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Contact BWT Videos for a free quote. | Top of website tips

Archive End 2008-01-12

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Contact BWT Videos for a free quote. | Top of website tips

Archive End 2008-01-12

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Contact BWT Videos for a free quote. | Top of website tips

Welcome to Best Website Tips Blog 2008-01-12

Hello and Good morning to the world wide web. Website Tips Blog was born on 1/12/08 around 11:00 AM. The eyes opened the next day and now it's talking.

If you would like to say hello please fill in the form below.

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Find cool tools like this one and more in BWT. Feel free to browse through our website. Can't find something, let us know what your looking for so we can help direct your search efforts. Our website services might have the answer to your design issues. Just looking for information try the Masters Courses or the e-book collection. As promised we also have Cool Website Tools for you. Thanks for reading.


Contact BWT Videos for a free quote. | Top of website tips

Add Value to your website 2008-01-17

Will she click on your next page?One of the most important things that sets webmasters apart from webpage builders is their ability to add value. This ability can determine the quality of a website. A website that is attractive functional and well organized will be much more productive.

This is not all there is to it though. Your website should have class and artistic value as well. These traits can give your visitors that warm fuzzy feeling that leads to higher credibility, and thus more pageviews. More pageviews mean more opportunities to sell your products and services.

Tip: "Give your visitors something to do". People want to do more than just read your words. They have that mouse in there hands and their just itching to click it. You want 'em to click on your next page to keep them moving along. Images, hyperlinks and forms are the usual suspects. These tools work extremely well but scripts and other automation make your page more interesting and add that artistic value.

The added value will keep your visitors coming back. Through out this site we have added cool tools here and there to enhance the pages. See if you can find them in Cool Tools.

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Online Home Based Business - A guide to Internet Riches 2008-01-19

Home Based Business - A Guide To Internet RichesThinking of starting your own online home based business. Excellent, go into it with everything you need. Make sure you know what your getting into. There are many great reasons to have your own business. You are your own boss, no more rush hour traffic to contend with, you can't get fired. And the list goes on.

Find out how to be in that top 3% that succeed. Read "Online Home Based Businesses" by David Lim. This free 112 page e-book explains what it takes, what is expected, and how to start up an online home based business. Read Full Article

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Success for your affiliate program 2008-01-25

Effective ResultsAffiliate programs can either be a way to put a little extra cash in your pocket or, hopefully, become a full time online business. However, it's not like you can put a lot of affiliate links in your website and expect to start making a living. If you want to make a full time income from affiliate marketing, you have to work at it full time. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it works 24/7—but this doesn't mean you have too.

The affiliate marketers who have had the greatest success are normally those who have more than one website working at once. It's much harder to make a respectable amount of money if you have only one affiliate website at a time.

Experienced affiliate marketers will have numerous different websites running at once, all with different types of links. What this means is that each website will need a separate Search Engine Optimization: original content in the form of articles, blogs, forum posts, and other techniques.

The Key to a successful affiliate marketing program is to make your website a content rich keyword focused information resource. Just posting a bunch of links is not going to impress many web surfers. They'll leave and likely never come back.

The trick to any online business is to keep people on your site—this is true for the affiliate program partner as well. An affiliate website shouldn't necessarily scream, "affiliate site." Instead, it can be a trusted resource on a particular topic.

Learn more about the SBI Affiliate Program.

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Start Your Own Home Based Website Design Business 2008-01-27

Start your own home based website design businessYou have decided to start your own website business. But are not sure where to begin. While most large businesses have had a website for many years, many small businesses are just beginning their online presence.

This is where you come in and offer your expertise and services. You wonder if there is room for one more website design business. The answer is a resounding yes.

Where should you begin is with a solid business plan. After that you will want the right procedures to conduct business professionally. Then you will need the right forms, contracts and legal documents to make your website business go. Such as proposals, Invoices, Time Sheets, subcontract forms and worksheets. And don't forget that you will need an office with office tools in it.

I know it sounds easy on paper, but in reality there can be many pitfalls along the road. For instance how to deal with project creep and no-response clients. What can happen when the client demands extra work without considering the costs. Or dealing with non-project oriented inquiries. How you deal with all these non-productive issues that can sap the life out of your project, cost you money and cause your business to fail.

So many things go into a website design business besides just a computer and website building that you will want to organize thouroughly before you open your doors. That said what happens after you open your doors will get any business to do?

To find out how to deal with these issues and more in Website Design Business.

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Web Search Tool Search It! 2008-01-28

Imagine having one web search tool that does everything. From brainstorming, competitive search, domain naming, image and videos to researching keywords and sites to the nth degree. The possibilities are endless. Some of the categories include "vital statistics" and "Indexed Pages". See how your site and the competition's website are doing. Now you can have a very thorough research tool that can be used over and over again FREE.

SearchIt! web search tool.

To get a feel for this terrific little search tool. Select your first "Search Category" as ---Brainstorming---. In the next window ---Search Type--- select "Google AdWords Keyword tool" In step 3 "Search Term" type in a keyword that you know. Skip step 4 and click on the "Search It!" button. Note do not hit "enter" on your keyboard. Follow the simple instructions  under the "Click Here for information About Search Type AFTER Completing Step 1 & 2" link and your there.

Work your way through Search It! at a leisurely pace so that you can see everything it can do. Take your time to read the all important help page. It contains invaluable information on how to get the most out of Search It!

There is so much to Search It!, it is best to read the tutorials as you go along. To learn more...

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