The new SBI transition templates are css driven 3 column website designs. Update your look and feel of your website for more space, faster load time and better appearence.

SBI Transition Templates - 3 Column Website Design

The new 3 column SBI transition templates are now available. Site Build It! continues to evolve with their latest release. For years SBI has been a 2 column website design. Until this year that is. The iDesign 3 contest produced 120 new and beautiful 3 column website template designs.

As a webmaster these new templates raised the question "should I transition my website to the new design or not?" For many the answer was "are you kidding, I like my look and feel, I just want to add a third column to my existing website.

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And Site Build It heard them. Recently released transition templates turns your old 2 column template into a 3 column template. Here are the links to the new designs.

All told there are now 450+ 3 column templates to choose from. I personally have used many of them in my journey through Site Build It!. I love the way the new SBI transition templates have evolved.

As the search engines get more sophisticated so have the website templates. For example Google search engine now considers page load speed as part of their criteria for ranking. As a result many webpages have lost page rank due the slowness of the template to load.

Some of the old SBI templates are falling victim to this new criteria. Not much right now, but enough to make transitioning an important step for the future. As more and more webmasters clean up their pages, more and more older templates will fall behind.

The new SBI transition templates are extremely fast. There is a lot that can be said about why this is but basically it boils down the the structure of the templates. All of the new SBI transition templates are styled by a Cascading Style Sheet or CSS. The HTML part of the new templates is much smaller in terms of the amount of code. The new layout now loads the content section ahead the side columns and footer section.

These new methods of operation make the SBI transition templates even more valuable. When I made the transition my website traffic increased by over 50%. The time visitors spent on my website increased as well. But the biggest reason to use the new SBI transition templates is the bottom line. The higher speed, more traffic, cleaner appearence and extra space have resulted in more income.

Right now is the best time to make the transition to a new css template. Waiting even a few months will be giving your competion ample time to fight for your page ranking, visitors and revenue that you could of had.

Need help transitioning to a new template? Ask me how.

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Click here to learn more about Site Build It! and the new SBI transition templates.

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: SBI Templates : The new SBI transition templates are css driven 3 column website designs. Update your look and feel of your website for more space, faster load time and better appearence.

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