Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website software and tutorial.

Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website

Stop Right Click Theft
Stop right click theft and convert a would be thief into a paying customer with SRCT. Consider what could happen.

Click Right Mouse Button
I dare ya!

You are surfing the web one day when you discover someone has stolen your content and using it on their own website. What do you do? Your valuable content has been ripped right off your website and is now on another. You disapprove but now what?

Don't get mad, don't get even, get smart. It is a hassle tracking down thieves and demanding they remove your stolen content. You know you can prevent that from happening, right? With Stop Right Click Theft.

Protect your content from those that would help themselves to your content. You know they just took it and didn't even leave a thank you note. Let alone ask for permission.

SRCT works by converting the right mouse button into a popup page, that you create. Inside the popup you can offer your own special offer for a price and

Make Those Theives Pay.

Stop Right Click Theft

"Grab this entire package with precoded and integrated "Stop Right Click Theft" script, embedded "Web 2.0 Reflection" script, that works great on header images or any other image you have on site - at a crazy low price!"

Give those would be hackers what they deserve...your own custom sales pitch. Tell those thieves where to go...your special offer. Turn those snipers into paying customers with 'Stop Right Click Theft' script.

Here's What You Get:

  • This easy to edit Full Mini-site Template with Private Label Rights.
  • Header and footer image in blank format (without text to edit in any image software like GIMP or
  • 5 Mini website templates - So you can create your unique version.
  • Order button that matches this template design.
  • "Right Click Income" - Script that is integrated with this template.
  • "Secret Income" bonus below:

SRCT Special Bonuses Included

You get 6 testimonial boxes like the one below. Simply copy and paste the code into your page and configure it for your website.

Graphic boxes are already sliced and optimized for best performance. One Time Offer 6 different Testimonials boxes - easy to add to your website.

Stop Internet Theft.
Everyday I see my images and content on some one else's website. I know they're stealing it from me 'cause it's just too easy to do.'

Thanks to 'Stop Right Click Theft' I can now put an end to this Internet theft and make my images more appealing. I know there won't be any more duplicate content out there watering down my work. - Justin -

Stop source code theft.

My Boss Told Me to Sweeten The Deal!

I'll Even Throw In This Cool Reflection Script - adds a mirror surface to your images, like they are sitting on a glass table. You control which images get reflected and how tall the reflections are. Yours free with 'Stop Right Click Theft' package deal.

Cool Ajax Web 2.0 Reflect Images Script - that will reflect your images like those shown below:

Web 2.0.1 Reflection Stop Right Click Theft

You can easily modify the height of reflection as well. The image on the left is set to 50% reflection while the image on the right is set to 80%.

Inside Stop Right Click Theft

Stop Right Click Theft
Normally this would cost over $97 or more...but since I am crazy, and I love what I'm doing and you are valued website Visitor.

It's all yours for only $29.97 Our Price $9.97

With PLR and MRR license

License for this package:

[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be used for web templates/ mini sites or for your own website
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Cannot be given away
[NO] Cannot be offered as a bonus
[NO] Cannot be packaged into an ebook or new product.
[NO] Cannot be added to "Dime Sales, Auction sites or $.99 Auction's

For customers of this package - we also have included PLR/MRR license as well - with a surprise bonus which will be available only for a limited time...

To your success:

Timothy Koen

One day I found one of my images on someone else's website. Then I found out they were displaying the image from my server. But what really made me mad was when I found out the stolen image ranked #3 in Google while my original image was no where to be found. With 'Stop Right Click Theft' I stopped all of that. Tim

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