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Use SBI to build your online business.Site Build It! is an online business builders dream come true. Do you own a business? Why not turn your knowledge into an online business? Now you can with SBI 3.0. Do it yourself or design and build with a BWT Best Website Package. Every journey starts with a first step. If you take this one you join the world of online business. Here's how to do it.

Inside Solo Build It!

Site Build It recently re-branded itself as Solo Build It! We use the terms interchageably. All the tools you will ever need - owning a website is one thing, having all the tools in one place is another. All packages include: site building tools, web hosting, marketing tools, traffic building system, guidance/support, libraries and tutorials. All for one exceptionally low price.

Online Business Builder SBI!

Nobody else has an "everything you need to succeed on the Internet tool" like Solo Build It! You start with tutorials on how to succeed online, not how to build a website right away. This is more important than you might think. I mean, why build a website before you know what it takes to succeed?

There is a lot more to building an online business than just throwing up a website. You need to build relationships and learn to communicate with your visitors as well as design a well organized website. SBI 3.0 teaches you how to do lt the right way the first time.

Starting with the Action Guide tutorials you learn the basics and how to get organized. First you learn the right business building technique. Then you are introduced to.

SBI's new Block Builder 2 reduces the technical learning curve to zero. Drag and drop technology allows you to produce high quality websites easily.

Professionalism is the key to convincing your visitors that you are a trusted expert in your field. Only SBI makes this possible for everyone!!

Solo Build It! - Online Business Builder

Order SBI today.
SBI has everything your online business will ever need, Ideal for small businesses and do-it-yourselfers.

SBI Only - Do It Yourself

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

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Solo Build It comes with everything you need for a successful online business. With this package you work at your own pace. All the training is there all you need are brains and motivation. Get Started Today!!!

"Request A Free Consultation."

Unlike other so-called website builders SBI starts you off with an educational series of tasks that guide you in the right direction from the start. You learn the big picture, why some succeed and why others don't.

You learn how to organize an online business before you learn how to use the tools to make. Meanwhile you learn why the tools work, then how to use them.

Action Guide and video-demo

First up in your education is the SBI Action Guide. This 10 day masters tutorial is well thought out guide with video tutorials as well as detailed instructions. A must read for anyone who wants online success and is willing to put in the time.

Your SBI subscription gains you access to an unbelievable amount of insider information regarding designing, building and publishing a proper website.

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

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Action Guide - Table of Contents

Solo Build It! Action Guide.

Action Guide - tutorial to create and market a profitable online business. Step-by-Step instructions show how to build your website and the tools to make it a success. This 10 day (not literally) course takes you through all the steps needed to build an online business. From conception to monetizing to building relationships. See table of contents below.

More than instructions on using the SBI software you learn how to build an online business from the ground up. Find out how to select your perfect domain name and primary keywords. Learn how to attract and convert customers. Then keep in touch with them by building relationships.

The action guide teaches you how to attract visitors to your website through a method called CTPM or "content, Traffic, Pre-sell, Monetize". Whether you are selling hard goods, e-goods or information products this manual takes you through it all step-by-step.

Intro - The 10-Day BIG Picture
Day 1. - Master the ALL-Important Basics. Learn about all the different aspects of online business.
Day 2. - Develop Best Site Concept. There is more to this than you might expect. Use tools designed to narrow your ideas to a winnable concept.
Day 3. - Brainstorm Profitable Topics. Use the "Brainstormer" Tools to refine your concept. A spreadsheet like tool scan the web and returns recommendations for finding the most profitable niche for your concept.
Day 4. - Investigate and Plan Monetization Options. From ecommerce to subscriptions to advertising to service provider. Fing out which monetization mis is right for you.
Day 5. - Refine Site Concept and Register Domain Name. Time to start building your website. At this stage you have determined your best site concept, selected your primary keywords and developed a monetization plan.
Day 6. - Build a website that works. Based on your pre-determined site concept you begin creating the pages that make up the website. Including home page, tier 2 and tier 3 pages.
Day 7 - Build Free Traffic. On this day you register your site with the search engines and begin attracting free organic traffic.
Day 8. - Build Relationships. You learn how to setup a blog, contact form and get active on social media. You are introcuced to the concept of relationship building. Further your pre-selling knowledge.
Day 9. - Know Your Visitors. Learn how to turn your traffic knowledge into power. Learn how to understand traffic stats and how to use them. Know how to deal with search engine algorithm changes and more.
Day 10 - Monetize your website. Begin implementing your Day 4 monetization plan. Apply your plan and learn how to analyze it's success.

