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FAQ - frequently Asked Questions & Answers Page Updated

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about using the website tools, software and tutorials on Best Website Tools. Recently updated the faq page to include chat bot agents and operations. Now includes answers to questions like, who do I talk to about chat bots. Where do I get a chat bot for my business. And "Why do I need a chat bot for my business."

Of course there is extensive coverage of EasyBlogs and Solo Build It as well. Why not return to this page often to learn what updates are happening with your favorite tools. Check it out.

Even if you don't find your question and answer you can ask a new one. Use the support form at the end of the page ask about anything you want. Find the email submission form at the end of the page and email your question to our support team. We will respond in a timely fashion.

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Structured Data Markup Helper Tool To Get Into Google 3-pack Local Business Search Results

Structured data markup helper tool by Google is the right tool for preparing your website to show in the Google 3-pack.

Google 3 pack with rich snippets

Read this tutorial on how the SDMT (Structured Data Markup Tool) works. Get step by step instructions on how to add srtuctured data to your EasyBlog website. Packed with rfree information about this powerful SEO tools that is free to use. Get a leg up on your competition in the search engines. Possibly generate more business for virtually no cost. Simply update your website with a few lines of code to get you into the vaunted Google 3-Pack on Google.

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SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager How To Use Tutorial

EasyBlogs template packager is the place to create and modify a template.

SBI EasyBlogs Template Packager

Each sub-template has 6 sub-sections to control different areas of the webpage. The editor also has 95 pre-programmed commands that you can use to program with. Don't worry if this sounds complicated, it really isn't. Once you see how it all ties together you'll be creating your own fancy designs in a short time.

EasyBlogs Template File Manager Tutorial

Open - opens an existing blog. When clicked on this button opens a file manager dialog in the proper directory. All blogs end in the extenstion '.zdb'.

Save - saves your template. Use this button whenever you make any changes to your template. the easyblogs template packager will prompt you to save if you forget to save your changes. If you do not save your work it will be lost if you exit without saving.

Saveas - allows you to create a new SBI easyblogs template from an existing blog. This can be very useful if you are creating mini-websites that are all published under one domain name. Saving as a new template requires that you change the file name to something new.

Preview - generates a new browser window with the easyblogs template in it.

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Map Test 1 To Show Mobile Responsive Google Map

Google Maps Here I ComePssst...don't tell anyone where you are, SHOW 'EM. Add a Google map to your website. Here's how. Um...wait this is not ready for prime time. Here's the deal. I wanted to understand how to make a mobile responsive map for my website. So, I created a map test page.

Turns out making maps is a somewhat difficult process. Google now charges a fee for map services. That is after an initial $300 worth of usage. To get a map a developer needs to apply for a unique API (application programming interface) registered to their developer account. Sorry, no tutorial on how to do this. How about this, check out my test page and see if it can work for you. Then contact me for further instructions.

Fluid Mobile Responsive Google Map

This map fits all screens and self-adjusts for different screen size. This is important to accomadate mobile devices as well as larger monitors. Ask my how I did it....

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Mapify360 Lead Generation Tool Finds Local Businesses With Google Maps

Can Mapify360 find local clients for my business? Mapify360 local business finder tool finds and analyzes local businesses using Google Maps. Hi all, have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to contact local businesses without having to spend a lot of time, do a lot of work or spend a lot of money? I have been searching for years trying to find a system the can:
  • Find business leads in any niche in any local area.
  • Return data about that business including address, phone, email, and Google listings.
  • Generate sales letters that I can send to potential clients.
  • Keep track of customer relationship management.

I have tried several methods that all seemed to fall short in one way or another. They cost too much, don't return all the results I need or just don't work. Then I found Mapify360 local business finder tool. This tool does all that and more. My biggest concern was whether or not I wanted to pay a service to find leads for me or not. Or if the right tool could do it for me. Mapify360 is a one time payment to access a cloud based tool that finds, analyzes and can contact local businesses.

Mapify360 business finder tool gets all the information about a local business pertaining to a specified keyword. It is easy. Enter the keyword you want to search. Enter the local town, city, state or country you want to search. Then click the "SEARCH" button. With this information you can create a marketing campaign for local clients, that may be interested in your services.


Find Local Businesses

Recommended by Best Website Tools...I bought this tool for my own business. For me, it represents an cloud based online tool with unlimited potential. What it does for me is give me a portal into Google Maps. This tool returns information freely available on the internet. I can use it to target local businesses I want to know.

This tool analyzes each Google business listing then creates a report based on 16 criteria points. Which can be downloaded or shared as a pdf. Then it offers a set of marketing email templates you can send using a gmail account.

A word of caution. Mapify360 is a powerful tool that researches local businesses. Please use discretion with what you o with this information. See the sales page...

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