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Stop Right Click Theft Protect Your Website 2018-04-01

Stop Right Click Theft
Stop right click theft and convert a would be thief into a paying customer with SRCT. Consider what could happen.

You are surfing the web one day when you discover someone has stolen your content and using it on their own website. What do you do? Your valuable content has been ripped right off your website and is now on another. You disapprove but now what?

Don't get mad, don't get even, get smart. It is a hassle tracking down thieves and demanding they remove your stolen content. You know you can prevent that from happening, right? With Stop Right Click Theft.

Protect your self from those that would help themselves to your content. You know they just took it and didn't even leave a thank you note. Let alone ask for permission.

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SBI Rss Tutorial Blogging Masters Course And Easy Blogs Software 2018-04-03

Put a dedicated RSS blog on your SBI website
SBI Rss Tutorial and EasyBlogs Software package are the perfect match for do it yourself blogging.

Learn how to create a content focused keyword rich blog that includes built in rss functionality. 'FTP' right into your website or use any syndication service available.

Includes step by step illustrated tutorials, 1, 2 and 3 column templates, PLUS the software.

Put an EasyBlog on your website and watch your visitor ratings soar. Here's how to join the blogosphere.

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Best Website Tools Goes Legit 2018-04-06

Best Website Tools, LLC mascot
Best Website Tools applied for a business registration today. The business is called "Best Website Tools." I know, big surprise. BWT will be a limited liability corporation when the license is approved.

As a small home based business BWT did just fine for 10 years. We did big and small projects on a small scale. Now, the little home office is just too small. We are anticipating moving to a new location and hiring more employees.

We decided to go legit for several reasons. First, we need to grow. Second we have tools and services that are in demand but not well publicized. With an LLC we can hire employees to expand our capabilitites.

In other news, how do you like the new template design? It seems like forever since we decided to update the website design. Actually it was 3 weeks ago. And I thought it would only take a couple of days.

New features include a smaller navigation menubar in the logo. Which I really like, because it makes browsing the website much easier and quicker. You may find the new search box in the right column more useful as well.

The favicon is new as well. That is the little icon you see in tabs of browsers. Please take note of it now so you can recall it in the future.

Miappmaker sign
This concludes the major upgrade announced last year at this time. Which was to completely modernize this website. So, that's done. (Said that before. )

For our next major upgrade BWT will be absorbing Miappmaker is our mobile app builder tool. In the beginning it was thought that website would grow quickly, it didn't. However, the reality is more time and effort are needed to get that business properly working.

Back to work


Update Miappmaker is now a sub-domain of Best Website Tools. Still get the same great tools and tutorials for building your mobile app.

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Low Cost Advertising Tip 2018-04-08

Hi all, could not help but to pass these website tips along. When you have a business a real inexpensive advertising tool is the license plate holder on your vehicle. For this license plate holder we included the website address and what we do.

BWT license plate holder

One day I saw a license plate holder that caught my attension. I made a note of the business name. Later on I contacted that business and found they had just what I needed.

This low cost advertisement will last for a dozen years. And it's tax deductable. Get yours at.

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Password Swap Tool For Members Only Software & Tutorial 2018-04-13

Password swap is a javascript tool that allows you to create a membership website. Protect your private information by requiring a password to view it. You can use this tool for many functions. It works by changing out specified areas of your web page once a correct password is entered.

Do you want to start a membership website, collect leads, build an opt-in list, conduct private auctions, hold contests, or charge fees for your service? Then 'Password Swap' is the tool you need. Learn more about how this tool can help you.

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Social Media Detroit Business Management System 2018-04-17

Trained social media managers.
Social media is so important to your business it can literally make or break your online presence. Social Media Detroit comes to Best Website Tools.

As part of the business upgrade BWT is absorbing Social Media Detroit. SMD manages your social media presence from Google Business to FaceBook to Yelp and all your channels and business listings. SMD searches the web for all your channels and user imput. Then we can manage your reviews and comments.

Does your business need an online presence? No time to manage all your social media. Let SMD help. Our professional management system can help. We know how to turn around a poor showing and get your business listed in all the social media search sites.

As part of the business upgrade social media maangement is being updated. We understand that most businesses are found on mobile devices. We specialize in connecting your business through mobile, website and social channels.

New category added "Social Media." Get recent tips, tools, tricks and techniques to improve your social media presence.