BrainStorm It and Niche Choose It

Brainstormer module in Site Build It
Coming up with high demand, low supply keywords for your website is a must to get free targeted traffic. Once upon a time this process took days if not weeks to complete. Not anymore!! With a little work this tedious task can be done in hours if not minutes.

Enter BrainStorm It (only at SBI). With this tool you can research keywords based on your specific theme. Forget about hiring a search engine optimization specialist. With BI you can do several different searches ultimately resulting in a list of the most profitable keywords and phrases.

The action-guide goes through the process so that you can quickly learn how to use this tool.

The function of the Brainstormer is to create a Master Keyword List. The MKL list shows you 'value demand' , 'real supply' and 'profitability' for all the items in your list. You can then edit the list to group the highest performers and delete the rest.

Master Keyword List Results

The real power of this tool is it's ability to focus, analyze and allow you to manipulate data retrieved from the huge SBI database. With this knowledge you can identify the most profitable keywords for your website.

Niche Choose It! builds a simple-yet-sophisticated decision matrix while you complete a step-by-step decision tree. This decision making process organizes your thinking. Result? You choose the best Site Concept possible for your Theme-Based Content Site.

Niche find it results

The beauty of Niche Choose It! is that you actually make the decision. As long as you consider all important possible answers and factors, and as long as you score truthfully and don't guide Niche Choose It! to the answer you "secretly" want, you simply cannot make a mistake. Enjoy!

Solo Build It Resources

SBI InfoCenter resources

SBI has many resources to find information to help you learn about all aspects of online business building. No matter whether you want to sell egoods, hard goods or information products. Use these resources to answer any wuestion you may have.

Google Unified Study and Report - Is a case study and tool that analyzes the effects of Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. And an example of SBI's dedication to your success.

Search It is an analyzation tool where you input your search queries and results are returned. Far more powerful than a simple search engine like Google search.

Monitor It - allows you to keep track of changes and updates in your niche. You enter a keyword and MI searches for RSS feeds (like blogs, newsfeeds, etc.) and returns a list of matches. Very useful if your niche is fast paced.

Sitesell:The Blog a place where SBI updates are first announced. Also trends and industry news is reported here.

Sitesell Professionals HQ - This is where you can hire a professional to consulting/training, Do-It-For-You,design work, technical and special requests.

Find It You have an idea and remeber you saw it somewhere on SBI but can't remember where? Use Find it! Simply type in a keyword or two and this tool returns a sortable list of places those keywords are mentioned.

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

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Computer pointing
Not just any builder will do. SBI's builder is both sophisticated and simple to use. An amazing amount of thought has gone into it.

SBI gives you a wide selection of mobile responsive templates to choose from. You will love the drag and drop technology used for building. And lucky for you the support and help system is far superior than the competition.

Site Builder Console

Design Templates

Your choice of templates

The templates shown are only a small portion of what is available at Site Build It! You can upload your own custom template as well.

Over 450 High Quality Customizable Templates
Custom website template

Already have a custom template? Simply upload your own. With over 500 templates to choose from we just can't show them all. Select your starter template from several categories.

Marketing TemplateMarketing Template Users:

Health and Fitness TemplateHealth And Beauty Template: 

Lifestyle TemplateLifestylesTemplate Users:

Finance TemplateBusiness and Finance Template Users.

Food and Drink TemplateFood and Drink Template Users:

High-Tech TemplateHigh Tech Template Users:

Sports and Recreation TemplateSports and Recreation Template:

Educate TemplateEducation Template Users:

Entertain TemplateEntertainment Template Users:

Book and Art TemplateBook and Art Template Users:

Customized TemplateStyle: Customized SBI Template:

Create your own template or customize and existing template from our extensive library.

