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SBI Look and Feel Templates
Each SBI lookandfeel Template has it's own corresponding Easy Blogs template. Find the template according to the name of the template that you selected in the Look and Feel Selector at Site Central.


NOTE: Even if you have inserted customized graphics into a particular Look and Feel Template at Site Central, you must choose that template for your blog template. Example: If you have customized Lifestyles template, then download the Lifestyles template.

I find that people, who have customized a standard Look and Feel template and changed the file name of their logo/header graphic from the name of the file that is standard in the template, will have to change their template to match the  name of your standard graphic.

If you have trouble with your customized graphic showing up or trouble with how your template looks, then check whether your logo and/or your side bar graphic file names match the file name in your original template. If you changed the standard name to something different then you will have to code the new template to match YOUR image file name.

If, you have customized your template using the Style: Customize feature, then select Style: Customized SBI Template:

SBI custom lookandfell template

marketing templateMarketing Template Users:

Health fitness and beauty templateHealth And Beauty Template:

Lifestyles templateLifestyles Template Users:

Business and Finance templateBusiness and Finance Template Users:

Food and Drink template Food and DrinkTemplate Users:

High Tech templateHigh Tech Template Users:

Sports and Recreation template Sports and Recreation Template

Education template EducationTemplate Users:

Entertainment template EntertainmentTemplate Users:

Book and Art template Book and ArtTemplate Users

Customized - Babies and Kids templateStyle: Customized SBI Template:

**Special Notice To SBI Owners Using The ADDITIONAL Custom Styles**

These are NOT on the first page of the SBI lookandfeel template selector,  but are on the "Additional Themes and Styles" Pages!. Please be sure to download this template, i.e for your template (we made this one special)!

Custom SBI lookandfeel Templates

Additional custom SBI lookandfeel styles

New 3 column CSS templates

3 column CSS styled templates. This highly customizable template can be used for any website or Easy Blog. All the parameters that set the look and feel are done in css file.

Custom template top
Blog in Action - Website Tipscss custom template bottom

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: Website Design : SBI lookandfeel template for SBI Rss tutorial. Learn how easy, Easy Blogs is to use even with css custom templates. step by step graphics and illustrations about using the software.

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