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A long time ago I learned that a product review and comparison was a seemingly great way to market a product. I also learned that fake reviews are not only unethical and devious but also damaging.

Before I knew this I wrote a comparison product review trying to be as honest and positive as I could about all the products. When my supplier found it they jumped down my throat and forced my to delete my page.

Shocked I was, to say the least. I thought they would love it, they did not. Even though I was very truthful in my product reviews they said that type of promotion was against their rules. I was free to use any marketing material they already approved of BUT I cannot associate their brand name with any competitor's in any way. They said it was inviting negative criticism. I never did that again.

Recently I became aware of some low life company has adopted the fake review and comparison strategy to promote their own business. Sadly, they targeted Solo Build It! SBI is the website builder I have used for over 10 years.

Said (to remain unnamed) company started a smear campaign against SBI. They're claiming that their website company is better than SBI without offering any proof. They're claiming their websites out perform SBI's without offering a single domain name to check on.

So guess what SBI did? SBI did their own comparison study and proved the offending company was wrong by a whopping percentage. Without going into the study and it's conclusions the results were beyond astonishing. Turns out SBI websites average about 3300% better than this other lousy company's for ranking popularity.

SBI super herox
Why don't I name this company? It doesn't deserve to be mentioned, at all. What does deserve to be mentioned is that SBIers (those that use Solo Build It!) are banding together to put this threat down by writing our own reviews. We are a tight and brilliant collection of solopreneuers that believe in SBI. Many of us have 10+ years with SBI.

You don't mess with success, right? I wouldn't be with SBI for 10 years if I was dissatisfied. I wouldn't be with SBI so long if there actually were something better. There isn't, I've looked. No other company does so much for my business as SBI does. I wouldn't be writing this article if I didn't believe SBI is my best partner for online business success.

My Own Solo Build It Review

SBI 3d box
Here is what I found. SBI has superior customer support. SBI has all the right business tools all for one low price. SBI has an easy to use website builder, especially for the non-technically inclined. Simply put SBI gets results. Check it out!

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