GDPR General Data Protection Regulation What It Means For Users And Webmasters

General Data Protection Regulation
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The European Union (EU) has decided that new requirements will be enforced to protect Internet users personal information (general data).

Since 25May2018 all websites (that are seen by EU residents) are required to allow those users the ability to choose If they want to allow computer cookies access to their computer. Computer cookies are small pieces of code are added to a computer when a user visits the website that store or retrieve information about the computer and/or personal information.

A website's privacy policy should state what 3rd party data collectors are incorporated in the website. And what information is collected and how it is used.

A typical 3rd party data collecter is advertising. The privacy statement would include words stating that the user's information is used to better serve ads. Google AdSense is a popular 3rd party advertiser.

Google, the Internet giant has added several requirements for it's publishers to comply with. BWT uses Google AdSense to offer ads. Hence we have added new information to our 'Privacy Policy.'

What GDPR Means To The User

Computer Cookies are sneaky
For the user these changes mean a more secure environment. The user should now see some sort of 'cookie' opt-in function on virtually every website they visit. Should they decide to opt out they should leave the website. Should they decide to opt-in data may be collected about the user and/or computer.

Website's have used cookies since the early days of the Internet. Meaning computer cookies are nothing new, just now more appearent. A website publisher must now state which data collectors they have and how the information is used.

For instance Google AdSense is a very popular advertiser used by millions of websites around the world. Hence Google is taking these requirements very seriously indeed.

Another popular use of cookies is shopping carts for online purchases. To buy or ship something over the Internet means giving up personal information like name, address, and email. Cookies can be used to remember the users information for future use.

Advertising on a Computer
Computer cookies like real life cookies which are typically small consumable morsels. Cookies are the mechanism that brings convenience to the Internet. When you fill in a form or take part in a contest you have to input certain personal information (general data). That data can be shared to advertisers, marketers and spammers, and stolen by hackers.

There are many uses of computer cookies So many that they need to managed. Fortunately the user can manage these cookies themselves. The difference now is that webmasters must inform EU residents of their use of cookies. Thereby allowing the user to opt out of any cookie usage.

Solo Build It!

Opting out of cookie usage can severely inhibit a website's functionality. You may not be able to communicate with the webmaster, fill in any forms or use certain pages.

Opting in to a website's use of cookies is a type of tassit agreement of trust. And allows you the full usage of a website. However you should check out a website's privacy policy if you are unsure.

Many websites will now show a 'cookie opt-in' function on every landing page on the website. Typically in the form of a widget that site on top or bottom of the page. This widget/function will be appearent until the user opts-in to the use of cookies.

The Catch is most websites assume agreement to the use of computer cookies should the user continue to use the website regardless of whether or not they have opted in or not. This is specifically stated in the privacy policy on this website.

GDPR For Webmasters

Advertising on a Computer
For webmasters these new regulations spell more work for some and disaster for others. Every website should have a privacy policy. Many Internet companies require a website have a privacy policy to use their services. Google Internet Search is one such company. FaceBook and Twitter come to mind along with Amazon and Apple.

It is up to the webmaster to comply with each of these company's policies to continue to use their services. Fortunately, this website uses SiteSell Inc's. Solo Build It, to host it. SBI has done all the legwork for it's users. Giving us clear directions on how to comply with GDPR.

SBI has generated a GDPR compliance widget and serves it to all their websites. An SBI webmaster simply activates the widget or not. You should see it at the bottom of this page. That is untill you accept the option. Then it should disappear forever. Or at least until the cookie is removed from your computer. For more on SBI's tools, click here...

Solo Build It!

Update June 3 2018

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Forms on websites probably are the most important change for complying with GDPR. Now forms should include options for EU users to acknowlwdge your use of information and what you intend to do with it.

It seems these new regulations are designed more for the webmaster than the user. Considering 99% of the population could probably care less about GDPR webmasters world wide have been working many hours attempting to comply.

And what does that mean? Are there going to fines or jail time for non-compliant websites? Probably not. Will Google search engine or Facebook penalize websites for non-compliance? Probably at some point. But likely only for the little guys. Giant company's websites will probably get a slap on the wrist along with instructions on how to fix the issues.

Changes made to this website include updating the privacy policy and adding GDPR options to all the forms and an opt-in widget for argeeing to the privacy policy.

Hope this helps


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