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Website Packages for eCommerce Online Business 2018-09-03

Online Busines Website Packages
Website packages include more than just building a website. A website must perform as well. Surprisingly website performance doesn't go to the best looking, it goes to the best functioning.

At Best Website Tools we build websites that work. Before we get to the packages let's look at what makes a website work. First it's all about the big picture. A website must over deliver, it must have more information, more appeal and great graphics. A website is only a small part of an online business.

Get a website that does it all from ecommerce to social media to building traffic. Built by Best Website Tools.

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How To Add Article Meta Tags To Your Website Tutorial 2018-09-09

Article meta tags EasyBlogs tutorial
Article meta tags are the meta 'description' and 'keyword' tags required for every content page on the Internet, by the standards sactioning committee W3C (World Wide Web Consorteum). These tags are used by many search engines and web directories to understand what your page is about. When used properly search engines and directories can have a clearer understanding of what your page is about.

Article Meta Tags Tutorial teaches you how to use keyword and description meta tags in EasyBlogs. You can use the meta description or keyword meta tags as a tagline or keyword breadcrumb link in your pages. Notice the tagline at the top of this page. It is the meta description tag for this page. Also notice the breadcrumb link bar at the very biottom of most pages they are the keyword meta tag for this page.

Learn how to use the description and keyword meta tags for search engine optimization on your website. Find out how and why meta tags are used to let the search engines know what your web page is all about.

EasyBlogs template packager utilizes a sub-routine insertion method to construct the article meta tags when the page(s) are compiled. These tags allow the webmaster to easily edit the tags content and usage. Learn how to add them to your page(s).

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Accordion Boxes Made Easy Software And Tutorial Kit Show / Hide Content To Make Web Pages Easier To Read 2018-09-11

Smartphone with banner

You just made a great webapge that just seems way to long? You liked what you wrote but it takes forever to read it all. You know many visitors will skim your page before they read it all. Capture attension and shorten content by hiding the less important parts. Use subheadings to organize content in to sections. Make an e-Store or create chapters like an ebook and more.

Accordion Boxes Software and Tutorial show/hide content and make long webpages shorter. Allow the user to control how much content is shown at any time. You can have an eye-catching title and hide the lengthy paragraphs inside. Then repeat the process to create a more pleasent user experience.

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Can be used on any text, image or button and is mobile responsive. All components are included in the kit. Check it out!

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Mobile App Tutorial For Beginners 2018-09-14

Smartphone pointing to tutorial
Mobile App Tutorial for Beginners answers the most frequently asked questions. What is a mobile app? Is a mobile app right for my business? How does one develop a mobile app? What different kinds of apps are there? What do I need to know before I publish? Where do I get a Mobile App Tutorial?

All these question and more are answered in this article. Do you have a question? Use the search box or email form included within.

We included a list of business types a mobile app can be used for.

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Mobile App Previewers Test Your App Before You Publish Tool 2018-09-18

Mobile App Previewer tools for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle. Easy to use app allows you to previewer your mobile app before publishing in iTunes or Google Play.

Easy to use app displays all your pages in a simulated previewer you download to your smartphone or tablet.

Most of the previewers out there are for just one platform. Which is fine, most apps are designed for one platform. iOS for example has iPhone and iPad.

For android tablets and smartphones you use one previewer for both platforms. Kindle is yet another platform. That means you need a previewer for each platform.

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Mobile App Icons How To Create In Paint.net Tutorial With Illustrations 2018-09-26

Miappmaker utility app icon
Mobile app icons are essential to every mobile app. They are required when an app is submitted to the app stores. Learn how to prepare and create your own icons in Paint.net.

Step by step instructions to create a rounded corner and beveled iedge con.

Icons are used to identify an app's purpose and is used as a launch mechanism on a mobile device. The app stores (Apple App Store Google Play and Amazon) require at least one 'Application" icon be submitted with each app. There are options to submit more various sizes of icons to fit various different devices. Follow on to learn how to prepare for future every type.

Don't pay big dollars to a graphic artist when you can save money by doing it yourself. Paint.net is freeware and easy to use. No need for Adobe Photoshop with this awesome software. Find out how to create your own mobile app icons...

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