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Exactly how old are you? Use The Age Calculator App to find out. Age Calc will determine exactly how old someone or something is right down to the last second. Date anyone or anything with this cool tool.


Results returned include years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Also returns number of days until the next birthday and the day of the week that birthday falls on.

Use this cool app to impress your friends, start conversations or plan upcoming birthday events. Calculates the age of anything using birthday and age date. Automatically inputs current time as end date. Or enter any age date, from year 100 to 9999.

Inside The Age Calculator App

Tab1 or Home page is the calculator. Step 1 enter the start date or 'date of birth' using the custom date picker. Select month and day.

Step 2. enter the year with the handy popup keyboard.

Step 3. Enter the 'Age date' using the same method described above. Date automatically set using the current time on your device. You can enter any date up to December 31, 9999.

Step 4. Tap on "Calculate Age" button. This action runs an algorithm that populates the fields below. In the first field is the short answer shown in years, months and days.

Step 5. Carefully inspect the results fields which include months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds. This is follwed by a summary statement that reads in plain English.

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Tab2 or Help page contains a menu of buttons that link to important pages within the mobile app. Those pages are "Help and Instructions," "Feedback Form" and "Notifications" pages. Where you can keep up with annauncements.

Tab3 or Notes page is ideal to take notes about your calculations. Make birthday reminders for yourself or someone else. Make notes about good friends. Handy for planning birthday events.

Tab4 or About page contains links to "About Us," our "Blog" page, and "Social Media Channels" FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Tab5 or Share page is our "Share This App" page. Share The Age Calculator App by Email, FaceBook or with apps like DropBox, Google+ Drive, Gmail, Bluetooth and Hangouts.

Other cools tools included in this app are a feedback form and more information about the author. Find out all about online calculators and how to use them.

Use the feedback page to contact us. Feel free to inquire about the age calculator or any online calculator usage. We ARE the experts. Request updates or clarification on this form.

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