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Weight Loss Calculator Mobile Apps Project 2018-03-03

Lose weight now calculator
The Weight Loss Calculator Mobile Apps Project will create 3 types of mobile apps, web app, progressive web app, and mobile app.

A web app only works on a desktop device but could be used on a mobile device if it is buried inside a mobile website.

A Progressive web app can be used on both a desktop and mobile device as a stand alone application.

A Mobile App is specifically designed for use on a mobile-smart device. The three different types of apps require programming for each application.

Project WLC Apps will show you how we make all these apps so you can understand how to use the tools and make your own app. Watch the video.

Weight Loss Calculator Status Update

As you can see from the above video clip the calculator interface and support code is working. However a lot of work still needs to be done on project WLC Apps before it is ready for prime time.

The web app is in the final draft and should be available soon. Following that will be the Progressive Web App version. Finally the Android App will be made. (Not neccesarily in that order.)

Stay tuned to the WLC Apps project. We'll update tips you can use to create your own mobile app project. So far we showed you the jQuery editor and a tutorial to use the editor, (see previous blogs).

Today's website tips are beware of project creep and how to avoid it. Project creep happens when a small project gets added on to in the development phase and becomes a big project. Then it keeps creeping up or getting bigger and bigger. Prevent project creep with a mobile app plan.

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Theme Roller by jQuery 2018-03-04

Color scheme for weight loss calculator app
Did you know creating a theme or color scheme for jQuery Mobile is easy? While jQuery mobile does come with a generic theme, it is very bland. Most developers like a custom theme. Asking "can you match my website and use those colors?"

Sure, yup, no problem with ThemeRoller For jQuery Mobile. Anyone can create a custom color scheme for their app, it's free. This cool website tool is an interactive development editor (IDE).

You simply select a color and drag it to the element you want to style. Then ThemeRoller updates the CSS file for you. When satisfied with your theme you can download the files to your computer. Instructions for including the code in your app are simple. Include a call to the CSS files in the head section of your page.

Weight Loss Calculator Project Update

Today I created a theme for the WLC apps using 'ThemeRoller.' We will be using this theme in all 3 versions of the app. The CSS file is huge. So TR gratiously gives you a minifed version of the css.

Todays website tips are; use ThemeRoller to create your color schemes for jQuery Mobile. The editor also gives you an input section. For those that know coding you can plug in the colors and styles in a text field. Check out ThemeRoller.

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Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips To Improve Visitor Traffic To Your Website 2018-03-06

Top 10 traffic tips for bloggers
Top ten blog traffic tips will help you get more traffic to your website. For a blog to be successful one must post frequently. Think of it as an online newspaper for small business. And like a newspaper it should contain sections with lots of content.

A good blog has around 4 to 6 main sections. We'll call these categories. Each category should define an area of expertise. For instance, Local, national and world news, with a sports and human interest sections.

A successful blogger posts everyday or at least 3 times per week. A well read blog has a means of syndication. Read the top 10 blogging tips to learn how to make your blog a big success. Get these blogging website tips and more.

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Google Analytics Academy Yeah I Knew That Masters Courses 2018-03-07

Google Analytics Academy Masters Courses for beginning and advanced webmasters teaches you how to use GA. Yeah, I knew that.

Ever get stumped trying to figure out how your website is performing? And you know Google Analytics can help? But had trouble figuring out how the tool works?

Hey, don't look at me. I just work here. I too need to get educated once and a while. Today I took a refresher course on Google Analytics (GA) to make sure I got the most from my website data. Got this certificate and scored in the top 97%.

Google Analytics Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion

I can't remember the last time I went through this course but remeber it much less complicated. (Musta been around 2008.) After 10 years it was time for a new round of training. A lot sure has changed since then. Most importantly how to get the most use out of your website data. Create your own website tips with this important tool.

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SBI CSS Template Are EasyBlogs Ready Mobile Responsive Designs 2018-03-11

In 2010 SiteSell Inc. held a website template contest called eDesign3. In that contest developers submitted their unique design for consideration. Winners received prizes for accepted designs. Honorable mentions were given to 4th place winners.

TeamKoen Racing Banner Logo

This was one of my entries. It was not accepted but received an honorable mention. It features:

  • 3 column CSS responsive template.
  • Top navigation and sidebar navigation menus
  • Colorful graphics and backgrounds

Best Website Tools continued to develop this template design into several different versions. Called SBI CSS Templates. These templates are EasyBlogs ready.

The layout and design of this website is based on this template. Albeit many years of improvement have gone into this website the basic design is still the same. Learn more about SBI CSS template.

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The Ultimate Mobile Devices Are In Newer Cars 2018-03-19

Do you have the ultimate mobile device? Does it take you for a ride at 90 MPH (140kph)? I am referring to the display screen that comes with a new vehicle. This one is a 7.4" screen, common in newer cars. The 7.4" screen is a touch screen device with great functionality.


