SBI Boxstyles Templates For EasyBlogs

EasyBlogs box coverSBI Boxstyles Templates With Background Graphics, select the template that matches your look and feel or go wild (like I did) and create an all new look for your Easy Blogs. If you like the template but not the background image it is easy to change in your template. Same goes for the color inside the windows if don't like it, you can change it.

Boxstyle template draw a 'box' around the content section. The main content box is set to width="100%. It will fit any screen.

They feature an 'Archive' menu list all the dates that entries are amde. I use monthly divisions for dating. So each month I have a new page and a reason to update evry page. This is a good thing. It tells the search engines that your site is being updated.

SBI Boxstyles Templates With Background Graphics.


SBI Blondswirl template


faces template


machines template


Rosestucco template
Templates Only $5.95 each


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EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

Step by step instructions to create up to 100 blog/websites. Even though you only need one.
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