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January 2018

Computer cartoon with hands outYou are on an archive entries page. In this section are blog posts and article teasers. Every time an entry is made it is stored on this page.

Blog entries are listed by month. If you remember when an entry was made you can find it quickly from this listing. Thanks for reading.

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SBI Default Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs

Create up to 200 blog/websites launch platform
SBI default template for SBI Rss tutorial. Learn how easy EasyBlogs is to use, step by step graphics and illustrations about using the software.

Each template features a navigation system built into the code. Simply select a pagetype and category the rest is done for you.

Beige tones template

NOTE: If you like the background colors and want to use the them but hate the picture (like I do in the Angry Man template), then you can create a picture that is the same size, name it the same as what is in the template and it will replace the pic.

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Webmaster Business Masters eCourse

Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course
Is a Webmaster business on your mind? Do you have a plan for success? Do you want one? This masters ecourse teaches everything you need to know to get started.

The Webmaster Business ecourse covers will help you establish your business and position yourself for success. Learn how to attarct clients deal with the documentation and help you market your business.

Sign up for a free copy.

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SBI lookandfeel Template For Easy Blogs

SBI lookandfeel template for EasyBlogs utilize CSS/HTML5 technology. Pick a lookand feel template for your custom website design. Each template features a built in navigation structure and automatic archiving. Plug and play editor configures your template on the fly. (Read; easy)

Custom template top

EasyBlogs blog/website platform creates up to 200 feeds. Create multiple businesses from one platform. Select a mobile responsive template and design for the web.

Check out the SBI lookandfeel Templates...

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Web Hosts & Website Tools Tutorial

Computer asking how to pick a web host
In your quest to find the right web hosts to expand, manage and upgrade your website, Did you consider additional benefits?

Picking the right host for your website can be essential to the growth and success of your online business. You want better service not cheap service. Some low cost hosting services do not offer all the tools you as a webmaster will need.

Learn about cPanel, Blog Installation and Web Stats...

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Create Articles Howto In EasyBlogs That Are Search Engine Optimized and Ready For RSS Syndication

Computer saying create artilce howto in EasyBlogs Software
Create articles howto tutorial teaches you how to use the EasyBlogs software to create full length, search engine optimized and ready for RSS syndication.

Part of the SBI Rss Tutorial this article shows step by step instructions. Everything you need to know to get your articles spread around the blogoshpere. Tips, techniques and tools are discussed.

Learn how syndicating your articles can drive traffic to your website and online business. Get more and better traffic through RSS. RSS readers are more likely to attract interested users than organic search because more information can be shared. Check out...

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Category Setup Tutorial For Easy Blogs Software

Category setup tutorial for EasyBlogs
Category tutorial to set up and fill in categories on your EasyBlogs software.

Categories make a blog what it is. Along with archives, categories contain blog posts and article teasers from your entries. Each category page contains teasers and links to article pages.

Following is the definitive guide to adding and configuring categories for EasyBlogs. Great information for any blogger to consider even if you don't use EasyBlogs. Take a look...

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Affiliate Program 2 Cost Per Action Networks

Computer with pointer saying cost per action networks
Affiliate program 2 create an excellent way to earn a living online.

As an affiliate marketer for other peoples products you earn commissions from sales that you refer. Sounds easy right. And it is. You just need a website to promote with.

Once you sign up for and get accepted by a CPA network you can copy and paste verticals (advertisements) on your website. On this page we'll explore some of those CPA networks.

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SBI Top Bar Template For SBI Rss Tutorials and Easy Blogs

EasyBlogs box coverSBI Top Bar templates can match your SBI website. Do you have a website and a blog? Do they look the same? Do you want them to?

This tutorial shows you how to transition your SBI template to the EasyBlogs blog/website platform. Are you using a single column design on your website?

Use this custom top bar template as a starter for adding a blog/website package to your website. EasyBlogs is not just for SBI it can be used with any website.

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Keyword and Description Meta Tags Tutorial

computer with idea light bulb
Keyword and description meta tags optimization tutorial for better search engine rankings. Learn about creating the perfect keyword list and meta descriptions for your webpages.

Find out how these 10 website tips can boost your search engine rankings Here is tip #2: Make your primary keyword the exact same words as your file-name. Very Important!

Find out the correct way to write a meta description for your webpages. This very important piece of information can get the search engines to rank your page for better or worse.

Applying all these tips when you write an article or blog for your website will get all your search engines, feeds and social channels to notice. Check it out.

Ebook Marketing Top Secrets Revealed Tutorial

Ebook marketing secrets revealed tutorial
Ebook Marketing Top Secrets Revealed Tutorial covers all aspects of the ebook marketing niche. You learn gow top techniques used by experts.

Learn how to make profitable, popular ebooks about subjects you already know. Once you know these secrets you will be able create, promote and market your own ebooks with ease.

