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Article writing for search engines
Note: article writing for search engine ranking has changed since this article was written in 2008. We no longer recommend the article spinning and directory submission techniques outlined in this article.

We do still recommend writing articles in the way described below.

Article writing tip No. 1 - write about what you know. Would you like to know how to quadruple your website traffic overnight, with one article? I hope so cause I'm going to let you know anyway. Write and publish an article you know something about.

Then publish it with My Article Submitter to 3 dozen article directories. Yahoo Articles and other directories published my article for their readers the next day. And the results were fabulous.

Best Website Tools Daily Statistics for May 2008

Day | Visits | Visitors | Pageviews

1) 105 -19.16% | 96 -21.15% | 220 -17.45%
2) 412 -75.18% | 365 -80.40% | 983 -77.95%

In one day my website traffic quadrupled. It is such a positive indicator, I'm jumping out of my chair (watch out behind). But wait theres more. The subject matter is pretty obscure. Have you ever heard of "Ocular Defense Formula" (ODF) a herbal eye health supplement? And what the heck does that have to do with SEO?

ODF is a herbal supplement that includes Lutein, Bilberry, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to help protect the eyes from oxidative and age related damage that can lead to vision problems. ODF is also the file name for a page Ocular Defense Formula on my health & wellness website Herbal Nutrition Solutions. ODF is a search engine optimized webpage and ranks #1 in Google (of about 45,000+ search results).

Herbal Nutrition Solutions Daily Statistics for May 2008

Day | Visits | Visitors | Pageviews

1) 270 -25.00% | 243 -26.16% | 514 -21.07%
2) 757 -70.09% | 689 -74.17% | 1805 -74.01%

As you can see these numbers are much nicer. Here comes the chair jumping again! I may need to get a new chair soon. Already other webmasters are asking for reprint rights and offering link exchanges for the article. It just keeps getting better and better. The phone calls are coming in too asking for advice. How cool is that! One little article has generated so much buzz I just had to let everyone know how I did it.

Here is my secret: I wrote an article called Keyword and Meta Description Tags and submitted it to 3 dozen article directories. I published this website and used my health & wellness website as a source of information. This way, I could promote 2 websites at the same time. The main website (Best Website Tools) is where the article resides, and the writing style is geared toward that theme. The other website (Herbal Nutrition Solutions) provides the subject matter. By describing how I search engine optimized ODF I was able to generate 4x the traffic to both websites overnight.

Tip #2 the writing style is in the "how to" genre. First describe a problem and then provide the solution. This article solves a problem by example and then offers tips and techniques to follow to reach the solution. The problem is getting this page to rank high in the search engines.

The solution is a well optimized webpage that captivates. The article decribes how to optimize keyword and meta description tags for better search engine ranking.

The tip: Article Writing To Solve Problems.

Try this formula:
  • State the problem, e.g SEO for higher rankings
  • Offer a solution, e.g meta tags optimization
  • Describe how your solution works Explain why it works
  • Use an example
  • Call to action statement e.g. show what to do next - most wanted response
  • Publish to one website.
  • Use social media, email and other methods to promote your article.

The next step I used was to submit the article to the right directories. With My Article Submitter I selected about 30 appropriate article submission directories to post too and submitted "Keyword and Meta Description Tags." This software takes all the tedious repetitive work out of the submit process. So I didn't even have to do that much work.

And the hits just keep on coming! Looking closely at the stats above you can determine that the average pageview per visitor has risen from 2 pages to 4 per days bonus.

Update Mar. 2018:

10 years later and things have really changed. Like submitting to article directories. They almost don't exist anymore. But worse than that Google search engine people decided that article directory submission was bad for ranking.

Seemingly overnight websites that benefited from article submission were then penalized for doing it. Pages that ranked well one day were no where to be found after that Google algorithm update.

Consequently software programs like article submitters and article spinners suddenly became obsolete.

My recommendation now is to write unique articles and only post them on one website. The best arguement for this is the risk of having a page NOT get listed in Google because of duplicate content. Learn more about article writing and publication.

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