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SMD Client Info Request 2018-04-17

Client information form to establish communications with SMD. Just a few questions to get started on your social media management program.
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Social Media Packages 2018-04-18

Social media packages box cover
Social Media Packages range from beginner to Gold monthly services. We got you covered. Every aspect of social media management is available. Includes free starter articles to multi-channel monthly maintainence programs.

We evaluate your current internet presence, create or update all your profiles and pages. Recommendations are based on completeness of your profiles. SMD searches the web to locate and evaluate all your business listings and reports your presence.

Grow your business with social media. Try Social Media Packages today.

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Website Packages Should Have 2018-04-18

SBI - the freindliest website builder with all the tools.

All Website packages - include required home page, contact us page, policies page, about me page, Sitemap, blog page and (optional) newsletter subscription pages. Plus tier 2 and tier 3 web pages in any combination depending on the selected package, and all that is listed below.

What's included?

All the tools - owning a website is one thing, having all the tools to make it a success is another. All website packages include: build & host your website, marketing tools, traffic building system, guidance & support and special tools.

Your choice of templates

Marketing TemplateMarketing Template Users:

Health and Fitness TemplateHealth And Beauty Template:

Lifestyle TemplateLifestyles Template Users:

Finance TemplateBusiness and Finance Template Users:

Food and Drink TemplateFood and Drink Template Users:

High-Tech TemplateHigh Tech Template Users:

Educate TemplateEducation Template Users:

Entertain TemplateEntertainment Template Users:

Book and Art TemplateBook and ArtTemplate Users:

Customized TemplateStyle: Customized SBI Template:

Create your own template or customize and existing template from our extensive library.

bookAction Guide - the actual guide that we use to create and market our profitable online business. Step-by-Step instructions we follow to build your website and online success.

The Actual users guide to building profitable and popular website packages. Learn more about our popular...

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Social Media Services 2018-04-19

Smartphone holding social media icons
Social media services include set-up, management and monitoring of your social media accounts. Enhance your online business presence with up to date profiles, posts and status updates.

Are you too busy to spend the time it takes to create and build a social media network? Getting new customers is the best way to grow your business. Social media is an easy way to do that.

Services include creating or updating social media channels and social listing websites like Google Maps and Yelp. We monitor your reviews to maintain a positive attitude about your business.

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Blog Website Platform Tutorial 2018-04-21

Blog website platform tools
EasyBlogs is known as a blog website platform because it does all the content management for a website using a blogging structure. For the blog part EB creates the rss feed, the blog and the archive and category pages.

EasyBlogs is versatile. You can create a regular 'index' (home) page AND a separate blog page. Allowing you to build a traditional website (like this one) and a full blown blog.

Their are 6 different pagetypes in EB. They are default, home, article, hidden, static and free format. You can also generate redirects. The recent entries, category and archive pages are generated from blog posts and article teasers.

Blog Website Platform entry type selectorr

The following tutorial describes how to generate your own blog website platform.

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Local Business Website Tools 2018-04-24

Local business website tools
Is your local business attracting the right customers to your website? Is your website competitive with other local businesses?

This article discusses how online local businesses can attract the right customers through organic search. Make sure those Internet surfers find your business before they go somewhere else.

Learn how to grow and expand your local business. How to steal your customers away from your competition. And how to add revenue streams that are otherwise not possible.

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Site Build It! - Now Solo Build It! All The Tools For Online Business 2018-04-25

Use SBI to build your online business.Are you looking to start or expand your online business? Do you want all the right tools all in one place?

SBI AKA Site build It AKA Solo Build It (recently rebranded) is truly a one stop shop. Too many tools, website tips, tutorials and infomation to list here.

If you have brains and motivation you can learn all about online business in the Action Guide (comes with a subscription). Solo Build It can change your life. It did mine. Check it out!

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Website Services for Online Business 2018-04-27

computer with mouse characitureWebsite services by Best Website Tools include free consultaion, website build and test.

Are you thinking of building a website for your business? Get all the tools all in one place at reasonable cost. At BWT we use Solo Build It! (SBI) to build all our websites. SBI includes the most comprehnsive collection of online business tools.

Get design, build, marketing, submission and search engine optimization. You could do all this yourself but why take several months to get started when a professional service like BWT can jump start your online presence right now. Check it out..

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