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SBI templates for EasyBlogs software and tutorial
SBI-Templates for Easy Blogs. Below is a sampling of the many templates that have been developed for Site Build It websites.

What we did was take existing SBI templates from Solo Build It and convert them to an EasyBlogs template. The advantage of an EB template is the .xml file it creates. Whereby you can categorize, archive and post a full blown RSS blog, complete with .xml file.

Note Many of these templates have been deprecated. Meaning they are not available anymore. BWT recommends you contact us for older templates.

Easy Blogs and SBI Templates



Background Color

Just addedSBI-CSS-template 3 Column CSS for SBI (960px) custom
Custom by BWT Mini-Website - CSS 3 column 850px custom
Requires AJ's template Fluid Width up to 1035px white
Requires AJ's template Fixed Width 725px white
Custom templates by BWT custom

SBI Boxstyle w/Background Graphic





Pink faces



Grey machines



Background pattern has a stucco look with some rose colors.

SBI Default Style





Light Blue



Light Green



Light Gray



Rose Petal



Bright Yellow

SBI Graphic Templates

Angry Man






bright yellow


Computer Man


SBI graphic template 2

Pad with pencil



Party Balloons

party ribbons graphic




Question Man


SBI graphic template 3

Rose and Heart



Stop Sign

lime green


What Was I Thinking

lime green and white



light grey


light grey

Zen Garden light beige

Top Bar

Blue Wool

light blue


Grass and Leaf

light green




Wood and Leaf

light brown

Look and Feel templates (custom)




Sports and Recreation



Health and Beauty






Business and Finance



Food and Drink









Book and Art



High Tech


SBI Additional themes

SBI Customized


Note: The templates are downloaded as a zip file to protect them from reformating. We have found this to be the best way to deliver the template. Inside the zip file is a file with a .tem file extension. This particular file type is used by many microsoft office application and could be susceptable to damage is used improperly. Because the .tem is included in the zip file ensures that you have a back-up copy just in case. If for any reason your file gets corrupted please contact me for a replacement. Tim

SBI Transition Templates - 3 Column Website Design - The new 3 column css driven sbi transition templates not only improve your website's look and feel but can increase the time visitors spend on your site, page load speed and the amount of space on your website. Over 450 recently released template designs are now available.

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Improve the look and feel of your website. The new sbi transition templates are faster cleaner and bigger than ever before. Learn how transitioning to one of these templates can improve your traffic, page ranking and bottom line.

SBI Css Templates - The new css templates have arrived at Site Build It. With 120 to choose from in 10 different categories there is something for every niche.

Sample of 120 new sbi css templates

Here at Best Website Tools we have converted these templates into Easy Blogs format. The marriage of these two technologies gives you ultimate control over your website. Imagine being able to create up to 200 mini-websites or blogs all under one domain name.

Now you can have complete control of your website through the use of style sheets and server side include files. Easily modify, add or create new or existing websites with Easy Blogs.

The new sbi css templates are simple yet sophisticated. Especially in combination with Easy Blogs. Now you get to have your style sheets and html templates in a platform that can modify every page on your website lickity split. No kidding.

New iDesign3 SBI Css Templates Released

SBI 2 Template for Easy Blogs -

Image1 Easy Blogs - Blog Entry Editor
SBI2 template for Easy Blogs. This is a generic template for all SBI transition templates. I used my own style.css and images to make the template look good, and added the Easy Blogs menu system.

  • SBI 2 template for Easy Blogs uses style.css file to create a 3 column design.
  • Plug and play Easy Blogs templates for home page, default, hidden, static and article pages.
Easy Blogs (EB) is a powerful website building software set up in blog format. The unique HTML editor is easy enough for the beginner and sophisticated enough for the technically advanced. EB creates that all important xml file you need to syndicate your blog. Follow the link to see the generic template. Read Full Article

SBI New Template Website Design Site Build It Color Theme - The concept is simple, use your team colors to create the new css template, then populate the content with images that contain those colors. Here is my first entry in the new Site Build It iDesign3 contest. This new css template tried to show how easy it is to design a website template based on a 2 color theme.

The intended innuendo is that any 2 colors could be used. Specifically colors associated with a sports team, corporate image or marketing theme. Following is a screenshot of a racing team colors based template.

Top of template

TeamKoen Racing new css template

Continue reading to see the rest of the new css template and how I determined what the design elements are.

SBI EB Menu Bars - Now we're bloggin... it is my pleasure to introduce you to the power of Easy Blogs menu navigation system. EB neatly integrates with SBI.

For today's lesson we'll be looking at the navigation menu options available in EB. This template boasts 3 styles of navigation, the "Top Row", "Sidebar" and "Bottom Row" menu.

SBI 3 Column Template for Easy Blogs - This template is table based 3 column CSS driven. With the use of styling we can define the look and feel to match any SBI website.

SBI 3 column CSS template for Easy Blogs
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