Ideal Weight Calculator results. I determined through actual testing how long it would take to lose enough weight to safely reach an ideal weight. Not just for me but for almost anyone. Ideal Weight Calculator (IWC) went into development and became a web app.

What Happened to Herbal Nutrition Solutions

As an Hebalife Independent Distributor any qualified person could do business online with their own promotional material. Gazillions of people had websites and blogs devoted to Herbalife products and the multi-level marketing system. Most were crap but a few shined. Of those top online distributors I was one. My website was called "Herbal Nutrition Solutions" (HNS).

IWC web app was developed and sold Herbalife weight loss programs on HNS. Ahhh! the good old days. HNS was a successful money making website that helped people. It's popularity grew and grew. I was making money with it. Until, Herbalife decided that only their cookie cutter websites were allowed to sell products or promote the business model.

Herbal Nutrition Solutions was asked to be shut down, almost forced actually. I was given the option of closing the website or losing my Herbalife distributosrship. I chose to close down the website. When that happened IWC was obsolete. Further development would have to wait.

Ideal Weight Calculator Goes On A Diet

Years later IWC came back to life as a modern day mobile app. The plan was to develop a mobile app version. While that project never got very far the web app version was updated and cleaned. While IWC still promotes Herbalife weight loss programs it doesn't sell anything.

This latest version is developed as a mobile friendly responsive web app. Modern smartphones can now store icons that link directly to a web app. There is no need to develop a full blown mobile app anymore. IWC web app was migrated to a mobile device platform (jQuery mobile) for coding and user interface.

Ideal Weight Calculator Tutorial

BWT Video Services has created a video tutorial on how to use this app. Mostly it was the tutorial development that brought IWC back from the abyss. We wanted to show off some video design skills and IWC was a prime candidate for that purpose.

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