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App Icon Sets Made For Mobile Or Desktop Applications 2018-10-11

Need icons? Creative Icon Solutions provided by BWT. Custom icon sets for mobile and desktop applications. All apps require at least one icon to be associated with the app. However you can submit up 15 different sizes for various purposes. Different platforms, iOS, Android, Retina, desktop and more use various sizes for app icon display.

Do you need icons for your next project? Confused about which sizes of icon you need for which application? Why not get a set of similar icons and have them all covered?

Get these mobile app icons. Includes these sizes: 1024px. 512px.180px, 144px, 114px, 96px, 72px, 57px, 48px and 36px SQ. Plus this tutorial in a pdf document. The 1024px size has 3 backgrounds, red, green and blue. Use this templafe to build you own icon sets.

Mobile App Icons

Icon Set BlueIcon Set greenIcon Set red

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Mobile Utility App Tools For Everyday Life 2018-10-14

MiAppMaker mobile utility app
MiAppMaker Mobile Utility App for mobile devices brings you a lot of functions all together in one place. We put together an app that can be used for everyday life.

Utility App includes tools such as phone, map, scanners, social media and more. Connect with anybody or anything anytime.

We have figured how to keep you from getting lost by including Maps and Location finder. With these tools you can get to where you need to go and find gas and food along the way.

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Miappmaker Mobile App Builder Previewer Publisher Tools To Create Your Own App 2018-10-17

Splash Page
Succulentid Home Page
LiftOff page
Checkout page
Text page
Map page
Report page
Phone page
Contact us form
Do you need an app for that? Miappmaker Mobile App Builder Previewer Publisher tool. Step by step instructions guide you through the process of getting your app into the app stores.

Step 1. Select a starter application. Pick a template that is in your niche. We offer several templates for all markets. Note for best results begin with a 'blank' 4 tab template. From there you can input the pagetypes you really want. Every app must be unique and the best way to do that is assemble it from many pagetypes.

Step 2. Configure the app.Use the wysiwyg editor/simulator tool to tailor the app to your business. Your app needs your specific information to help guide users to the main purpose. That means business, name, location, map and directions, business hours, your products or services. Well, you get the idea.

Step 3. Preview the app. Get one of our free previewer apps to test your app. Some native function like the phone and maps only work on a mobile device. Check your layout, functionality and content before you submit it to the app stores.

Step 4. Publish and submit to the app stores tool. Follow the instructions in the guide and we will ensure your app gets submitted properly. Your app needs to be 'finished' to get accepted. Unlike a website where you can start and build as you go apps aren't like that. Your app gets a thorough inspection before we submit it. If you need to make improvements we let you know about it right away.

Miappmaker mobile app builder is a great website tool. All the tools you need to create and publish a professional, high value mobile app. Intended for small businesses who want a low cost alternative to the high priced designer who charges between $55 and $105/hr. Learn more...

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Mobile App Editor Applications Dashboard How To Build An App Tutorial 2018-10-19

Mobile app editor application dashboard tutorial teaches you how understand what each control in the mobile app editor does. Detailed instructions for every function are included.

Step 1. Sign up for a subscription to Miappmaker Mobile App Maker (MaM). Once inside it is nice to know what can be accomplished with the tools. There is a lot to know because all apps and their management are done on this dashboard.

My Applications page

Step 2. Build your own app. The dashboard appears after you selected a starter application, given it a name and are ready to configure your app. You are directed to the "My Applications" section of your account. This is where app management is performed. Several options are available. From there you are ready use the mobile app editor. Continue reading the tutorial to find out how to build your own mobile app...

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How To Choose A Mobile App Plan That Works For Your Business Tutorial 2018-10-21

App editor console
Need an app plan for that? Learn how to select which mobile app plan is right for you. In this article we discuss device platforms, operating systems and how to mix and match to get what you need. I have a system I use for selecting which plan I would use. I call it People/Platform/Projects.

First thing to consider are the people you think will be using your app. Would they be using a smartphone, computer, tablet or all three? Second thing you want to consider is which device platforms you will be using. smartphone, tablet and computer. Third you want to decide which operating system to use. They are Google Andriod, Apple and Amazon Kindle.

Second In this article we discuss the methods we use to make all these determinations to choose which app plan is right for you.

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Mobile App Templates Coming Soon 2018-10-22

Miappmaker mobile app builder comes with a library full of templates. And we are going to tell you about all of them...eventually. Today we are only announcing the addition of the "Mobile App Templates" category to this website. It will be the home of our template library (coming soon).

Oh boy, have we got some templates to show you. Everything your smartphone or tablet can do requires a 'webview' page to support it. From your phone to email to maps to that pizza app is is played on a screen or a pagetype. Each pagetype needs to be navigated into and out of. So it makes sense to have pages that have navigation built in.

Utility app template
courtesy: Timothy Koen, miappmaker.best-website-tools.com"

Our template library contaiins over 100 pagetypes supporting all kinds of functions including a pizza ordering page. We just can't brag about them soon enough, maybe too soon.

So...what would you like to make today? We have a template for that! How about a mobile estore? Or maybe you're interested in a small business app. Kepping touch with your peeps with a social media app. How about an image gallery to show off your artistic nature. We have a little bit of everything and a whole lot of templates to do it with. Okay here's the page.

