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Mobile app templates Are you looking for some mobile app templates? We have that. Whatever your market we have a solution. Boldly stated with confidence. Truth is we only do custom one offs. If you leed a local business mobile app, we have your covered. If you don't see your template listed here, just ask and we can make one.

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Mobile Image Gallery How To Add A Mosaic To Your App Tutorial -

Looking for infomation about a mobile image gallery for your app? This mobile app builder has several image page types. This tutorial teaches you how to use the "Mosaic" mobile image gallery page type.

Mosaic Page Type Selector

Easily create a mobile image gallery with this slick online tool inside Miappmaker mobile app builder. The image gallery (Mosaic) page shows thumbnails of your larger images in a grid. Each grid space is clickable. Clicking a thumbnail reveals a new fullscreen image with title and caption. Edit and configure the gallery quickly without using any code or programming, all that is done for you.

The results you get may be spectacular if you follow the tips and tricks listed in this titorial. Check it out...

Mobile App Builder Tutorial How To Build A Mobile App -

Mobile App Builder
Learn how to use the mobile app builder Tutorial teaches you how to configure, design and edit pages for your first app. Learn all about selecting a starter template and how to set it up. This document guides you through the steps required to configure a mobile app.

Tips and advice for cofiguring navigation, icons, device display, splash page and more. Learn how to set colors for text and background. Start with registering and set up a free account. Then select an app that suits your needs. We show you step by step what to do.

Includes detailed step by step instructions with illistrations. We offer templates for all walks of life from Auto Dealer to Utility company to restaurant to business owner. Check it out...

Mobile App Graphics How To Make Icons For The App Stores Tutorial -

Smartphone with message board
Mobile App Graphics tutorial for creating images and icons for the mobile app stores.

This tutorial teaches you what image sizes, the formats you need and examples to look at. Learn what application icons are and which ones you need in your mobile app. We go over the graphics, icons and feature images you need to publish in the app stores.

Learn why it is really important to get your images right and more tips in mobile app graphics creation.

Restaurant Mobile App Features Menus Reservations Ordering -

Smartphone with serving tray
Does your food business need a mobile app? Restaurant Mobile App Template designed specifically for the restaurant and bar business. Utilize this template to give your customers a way to interact with your business while there, before they get there and after they leave.

This app features menus for appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts. It has a reservations page where customers can make plans to visit your establishment. Use the photo gallery to show off your establishment and dishes.

Designed for interacting with patrons of your restaurant or bar. They download the app and you reward their loyalty with a coupon.

See if this app is right for your business. Great start for all kinds of food related businesses. Check it out...

Mobile App Features Now Showing At Miappmaker A Mobile App Maker Near You -

Features combo
Mobile app features for everyday applications from phone to email, text, calender, maps, social media to resaurant applications and more.

We offer over 100 different features in our library for your smartphone and tablet application.

Learn about how each mobile app feature works, like email and contact us forms to login pages for member only applications. You can select pre-made template pages or complete apps to add to your own mobile app.

How's that for a mouthfull?

Need a call to action button here...

jQuery Mobile Template Create Your Own Mobile App Editor Instructions -

jQuery Mobile App Template Editor
Looking for a jQuery mobile template? Use the Miappmaker mobile app editor to build your own template. This template editor contains example pages for single and multipage designs. Built in design tools allow you to create your own layout. Includes nav menus, popups and icon buttons and page elements. Don't get stuck with someone else's design create your own unique design.

This jQuery Mobile app template editor uses HTML5, CSS and javascript and your input to compile and create a complete mobile app. This template includes many jQuery mobile examples and methods. No coding required, Simply drag and drop in the WYSIWYG visual editor. You don't need to know programming, that is all done in the editor. Learn More...

Mobile App Templates Coming Soon

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