SBI EasyBlog Templates Selection For SBI Rss Tutorial

Computer cartoon pointing to right
The SBI EasyBlog templates have been customized specifically for SiteBuildIt (SBI) websites so that the graphics display properly plus you can add Google AdSense and the capability to have comments added to your News Blog.

Choose any one template for now. You can always change with the flick of a switch later. Have fun!

Templates That Will Match Your SBI Look and Feel
Even If Customized!

Click Here If You Want Your Dedicated Blog To have the Look and Feel of The Rest of Your SBI Website

Use this to match your custom SBI template. If you used a custom template you will want to download from this page the Customized SBI Template:

HTML Uploaders - Develop Your Own Templates

SBI css templates have arrived. These templates all use the same html code. Therefore there is only one template that you need for your Easy Blog. It is called "SBI css uyoh."

You can create your own SBI EasyBlog templates from scratch using the built-it Template Packager feature in Easy Blogs! This is one of the main reasons I thought this software was so cool. Easy Blogs is the only software that I researched that made it possible for you to create a blog template that matches your HTML template of your own design.

To design your own template, use the section in the Help files of the Easy Blogs software, labeled simply, "Templates". There is also a tutorial in the website, entitled, Understanding How The Easy Blogs Template Works that is helpful for learning how to modify your blog templates.

Or, if that is all too much, just use one of the template styles listed below.

Each template below has it's own look. Preview each template and then decide which one you would like to use on your News Blog.

You find some SBI EasyBlog templates that you like but you don't like the picture, you can change it! Check the help section of the Easy Blogs software for how to do this.

NOTE: If you are not adept at using HTML....then don't try this! This is only for advanced HTML coders.

SBI EasyBlog Templates



Background Color

SBI Boxstyle w/Background Graphic





Pink faces



Grey machines



Background pattern has a stucco look with some rose colors.

SBI Default Style





Light Blue



Light Green



Light Gray



Rose Petal



Bright Yellow

SBI Graphic Templates

Angry Man






bright yellow


Computer Man


SBI graphic template 2

Pad with pencil





Question Man


SBI graphic template 3

Rose and Heart



Stop Sign

lime green



light grey


light grey

Top Bar

Blue Wool

light blue


Grass and Leaf

light green




Wood and Leaf

light brown

Look and Feel templates (custom)

Book and Art



High Tech


SBI Customized


Just addedSBI-CSS-templates SBI css uyoh based on css file
3-column-css-sbi based on css file
AJ's 3 Column Fixed Width white
AJ's 3 ColumnFluid Width white
Custom templates by BWT your choice
SBI 2 Template your choice

EasyBlogs box coverTemplates Only $5.95 each


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Note: After payment you will be taken to the next page for immediate download. Make a note of the template you want and select that on the next page.

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial
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We accept  these credit cards and PayPal

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