Build IT

Website Building Tools

Site Build It 3.0 and Block Builder 2 contain a suite of tools unsurpassed any where else. You have complete control of your websites look and feel with a visual editor.

Solo Build It!

Site Builder - simple to use yet sophisticated enough for the advanced technical enthusiast. Control the look and feel of your content without needing to learn a lot of html, css or javascript coding. Insert text, images, videos, headlines and more with the click of a mouse. New drag and drop technology makes website building remarkably easy.

SBI SiteBuilder module

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

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Upload Your Own HTML (files) module is for those with experience in designing and building web pages. The sky is the limit with this module. Virtually unlimited capabilities between UYOH, the file libraries and special modules.

Upload Your Own HTML builder for experienced and beginner coders.

Special modules include these tools make it easy for you to do changes that affect all pages on your site...

All pages editor

  • Look and Feel Selector - Choose your site's style from a wide collection of pre-designed and custom themes. Or create your own using your graphic software!
  • Navigation Options -- Decide how visitors will navigate your site from your home page. Table of Contents text links, or graphical NavBar button links, or Both? This is also where you can re-order your navigation links.
  • Socialize It! -- Offer an easy way to for your visitors to share your great content. Add a button bar to each page, with buttons to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Footer - Insert a snippet of information (ex., copyright notification) automatically into the bottom of some or all of your Web pages information, a real time-saver.

Best advice before you start using the above tools? Read the help for each of these tools and/or watch the Day 6 video.

Site Build It business center

The Business Center provides you with a collection of advanced modules for growing a profitable e-business.

Activity Center

  • MailOut Manager -- Create, publish and manage an e-zine.
  • RSS/Blog It! -- This tool automatically builds/updates your blog page and your RSS feed for you and pings every major RSS/blog engine/directory.
  • Get Form Data -- Generate reports on any of the forms currently on your site.
  • MX It! -- Receive and send mail from Google Apps Gmail or other mappable mail system.
  • Infin It! -- Set up a blog, forum or other application on an external site and have it appear as a subdomain of your site.
  • Name Park It! -- Park a domain name for less than 16 dollars per domain. You also get unlimited re-directs. Uuseful for cloaking affiliate links and adding third party applications to your site.


Unlimited e-mail accounts with spam filtering.E-mail account setup, with spam and virus blocker, address book and white-listing. Site Build It Webmail gives you unlimited professional looking e-mail accounts.

Correspond with your customer base securely, without spamming. Contact forms means you never have to publish an actual e-mail account. Graphic challenge keeps it real and reduces spam. With the Form-Build It! module you can create single or multiple auto-responders. Use this module to sign up people for your special offers or send out an online e-course of your own.

Form Build It Editor

Point and click form builder with autoresponders follow up.

With Site Build It you can create custom forms that return a graph or chart after the form is filled in, (very useful for doing surveys or polls). You can create drop down lists, radio buttons and checkboxes to customize the information you collect.

Form build it - Collect information from your visitors such as name, email and telephone. Can used in a variety of ways like request for quote or building opt-in mailing lists.

Creating forms on your website is simple and easy with Form Build It!

No need to fill up your personal email, manage it through Site Build It. You don't have to worry about spam with a graphic challenge added to protect you from automated junk mail. SBI Webmail and Form Build It are the 1-2 punch.

Thank you page included with all your forms. Let your visitors know that you care, send them a thank you note or a 10 page e-course.


Sign up for Website Tips the newsletter
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Create and publish your own E-zineWith MailOut Manager, you can build an e-zine newsletter, create a template, publish issues immediately or at future dates. Statistics about your e-zine include number of subscribers, open rate and subscriber list.

Customize automated messages that your readers will see, as well as add subscribers to your list manually and change or unsubscribe e-mail addresses.

All Site Build It! owners can e-mail to one opt-in list. This list is composed of people who subscribe from your included opt-in form.

Create/Send Newsletter

MailBuilder is where you build/create your actual newsletter or e-zine, including.

