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Succulent ID tutorials page
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Do you know your succlulent plants? Got one that you don't know the name of it. Find out how to identify and care for your succulent plants.

This way cool app by Drought Smart Plants contains the most popular plants including names, images, care and tips.

Presented by a certified horticulturist each plant profile contains information about sun, soil, watering, pruning, potting and propagating. Find your plant quickly with the identification guide or image gallery.

Don't see your plant in the app? Contact us through the 'Feedback" page. We will be glad to identify your plant or point you to the information you need. Simply send us an image of the plant.

Use the QR code to download directly to your smartphone ot tablet. Use the buttons to go to the app stores with your desktop computer.

The app is free to download.Frequent updates make this one of the most popular plant apps in the app stores.

About SucculentID Mobile App

This app is a culmination of years and effort by a certified horticulturist. The author has been specializing in succulent plants since childhood. Her years of experience qualifies her as an expert in the field.

This app utilizes smartphone technology to help you identify your plants. Included in the app are several methods for identifying a plant. They include an Identification Guide, a photo gallery and a category menu.

Succulent Plant Care Handbook
Use the 'Plant Id function to have the author identify your plant for you. This service provides you with detailed information about your plant and personal tips for caring for your plant. Simply snap a pic and email it to us.

SucculentId mobile app category menu breaks down the types of plants into categories like flowering, rosette forming, round leafs, flat leafs, Crassula, Echeveria and more.

Did you know there are over 10,000 species of succulent plants. Because we don't want to break your phone we only include the most popular plants. However we do offer a "Plasnt Id and Report" service. Send us am image of your plant and we ID it for you. You get a personal plant report detailing what you need to know about sun, soil, watering, potting, pruning and propagation.

The Plant Care Handbook is a measely $3.99 USD and available world wide. This extensive guide contains tutorials for the serious grower.

Succulent ID Mobile App In the App Stores

For iPhone and iPad

SucculentID on the App Store.

For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Succulent ID App on Google Play.

The included store is the place to stock up on gardening supplies and several popular plants. Get your items drop shipped straight to you from the suppliers. Only fresh plants are shipped.

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Note: we are an afilliate of Amazon. We earn a commission if you purchase through us.

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