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SBI about Tim KoenHello, Tim Koen here. Once upon a time (about 5 years ago) I was very obese. It changed my passion for my sport - go-kart racing. There I was running in the top 5 in the biggest go-kart race ever. The world championships at Daytona International Speedway.

That racecar was very fast! So fast I was beating the reigning world champ. Then with 1 lap to go I ran out of gas.Yikes---that hurt!

Being 50 pounds overweight doesn't help. Without all that extra weight I can finish in the top 5. That was my wake up call to get back in shape, or at least lose 50 lbs. I started on the path to recovery by Googling 'weight loss'.

YOW, I found a lot of info on the Internet digest all at one time. I found more than 50 million search results for 'weight loss'. Wow, was that overwhelming. After researching for a while I found the best company for me. That company is Herbalife. Realizing that I could also make some money on the side was a big plus in my decision to go with this opportunity.

I became an Herbalife distributor and revieved a 25% discount on the products. Within 6 months I had lost those 50 extra pounds. I was so happy I decided to do the Herbalife business for real. Then, I proceeded to lose a lot of money on membership websites and paid advertising. Then one day I stumbled upon Solo Build It! (SBI)

How fortunate I am in finding the right solution for my online business plan. What I didn't know when I started is that Herbalife is one of the few MLM companies that allows (even encourages) their distributors to build their own websites. With SBI I felt I could build a real traffic magnet of a website. And so Herbal-Nutrition-Solutions.com was born. I knew sbi about me made sense and got straight to work.

Six months later I found Easy Blogs (EB) and started using it. Easy Blogs is the blog platform you are looking at now. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. I practiced the tutorials and tweaked the template, and found a lot of speed. In a short time I learned how to produce high quality content very quickly, and the search engines loved it.

Six months later my blog 'Herbal-Nutrition-News' hit #1 in Google for it's primary Keyword (out of several million search results). It has enjoyed that position ever since and that was 2 years ago. Since then the blog has grown to over 50 pages and continues to grow in popularity.

sbi about me
Search Engine HQ results

That would not have been possible without SBI. The combination of SBI + EB has made this blog a success beyond my expectations. Soon after that I bought the rights to the tutorial that I learned so much from.

At that time (about 2 years ago) it was state-of-the-art technology. And like most technology was quickly discarded as old stuff. But I just couldn't ignore those winning numbers. Being a racecar driver I felt compelled to want to fix the machine, so to speak.

First thing to do was to overhaul the tutorial. Several techniques and options have been added to the software to increase the horsepower. Now the tutorial reflects those changes. Then I went to work on making new templates.

With the growing popularity of CSS driven templates it was necessary to develop new templates for Easy Blogs. The one you are looking at one now is called "bwt-master-umt2.css". We now have several different 2 & 3 column templates to match any SBI website.

That's it (sbi about me) up to this point. Hope I didn't bore you to sleep.

Best Wishes

Tim Koen

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