Password Swap Javascript Tool Protects Website Information for Members Only

Password Swap javascript tool creates a simple yet robust membership website. Do you want to password protect information on your website, have a membership service or swap only certian areas of your web page, upon login?

First of its kind tool can do these functions. There just aren't any programs that can do all that in one tool, and for one low price, until now!

Password Swap In Action
Try it now click the 'Login' or 'Prices' button

You are logged in.
Please enter your password.

Use the 'request password' link to get the password. Then click the 'login' to swap the information in this box. Notice how everything changes when the correct password is entered. The image becomes clear, the 'For Pricing' button swaps to an 'Add to Cart' button, and the 'login' button changes to a 'Subscribe' button. Even this paragraph gets swapped.

Welcome active member
$20.45 Our Price $0.00

Welcome valued member. You are eligible for the membership only information. We ask that you become a member to give you priority service. Many of our products include coaching, so we reserve this for members only. Please state that you are a member when contacting us.

Note: You must refresh your browser to complete the logout.

Key benefits and features for the tool included:

  • A correct password will swap only certain areas of content in the page.
  • Works on any website page, one size fits all.
  • Once logged in allows all subsequent pages to be logged in.
  • Robust enough to work on all browsers.
  • Must display a password prompt, obviously
  • Must accomadate several areas on the page, not just one.
  • Cookie the users computer so they don't have to login everytime.

Password Swap javascript tool

PWS is remarkably robust. It has been tested in many browsers and performs well in Windows PC, and Mac operating systems.

You could provide an opt-in form that visitors must fill and to subsribe to your email list. (example: lead capture) Once visitors are logged they are presented with members only content or are allowed to view your restricted information. (example: membership site.)

Please enter your password
Welcome active member
You can use Password Swap to protect members only information or offer special discounts to your subscriber list. You could use it to capture leads and hide content from non-members. I can think of many ways to apply a tool like this. You could create a site that:
  1. A simple membership site
  2. Password protect information for members only
  3. Capture leads for your business.
  4. Setup contest entry forms.
  5. Swap content only in certain spots on your page.

Think of the implications with Password Swap javascript tool. What could you do with a tool like this?

Password Swap is still in development. Future releases include; detailed installation instructions and an ebook describing different methods of operation. Stay tuned for that. Right now I am offereing this tool only on request. To inquire about using this tool please fill in this form.

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: Website Design : Password swap allows you to protect members only to view information. Create a simple membership website with this javascript tool.

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