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Camtasia Studio 2023 Is Here 2023-05-01

Hi all, Tim Koen here. Just want to say Camtasia Studio 2023 is now available. And is still the best software for screen recording, video editing, saving time and effort, using visual elements, audio mixing, and creating special effects.

There are a lot more special effects that can be done, making Camtasia 2023 one of the most complete video creation software out there. Check it out for yourself...

Camtasia Studio 2023

Techsmith makers of Camtasia 2023 have improved the user interface in this version. New featues for this year include a background removal function and an improved content library. All the items from the 2021 and 2022 libraries are included in the 2023 library plus more transitions and special effects.

Making it a lot easier for a video editor to include titles, special effects, motion backgrounds, cursor animations, fills, icons, indicators, titles and Emphasis animations. Get Camtasia Studio 2023 here...

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What's New At BWT 2023-05-11

This is a test. Am attempting to write a new menu for the website. For this project I will be using EasyBlogs as my HTML editor, Solo Build it as my website host and Visual Studio as my code editer.

To accomplish this wonderous feat I applied all my software tools and programming skills. Wasn't sure I could just pick it up after so much time off. However, mission accomplished. In retrospect I can identify several website tips from today's coding session.

  1. Never start from scratch. From a programming standpoint most of the code you seek has already been written. It truly is rare to come up with totally original coding. That known, a new piece of coding can probably be assembled quicker from existing chunks, than writing it from scratch. Like the above menu. I had the basic structure already built. So I copied and pasted that into a new file and started making changes.
  2. Change is good. Keeping up with the times is essential to future success. If you keep doing what you did, you will keep getting what you already got. Adding new styles and techniques to a website makes it fresh and more user friendly. Like this new menu, it is more appealing yet smaller and faster, than the previous menu.
  3. Why debuggers get extra time Creativity doesn't happen all at once. It is a process. When coding you start with a basic structure. (like this menu) and then build on that. New ideas require a little extra time to hash out. Hence programmers call that "debug time." If you don't plan in debug time into your projects, you get the same old thing you got the last time.
  4. don't settle for mediocre work It is okay to set deadlines for project completion. However it is unwise to rush to a mediocre conclusion. Better to keep it simple and then improve to perfection in the time alotted. Like this menu. I wanted a menu that was pretty, browser responsive and functional. So, I used CSS3 to genterate the backgroounds as opposed to the image backgrounds I had.

I used Solo Build It to host this website. If you want to learn how to do this yourself. Get SBI! I did it the hard way but you can do it easily with the tools of Solo Build It!...

Online Buainess Builder SBI!

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Video Tips For the Newbie Video Creator 2023-05-14

Did you ask for a review of your first video? My friend Charmain did and what I wrote is below. I was going to post her original YouTube embed code but rather embellished it and posted my version instead. Here are the comments I made...

Eisenhower Decision Matrix

"Hi Charmain, very nice video. Excellent use of space and timing. BUT, 560x315px is too small. I had a hard time reading it. So, I watched it twice. And focused harder on the words the second time." Recommendations:

  1. Buy a microphone and narrate the video. You can get a very good microphone for about $100. Adding a narration to a video instantly takes it to the next level. Plus you get to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to know. Without having to read all the small type.
  2. Use the largest size video on your website as will fit comfortably. YouTube will automatically make it responsive. Or you can do that in SBI. So no need to use small video sizes with small words when you can go big.
  3. Add a "?rel=0" tag to the tail of your file. This will stop YouTube from displaying other peoples videos on your endscreen.
  4. Very nice end screen. Or was that 2 end screens I saw? There was the "Thanks For Watching " screen, then a "Like and Subscribe" screen. You only need one endscreen and that should have a call to action on it. I like to entice the viewer to click on a followup link, or visit my website or have my contact info or something more than Thanks, Like and Subscribe. So, improve your endscreen is my advice.
  5. Move the video to the top 1/3 of the webpage. It should be above the fold or it can partially hang below the fold, but should be near the top of the page. This is basic video SEO.

Notice I added an H2 heading beneath the video. I do that for 2 reasons. To add space below the video so scrollers can get an idea before zooming past. And, to give a large title to the video. Because if your title is only the little title that YT puts on it then, you don't show what the title really is. You didn't put the same title on the thumbnail as the YouTube name. So, an H2 heading gives the video that title in a big unignorable font size.

Hop this helps

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Driver Positions Point of View Or Comic Parody? 2023-05-17

Driver positions is not about where a driver is seated, a physical location or having a particular pont of view. It is what a driver looks like to you. Check it out...

Driver Positions

Driver Positions
Okay, driver positions is about the camera. Been a while since I used it so I put it together in my garage for a little gokartness and camera bugging combo. I had nothing serious planned so instead I did an off-the-cuff style monologue.

I started with an idea for a camera shot. A level angle of the gokart with my head poking up from behind the drivers seat. My intent was to gather footage for editing and color correcting in my edit suite. Practice, practice, practice is my motto. So that is how "Driver Positions" became a short video.

Best website tips for this post are:

  • You can fix it in post. Video creation is at least a 3 step process. Production, editing and distribution. Any mistakes or omissions in production can be covered, cut, compromised or cleaned in video post editing.
  • Off the cuff video productions don't need script writing, storyboarding or a lot of planning. You do need a location, a topic and proper equipment.
  • I need to work on my audio setup. I used the camera's microphones when a personal microphone would have been better. My advice is "don't forget about the audio quality in your video productions."

Are you looking to get a video made? Give BWT Videos a try. Get free consultations on the next page...

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ChatGPT's Impact on Developers and AI 2023-05-21

Exploring Perspectives and Possibilities

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI,com (CGPT) was launched in November 2022. And since then, it made huge waves across a variety of industries. At its heart, ChatGPT is a large language model, a technology that harnesses the power of large data sets to produce human-like conversations.

A lot has been said about it. Some have praised it for its ability to increase productivity at work, while others voiced out their concerns about its capability to demolish multiple industries, resulting in millions of job losses.

In this article, we will cover what ChatGPT is and its impact on developers and artificial intelligence (AI).

Read Full Article

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Spokesperson Fiverr Promo Video That Was Rejected 2023-05-23

Made this video in Camtasia 2021. Seems like a long time ago. Camtasia Studio 2023 is available now and video creation got a little bit easier in this new version. The idea for this video is to promote my avatar spokesperson video creation business. Fiverr rejected this video because it has a URL in it that isn't theirs. That is forbidden in the Terms Of Service.

What a nightmare that was. Without going into details that whole effort got sidelined and the project was restarted. Needless to say, times have changed since then. Now Fiverr has new rule sets just for artificial intelligence apps. That was before AI apps became really popular. Check it out...

Want to get a video like this one. Check out my Fiverr gig here...

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