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Why do we hate PopUps? 2008-02-02

Add content with controllable popups.We hate popups because they can be a nightmare. Always popping up right where you don't want them, seemingly out of control. And, that is not all.

As an Internet marketer they just seem like too much trouble to create. You get so frustrated trying to make the code and putting it in your pages that you go bonkers. Then you abandon the project or farm it out at extra cost.

To top that off popup blockers have virtually eliminated the occurrence on most peoples computers. Now -a-days websites don't use old-style popups because of this. So...Popups have changed, gotten more sophisticated and are less annoying. That's why we still see and use them. To great advantage for some.

Consider this... many websites popup their e-zine sign-up form first thing. Why do you suppose this is? OK, you can stop wondering. It is not to get visitors to sign up right away, nobody does that. The reason is to let folks know that they can get something for free.

The hope is to pique their interest< and then sign up. The popup puts the idea in your head, "this website has a free e-zine." If you like what you see then you can sign up. It also exercises the click finger on your buttons. Something you want your visitors to be familiar with. The next time it will be easier for them

to click.

Or how about this, popup on demand. You can create an extra large image of your product and make it clickable from a thumbnail. A popup is great for adding content to your page, as in product descriptions. You can pack a lot more information on a web-page without making it huge.

So, how do you take advantage of this? Do you hire a professional webmaster that can write Javascript? How about coding the popup yourself, can you do that? If so, great! It only takes an hour or so to write the code, and another hour to modify and test the web-pages. Or do you want to skip all that?

The best solution is a low-cost tool that does the work for you. Find out how to create popups in 3-1/2 minutes with full control. See how with Popup Generator.

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The Net Auction sellers tips 2008-02-10

Make Your Net Auction Sell e-bookMy friend tells me you have got to start using the Auction sites to make money. She said it is a great way to make money fast if you know what your doing. So I thought I had better learn more about what she is talking about. So I picked up this e-book The Net Auction Masters e Course.

One of the things I learned is this: Agree to have a personal page. eBay, for example, has created "About Me." The way eBay views it, their members are part of a community, a family. And anyone who wants to share information about themselves is welcome to do so with a personal Web page. Here is what you can do with a personal Web page.

  • Create a storefront for yourself.
  • Show off your fabulous finds.
  • Display your items up for bid.
  • Educate the world about your favorite hobby.
  • Promote who you are in the eBay community.

If you browse the eBay categories, you will see that very few people take advantage of this option. Privacy is such a hot issue on the Net that it seems like a personal page is a contradictory idea. But a personal page is an absolutely fabulous marketing tool. Take advantage of it. You get free advertising on some of the most heavily-traveled consumer locales in the world.

Again and again, eBay urges its trading community to check feedback, to check the reputation of the seller. When you auction your products or services, you can be sure that many buyers will indeed do just that. The Internet is famous for its anonymity but that isn’t wise if you want to sell over the Net, whether on an auction or not. If your customer doesn’t trust you, she isn’t going to buy. Period.

When you go to a store, do you buy brands that are familiar to you? Would you buy a highly technical product without knowing the company and having contact information easily available? Personally, if there is no way to contact an Internet company, I don’t buy from them -- ever. The more confidence you inspire, the more money you will make. So what’s the million-dollar answer to the question, Do you want a personal page? Yes, yes, YES!

To get your free copy of this e-book...Masters eCouses

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Change the Process to Change the Results! 2008-02-11

Net Writing Master e-course. An Intense 5 day e-bookWant to sell more on the Net? Write better. The power is in your words!

Unfortunately, at least 98% of small business websites start "at the end"... the sale. Great Net Writing is actually far, far more than writing great sales copy.

Before you write to sell, take an order, clear a credit card and ship a product... You need traffic. PREsold traffic.

And sales copy does not do that.

Writing effectively for the net (i.e., the kind that generates income) is indeed something that anyone can accomplish. There is nothing complicated or magical about it. And you don't need an English degree or literary genius to do it.

Let's boil it down to four simple steps...

  1) Create the information that your prospective customers want.

  2) Attract targeted traffic -- win the Search Engine wars!

  3) PREsell your visitors with your words -- build confidence (people buy from those they trust).

  4) Convert traffic to dollars -- sell (whatever that may be... hard goods, e-goods, services, information, even clicks on Google ads). Learn more about writing for the net.

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Online Ebook tips 2008-02-22

180 page ebook teaches you how to write, publish, promote and sell your ebook.Writing an ebook is one of the best ways to convert your thoughts and ideas into cash. They are huge source of information and offer a myriad of advantages to the internet marketer.

E-books that are well written and focused often sell very well when they are marketed correctly.

The online ebook business is exploding. If you have knowledge of something, anything you think people might want you can write an ebook, start an Internet ebook business and sell it online.

Here's just a few of the benefits of running your own online ebook business:

  • Low overhead and high profit margins: there's no other business that takes this little to start up, and where the return in profits is this high.
  • Low risk: along with good content and an ebook compiler, you could be earning hundreds (or even thousands) within a few months.
  • A global market: all you need is a computer, a phone line, and Internet access to reach millions world-wide, eager to pay for information you provide.
  • Automated system: once your business is set up and running, it can go on "autopilot", earning you income while you do other things.
  • The greatest advantage of all: selling ebooks will help drive traffic to your web site and generate new customers and leads.
Learn how to set up a completely automated system that frees you up to do the things that you really enjoy. If you've always thought that running a profitable internet business was difficult, you'll be shocked and delighted when you see how easy it is to do ebook marketing.

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