Independence Day Celebration

July 6th marks the Independence Day Celebration for Site Build It! July 1 marks Canada's Independence day. July 4th marks the indepencence day for the U.S.A.

Site Build It! - Summer special

Site Build It has created personal and financial independence for thousands of people. Join the party, bring a friend and make your own declaration of independence.

Take advantage of this summer special to build the business you've always dreamed. Now is the time to take advantage of our $100 special. Hurry ends at the stroke of midnight July 6th.

For only $100 more on your subscription, get a free SBI website. Give it to a friend, parent, cousin, child, neighbor or keep it for yourself.

Anyone can build financial independence through a successfull online business. SBI makes this summer the beginning of something that grows all four seasons. Begin your independence day celebration with SBI!

Why Site Build It! Works - C Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! T Content, Traffic, PreSell, Monetize! P Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! M or Content - Traffic - PreSell - Monetize. For any website to be profitable you need to recognize the importance of CTPM.

Content - Traffic - Presell - MonetizeContent Web searchers are looking for information or solutions. They are not looking for you - They don't know you (yet!). They seek what you know - So... give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To have a successful online business, start where they start - with the "research." Create your own BAM (Brains and Motivation) Then...

Take the traffic test see for yourselfTraffic Your topical content ranks high at the search engines (i.e Google, Bing and Yahoo!) attracting Free targeted traffic to your website. This is where your visitors meet you. These visitors have found you and can become your future customers.

Make your content pre-sell - ebookPreSell New ready to buy visitors learn to like and trust you because...your content pre-sells by Over-Delivering what they seek, relevant original information. Deliver it in your own voice with your own look and a feel. Then...Go beyond merely instilling confidence and your visitors will like you! and return to your website often.

Make Your Price Sell - ebookMonetize Convert warm, willing to buy, (Pre-sold) visitors into income. Called "Monetizing," this cannot happen if you fail to C Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! T Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! P first. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

Add multiple streams of income to your website.C Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! T Content, Traffic, Pre-Sell, Monetize! P is the Motor that drives M. (monetization) Once you have traffic to your website blend in multiple streams of revenue not just one. See the action guide for tips and techniques on how to monetize your site.

SBI TVSee for yourself. Take SBI! home today for a Free, No Risk, test drive. Using SBI! is the only way to experience the power and versatility of the web...At No Risk! You will have more than a website, more than a will have "it!" Over-deliver your passion with under priced tools - only $299/yr.

Start your Independence Day Celebration with Site Build It! today.

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