Online Home Based Business - A guide to Internet Riches

Computer holding a dollar billThinking of starting your own online Home Based Business. Excellent, go into it with everything you need. Make sure you know what your getting into. There are many great reasons to have your own business. You are your own boss, no more rush hour traffic to contend with, you can't get fired. And the list goes on.

You've decided its time to go it alone. There has to be something better than working for someone else's company. Who knows when your position will be eliminated or your company decides they no longer need your services. Not having job security has lead many to start their own home based business.

We have been told many times that the new economy is upon us, or to prepare ourselves for the new economy, or what new jobs will be created by the new economy, or what jobs will be lost. It has been given different names, such as knowledge economy, network economy and the information age.

Guess where one of the largest areas of job creation is?

Computers syning up That's right, in the home based business arena. And why is this? If the economy is creating jobs all the time then why are so many people going it alone? Is it the lure of easy money on the Internet, the great opportunities in multi-level marketing? Is it the get rich quick syndrome of easy money while you sleep. Nope, it is none of those?

Today, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. From emailing our colleagues and friends, to playing games, to setting up blogs telling the world about our personal lives, the Internet has truly become our constant companion.

Even the average Joes on the street have jumped onto the bandwagon. They have set up businesses on the web, hawking their wares on the global marketplace. And some have done pretty well for themselves. But most die a slow death due to lack of business accumin. Not knowing what to expect can have devestaing effects on new online businesses. Only about 3% of new business remain after the first year.

Find out how to be in that top 3% that succeed.

Read "Online Home Based Businesses" e-book by David Lim. This free 112 page e-book explains what it takes, what is expected, and how to start up an online home based business.

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Chapter 1 Why Should you Start a Business? 7
- Advantages of Being The Boss, 12
- The Downside of Being The Boss, 14
- Types of Online Businesses, 16
- Online Vs Offline Businesses, 19
Chapter 2 How Do You Start an Online Home Based Business? 22
- What is an Online Home-Based Business, 24
- Starting Up, 27
- Deciding on a Product, 33
- Your Income Stream, 35
- Domain Name, 38
- Site Design, 41
- Search Engine Optimization, 45
- Site Promotion, 47
Chapter 3 Examples of Online Home-Based Businesses, 52
- The Opportunist, 54
- The Copywriter, 58
- The Computer Programmer, 62
Chapter 4 Articles
- All About Spam, 65
- Are You Living on an Island of Fear, 76
- FAQ: How to Get Insanely Rich on the Internet, 79
- "I am Never Losing Another Job!", 84
- Online Economics 2001: Davids Win, Goliaths Lose, 89
- Physics Exam, 98
- Why Do Most People Fail to Make Money on the Web? 101
- Why Some People Will Never Succeed, No Matter How Hard They Try, 107
About The Author, 111
Licence, 112

Home Based Business - A Guide To Internet RichesClick here to download your copy of Online Home Based Business. It's free and you are welcome to use it as long as you like! Online Home Based Business

SPECIAL NOTE: You need ADOBE ACROBAT READER to use the Guide. If you do not have it, please download now. It only takes a few minutes to download and install this free software...

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