Compare WordPress Easy Blogs and Site Build It

Update Jan. 2018 Albeit several years have passed since this comparison was done many of the results may have changed. EasyBlogs with SBI remains this webmasters preferred website building and blogging tools.

While EasyBlogs has remained the same and WordPress has grown still SBI remains the best host for the online entrepreneur. Simply because SBI is oriented toward the online business success not just website hosting. EasyBlogs remains the only tool for the soloprenuer to have a full blown blog and a website business all in one place.

Compare WordPress with Easy Blogs & Site Build It! features and cost

Feature WordPress Easy Blogs with Site Build It!
Initial set-up fee None None
Domain name included no yes
Fast, reliable hosting Depends on hosting package yesunlimited
Data transfer Depends on hosting package yesunlimited
E-mail customer support For hosting account only yes
Telephone support For hosting account only,
if offered
Point and click page building no yes
Number of pages yesnumber limited by
storage space
Number of blogs no one per domain name yes100 separate rss feeds  (blog/websites) no additional hosting required.
E-mail accounts Depends on hosting account yesunlimited; option to integrate
with Gmail for your domain
E-mail forwarding yes yes
E-mail domain forwarding yes yes
Spam 'n Virus Blast It!
Best-of-breed, state-of-the-Net complete protection system against spam and viruses
no yes
Upload your own HTML pages yes yes
Page design templates yesFree basic templates
(or customized with backlink or purchase)
yesFree basic and advanced templates (no backlink required);
extra customization available
Customized 404 page yes yes
Traffic statistics yes yes
Tracker links no yes
Click tracking and analysis no yes
Unlimited custom form creation with CAPTCHA abuse protection yes yes
Database storage for managing, searching and reporting of form data no yes
Unlimited single and multiple sequential autoresponders no yes
Catalog & shopping cart no compare WordPress Plug-n-play w/
leading third parties.
Credit card processing no with Easy Blogs
E-commerce no and Site Build It!
Affiliate program no
Password-protected pages no yes
Blogging yes yesIntegration with any website
Blog It! (automated site-blogging and RSS feed creation) no yes
PERL/CGI, PHP or ASP support yes yesWith Infin It! integration
Submission to all major engines
(Google, Bing, Yahoo! Search)
no yesSee "Sitemaps XML" below
Sitemap XML File:
automated creation and updating for Google, Yahoo!, Bing Search
no yes
Sitemap XML File:
automated page prioritization
no yes
Sitemap XML File:
automated, regular pinging to all engines
no yes
Web site analysis for optimal Search Engine compatibility no yes
Tracking of Search Engine spiders no yes
Search Engine index checking
(Google, Yahoo!, Bing)
no yes
(Listing Report for your pages)
Search Engine rank reporting
(Google, Yahoo!, Bing)
no yes
(Rank Report your pages)
Unique Keyword Search Reports
For Each Page Of Your Site
no compare WordPress with Site Build It! and Easy Blogs yesUnlimited, detailed, unique keyword info
2-level Image Search report no yes
Pay-Per-Click mass bidding no yes
Value Exchange (high value, relevant links) no yes
Keyword Research tool no yes
Keyword Brainstorm tool no yesState of the Net
(Includes Ultimate Verticalizer
and Ultimate Lateralizer)
Real Supply
Ground-breaking data about the real competition you face for each keyword
no yes
Competitive Site Info
One-click deep competitive analysis
no yes
Monetize It!
Optimize content-building, ad-selling, PPC-buying
no yes
Choose It!
Choose your perfect niche and domain name
no yes
Search It! E-business tool with over 100 advanced searches to build your business no compare WordPress with Site Build It! and Easy Blogs yes
New searches added regularly
Graphic logo creator & editor no yes
Graphic navbar maker & editor no yes
Fully customizable look & feel yes yes
E-mail marketing list builder/distribution no yes
E-zine publishing tool no yes
Spam check tool no yes
Open rate stats for e-zine no yes
Always Up-To-Date Best Practices Private Headquarters For:
   •Tips and Techniques
   •Search Engines
   •Image Search
   •Special Resources
   •Local Search
   •Shopping Search
   •Video Search
   •Pay-Per-Click Search
no yes
New info/resources added,
old info deleted, regularly

(No need for you to spend time "keeping up" with 100s of e-business sites, blogs, zines, feeds. SBI! editors do that for you, keeping you up-to-date on only the info you really need. So you focus on growing your business.)
Private Forums - The single best (and friendliest) small business, help-and-be-helped resource in the world. no yes
Focus on Your Success no yes
C content T traffic P pre-sell then monetize M Process no yes
Step-By-Step Video Marketing Guide no yes
Costs software+hosting $10-$45/month Easy Blogs - $29.95 one time SBI Less than $1/day

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial
Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website Step by step instructions to create up to 100 blog/websites. Includes 326 page ebook.
AKA SBI RSS Tutorial
Only $167.95 $99.95 $29.95

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