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Motion Text Animator Video Application Tool Create Kinetic Text In Motion Videos 2019-08-02

Introducing Motion Text Animator a dynamic text video editor. Tell your story with kinetic typography. Create shorts and clips of dynamic text in motion videos. Select a starter template, background music and edit the words.This tool takes the big time production costs and reduces it to $67. Of course you have to do the work.

Motion Text Animator is easy to use. After a successful login you set up your dashboard then select a template to start with.

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BWT Video Services Announces Quick Clips 2019-08-08

Looking for a low cost video solution? We got together with other like minded video creation artists and developed a library of video clips you can use in your business. Check out this powerful video creation tool.

BWT Video Services - Quick Clips

We have so many video clips that we had to organize them into sections. The software is cloud based so you don't have to download a ton of gigs just to make a video. This tool is easy to use. No need to do any coding simply fill in the blanks upload your images and text and voila your video is ready.

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BWT Video Services 2019-08-13

Are you looking for fast, reliable video services. BWT Video Services grand opening coming soon. Videos have become the life blood of many small businesses. Successful marketing now-a-days revolves around videos. A 60 second video has more attraction power than a full size newspaper layout costs much less and raeaches more people. A video clip has the potential to reach millions of people in a very short time.

The problem with video is it seems expensive. It takes years of experience, a strong education and a lot of money to properly produce a high quality video. Fortunately, technology advances rapidly. Now it is possible for the novice to make a decent video. But do you want an ameteur producing videos for your business? Probably not!

Introducing BWT Video Services

Producer: BWT Video Services.
Director: Timothy Koen
Title: BWT Video Services 3.

Tim has over 15 years experience in the video production business at the highest levels. He has 4 years of Radio, TV and Film education from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Tim completed his college internship at The Center For Instructional Technology. Tim worked in the studio, control room and engineering sections. Then moving on to Producers Color Service Video Division. Where Tim spent 10 years. Tim then moved to FilmCraft Video as Senior Film Colorist. Where Tim designed and built a then modern film to video transfer suite. Tim's clients included GM, Ford, Pepsi, and more.

Tim's experience includes positions as Sr. video enginer and Senior Film Colorist. Before continuing his career as an electrical design engineer.

BWT Video Services Logo

BWT Video Services is now open for business. Consultations are free and can be scheduled during regular business hours.

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BWT Website Services Update 2019-08-16

BWT Website Services is expanding. Best Website Tools recently acquired new website development tools. Tim (the owner) is enrolled in a 4 week training course learning new tools and tricks.

New products and services include but are not limited to: Video production, editing and syndication tools, website building tools, social media and search engine optimization tools and services. We bought into a recent release of cutting edge cloud based technology. Instead of packing your computer full of gigabytes of data you access the tools on the Google Cloud Network. Check it out...

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Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Video Teaser 2019-08-17

Using the tools from BWT Video Services Quick Clips we created this video teaser for the Grand Hotel in Mackinac, Michigan. Truly a world class 5 star hotel "The Grand." At the top of the hotel is the Cupula Bar. The view from there spans about 30 miles. You can see most of the Mackinac Straights, Upper and lower Michigan peninsulas and the Mackinac Bridge.

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Introducing Intro Outro Expert Video Creation App 2019-08-19

Intro Outro Video AppThe next release for BWT Video Services is "Intro Outro Expert." With this cloud based app you can create stunning intro and outro video clips. Each one is 10 to 15 seconds long and features a branded logo reveal. These very cool clips grab attention and are the perfect lead in to explainer, whiteboard, product review or any brand video.

You will be able to create world class high quality intro and outro videos with this app. Spice up your presentation with an eye catching introduction. End your presentation with a powerfull call to action outro.

Cloud based app means unlimited video creation. No size restrictions and free app hosting. You can't go wrong with this tool. Excellent customer support makes this one a winner in my opinion.

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Pasteiners Automotive Hobby Shop Video Intro 2019-08-20

Pasteiners Auto Hobby shop is on Woodward in Birmingham, Michigan. The shop is owned and operated by 3 guys all named Steve Pasteiner and their spouses. On offer are hobby shop paraphanalia like models, magazines, collectables, artwork, movies and trinkets.

We used a video creation app called "Local Video Turbo" Easy to use cloud based software with unlimited video creation. Simply upload a few images, enter some cool text, add a sound track and render. Simple 4 step process makes creating videos a breeze. Check out this one made for "Pasteiners" Auto Hobby Shop...

Think you might want to try out one for yourself? Do it yourself video creation app is here...

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