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Mobile App Development Tools Concept Platform Build Publish And Marketing 2018-10-23

smartphone with sign mobile app development
Mobile App Development is a multistep process. Learn how to build, publish and market a mobile app. This tutorial goes over the different types of apps for smartphone and tablet. It covers app stores and developer accounts.

Simply put mobile app development comes down to this; idea, concept, build, publish and marketing. Mobile app development doesn't have to be expensive. Not anymore, now the average business owner can create their own apps. Using online tools like Miappmaker mobile app builder.

All you need is a plan. Use this guide to learn how to do your own mobile app development...

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jQuery Mobile Template Create Your Own Mobile App Editor Instructions 2018-10-25

jQuery Mobile App Template Editor
Looking for a jQuery mobile template? Use the Miappmaker mobile app editor to build your own template. This template editor contains example pages for single and multipage designs. Built in design tools allow you to create your own layout. Includes nav menus, popups and icon buttons and page elements. Don't get stuck with someone else's design create your own unique design.

This jQuery Mobile app template editor uses HTML5, CSS and javascript and your input to compile and create a complete mobile app. This template includes many jQuery mobile examples and methods. No coding required, Simply drag and drop in the WYSIWYG visual editor. You don't need to know programming, that is all done in the editor. Learn More...

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Welcome Miappmaker Mobile App Maker Tools And Tutorials 2018-10-27

Mobile App Maker signSay hello to Miappmaker (MAM) our mobile app building system. Miappmaker was a sister site to Best Website Tools. Best Website Tools (BWT) acquired Miappmaker and is in the process of absorbing all it's content. You may have seen some of the pages already if you follow this blog.

Today we are announcing Miappmaker is now a part of BWT.

Here is where you can create your own mobile app. This low cost solution comes with a lot of advantages. Such as 100% support, a wysiwyg visual editor, 100's of pagetypes, complete templates, app store submission, publisher tips, tools and techniques.

Miappmaker A Best Website Tool

A mobile app is very much like a website. The same programming languages are used for both. The same navigation structure is used. And the same techniques for building are used. Also like a website mobile apps need to be hosted on a server.

Miappmaker is a turnkey solution. MAM is a 4 step system. Create, Configure, Preview and Publish. Start by selecting a starter application. This gives you the basic structure of an app and some example pages. Configure your app to fit your business. Preview it on your mobile device with one of our free previewer app. Then publish to the app stores.

Application dashboard

Sounds easy enough, right? Actually the process is pretty complicated. That's where MAM comes in. We simplified all the steps to where anyone with some computer skills can do it. Miappmaker is a great solution for the small business that want to interact with their customers.

An app can be used just about anywhere. An app can send notifications, receive input, take orders and be shared on social media. All you have to do is sign up and get started. We ask the you create an account for several reasons but mostly for your privacy. It is free to sign up and begin building. You will need an account to finish your app and publish it. Learn more...

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Drive Time Calculator Road Trip App Get Distance Time ETA Map Route Fuel Reports 2018-10-28

Lost? Never be so again with Drive Time Calculator. DTC mobile app reports everything you need to know about your next road trip. Estimate travel time based on distance, speed and departure time. Plan in stops and stop duration times. Enter starting and destination locations or a known distance. Get a map with preferred route highlighted and turn by turn directions.

Drive Time Calculator home screen

Drive Time Calculator icon
Drive Time Trip Report shows your information calculated from entries you supplied and then displayed on a printer friendly page. Stores up to 10 starting and destination addresses on your mobile device for easy retrieval. Very handy feature saves time.

How to use Drive Time Calc Enter starting and destination locations. Tap "Get Distance" button. Options include Map, Directions, Speed, Gas, Stops, Time and Get Report. Tap "Calculate Drive Time." Review report and update if necessary. See the included users manual for detailed instructions.

Update:I made a wrong turn on my last road trip. I used this app to get found again. I was headed out of town and had my route all planned. I did not know that the Interstate exchange I needed was closed for an accident. When I got there I was shunted into a 10 mile detour. Using the Drive Time Calculator's interactive location feature I quickly moved my starting location to match my current postition. The app generated a new route plan and I was back on course. I actually got to where I was going on time thanks to this road trip app Now available in the App Stores. Learn more...

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Mobile App Features Now Showing At Miappmaker A Mobile App Maker Near You 2018-10-29

Features combo
Mobile app features for everyday applications from phone to email, text, calender, maps, social media to resaurant applications and more.

We offer over 100 different features in our library for your smartphone and tablet application.

Learn about how each mobile app feature works, like email and contact us forms to login pages for member only applications. You can select pre-made template pages or complete apps to add to your own mobile app.

How's that for a mouthfull?

Need a call to action button here...

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Triangle Calculator App Solves For Sides, Angles, Height, Area, Perimeter Draws Results 2018-10-31

Calculator page one
What's your triangleTriangle Calculator app for iPhone and Android. Solves for sides, angles, coordinates, vertexes, height, preimeter, inscribed and circumscribed cirlces.

Here is how it works. You input 3 known values, then set your read outs, and hit the "Calculate" button, thats it. The embedded algorithm uses your inputs to return a list of results. It even draws a picture of your triangle, (how cool is that?)

Check out the user manual to learn how to use the app. Detailed explaination of what parameters are can be found in the "Glossary of Terms".

Math and parameters shown. We show you the math behind the equations and list each parameter. Ideal for draftsman and engineers. Also great for students and teachers.

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