With this mobile device the user can interact with it through bluetooth, direct plugin or voice. The user will need to 'pair' up their smartphone or tablet to access some of the features, like cell phone.

Shown on this screen is the 'Settings' button. This is where 'pairing' to other mobile devices is accomplished. Settings is also where the user can personalize the vehicle. Featues such as audio, clock, comfort (level), display theme, lights, voice and more are set on this page.

The drawback to a device like this is the price tag. This display has only been around for a few years and only available in some new cars. One feature is safety as many settings are only available when the vehicle is parked.

My recommendation is to spend an hour or two (in park) locating all the actionable features. Get all your devices paired and settings done before you leave home. This way you are much safer on the road.

Website tips include; One cool feature is the navigation system. A user can use voice activation to set a destination and have the vehicle tell you where to go. You definitely want to get used to this feature long before you leave the driveway.

Happy motoring


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What's Up? Best Website Tools Design Template Poll 2018-03-20

Content 2.0
What's Up? Maybe one of the most misinterpreted questions ever posed. In american slang it is used as a greeting or as a prompt for more information, not a literal question about the verticality of an object.

BWT is changing to a new website design template. To speed up the process we are using 'EasyBlogs" and Solo Build It' to generate a new design for the website. We would love to have your input.

Note: Your input is not shared with anyone and you will not receive any correspondence from this poll. See results of this poll on the next page.

What Do You Think About The New Template Design Poll

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

In the online world voice, tonality and inflection get lost in the ether. It's easy to lose the meaning of a question. Yet this question still conveys a call to action.

We used it here to demonstrate how to create a simple poll. In this case we used SBI's 'Form Build It' module. The poll sends information to BWT but nowhere else. You are not obligated to fill it in but we appreciate your input.

Form Build It is part of the Solo Build It suite of tools. For today's best website tips we recommend getting all your website tools from SBI! If you want to build a real online business you need a real set of tools. Try SBI!

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Favicons and Fav It by Solo Build It! 2018-03-23

BWT Favicon
Hi all how do like the new look? Even though the old template is only about a year old it was due for an update. Thanks to Google's new algorithm, pagespeed is now an important ranking factor.

While Best Website Tools has always strived for fast loading pages it has been bettered by the competition in recent years. So, this new template is even faster and less cluttered.

Along with the new look we updated the favicon as well. That is the little icon that shows in a browser tab. Using Solo Build It's 'Fav It!' tool makes this process super easy. Simply upload your image and your done. SBI does all the programming behind the scenes.

Fav It screenshot

The hope is that users will identify with the favicon better. This simple marketing technique is actually a ranking factor in Google. Most websites these days utilize a favicon. SBI has made this neet little tool so easy you can't overlook it. Learn more about all the tools SBI has to offer.

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Masters e Courses - Webmaster Tutorials For Online Business Entrepreneurs 2018-03-28

Online business Masters E Courses
Masters e Courses are intense learning experiences designed to get you the information needed to succeed at online business.

E Courses include EasyBlogs Tutorial, Affiliate, Net Writing, Pricing, Service Sellers, WAHM Masters and Webmaster Business e Courses.

Each e course thoroughly details it's niche and gives advice, website tips, tricks and step by step instructions.

Download for free and start learning how entrepreneurs succeed at online business.

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Easy Blogs Page Uploading Tutorial What Pages Are Generated and When to Upload 2018-03-29

Easy Blogs pages uploading tutorial
The Easy Blogs page setup and configuring process is explained in this tutorial. Learn how to generate monthly archives, categories, blog entries and how to update your website.

We discuss how to set up and add blog posts articles and how they are archived. You learn about when, how and which pages to upload every time you update your blog.

After reading this tutorial you will understand how Easy Blogs works. From these website tips you will be able to create simple blogs or sophisticated websites like this one. See how...

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Website Tips Blog Update 2018-03-29

Best Website Tips blog banner
I learned a new SEO trick today. How to improve search engine optimization of your blog. Name it properly. I found out from a webmaster guru that naming a blog simply 'Blog' don't cut it. It should describe the content expected.

Are you thinking 'cut what?' I am. While the term 'blog' sums up in a heartbeat what the page is, it doesn't even elude to, let alone describe what is on the page. Am I right?

Therefore we changed the links to this blog to read 'Website Tips.' (Shoulda done that long ago.) Which is also the title and filename for this page. Now we have achieved a kind of synergy. Everything matches now. Meaning the primary keyword, title, filename AND link names are all the same.

Now this blog 'cuts it' whatever that is. We are expecting to see a slight increase in ranking for this page. Now Google will see links with the correct anchor text on every other page on the website.

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial
Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website Step by step instructions to create up to 100 blog/websites. Includes 326 page ebook.
AKA SBI RSS Tutorial
Only $167.95 $99.95 $29.95

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Customer Service - No matter what time of day I'm here for you. Unlike other design firms I work all the time, days, nights, weekends and holidays. I'm just a phone call or email away. Get free advice  for 30 days forever. Learn more...

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