  • design and save the template
  • add your content for each issue
  • preview and test each issue
  • schedule and send each issue.
  • 5000 free mailings per month with option to purchase more.
  • Mailing rollover up to 50,000 mailings per month.

Custom Thank You Pages

You can customize two Thank You pages.

  • the Subscription Thank You Web Page, which your subscribers will see immediately after subscribing.
  • the Confirmation Thank You Web Page, which they will see immediately after confirming their subscription by opting in.

Customization allows you to personalize the messages you offer your subscribers, and allows you to offer incentives for subscribing, such as a free e-book or podcast.

Content 2.0 for User Input

Content 2.0 Interactive web pages.Content 2.0 meets Web 2.0 in Site Build It Let thousands of volunteers happily build content and traffic for your Website. Interactive pages allows your visitors to contribute to their content to your website. Invite your visitors tell their story or give their opinion. Don't worry, you get to review the submissions before you post them on the web. This is a great way to build up your website without a lot of work. (example:Weight Loss Stories)

Content 2.0 pages are a submission form that your visitors fill in. You ask a question and the visitor answers it. Or the other way around, your visitor asks a question and you answer it. These interactive pages are then built into web pages. Naturally you get to edit or moderate any submissions before they get posted. Other visitors can add comments and initiate a dialog.

Learn more about Content 2.0

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

Click here to order

Computer pointing
Action tools are those you can interact with on a daily basis. They are used to build, promote and improve your online business. These are the kind of tools you would not expect to get from other service providers unless you pay for them. All part of your subsription to SBI.

Library Management

You have seven libraries to manage.

Site Builder Libraries
  • Image Library - add, delete and modify graphics. You will insert these graphics in the appropriate locations as you build pages.
  • Tracker Library - add, delete and modify tracker links. Use these special links whenever you execute special promotions to increase traffic to your site.
  • Link Library - add, delete and modify links. You will insert these links in the appropriate locations as you build pages.
  • 301 Library - 301 redirects allow you to have a page on your site that re-directs to another website page. Allowing you to keep the inbound link juice for the original page. This can be very helpful for integrating 3rd party apps.
  • Reusable Block Library - This is where you store code chunks that are reused throughout your site. For instance your 'footer' can be one peice of code for every page. Then if you wish to update your footer you just need to update it in one place.
  • Form Build It! Library - add, delete and modify forms (ex. visitor surveys, applications, registrations, subscriptions), including auto-responder messages that follow form submissions by your visitors (either single or sequential messages). You'll use these later as you build your pages (either in SiteBuilder or in your own HTML editor).
  • Content 2.0 Library - add, delete and modify invitations, along with their associated Thank You pages. Also manage visitor submissions and comments.

Top tips? Review the online help for each library. And to understand how all five libraries fit into the SBI! process, see DAYs 6, 8, and 9 of the Action Guide.

Guides, Tips and Techniques

SBI Guides! pulls all of Site Build It's documentation together in one place.

    SBI InfoCenter
  • Action Guide
  • Video Action Guide
  • Help & Strategies
  • Tips 'n Techniques HQ
  • SBI! Resources HQ
  • SiteSell Support FAQs
  • SBI! Forum FAQs (i.e., the FAQs - use the search function to find topics in the SBI! forums.
  • Content Sites (,
  • eBooks (The Tao of SBI!, Why People Fail, Make Your Content PRESell!, Make Your Links WORK!)
  • Traffic HQs (Traffic Stats, Search Engine HQ, Value Exchange HQ, Image Search HQ, Local Search HQ, Other Search HQ)
  • Search It! (data cruncher).

Yes, all of Site Build It's help, guides, articles, tutorials, key forum posts, HQs (etc.) are at your fingertips. Find any topic across the entire set of SBI! documentation! Find It!


User Name and Password are ""Forums - Site Build It! forums where you can help and be helped. Over 30 different categories that cover all the different aspects of building an online business with Site Build It! Included with purchase. Just about any question you have can be answered in the forums. Be my guest visit the forums just enter the URL in the username AND password fields. You can the roam around and read anything.