Are you interested in ebook writing, publishing and marketing? Without having to spend a lot of money and effort to get it done? Then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

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Online eBooks eCourses and Tutorials For Webmasters

Online Ebook collection
Online eBooks For Webmasters is a comprehensive collection for creaing, publishing and marketing online businesses. If you are just beginning to make your first website these guides will help.

Learn what makes an online business succeed. Ebooks include learning about making your website, words and knowledge sell.

This collection includes several online business solutions from niche websites to ebook marketing to Multi-level marketing to blogging tutorials to Webmastering.

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Articles Howto Add Articles To Your Website EasyBlogs Tutorial

Articles Howto turorial for EasyBlogs
Articles howto tutorial for EasyBlogs teaches you how to setup and create articles. Learn about all the advantages of using artilces and article teasers for your EasyBlog.

Two things happen when you create an article. First the short description that you create is written into an html page that lists all your article pages. Second the short description is written into an .xml file for syndication.

In EB all you do is setup the template once then use the blog entry editor to add content.

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SBI Rss Articles For Easy Blogs Software and Tutorial

SBI Rss Articles
SBI rss articles are packed with information about EasyBlogs setup.

More importantly you may find answers you are looking for that aren't fully explained in the SBI Rss Tutorial for one reason or another.

This page includes articles about procedures and give more detailed step by step instructions. This is additional information that didn't make it into the tutorial or added after it was written.

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Orange RSS Button How To Remove, Add or Modify Your EasyBlogs Pages

Smartphone holding rss icons
How important is the orange rss button? Every blog I've seen has at least one. But how do you Make the RSS/BlogIt buttons work in EasyBlogs. Read on and find out.

This tutorial gives step by step instructions for adding RSS feeds to your EasyBlog. With rss feeds you can bring more traffic to your website.

Users these days love to share information they like. Having an orange RSS button on your website is important. Learn how to...

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10 Tips News Bloggers Need To Create And Post Fresh Content

10 tips for news bloggers
News bloggers always need new content to post. Following are 10 tips for creating content quickly.

Have you ever been at a loss for words? You want to post about a subject but can't find the right content. Now you can learn how to generate fresh content from sources available to you right now.

Find out how you can to create several different content styles from writing articles to current news to polls and quizzes to idea generation.

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Compare WordPress Easy Blogs and Site Build It

SiteSell Hosting
Compare WordPress with the combination of Site Build It and EasyBlogs. See clear advantages and shortfalls of the different blogging platforms.

Albeit several years have past since this comparison was first compiled many results have changed and some have not.

Do you know how much technology can go into a blog? Read this report and find out. Over 60 features are compared.

Learn about WordPress, Site Build It and EasyBlogs software features.

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Website Services 2 Improve Your Online Business

Smartphone sign website services 2
Website Services 2 is a list of design and build services we offer here at Best Website Tools. Everything you need to improve your online business.

Services include design and build of complete starter websites and upgrading existing websites. Included but not limited to design and build, navigation, catalog setup, graphic art, SEO & SEM and more.

Advice is free all other tasks may include a service fee. Request a consultion and let us know how we can improve your website.

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Navigation Menus And Broken Links

Check for broken links
Methinks the biggest headache for any webmaster is keeping track of navigation and menus. Hi all, today I am fixing broken links on the website.

Broken links are the bain of any online business owner. Ughh! Ouch! they are ugly and painful. There seems to be nothing worse than having a visitor get the dreaded "404" error (also known as the "No Such URL") page when they click on one of your links.

Fortunately for us there are free online tools that can find broken links. My favorite is

The way BWT does navigation is to use a server side include file. That means I put all the navigation into one subroutine file and call that when the page gets built. Pretty slick, huh?

This method allows a webmaster to create one menu (or navigation) structure and have it shown on all pages. Problems arise when you make a mistake coding your links. You could accidentally create dozens or even hundreds of broken links.

When that happens you will want to fix those. The good news is a webmaster can also fix dozens or hundreds of links if they are all the same. So, let's fix some broken links.

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MLM Facts What Your Upline Won't Tell You

MLM Secrets with Master Resale Rights - Get Started Today!
MLM facts you need to succeed at multi level marketing. Many truths are revealed that your upline didn't tell you about.

Learn why MLM is one of the most productive and destructive online business models ever used. When done correctly this is a very lucrative opportunity that can be done individually or as a large business.

Find out about website tips, truths about MLM and some lies that need explanation. MLM Secrets to success can help you to understand the business opportunity and what not to do. Check it out.

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Blog Marketing - Diamond in the Rough

Blog marketing tips
Blog marketing is all about getting your blog in front of the most people. Learn how people find your blog and how to go get them.

Blogging can be a lot of fun if done well. In the beginning a blogger needs to bring fresh content often. Doing this and marketing your blog effectively can make the difference in success or not.

Find out where to list your blog. How to get your RSS/xml feed into various blog feeders. Check it out.

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