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Following is a description of our website packages and what is included and what is not. This guide shows you how to select a plan that fits your business and budget.

When you build an online business it needs to be planned and executed properly to get the most value for your money. Each package includes scheduled planning and design reviews, project specific consultations, website layout, basic design and build, search engine optimization, basic graphic design, and normal website maintenance.

Inside Website Packages

  • Brainstorming your niche market and developing a website theme. Collect information on profitable keywords and phrases based on your business theme. Determine which keywords or phrases match and recommend page titles and website navigation that fit, based on our research and your input. (Not subject to hourly rate.) Recommend website layout and structure.
  • Research marketing comparison with your competition to make sure your site has everything your competition has. Make recommendations based on trends on the internet and the competition in your market. (Not subject to hourly rate.)
  • Create a complete website including Home page, navigation menu and required pages, based on the information and content gathered and supplied during research phase. Required pages include Index (home) page, Contact Us page, Policies page, About me page and sitemap page. All forms pages must have a thank you page with it. Generic Thank you pages are not considered or subject to extra page fees or hourly rates. Custom Thank You pages are considered and subject to extra page fees and hourly rates.
  • Build and Develop your website based on information gathered during design reviews, layout approval, project consultations and special requests.
  • Give you all the website tools used to create your website. Plus Basic instruction for maintaining your website and interacting with Site Build It! It is your website and your business after all. So you get all the website packages building tools and the website upon completion of the contract.
  • Follow up support for 60 days after turn over of website.
  • SBI tutorial to get you going. BWT will direct you through the most important modules so you can interact right away with your new website.

Request a free consultation.

Website Package Deals

1. Basic package includes: design and build 10 web pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, and (optional) site blog and newsletter pages. Includes Site Build It & tutorials. Typically $850 3. Ultimate package includes: design and build 30 pages, web hosting for one year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, and (optional) site blog and newsletter pages. Includes Site Build It & tutorials. Typically $1450
2. Advanced package includes: design and build 20 pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, and (optional) site blog and newsletter pages. Includes Site Build It & tutorials. Typically $1150 4. Ecommerce package includes: Ecommerce package. Setup an estore with payment processor. Up to 10 items. Includes expandale catalog and secure shopping cart. Mobile ready design works on all devices. $250
eCommerce Package sold separately
Basic - 10 pages ($850.00 USD)
Advanced Website Package - 20 pages ($1150.00 USD)
Ultimate Website Package - 30 pages ($1450.00 USD)
eCommerce Package ($250.00 USD)

Includes SBI! + Design & Build
(SBI subscription 1 year renewable)

Initial consultation is free. Actual prices and schedules based on final contract agreement.

Price Structure:

  • $300 for website hosting and building tools. 1 year recurring
  • $300 for research, labor and initial setup. One time fee
  • $25 per page build, non-negotiable
  • Additional services are extra depending upon service.

Note: Hourly fees apply AFTER 60 days from website turnover.

Request a free consultation.

Additional charges to Website Package:
Included but are not limited to.

  • Hourly Rate: $35.50 USD/hour for out of project scope time spent, including but not limited to.
    1. Creating content and special requests. All content is to be supplied by client including text, pictures, graphic art, audio, video and special requests like javascripts.
    2. Content and special requests created by will be on an individual basis and subject to additional charge. Chargeable services include but not limited to creating articles, blog posts, graphics and special effects (i.e. rotating content boxes, custom forms, pop-up windows, etc.)
    3. Creating graphic art. All graphic art to be created by client or on a third party basis. Copy and pasting of existing art is subject to copyright laws and is not assumed by Normal graphics (artwork) such as logo, background graphics, color fill, included pictures and text set-up are considered normal activities and not subject to an additional service charge.
    4. Website maintenance such as; re-uploading pages, look & feel changes, adding links, changing content or graphics, etc.
    5. Consultation fees - including but not limited to: computer instruction, off project information and third party applications. Scheduled project reviews and consultations are not included in this fee.
  • Business expenses including travel and accommodation charges including:
    1. Mileage compensation for use of personal transportation according to current U.S. standards.
    2. Hotel or Motel charges and taxes occurring on related business trips.
    3. Food and entertainment bills for business related meals.
  • Additional web pages:
    1. $25.00 - 500 words or less plus 2 pictures or graphics in existing website theme.
    2. $30.00 - 500 to 1000 words plus 3 pictures or graphics in existing website theme.
    3. $35.00 - 1000 to 1500 words plus 4 pictures or graphics in existing website theme.
    4. $40.00 - over 1500 words plus 10 pictures or graphics in existing website theme.

Actual prices and schedules Website Package is determined during preliminary design and contract phase and agreed upon at signing of contract.

Why these prices are so low. Most website building companies typically charge around $100 per page to build a basic 10 page website. Our webmasters are work at home entrepreneurs who have little overhead costs.

Not only are we less expensive than most other companies but have access to some of the best website building tools available in today's market. We specialize in getting the most value into your website.

Download free with request for consultation.All Website Packages start with an initial consultation. The first step is to fill in the request for consultation form on the Website packages page. Your gift for requesting is "What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Website Designer" Written for small business owners who need websites, but don't know where to start. It helps them ask the right questions, shows you what to look for in a designer's portfolio, explains the costs, and helps you select a webmaster. Yours free with request for consultation.

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