Visit the forums

Find answers to just about any question you can imagine. The Site Build It forums are the most visited of it's type in the world. With over 40 different topic areas you could find someone to help you out.

Take advantage of SiteSell support to solve any technical problems. The Site Build It software is easy to use, and robust but, there may occur a time when you need technical support. You get access to the Site Build It support team, who truly earned the right to support you.


Get Site Build It! todayWebsite Hosting - is the easy, generic part. But Site Build It! guides you through a proven process that works together with all the tools at exactly the moment you need them. Nobody else in the world does that.

Standard Web hosting is too complicated. SBI! makes the technology easier, so you can focus on building your business. Web hosting itself is the least important part of the package, but it is included, and it is top-notch. You can't get a more complete package than Site Build It.

Site Build It goes even further than most hosts with the 'World Submitter' module. Every time you upload or edit a page World Submitter' submits it to the 4 major search engines automatically. This frees you up and saves a lot of time. No need for you to worry about ftp, file allocation space or content management systems, it's all done for you at Site Build It.

All the tools all in one place. Are you worried you will have to add-in tools later? Well, stop worrying you get all these and more. New tools are added on a regular basis.


Site Build It - traffic centerAll the information you need to track the performance of your website. Use these tools to gauge the operation of your website. Easily identify which pages do well and which pages need updating.

Here's what the TrafficCenter provides.

  • Traffic Stats -- This section provides easy-to-understand information about who is visiting your site... numbers of visitors, which pages, entry and exit pages, and how people find you (referral and keyword-search stats).
  • Search Engine HQ - When you build a page, Site Build It! provides everything you need to submit it to all the major engines, according to the way they want it, and exactly the way a human would submit it by hand.

    Your GAP Calculations - this tool can determine if your website has been affected the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms. Then tells you how to fix the issues.

    SE HQ reports, for each major engine when your sitemap file is updated for each page, when each page was spidered, when it was indexed, how your page ranks for its Specific Keyword, and how your visitors are finding you. (Be ready for a few surprises!)

  • Value Exchange HQ - A unique, productive, honest way to exchange links with other sites focused on quality. No tricks, just results. Once your site reaches 20 or more pages, register it at the Value Exchange.
  • Image Search HQ - Find which images bring visitors to your site from the image Search Engines.
  • Local Search HQ - Use the information here to be found by local customers as well as global ones.
  • Other Search HQ - This includes Video Search, Shopping Search, Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click.
  • Click Data - Click-throughs create income. If you choose this radio button and then click on Show Me Data, you'll see how many people are clicking which links on your site on which pages. Sliced and diced, just the way you like it. Only Site Build It does this for you.

    On the other hand, Click-INs cost you either time and/or money. If you choose this radio button and then click on Show Me Data, you'll see which of your "off-site" links of your various promotional efforts are working. Again only Site Build It does this for you.

Traffic stats - daily and monthly stats
Daily and monthly stats

Social Media

Add social media to your website with "SOCIALIZEIT" Let your visitors help spread the word for you. See the tool in action at the bottom of this page in the "Share this page" box.

Use the FACEIT module to add Facebook Like buttons and comments to your website. This simple to use module comes free with your subscription to SBI. You do not need a website specialist to add these valuable tools to your website.

SiteSell is on Twitter. Got a question about Site Build It that you want answered? Try asking on Twitter. With 130 contributors your guaranteed to get a reply. Give it a try.

Follow SiteSell on Twitter

Only by trying can you discover what Site Build It! and your own imagination can accomplish. And we take all the risk with our 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not absolutely happy with SBI just ask for a complete refund. Learn more about the tools at Site Build It!

$329.99/year - Save $90 or,

Click here to order

Design & Build With BWT Website Packages

Best Website Packages sign
Best Website Tools can build your site for you. We already know which pages are essential to starting a website. Each website custom built to your specifications. Complete proposal and design process included. All tools and content turned over to you at conclusion of design and build process.

Are you ready to get started? Try BWT Website Packages. We put you on the fast track to putting your website together. We make 10 or more essential pages every website must have. Including Home page, About Me, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Newsletter, blog, and a cont page. Plus addtional tier 2 or tier 3 pages as needed.

