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Does your app do that? Wish it could? Mobile app features include native smartphone utilities, forms, social media, maps, custom, special functionality and more. Miappmaker gives you a choice of features to add to a mobile app. Following are our most popular features.

Ever wish you could do that. Here's your chance. Now you can configure your own feature list.


Audio App Feature Pages

Screenshot of audio selection in smartphone
Screenshot of Radio Stream page
Add audio to your app. Select music, streaming audio or your favorite radio station. Create an app for your band or fan club. Utilize iOS latest streaming format.

Select MusicStream1 as your starter application. Includes premade pages for Radio, Trending, Music, Sports, News, Favorites and Podcasts.

Select RadioStation as your starter application. Includes pre-made pages for News, Sports, Local, Relaxing and Talk radio.

Include the "AudioPlay" page in your app. This page allows you to play uploaded audio files. Great for often repeated sound bites or important communications.

Add the "Podcast" page to your mobile app and display certian podcasts feeds

Choose the "RadioStreaming" page to include your favorite radio stations.

Book Store and Magazine Pages

Book Store page
Screenshot of Magazine reader page

Create your own Book Store with iPhone Book Store. Note: Apple separated iPad and iPhone into two different platforms.

Create your own bookstore with iPad Book Store

Use the iPad Newspaper to Create your own newspaper.

Create an Auto Renewable Magazine app. This tablet size app can be used as a news magazine for your loyal customers.

Create your ownNews Magazine app. on iPad with a variety of page anitmations. Designed to be published in Google NewsStand..Sell magazines in the using In App Purchase on iPad. Upload a .pdf or .epub file and automatically sync to all devices.

Calendar Pages

Screenshot of calendar on smartphone
Calendar screenshot
The calender page is included in many apps (too many to list here). We have 3 different version. 'CalenderHTML' page is very basic it allows users to update an HTML calender. 'CalenderHTML2' is an interactive calendar that can be customized with your own entries.

The 'Native Calender' page allows users to create categories and add events. Which can be very useful for organizing future events.

Used in conjunction with 'push notifications' you can announce events and share messages with your users.

With this pagetype you can create categories and add events. Included in many apps like Political Campaign and Health Health and Fitness apps.

Social Media Pages

Screenshot of FaceBook page
Screenshot of YouTube page
Social Media is very popular and a great way to share your mobile app. Would you like people to interact with your FaceBook or Twitter accounts? We have pre-made template pages. Simply plug in your social media info and let your users find you quickly.

Twitter page hooks you up directly with your account. Share this app with your Twitter friends and expand your social media coverage.

Social media pages are included in many apps but can also be added to any app.

My favorite is the "MobileFaceBook1" page. This pre-made page takes your users directly to your FaceBook Business page. It includes buttons and links to like, share, send messages and more.

MAM also has an RSS feed page. You simply input the name of your blog or RSS feed and publish to your app.

Maps and Location Finders

Screenshot of a map
map of Hazel Park, MI.
Maps are supplied by Google across all platforms. All kinds of functionality is possible. You can get your current location or specify a location anywhere in the world.

Use the map function to let your users get directions from their location to yours. Look up traffic conditions and plan your route accordingly. These mobile app features are very important for business looking to bring customers in the door.

Maps require a Google API key for full functionality. Build your app here and use our free API key. We have a specific key just for apps built here at Miappmaker. Or get a new API key just for your app, we can do that too.

Forms Features

Screenshot of contact form
Screenshot of input form
Forms collect information. Want to collect information from your users? MAM as several pre-made forms you can use to collect information. We have forms to login, take polls, address and phone numbers, get feedback, take notes and keep golf scores.

Form pages include, locationfinder, feedback, Notes and more. Need a custom form? MAM can make one for you. Simply fill in the form on our Contact Us page.

Native Mobile App Features

jquery page
telephone pad from smartphone
Native Apps are functions that reside on your smartphone or tablet loaded by the manufacturer. Many functions are native to mobile devices like telephone, calculator and text messaging. Accessing these mobile app features is simple. Our library contains customizable pages for most native functions. Simply add the page to your app. Use the style editor to match your look and feel.


Button menu from mobile app
Stripe menu from mobile app
We have dozens of menu pages already setup. You simply use the editor to program the links and style the look of the buttons. The menu on the above left is a button menu. The menu on the right side is called a 'stripes menu.' Select from over 20 menus or create your own.

Programming menus is easy. The user interface allows you to add or subtract menu items and select locations. Internal content management system keeps you organized.

Speaking of menus a great example is a restaurant app. Check out this restaurant template and how the menu system works, Add native mobile app features to your business, make a app today. Check out our list of availabe mobile app features...

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