Do you want to integrate a 3rd party partner? Like a shopping cart or eStore. Ask for the eCommerce package.

1. Basic package includes: design and build 10 web pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, site blog and additional pages. Includes Site Build It tools & tutorials. - 850.00 USD 3. Ultimate package includes: design and build 30 pages, web hosting for one year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, site blog and additional pages. Includes Site Build It tools & tutorials. - $1450
2. Advanced package includes: design and build 20 pages, web hosting for 1 year, plus all the above mentioned services. Including required home page, contact page, policies, about me, sitemap, site blog and additional pages. Includes Site Build It tools & tutorials. - $1150 4. Ecommerce package includes: design and build an ecommerce store. Package includes 3rd party payment processor setup and associated pages. Typically 5 to 10 products. Includes custom, expandable, scalable and mobile responsive design.- $250USD

Order A Best Website Package

Website Packages Box30 Day Money Back GuaranteeGet a quality website with all the right pages. Skip the learning curve. From concept to completion, we do it all. See expandable boxes below for more information.
eCommerce Package sold separately
Basic - 10 pages ($850.00 USD)
Advanced Website Package - 20 pages ($1150.00 USD)
Ultimate Website Package - 30 pages ($1450.00 USD)
eCommerce Package ($250.00 USD)
Includes SBI! + Design & Build (SBI subscription 1 year renewable)

Accepts most credit cards and PayPal

Get a 10% Discount with code "bwt10off".

Get more informantion about BWT Website Packages

Request a Free Consultation

Computer pointing
That's not all you get, with BWT you get search engine optimized pages, keyword research, SBI training. Other programs offer these items for additional monthly fees, but are included in all BWT website packages.

Other website builders want you to agree to a website maintenance program that goes on for the duration of your website. Best Website Tools will train you how to use the Site Build It software as part of your website package. Ask yourself how much that is worth?

To arrange a free consultation for building your new website please fill in the "Request a Free Consultation Form." We will respond within 2 business days.

Site Build It With BWT Website Package Specifics:

Following is a description of our website packages and what is included and what is not. This guide shows you how to select a plan that fits your business and budget.

When you build an online business it needs to be planned and executed properly to get the most value for your money.

Scheduled planning, design reviews and project specification consultations, website layout, basic design and build, search engine optimization, basic graphic design, and normal website maintenance. Includes domain name and search engine registration.
Develop a website theme. Collect information on profitable keywords and phrases based on your business theme. Determine which keywords or phrases match and recommend page titles and website navigation that fit, based on our research and your input. (Not subject to hourly rate.) Recommend website layout and structure.
We do a comparison with your competition to make sure your site has everything your competition has. Then make recommendations based on trends on the Internet and the competition in your market. Create a list of marketable keywords for your niche. Develop a site concept for future development.
A website based on information gathered during design reviews, layout approval, project consultations and special requests. Develop a site navigation map to include all the pages required to meet design specifications. Request a consultation to learn more.
Including Home page, navigation menu and required pages, based on the information and content gathered and supplied during research phase. Required pages include Index (home) page, Contact Us page, Policies page, About me page and sitemap page. All forms pages must have a thank you page with it. Generic Thank you pages are considered as part of the project and not subject to extra fees. Custom 'Thank You' pages are considered extra and subject to page fees and hourly rates.
We give you all the tools used to create your website. Plus instruction for maintaining your website and interacting with Solo Build It! It is your website and your business after all. You get all the website package building tools and the website upon completion of the contract.
60 days of priority support service after turn over of website. Continued limited support thereafter. Includes technical and maintenance prioritization. Instructions for non-technical issues are on a per request basis. Consultations are included as part of a project. Recommendations are free.

Website Packages Consultation Form

Let BWT build it for you To get started simply fill in the form below. Look at the website packages above for ideas on size and scope of your new online business. Make sure to include thoughts on a business model and special requests. This is simply a request for consultation no obligations required.

Website Packages - Request A Consultation

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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